NoskcajHow come shimmer and -darkest have the dark grey panel icons, and -dark and -darker have white ones07:56
ochosiNoskcaj: darkest is the version with the darkest icons, incl. the panel. so it can be used with e.g. orion09:13
Noskcajochosi, But why go from a dark icon to a light one from normal to dark and darker09:20
ochosii'm following Faenza there09:21
ochosii felt it makes sense to do it analogously, since Faenza was a rather popular theme09:21
bluesabremorning folks10:49
bluesabrepackaging time10:49
knomehello bluesabre 10:50
bluesabrehey knome10:50
knomebluesabre, question: why ubuntu1 for the menulibre release? isn't it the same as 2.0.6?11:49
bluesabreknome: because of the upstream translations we have on top of it11:49
bluesabreand/or strings11:49
bluesabre(this was all your idea ;) )11:50
knomeaha, fair enough11:50
knomejust asking :)11:50
knomebut couldn't you have basically release ? :P11:50
knomewith those translations, then be able to lose the delta11:50
bluesabrebut can't change strings for trusty11:51
knomecan't and can't ;]11:51
knomefair enough11:51
knomegood answer11:51
bluesabrepackaging trusty now11:51
* knome gives bluesabre a chocolate chip cookie11:51
* bluesabre celebrates11:51
bluesabreNoskcaj: Please target https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-weather-plugin/+bug/1377612 to Precise and Trusty. Same package version in Trusty as Utopic, but we'll have to come up with new patches for the Precise package.12:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1377612 in xfce4-weather-plugin (Ubuntu) "Plugin needs updated for locationforecast-1.2" [Undecided,New]12:10
* bluesabre adds [SRU] tab12:10
bluesabreand tag12:10
bluesabretaking a short break, bbl12:11
ochosihey bluesabre 13:02
knomeoi ochosi 13:04
ochosihey knome 13:40
vertzok, wtf is overwriting ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/pointers.xml ?19:04
vertzthis must be fixed19:04
vertzkinda sucks pasting all sorts of things in random terminals19:04
vertzdefault verticaledge scroll is on19:05
vertzand buttom something19:05
vertzeasy fix! just commit it19:05
Noskcajbluesabre, Done. And it's fixed in debian if you'd like to sync it19:30
knomevertz, you can send a patch for review.19:31
vertzknome: yes sir, first thing in the morning19:31
vertzits just been so annoying19:31
knomeand while you're at it, if you think something is overwriting that, maybe find out what19:32
knomethen we'll process that.19:32
vertzcause i set all the settings to 0 in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/pointers.xml19:32
vertzbut it still happened19:32
vertzso something must override it19:33
vertzi'll do some research tomorrow :)19:33
knomevertz, re: PM, default setting issues should be reported against xubuntu-default-settings19:35
knomeabout the overriding issue, don't know19:36
knomeyou could file that against the same package as well since it might (though it might not) be a configuration issue19:36
vertzknome: alright man, i'll have a look into it tomorrow after some sleep19:37
vertzcause this is like a securty problem19:37
vertzi pasted my password in a chan  without noticing19:38
knomevertz, cheers.20:17
vertzi'll have it figured out by tomorrow20:33
vertznow i need some sleep20:33
vertzthank you knome 20:33
knomeno problem and good night20:42
bluesabrehey ochosi21:46
ochosibluesabre: hey again ::)23:53
bluesabrehey ochosi23:54
bluesabrewhats happenin'?23:54
ochosinot much23:55
ochosijust returned, but about to head off to bed23:55
ochosihad a relaxing weekend, really needed that23:55
ochosihow're you?23:55
bluesabredoing well, long weekend so far, going slow tonight23:56
ochosiwhat've you been up to?23:58
bluesabres wedding yesterday23:58
bluesabrecatching up today23:58
ochosithanks for picking up on my enter-hitting mistakes :)23:58
* ochosi is cluuuumsy23:58
bluesabreyeah, was honestly a mistake and not messing with you :)23:59
ochosisuure ;)23:59
bluesabredrafting ideas for backup/restore/reset dialog for menulibre23:59
ochosianyway, xnox pinged me back about that ubiquity bug today23:59
bluesabrewhats up?23:59
ochosisaid he would look into it23:59

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