brousch_cmaloney: Thanks for the help00:21
cmaloneybrousch_: np00:21
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/IyF19Z - MUGORG 2014 March KANBAN 1 Kanban Software Project Management - YouTube00:31
cmaloneyrick_h_: ^^00:31
brousch_My app has minimum functionality and my video is complete. I call this a success00:49
brousch_Now I can play with better mobile views and less random data00:49
brousch_Less than half of the people actually showed up at the Detroit Code Michigan00:52
cmaloneyI'd believe that;.00:55
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/4qg0h4 - Code Michigan - Secretary of Wait - YouTube00:59
cmaloneybrousch_: Your voice is mixed way too low in the mix03:03
cmaloneyAnd you can tell youre reading from a script. :)03:03
rick_h_cmaloney: what's up with the video?12:47
rick_h_afternoon and howdy12:47
brousch_cmaloney: I actually worked on the audio volumes for a long time. OpenShot does not have fine grained control of that13:15
brousch_rick_h_: The video is my entry in Code Michigan13:15
gamerchick02dang i'm late for the meeting!!13:33
brousch_I don't know why cmaloney scheduled it during prime church time13:41
gamerchick02i don't know either but i just saw the email13:43
gamerchick02and i had to say something in irc. because funny13:45
gamerchick02morning cmaloney!14:27
cmaloneyhar har14:27
gamerchick02what? the meeting thing? i thought that was funny.14:28
cmaloneyIt's because Linux users are Godless heathens. Didn't you get th ememo?14:28
gamerchick02no, i did not.14:28
cmaloneyIt was written around halloween many many years ago14:28
gamerchick02what do i get for being a godless heathen?14:28
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/TcpnVV - Halloween documents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia14:29
gamerchick02i'm using windows right now. does that make me a devil?14:29
cmaloneygamerchick02: Nah, just a quazit.14:29
cmaloneyQuasit, rather.14:30
gamerchick02eee. that's ugly14:30
gamerchick02it's an imp? i HATED imps when i was playing DnD. they always got in the damn way.14:30
gamerchick02"you're walking along a path in the woods. roll for initiave."14:31
gamerchick02"imps! imps EVERYWHERE!"14:31
cmaloneyAny time the GM says "roll for initiative" that's never a good sign14:31
gamerchick02for sure!14:31
cmaloney"It's a pleasent spring day, no clouds in the sky. Roll for INitiative."14:32
gamerchick02OH NO14:32
gamerchick02new shelving:14:35
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/E0eTjc - Another organization UFYH post and new shelving... - (More) Amy's Ramblings14:36
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/WFh6Vk - Before and after of the office! Up top you can... - (More) Amy's Ramblings14:36
gamerchick02restyle bookcases were on sale at Target14:36
gamerchick02why thank ya.14:39
cmaloneybrb. Time to get the groceries.14:39
gamerchick02nothing like what rick_h_ makes but i don't have a shop14:39
gamerchick02ok, good luck with that.14:40
brousch_My video went pretty well in the viewing16:29
brousch_The logo went over best16:29
cmaloneyrick_h_: Just FYI that the Kanban video was released.17:10
brousch_I got to try on some google Glass17:27
cmaloneybrousch_: How did you like it?17:36
brousch_It was clearer than I thought it would e17:37
cmaloneyYeah, I didn't quite understand why it was such an expensive device17:37
cmaloneySeemed about as useful as a bluetooth headset with a heads-up display17:37
cmaloneyand a camera17:37
cmaloneyBut yeah, I went from "This is interesting" to "meh" in 10 minutes17:38
gamerchick02why would you want your phone strapped to your face?17:55
gamerchick02which is what GG pretty much is.17:55
gamerchick02i like putting the phone away17:55
derekvis there a nosql database that allows for arbitrary text structures?18:01
derekvie not just json/xml .. but allow you to define a parser for a given class of document18:01
derekvtrying to google for it but not finding the right terms18:02
derekvelasticsearch ?18:44
derekvnothing out there I can find does what I'm imagining19:53
derekvthough there is a barrior to understanding what some of the databases even do or could be used for, I dont' have the underling framework… I don't understand half the terms19:54
derekvseems like one of the best systems out there would be the ELK stack19:54
rick_h_cmaloney: oh ok, I thought that was released a while ago under the mug video account20:26
rick_h_cmaloney: but cool thanks for the heads up, was one of my favs20:27
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/JkO19Z - Unified Logging Layer: Turning Data into Action | Fluentd22:01
cmaloneyYeah, this was the one released by Gib.22:02
derekvoh man, fluentd was looking pretty great until I noticed all the .rb files22:13
derekvshould rewrite this one in haskell22:14
cmaloneyderekv: Gib is one of the MUG members that records MUG presentations22:20
cmaloneyWhy Haskell? Rewrite it in ADA.22:21
derekvbecause i'm not building a 1980s missle guidance system22:24
cmaloneyEvery system evolves to the point where it can read and write mail. And launch missiles.22:25
gamerchick02hey does that mean i can launch missiles with my gmail?22:26
cmaloneygamerchick02: Depends on who is reading your mail22:26
cmaloneyalso you don't get to choose the target.22:26
gamerchick02oh no22:26
derekvsomewhere there's this paper about ADA being a cold war weapon against russia.  designing a system that is inefficient to write software in (but looks really good on paper) and tricking the russians into adopting it by using it ourselves hurt them more than it hurt us22:27
derekvsomething like that22:27
cmaloneyThat would explain everything22:28
derekvi think this is it http://home.pipeline.com/~hbaker1/sigplannotices/gigo-1997-04.html22:30
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/2b0QjG - text/html22:30
brousch_cmaloney: I tied for 4th place and won $40023:34

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