tylerhello, i need help01:25
tylerso anybody able to help?01:26
tylerHel-Fucking-Lo is anybody there?01:27
holsteinwow.. 2 minutes til cursing..02:03
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nicoloxdcc send #12207:52
jarnosI would like to be able to move media files from Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to 14.04.08:54
jarnosVia USB08:54
cfhowlettjarnos, dist-upgrade to 14.04.1            no issues with my nexus 408:55
jarnoscfhowlett, I have updated the system.08:55
cfhowlettjarnos, cat /etc/issue08:55
jarnoscfhowlett, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l08:56
cfhowlettjarnos, ok.  plug in, set your USB settings on the phone to camera08:57
jarnoscfhowlett, if I use MTP connection I can browse photos, but not view them,08:57
cfhowlettjarnos, I'm on a nexus so "pure" android.  samsung adds ... stuff so it may/may not allow full access.08:59
cfhowlettjarnos, but as far as moving stuff around; if you can see it, you can move it, right?  or use the airdroid app09:00
jarnoscfhowlett, when in PTP mode,  loading folder contents and scrolling is very unresponsive in Thunar.09:02
cfhowlettjarnos, again.  zero issues on my nexus so I suspect your samsung adds some incompatible stuff09:03
jarnoscfhowlett, pcmanfm behaves better than thunar in this.09:05
cfhowlettjarnos, use what works09:05
jarnoscfhowlett, I wish Ubuntu Studio did work by default.09:06
hlblyhipyHi,im trying to get bristol working and dont know how to open it.11:53
cfhowlett!info bristol11:53
ubottubristol (source: bristol): vintage synthesizer emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60.11-2 (trusty), package size 711 kB, installed size 2321 kB11:53
hlblyhipyDownloaded it from sxtra sound generator.It shows up in synaptic but cant find it.Im new here,so any help would be great11:53
cfhowletthlblyhipy, open a terminal.  type bristol.  press <enter>  [cross fingers]11:54
hlblyhipycross fingers lol11:54
hlblyhipyok startBristol gave me what looks like a man page and suggested startBristol -b3 and nothing11:57
hlblyhipyNow I know why you said cross fingers11:57
cfhowletthlblyhipy, wait 1.12:04
cfhowletthlblyhipy, ok, seems to be looking for something in jack.  I'd suggest starting & configuring jack then try again.12:07
cfhowletthlblyhipy, startBristol          (case sensitive) will show you more12:07
cfhowlett-readme for verbose12:08
hlblyhipywhat do you mean for verbose sorry forgot to mention im new to the terminal too12:08
cfhowletthlblyhipy, got it!  startBristol -mini12:09
cfhowletthlblyhipy, no sound though.  you gotta deal with jack.  ask #opensourcemusicians12:10
hlblyhipythat did the trick i got sound and the gui looks nice now on to experimenting.Thanx alot12:11
cfhowletthlblyhipy, you got sound?  HOW?12:11
hlblyhipyusing jack i just connected bristol to the system12:12
cfhowletthlblyhipy, nice.  good work12:12
hlblyhipyi still have to hook up my maudion keystation12:13
hlblyhipyi tired to hook up my maudio keysattion using a2jmidid but when i hit a key it got stuck,so its working but i have to tweak it i guess12:15
hlblyhipyok fixed that issue.The maudio is working and im using the bristol but i dont see a way to change instruments12:20
hlblyhipyseems to be workin great except it just crashed,but i least it;s a start plus i learned more about the terminal.Thanx so much for your patience and your help12:34

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