Churuya-san  /quit00:14
Churuya-sanHibernate has an odd bug for me. This happened also in Debian, but an update fixed it. When I go into hibernate, everything works great. But once the computer has shut down, it immediately turns back on and leaves hibernate. Any help with this? I have no idea what could be causing it.04:19
Churuya-sanSo, I was having some problems with hibernate/suspend. As my computer would suspend or hibernate, it would immediately resume. I fixed this problem using acpitool. There's some device titled "PWRB" that needed to be disabled for the system to hibernate. At first I thought this was the power button, but when I disable it the power button still works to resume the computer. How can I permanently stop this05:58
Churuya-santhing from forcing the computer to resume?05:58
knosysHey guys, when trying to install wine package from repositories, it advices me that nvidia-libopencl1-331 will be removed in order to install wine.08:19
knosysNvidia its my graphic card chipset, im using the propietary drivers.. Will that have some negative consequence on my graphics driver?08:20
Poisoned_DragonI didn't know there was opencl software for nvidia gpus.08:21
Poisoned_Dragonmaybe wine can work under them08:21
knosysright... directx and open GL are most seen, right?08:21
Poisoned_DragonWell, nvidia has cuda, as opposed to opencl. So, it just confused me.08:22
Poisoned_Dragonopencl is not a graphics instruction set. like opengl and directx.08:22
knosysill just take the risk08:22
knosysyeah i already noticed08:22
knosysits a programming language08:23
knosysdidnt know about that. sorry i got confused because of the similar name08:23
knosyswith opengl08:23
Poisoned_DragonAllows for parallel tasking on gpus. Best for repetitive instructions that hog cpu resources.08:24
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xubuntu-samHey everyone. I'm having an issue that's preventing me from booting into my install unless I have the "nomodeset" parameter checked. Same issue present in other Ubuntu-based distros. Help please!11:03
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, more details = better answers ...11:04
xubuntu-samBoots into black screen with mouse cursor. I *can* access tty from Ctrl+Alt+F1. Issue seems similar to one around the web for lightdm with SSDs but none of the fixes have worked.11:05
xubuntu-samnomodeset allows me in normally but that seems to mean my video card (drivers) don't work at all. (radeon / 2 79xx cards)11:05
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, entirely possible that your card is under/not supported11:08
xubuntu-samunsupported by what, the drivers? I've checked and support should be there. primary card is HD797011:09
bazhangpretty sure they dropp ed it for that11:09
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, as verified where?11:09
bazhangthe R series 280/290x may still be supported though11:10
xubuntu-samit's identical architecture to 280(x)11:10
bazhangbut quite a bit older11:10
xubuntu-samonly around 2 years or so11:11
bazhangand the propietary is fglrx11:11
xubuntu-samyes, which from what I can recall had the same issue when I last tried to get Linux to work a year ago11:11
bazhangthey drop support pretty fast these days11:11
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, supported but hardware is too old for unity ... that suggests you will have issues ...11:11
xubuntu-samhardware too old for unity......?11:11
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, wait, you're not running unity are you?11:11
xubuntu-samxubuntu standard11:12
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, OK.  that page shows how to find error messages with terminal:  dmesg | egrep 'drm|radeon'11:13
xubuntu-samtried that, from what I can recall it came back empty11:13
xubuntu-samjust to clear up confusion, this is the equivalent of my card. no way this can be outdated. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202114&cm_re=7970-_-14-202-114-_-Product11:17
xubuntu-sam(lower down on that linked page above: TAHITI/PITCAIRN/VERDE       Radeon HD 7000/"Southern Islands" series)11:19
brainwashit's not outdated or low end or whatever11:21
brainwashI would suggest that you install fglrx11:21
xubuntu-samI can give that another go but that's what I tried last time and I think I ran into the same issue. I have a log I kept, I'll have a quick look at that11:22
brainwashthe open source driver seems to cause some trouble with your hardware setup11:22
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, nvidia seems to be the best choice for linux.11:22
brainwashright, you should take a closed look at the log files in /var/log11:23
brainwashcloser look11:23
xubuntu-samcfhowlett, yeah, but it's not so easy to dump two fairly expensive video cards like that :p but noted for future purchases. brainwash, I'm in Windows right now. going to reboot into Xubuntu with nomodeset and have a look and report back. back shortly.11:24
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, record your terminal output!11:24
xubuntu-samrighty, I'm in Xubuntu now. what am I looking for?11:26
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, run the analysis tools listed on the page you posted earlier.   save it all to a text file so you can paste all at once11:27
xubuntu-samnot much: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8499344/11:28
xubuntu-sambut this is with nomodeset11:28
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, right.  now do the trouble shooting from that page11:29
xubuntu-samwhich one? all else I see is just below to install mesa-utils and run LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo11:30
brainwashyou should boot without nomodeset and check the logs11:33
brainwashotherwise it won't load the radeon driver11:34
xubuntu-samokay, so boot without nomodeset, and check /var/log/Xorg.0.log?11:34
xubuntu-samokay. I shall return. :)11:34
xubuntu-samfull log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8499389/11:38
xubuntu-samhmm.. there are plenty of references to fglrx in there. is that normal?11:39
cfhowlettxubuntu-sam, my understanding from reading the page is that fglrx and the radeon drivers conflict.  bazhang suggested you fglrx IIRC11:41
xubuntu-samwhen I used fglrx drivers on a fresh Ubuntu install last time I tried Linux I had a load of graphical corruption.. I'd much rather just try to remove all fglrx from this system and make it work with radeon11:42
brainwashdid you install fglrx at some point?11:42
xubuntu-samnot on this install. I think it may have already been installed automatically, I can't remember11:43
xubuntu-sambut I certainly didn't manually install it11:43
brainwashdoes the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf exist?11:44
brainwashit should not by default11:45
xubuntu-samnope, not seeing it11:45
brainwashbut still, it's worth to give fglrx a try.. it's the official AMD driver after all11:45
xubuntu-samthis is what happened a few months ago when I last tried Linux. on that occasion I tried fglrx. http://www.reddit.com/r/linux4noobs/comments/27jupa/help_what_could_be_causing_this_xpost_rubuntu/11:46
xubuntu-samyou'd think it was hardware but these cards run flawlessly in Windows and have done for over a year through various driver installs11:47
brainwashyou'll have to test different drivers and options11:48
brainwashmaybe even get the latest fglrx driver package from AMD's website11:48
xubuntu-samI can get fglrx or fglrx-updates from the settings driver panel, which should I test first?11:49
brainwashshould not matter, the package is identical11:50
brainwashversion  2:13.350.1-0ubuntu211:51
xubuntu-samokay, installing fglrx now. here goes..11:51
brainwashgood luck :)11:51
xubuntu-samback. after reboot it just kicked me straight into text mode.11:55
xubuntu-samI'm in Windows now11:55
xubuntu-samI really want to like Linux but jesus these drivers11:56
brainwashrun "sudo start lightdm" to launch the display manager manually, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log again, also /var/log/lightdm/*11:58
xubuntu-samtried that, it didn't recognise "lightdm".11:58
brainwashunknown service?11:58
xubuntu-samsomething like that11:58
brainwashthat's odd11:59
xubuntu-samradeon or fglrx, something about Linux HATES my system12:00
brainwashthis should only be the case, if you've removed the lightdm package12:00
xubuntu-samthere's something very specific doing it12:00
xubuntu-samnope, didn't touch it. just installed fglrx from driver panel12:00
knomejust to make sure, which xubuntu bersion are you trying to install?12:00
knomeversion too12:00
xubuntu-samalready installed. 14.04.1 LTS iirc12:01
xubuntu-samsimilar issues with Ubuntu from 12 through 1412:01
xubuntu-samand Mint12:01
knomewell, mint is based on ubuntu so not much difference in the drivers12:01
xubuntu-samyeah. I can't remember if Debian had the same issue12:02
knomeit's likely if it's a driver issue12:02
brainwashmaybe you should head over to #ubuntu then :)12:02
xubuntu-samproblem is that the way it presents itself in Ubuntu is even weirder12:03
xubuntu-samfull on screen corruption reminiscent of hardware trouble12:04
brainwashI suggest that you also test the current development release, 14.1012:04
xubuntu-samUbuntu or Xubuntu?12:05
xubuntu-samI guess Ubuntu and then whatever works there will trickle down here right?12:05
knomeeither, but if you've had less issues with xubuntu, then probably it12:05
knomebut it really doesn't matter..12:05
xubuntu-samI'll try Ubuntu 14.10 with #Ubuntu as there's probably more likely to be other users with same issue there too I guess. Sigh.. drivers. Seriously tempted to just sell these cards for a pittance and buy Nvidia right now! Anyway, cheers everyone for the help!12:06
knomenp, and good luck12:07
theringmasterI need some help12:47
knometheringmaster, just ask the question, and if somebody knows the answer, they'll most likely reply12:52
theringmasterI would like to be able to have knoppix, fedora, lubuntu, and xubuntu on same machine to test them before deciding on best one, knoppix did not see fedora, lubuntu did not see knoppix, and xubuntu saw lubuntu as ubuntu 13 but boots directly into xubuntu, am I able to use all 4 and if so how do I do this12:55
cfhowletttheringmaster, yes you can but you'll need to do some delicate operations.12:56
cfhowletttheringmaster, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiOSBoot12:58
theringmasterok, have my pad and pen ready, ubuntu 13 and 14 did it pretty much automatically but I can neither use either one because it slowed my computer down real bad12:58
theringmasterok thank you12:58
knomethe other option is to run them as virtual machines12:59
knomeinstall one to HD, run the rest under virtualbox13:00
theringmasterthought about that but wanted the ability to install additional packages and stuff13:01
knomeyou can do that under the virtual machines as well13:04
theringmasterbut if I close out vm or shut the machine down do I lose info?13:05
knomeno, virtual machines have virtual hard drives, so as long as you shut them down as you would shut down the system otherwise, data will be saved13:06
knomethe only two major differences are:13:06
knome1) virtual machines use additional resources (you practically have to run two systems of top of each other)13:06
knome2) with virtual machines, you must always run one system to be able to get to the other systems13:06
knomebut in a tryout environment, those are hardly a problem (unless you are really short on resources)13:07
theringmasterthanks, may be a plan b as my current machine is not that great and I'm waiting to get ram for a server I was given that I may use as a regular desktop13:10
SatorisanjaHallo. Bin ich hier richtig um die Frage zustellen wozu die Dateitypen erkennung mit magic numbers?14:50
SatorisanjaDa kam gestern ein update rein.14:51
cfhowlett!de | Satorisanja14:51
ubottuSatorisanja: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:51
girafeehello room. i upgraded to xubuntu 14.04. everything is good for me except one issue with panel. The window buttons are auto resizing and disappearing and i couldnt find a way to make it always on. please help.16:21
girafee*disappearing makes panel auto resize always.16:22
qwebirc8233Hello, Can someone help me to install bootchart2 on xubuntu, I would measure boot time16:28
bekks!info bootchart16:44
ubottubootchart (source: bootchart): boot sequence auditing. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.90.2-8ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 10 kB, installed size 96 kB16:44
bekksqwebirc8233: sudo apt-get install bootchart16:44
brainwashbut that's not bootchart216:45
qwebirc8233yes, that's not the latest16:46
brainwashyou could grab the debian package and test it16:46
qwebirc8233Another question, how to uninstall an app installed from source16:47
qwebirc8233brainwash: thx16:47
brainwashbut it may not work properly or at all16:47
bekksqwebirc8233: Thank god if the author provides a "make uninstall" rule. Or just build a .deb package yourself which can be uninstalled later.16:51
qwebirc8233I don't see uninstall in makefile16:54
qwebirc8233I will try to remove it manually16:54
xubuntu39whi there17:05
xubuntu39wI have a problem updating xubuntu ppc17:05
xubuntu39won a iBook G417:05
xubuntu39wthe update manager doesn't seem to have the right ports17:06
xubuntu39wanybody can help?17:06
koegsxubuntu39w: which version do you have and what does "sudo apt-get update" say?17:11
xubuntu39whey thanks17:11
xubuntu39wI don't know the version17:11
xubuntu39wit's old17:11
xubuntu39wcarries xfce 4.6.217:12
xubuntu39wsudo apt-get updates says it failed to find ports17:13
xubuntu39wI guess the problem is the port list is too old17:13
xubuntu39wbut don't know how to find and update xubuntu ppc port list17:13
koegsplease nopaste the output of "lsb_release -a" and "sudo apt-get update"17:13
xubuntu39wdone with lsb_release17:15
xubuntu39wdone both17:18
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ17:18
koegsxubuntu39w: ubuntu maverick is no longer supported, you should think about reinstalling the latest version of ubuntu (14.04)17:18
xanguayou have been out of support for more than two years xubuntu39w17:19
xubuntu39wno way to update, I guess17:19
holsteinxubuntu39w: you can always build and manually support whatever you like, but the repos (ports) officially provided to you will not be supported any longer17:19
holsteinxubuntu39w: i would do a fresh install..17:19
xubuntu39wI'd reinstall, but cant remember how did I boot from usb last time17:20
xubuntu39wit's a icoobk g4 and i know it can be done, I just can't remember how17:20
xubuntu39wi've looked around but solutions I found didnt work17:20
holsteinxubuntu39w: just remember, nothing about xubuntu or ubuntu or linux is preventing you from booting installation media. you'll just have to work with the confines of the specific hardware.. i would start by looking into the PPC community, and just get the latest iso and try booting it17:21
xubuntu39wI need to boot from usb17:22
holsteinxubuntu39w: i use plop in "legacy" intel hardware, to boot a CD that will then let me boot USB on hardware that doesnt support USB boot17:22
xubuntu39wif I can find how, it'll be solvesd17:22
xubuntu39wthank you all17:22
xubuntu39wfor the help17:22
holsteinxubuntu39w: if the machine doesnt support USB booting, then, you will not meet those needs17:22
holsteinxubuntu39w: you will do best to look for a workaround.. or, just use a CD/DVD for the installation17:22
xubuntu39wthanks again you all17:23
holsteinxubuntu39w: sure.. good luck to you17:23
yenicdoes xubuntu support in-place upgrades for LTS releases?18:47
holsteinyenic: same as ubuntu.. you *can* upgrade from LTS to LTS.. or version to version.. but, a fresh install is always suggested, and usually much easier18:48
yenicholstein: thanks, just thinking about what distro to recommend to less technical family. if they cant just run a command to do the upgrade, then i'll still have to do it18:49
holsteinid say, a "less technical" individual will not be doing distro upgrades, or installs18:50
holsteinyenic: you doing it would be an easy way to ensure a more successful outcome18:51
yenicive never done an inplace upgrade myself, so wasnt sure if it was a seamless transaction or not18:51
holsteinit takes a long time.. and "seemless" can depend on many things that linux cannot account for.. such as the hardware supporting linux or not18:51
xubuntu82wI have got a problem18:59
xubuntu82wwith xubuntu18:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:00
xubuntu82wLibre office doesn't work in xubuntu dueing to a problem of dependance, where i have to go?19:01
holsteinxubuntu82w: the one in the repo should work find.. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libreoffice" in a terminal, and paste errors..19:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:02
holsteinwork fine*19:02
xubuntu82wI seguenti pacchetti hanno dipendenze non soddisfatte:  libreoffice-core : Dipende: libreoffice-common (> 1: ma non sta per essere installato  libreoffice-java-common : Dipende: libreoffice-common ma non sta per essere installato  libreoffice-l10n-it : Dipende: libreoffice-common ma non sta per essere installato E: Dipendenze non soddisfatte. Provare "apt-get -f install" senza pacchetti (o specificare una soluzione).19:04
xubuntu82wthis is the error that appear after having copy your code holstein19:05
holsteinxubuntu82w: did you try what the message suggests?19:05
holsteinxubuntu82w: i would try "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".. then, run the other commands19:06
xubuntu82wno,because i don't know where i have to go to modify this code...how can i manage it?19:06
holsteinxubuntu82w: you shouldnt need to.. but, the source is *all* available for everything, if you wanted to, or needed to19:06
holsteinxubuntu82w: i dont think you do, however. i think you either have PPA"s added, or are not up to date.. or you have other packabge breakages causing issues.. try the command suggested in the error message, and then try the update i suggest..19:07
Yoosican i hide the firefox title bar in xubuntu?19:28
Yoosiit takes up a ridiculous amount of space...19:28
holsteinYoosi: full screen not an option? used to be plugins for that..19:44
Yoosifullscreen is when it's practical. it's mostly an issue when i want multiple windows open at once19:45
xubuntu90wanyone know how to install xubuntu to an IBM xseries 225 type 8647?19:52
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate19:58
holsteinxubuntu90w: try just booting the installation media for the type machine you have19:58
odsentI like WoW, Halo, LotR, Lotro, Pokemon, Runescape, Star Wars, Minecraft, CoD, GTA, Skyrim, Garry's Mod, Ultima Online, Starcraft, GW2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Diablo III, Battlefield, MapleStory, and Flyff. I also know C++, C#, assembly, python, visual basic, and java. I type on QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak, plus my computer has Windows, Ubuntu, and BSD on an AMD phenom 3.4 GHZ processor with 5 TB. I have an XBOX 360, Wi20:52
mallHello Xubuntu!20:53
knomehello mall20:53
mallI was wondering if it is possible for alt+tab to show all applications and not only those who are open within the desktop I am at the moment20:54
malla quick search did not show anything on this particular subject20:56
malland I can't find the preferences for it, maybe a keybindings file around ? any idea ? thank you20:58
mallno....one... knowsss21:03
brainwashmall: take a look at settings manager > window manager tweaks (first tab)21:14
mallthank you brainwash, I can't seem to find it, I am on spanish translation21:22
mallin "gestor de ventanas" (Window manager) I do not have that tab with anything as tweaks21:23
mallid translate tabs as "style " "keyboard " "focus" "advanced"21:23
mallthere is also "window manager settings" which has a magic wand as its icon, but I can't seem to find it there neither21:24
brainwashno, don't open "window manager", open "window manager tweaks" instead21:25
brainwashsee http://docs.xfce.org/_media/xfce/xfwm4/xfwm4-tweaks-cycling.png21:25
mallgot it! thank you very much21:26
brainwashfound it?21:26
brainwashgreat :)21:27
malland now for something a bit off topic, where can I get a replacement key for my laptop with something linuxy as the xfce mic instead of the windows logo ? ;D21:28
mallxfce mice21:28
xanguathere is a tux super key sticker here https://www.thinkpenguin.com/catalog/books-cds-case-badges21:29
mallgreat. thank you21:30
knomemall, http://www.unixstickers.com/stickers/linux-keyboard-stickers/xubuntu-circle-keyboard-sticker-cover-windows-flag21:30
knomemall, and/or http://www.unixstickers.com/stickers/linux-keyboard-stickers/xubuntu-square-keyboard-sticker-cover-windows-flag21:30
knome"officially" suggested too, we get some free stickers when people buy the xubuntu ones, so you're helping while you get nice stickers.21:31
mallwho gets free stickers ?21:33
knomethe xubuntu project.21:33
malloh really21:34
knomewe haven't planned how to use them yet, but they will be basically given away back to the community.21:34
mallI am in Spain, let's see if I can buy also21:34
knomelike via some contests or so21:34
knomeyou definitely can21:34
mallsounds good to me21:34
mallI really like xubuntu21:39
mallI have xubuntu, crunchbang debian and Kali linux in this eeepc21:40
malland Crunchbang is great, with openbox, clean and light; but xubunt solves quite a few more needs in advance and I find going back to it for non specialized stuff, even coding21:41
mallbut I may be going off topic21:41
mallthe community has also been very helpful to me, particularly in this channel, big thank you! I even installed it already in my friend and my parent's computer. My friend is new to linux, and we just finished wiping her windowsxp partition, due to her switching 100% to xubuntu. She also wants a sticker ;)21:43
knomefor offtopic/general chatter, #xubuntu-offtopic21:43
mallok thank you21:44
Churuya-sanRecommend me books on Linux, UNIX, systems administration, etc.22:45
xanguatry google.com or amazon bookstore22:46
sdollinsI liked the RHCE prep book22:47
sdollinsbut obviously that's not ubuntu targetted22:47
Churchi don't know if one should exactly learn something ubuntu specific23:02
Churchcorporate server niche is mostly ruled by rhel/centos/oel and alike clones. that's what one may earn from.23:03
Churchubuntu does well on desktop .. but it's not common to work/earn with linux desktops. generic linux lore should do.23:05
knosysHey guys. Im having a weird problem with emacs application. When i start it without root access , i cant view files, it launches a blank document. Only if i run it with root privileges i can actually see file contents. No matter what file it is, and even in my home directory. What could be causing that?23:25

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