PCLine_....Cut from top of my screen....00:00
PCLine_Anon> Anyone here00:00
PCLine_* Anon has quit (Quit: Page closed)00:00
PCLine_good evening everyone.00:00
skellatGood evening02:09
skellat.wx 4400402:09
jenniCover: Cloudy, Temp: 43.9°F (6.6°C), Dew Point: 32.9°F (0.5°C), Humidity: 65%, Apparent Temp: 36.6°F (2.6°C), Pressure: 29.75in (1007.37mb), Condition: Partly Cloudy Night, Wind: Moderate breeze 15.6mph (25.2kmh) (↙) - Ashtabula, Ohio, United States (Powered by Forecast, forecast.io)02:09
PCLine_Evening skellat02:19
skellatGood evening PCLine_02:19
skellatHow is your end of the Buckeye State?02:19
PCLine_A little on the Cooler side tonight.02:20
PCLine_.wx 4540902:20
jenniCover: Overcast, Temp: 45.4°F (7.4°C), Dew Point: 35.5°F (1.9°C), Humidity: 68%, Apparent Temp: 41.1°F (5.1°C), Pressure: 29.86in (1011.25mb), Condition: Partly Cloudy Night, Wind: Gentle breeze 8.0mph (12.9kmh) (←) - Dayton, Ohio, United States (Powered by Forecast, forecast.io)02:20
PCLine_Looks like we are a little warmer than you are.02:21
skellatApparently so02:21
skellatI had a productive visit to Microcenter today.  I wound up buying a clearance-priced TV antenna with claimed 120 mile coverage, a USB to IDE hook-up so I can start scrapping out drives, and a laptop bag02:22
PCLine_Wish I was closer to a MicroCenter Store.02:24
skellatI'm surprised we have one in Mayfield at all02:25
skellatIt still is a bit of a drive from Ashtabula to get there02:25
PCLine_over an Hour drive for me.02:27
PCLine_But if I was closer I might buy more.  So maybe its a good thing.02:27
skellatSomething for weekend viewing: https://archive.org/details/Radar_Men__from_the_Moon02:43
jenni[ Radar Men from the Moon : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive ] - https://j.mp/1AQ4v2v02:43
belkinsaCincinnati has a MicroCenter too.21:53
PCLine_I know thats the one I am over an Hour from.22:49
dzhonice to know I can hit them up all up and down I-71 if I were so inclined!23:02

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