pleia2omg so hot D:23:31
philipballewpleia2, whats the temp there now?23:32
pleia288 last I looked, 90 inside my condo :\23:32
philipballewpleia2, no ac?23:32
pleia2of course not, it's SF :)23:32
philipballewhaha! Yeah, I have no ac here in sd either.23:32
pleia2that's just brutal23:33
pleia2SD actually gets hot on a regular basis!23:33
philipballewI live about 1000 feet from the beach though :)23:33
pleia2ah, that's nice :)23:33
philipballewso we get that breeze, but it gets bad yeah... It was 85 last week.23:33
philipballewUsually its 72 all the time.23:33
philipballewIf it hits 90 I just go to like Target or something and cool off with the ac there.23:34
philipballewI hope you can stay cool!23:34
pleia2thanks :)23:34
DonkeyHoteiit's only 92 here in Sac23:38
pleia2is that all23:39
DonkeyHoteisorry, 93, not 9223:46
* ianorlin doesn't have ac either23:49
ianorlinglad I choose intel hd 4600 for my grapics on new desktop23:49
ianorlinI won't even dare turn on a pentium 4 in these conditions23:49
philballewIm still on a duel core 2 duo Dell lattitude d63023:53
philballew2007 was a good year for laptops apparently as mine still works fine.23:54
ianorlinmy laptop is from 2009 but on suspend now23:54
ianorlinthing is you don't get new power saving state support in old hadware23:55
ianorlinI installed powertop on my desktop23:56
philballewlxde seems to be the best for me currently.23:56
* ianorlin is on lxde as well on a new desktop with a haswell refresh processor23:56
ianorlinjust got used ot the interface23:56
philballewThere might be something better though, but lxde seems fine.23:56
ianorlinand less resoucres means more for virtaul machines23:56
philballew"Yo Dawg, we heard yo like Virtual Machines, so we put a Virtual Machine in yo Virtual Machine so yo can emulate while yo emulate."23:58
* philballew used to watch Pimp My Ride23:58
ianorlinalthough done many testcases for lubuntu on utopic23:59

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