akiva-thinkpadI opened up my emulator... its asking me for a passcode01:58
akiva-thinkpadwhat passcode do I give it?01:58
akiva-thinkpaderrrm, "In the Ubuntu SDK, open the Devices tab and its Device Actions sub tab (at the bottom)."02:07
akiva-thinkpadwhere is this tab?02:07
akiva-thinkpadI don't see it at the bottom.02:07
xt907hello 2 all!06:06
xt907I bought Motorola Razr M (xt907) for CDMA use and for flashing to Ubuntu Touch. But I can't undestand the state of it ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/xt907). Will CDMA calls/internet work?06:07
xt907I don't know what to do, to return it back or to flash Ubuntu Touch? Now on Android CDMA calls and internet (EVDO) are working.06:07
xt907will ubuntu touch work in cdma mode? and on what devices?06:16
akiva-thinkpadWhy do I have an emulator named cat:?06:46
akiva-thinkpadwhy can't I delete it?06:46
akiva-thinkpadwhy does it keep searching for it06:47
akiva-thinkpadI can't even create an emulator named cat:06:47
rookie2030hi all im trying to install ubuntu touch on my gt311307:03
rookie2030but in the web page appears that i need 2 files07:03
rookie2030what is the other file07:04
akiva-thinkpadrookie2030, web page please?07:04
rookie2030i download saucy preinstalled phablet ar,hf.zip07:05
akiva-thinkpad1. Download the device-specific file from http://ubuntuone.com/06wZ6ricQcGHZNNyYPcBKN.07:06
akiva-thinkpad2. Download the latest Ubuntu Touch nightly from here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-tou...alled/current/. You need the file entitled "raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip".07:06
akiva-thinkpadlooks like two files to me07:06
akiva-thinkpadnot current07:06
akiva-thinkpadand ubuntu one is down07:06
akiva-thinkpadyou are out of luck07:06
rookie2030yes appears this but in one download link not have a file07:06
akiva-thinkpadubuntu one does not exist no more07:06
akiva-thinkpadand the cdimage is deprecated, thus no site07:07
rookie2030and the second link there are no nightly only appears sauce07:07
* akiva-thinkpad checks your device07:07
akiva-thinkpadrookie2030, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/p311007:08
akiva-thinkpadi don't install devices that often so hopefully someone else with more experience can helps you07:09
akiva-thinkpadI'd suggest responding to the thread07:09
akiva-thinkpadand saying that the links are dead07:09
rookie2030_samsung galaxy tab 2 7 p311307:10
joehanneshey guys! anyone in here has a link or to as to what phones exactly will when exactly be available for official purchase shipping with ubuntu preinstalled??? or will it all be google-play store app installable on this and that? and when exactly, with 14.10???07:12
xt907What is current status of CDMA? I Bought a Motorola Razr M (XT907), and now I don't know what to do... I wanted to replace my ios with opensource... Will Ubuntu Touch support it?07:12
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, its not officially announced07:12
akiva-thinkpadits gonna probably be the Mx4, and a bq phone07:13
joehannesahhh ... and when ... with 14.10 in 3 weeks?07:13
joehannesor not known yet?07:13
joehannesI'm thinking of waiting for the new ubuntu phone ...07:14
joehannesah, thx07:15
joehanneswhat do you think akiva-thinkpad ...07:15
joehannesis it better to get a decent nexus and flash it or get this chinese model ... I've had bad experience as to chinese quality07:16
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, good question07:17
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, wait for the official release, in part just to reward the manufacturers for using ubuntu07:18
akiva-thinkpadthe mx4 has a 20 mp camera!07:18
joehannesthx, and as not to feed the troll I will stop here and think the rest to myself :)07:18
akiva-thinkpadand better battery than the iphone 607:18
akiva-thinkpadthink so07:18
akiva-thinkpadfrom what I've seen07:18
akiva-thinkpadits a bit thicker07:18
akiva-thinkpadbut blah07:19
joehannesexactly the  battery has been incredibly sloppy with my last chinese model ... a omg ... what was it called, don't remember07:19
akiva-thinkpadlooks cool to me07:19
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, china is becoming better :P07:19
joehannesyay, I understand the idea of community fundraising and stuff *whateverterm* ...07:19
joehannesand I like it07:19
joehanneslet's hope so, it's a big chance07:19
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, yes07:20
joehannesbut I must say they learn in marketing fast ...07:20
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, hey are you interested in helping develop apps for the touch?07:20
akiva-thinkpadeither for yourself, or for ubuntu?07:20
joehanneschecking out the quality of the last phone I had does really lower my "Woooohhh, so cheap!!"07:20
joehannesakiva-thinkpad ... definitely07:20
joehannesif it's possible in javascript, why?07:21
joehannesyou got job openings or is it all kinda open source volunteerism?07:21
joehannesI love open source of course and value the idea ... *gg*07:21
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, im a volunteer :P07:21
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, and qml is javascriptish07:21
joehannesoh, yeah, well07:21
joehannesah, dios, qml ... I don't even know what that is07:22
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, its fun07:22
akiva-thinkpadit uses javascript syntax07:22
akiva-thinkpadvery intuitive.07:22
akiva-thinkpadyou can extend it to c++07:22
akiva-thinkpador go07:22
joehannesdoesn't ubuntu atm come up with some javascript bridges and stuff ... come on, windows has it, yosemite brings it to mac, I think I already read about it on some ubuntu pages07:22
akiva-thinkpadnot sure what the bridges is07:23
joehannesok, gimme a pastebin to actually see a snippet ... would you?07:23
akiva-thinkpadi'll show you what I'm working on07:23
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, http://i.imgur.com/Oqe2vMh.png07:25
joehannesjavascriptish ... pffhht ... I think I got a lack of imagination then *gggg*07:27
joehannessounds cool07:27
joehanneswhat's up the line?07:27
joehannesgive me a sec to double check if it's not possible in js ... or are you sure it is QML only?07:27
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, html5 too07:28
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, and you can use javascript files in this07:29
akiva-thinkpadwe use them for setting global values07:29
akiva-thinkpadbut seriously; just learn qml; its easy peasy07:29
joehannesok, that sounds cool07:29
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, want some help getting started?07:29
joehannesso, what's up the line for volunteers ???? ... nah, that's fine, I could get it done myself, at least til stuck07:29
joehannesquestion is, what needs help?07:30
joehanneshow to become a volunteer I guess07:30
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, good question07:30
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, right now we are all pushing for RTM07:30
akiva-thinkpadrelease to manufacturer07:30
joehannesand of course ... is there any hard incentiveness in store for volunteers?? like free ubuntu phone for example ... hehehe07:30
akiva-thinkpadbecause the phone companies need working images07:30
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, there are occassionally competitions07:31
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, for me, its all about becoming an ubuntu member,07:31
akiva-thinkpadwhich is a thing07:31
joehannesahhh, tell me more, please07:31
akiva-thinkpadand getting letters of recomendation07:31
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership07:31
akiva-thinkpadand finally, getting actual experience07:32
akiva-thinkpadits a lot of fun working on these projects so07:32
akiva-thinkpadyah :)07:32
joehannesok, cool07:33
joehannesso I could start with writing my own awesome app and sell it in the store?07:33
joehannespretty cool and all ... will think about it ... now, having a ciggarette07:36
joehanneshey, I saw it's actually QML or HTML507:36
joehannesso you are able to use HTML507:36
joehannesany ideas on a killer app?07:37
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, oh btw; if you want to get my attention, make sure to type my name out07:46
akiva-thinkpadthat sends me a notification07:47
rookie2030_hi anyone know how to install ubuntu touch on p311307:47
joehannesakiva-thinkpad ... yay, I should know :)07:47
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, as for a killer app? Stuff that linux geeks would like.07:47
joehannesjoehannes ... hmm, u think so? cool07:47
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, yah the terminal app for example looks awesome07:48
joehannesgive me a screenie!!! want to, want to .... see07:48
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, oh havnt seen it :P07:49
akiva-thinkpadbah trying to find a nice non old one :P07:51
joehannestake your tie07:51
* akiva-thinkpad is branching the latest version07:52
* joehannes is thinking hard - quit that cycle of boredom - stop and replace hard with cool phun ...07:57
joehanneshey akiva-thinkpad ... what about the terminal app? you doing a full branch and messing things up just to extract a screenie?08:11
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, grumbles08:12
akiva-thinkpadi am having build issues08:12
akiva-thinkpadreally frustrating errors where google can't help08:13
akiva-thinkpadNo command 'intltool' found08:13
akiva-thinkpadbloody; its installed!08:13
akiva-thinkpaddon't know why its having this issue...08:13
joehannesdon't tell me you're on windows and having path issues?08:14
joehannesbut can you develop ubuntu on windows?08:14
akiva-thinkpadim on ubuntu08:14
joehannesof course08:15
joehannesand if you type intltoo tab tab ... you get intltool, right? so to speak quickchck if its on the path08:15
joehannesstupid proposition of mine probably sorry08:15
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ML38_CLzwc08:15
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, want to help me with something? Can you open your terminal08:18
akiva-thinkpadI want to know if this error is just me08:18
akiva-thinkpadcheck if you have this installed, "intltool"08:18
akiva-thinkpadnot inteltool08:18
akiva-thinkpadjust intltool08:18
akiva-thinkpadif you don't, install it and run it08:18
akiva-thinkpadif you do, run it08:19
akiva-thinkpadand tell me the output08:19
joehannesno ... just installing, gimme a sec08:19
akiva-thinkpadi'm getting intltool: command not found08:19
joehannesyay, installed, but no command intltool found ... I'll help looking08:20
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, hmmm?08:20
joehannesintltool is a package coming with subtools08:20
joehannesintltoolize, intltool-extract, intltool-thisandthat ...08:20
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, ah yes08:21
akiva-thinkpadintl-merge does appear to work...08:22
joehannesI guess if that just happened to change and now breaks things ... you should probably create a "ln -s intltool-whatever intltool" in your /usr/bin08:22
akiva-thinkpadbloody what the heck is with this build then?08:22
joehannesgimme a pastebin of your output, want to help08:22
akiva-thinkpadyah thanks08:23
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, http://i.imgur.com/KSZNQyi.png08:23
joehanneswhat comes to mind is ... probably not the prob, but worth a try ... the build seems to use plain shell, not bash ... have you checked if your plain shell has intltool-merge in its path .. .could it host a different path?08:25
joehannesforget it, if I change to sh it still finds intltool-merge08:26
akiva-thinkpadjoehannes, yah this is using chroot soooo...08:26
akiva-thinkpadmaybe its not installed in that08:27
akiva-thinkpadgood point.08:27
joehannesyou've made me real edgy, I should just work for my employer now to catch up ... never mind it being Sunday 04:30 am ... but now I want to develop an ubuntu app ... tsktsk08:31
akiva-thinkpadits easy; running the emulator is difficult though (you don't need to btw. qmlscene works fine)08:33
joehannesI'll give my musing another shot, then get back to actual work08:44
joehannesakiva-thinkpad ... still there?12:38
joehanneshey ... an open question begging for an honest answer --- akiva-thinkpad challenged me this night to start ubuntu-touch dev, and I'm setting up my env right now -> I'll see where I get ---> my question: I'd rather prefer HTML5 to QML .... is there any big reasons why to prefer QML (for how long?) ??12:49
chrisci just found a corrupt file on my ubuntu nexus 5, i wonder what caused that13:15
joehanneshey guys ... anyone up and running yet? I'm trying to start ubuntu dev and have two questions. Can the HTML5 part be considered "developable with" yet, or is QML a smart move for now?13:28
joehannesSecond question: I'm a lil bit confused about all those scopes and hubs and stuff ... even the design guides and stuff on developer.ubuntu.com ... is it for phone, tablets AND desktop, or is desktop a different thing?13:29
rookie2030hi everybody, i am trying to install ubuntu touch on my galaxy tab 2 7 p3113 i follow the step on the web xda but it link 1 is broken anoyone know where i can find the device rom18:00
rookie2030or exist another way to install ubuntu on galaxy tab 2 718:17
kurt_rookie2030, are you useing a port to try and install i havent heard of one for the tab 220:26
kurt_the only official supported devices are N4 and 2013 N7 that I know of20:27
NikThHello people.22:53
NikThSay now I have translated (made) a new language for the Ubuntu keyboard and I want to test it via Ubuntu emulator (on a 14.04 system). How can I do that? I've followed the instructions here(http://davidplanella.org/ubuntu-emulator-quickstart-guide/) for the emulator and I have spotted the correct files in launchpad for the language (keyboard plugin) here (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/ubuntu-keyboard/trunk/files/head:/plugins/en/).22:56

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