Kiloshi gremble  08:27
grembleHow are you doing Kilos ?08:29
Kilosok ty gremble  and you?08:29
grembleI am doing well thanks08:30
Kilosyou looking forward to windows 10?08:37
Kiloshaha just joking08:38
grembleSo much.08:39
grembleDid the guys up in Redmont forget how to count?08:41
grembleWhy are they skipping one? >.>08:41
Kiloswas a bit of a write up about it08:42
Kilossome speculation was that they want a clean break from 808:42
Kilosi dont think many peeps enjoyed 808:42
gremblehttps://i.imgur.com/zWkiqel.jpg 08:45
grembleHmm I certainly do not08:46
grembleIt makes me want to beat it to death08:46
Kiloseek you in the pool already?08:46
Kilosits too cold man08:46
grembleHaha no I will not float plugs on water08:47
Kiloshaha thats not good practise methinks08:51
charlgood afternoon10:36
charlhi gremble 10:39
gremblehowre you charl ?10:39
charli'm good gremble and you ?10:43
grembleI am doing well thank you10:44
charli have been looking at odroid11:36
charllooks very promising11:37
charlcan also run ubuntu 14.0411:37
charlah no peer got you Kilos 13:44
charlthat guy...13:44
Kiloswas the nm again13:44
Kilosbeen on all day the decides to take a break13:45
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Kilosoi it got you too gremb15:11
gremble_Irssi is strange. When it reconnects it fails to load SASL properly15:12
gremble_Then I have to restart it15:12
=== gremble_ is now known as gremble
Kilosbat as my 3g dongle i have to unplug and replug15:39
Kiloshi Squirm  16:57
Kilosonly took 50 mins to answer16:57
Squirmnot that long Kilos 16:59
Kilosexactly that long17:00
Kilos18.07 to 18.5717:00
Kilosim watching voetspore so screen goes to sleep17:01
charlgood evening17:54
charlmonday soon17:54
charlwinter coming17:57
charli feel it in my bones17:57
charlalmost time for daylight savings17:58
Kiloswe having a bit of a cold spell again but 27 in the day is livable17:58
charl27 in the day... phew18:05
charlright now 20 here, that's better18:05
Kilosbetter for night temps ya18:08
Kilosi can live lekker with 20 and 35s18:08
Kiloswe 11 again tonight18:09
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:12
inetprogood evening18:29
SquirmMaaz: tell Kilos I have set up a Weather Station here... http://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IKWAZULU37 Updates every 10min ^^18:30
MaazSquirm: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode18:30
Squirmuses the RPi too...18:30
inetproSquirm: oh wow, that is nice18:35
inetprohow much did it set you back Squirm?18:36
inetprodamn interwebs are unstable today18:40
inetproon my side at least18:40
Squirminetpro: the Weather Station is like... R9k. School bought it, I stuck it on the roof19:07
Squirmconnected the console to the RPI19:07
Squirmand used weewx19:07
inetproah, Raspberry Pi ?19:12
charli'm planning on buying one tomorrow19:20
charla RPi19:20
charlwant to use it for a cheap home server19:20
charlalthough, if you add all the extras (power cable, case, SD card, hdmi to vga/dvi cable) it isn't even that cheap anymore19:21
inetpronice idea charl but is it really fast enough?19:21
charlfor what i need to do inetpro i think it will be19:21
inetprowhich is?19:21
charlbut i do feel that 512mb ram is on the low side for 201419:21
charli mainly want to run it as a backup mx and xmpp server (prosody)19:22
charli also want to use it as a irc bouncer19:22
charlwell, not really a bouncer, byobu+irssi/weechat19:22
charlright now i have all of this on my vps at hetzner but there i also only have 512mb ram and i want to relieve it a little as my primary mx19:22
inetprohmm... not sure about xmpp but for the other purposes it should suffice, I think19:23
charli run prosody on this vps right now and it's functioning perfectly fine19:23
charlprosody is actually very efficient19:23
charlactually the real reason i want to run that on a RPi is for added security/privacy19:23
charlthen i have a piece of hardware that is under my full control19:24
charlright now the VPS is running on a hypervisor and is therefore just as secure as the hypervisor19:24
inetprosounds like a good idea19:24
charlthe alternative was to run a RPi colocated at a provider like http://raspberrycolocation.com/19:25
charl36 euro per year is very reasonable but then i don't have control over the hardware anymore19:25
charland that was kind-of the whole idea, so i think it will end up being hosted on my cable modem at home with no-ip.com and port forwarding19:25

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