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harlowjaharmw yt01:38
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harmwharlowja_away: sup07:25
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smoserharmw, so if i mark 0.7.6 today...15:32
smoserwill you push to ports ?15:32
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harmwsmoser: as long as I can gt my cloud back online... (with the buildstuff inside)17:09
harmwmight wnt to wait just another day :)17:09
smoserharmw, ok. i know that you've been very patient. so its hard for me, but i'm impatient now :)17:11
harmwimagine how I feel now17:11
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harmwharlowja: ping17:30
harmwha! I win17:30
harlowjaharmw oh ya, was gonna mention that me and some others met with RH people and they were like u probably shouldn't use that rhel6->7 migration script at any large scale, lol17:31
harlowjaso that reminded me of u, haha17:31
harmwdid it on 2 machins now17:31
harlowjai don't like those meetings, they trying to sell us more stuff again :-P17:31
harmwdid they mention why?17:31
harlowjato much manual stuff i think, i didn't dig into it17:33
harlowjai was almost gonna say 'wtf u make an upgrade tool if u don't recommend people to use it'17:33
harlowjabut i resisted17:33
harmwhopefully, rebuilding qemu-kvm is the last step required for my hypervisor to function17:43
harmwsince it's a poorpeople cloud, I didn't migrate all instances to some other hypervisor :)17:48
harmwok, so, building qemu-kvm with the rhev flag enabled17:52
harmwjust to get ceph blockdevice support in17:52
harlowjaRH does that more than i like17:58
* gholms is going to have to ship qemu-kvm-rhev, too :/19:08
harlowjarhev, oh goodie19:11
harlowjawhy is that still around?19:11
harlowjadoesn't that probably have like 1000 patches on it19:13
harmw1001, yes19:13
harlowja10 million19:13
harlowjaqemu-kvm- has 2858 patch files19:14
harlowjawhich is scary19:14
harlowjai'm pretty sure u can't call it 0.12 at that point :-P19:15
harlowjawhen u have more than 10 patch files its not the same version anymore, lol19:15
harlowjaespecially sort of odd since RH i thought had good relations with upstream kvm/qemu?19:16
harlowjai'd of thought that if they had good relations, the number of patches would be small, but maybe i'm reading into it to much19:16
gholmsYou're reading into it too much.  They're all backports.19:25
gholmsVersion bumps for that kind of thing are rather rare in a stable release, so apparently individual patches go in instead.19:26
* gholms chuckles a bit at the number of patches19:27
harlowjafair enough, although i'd not want to be a maintainer of anything with ~2500 patches, lol19:27
harlowjathat would cause me to jump off building, lol19:27
gholmsWell, when you have git or quilt or whatever it isn't really that bad.19:27
harmwhm, now why isn't qemu-img listing rbd as supported format :|19:33
harlowjaharmw i'm pretty sure thats compiled out19:34
harlowjaor not compiled in...19:34
gholmsDid you also install librbd1?19:35
harlowjai think if u are compiling qemu your self u have to also do --block-drv-rw-whitelist=rbd (and a bunch of other stuff)19:38
harmwharlowja: I defined rhev 1, so that should've been tken care of19:41
harlowjahmmm, ok, no idea what that does, lol19:42
harlowjai just know i see http://paste.ubuntu.com/8528714/ in a version of the qemu-kvm spec file19:42
harmwthough it looks like I defined that the wrong way19:42
harmw%if %{rhev} --enable-live-block-ops \ --enable-ceph-support \19:44
harmwthats the magicstuff19:44
harmwbut for some reason my old faithfull buildscript doesn't define rhev as 119:45
harlowjahmmm, okie okie19:45
harmwso if that fails, ill just patch the spec19:45
harmwwhich is overkill, for what I'm after here19:45
harmwbut hey, if it's about openstack, everything is allowed!19:46
gholmsI juat grab the qemu-kvm-rhev source package from them and build that.19:49
gholms(Yes, the only difference is the flag at the top.)19:50
smoserharlowja, patches are just a different name for commits20:01
smoserwhat is the difference between upstreams 30,000 commits and a distros version-X+30 commits ?20:02
harlowjawho knows, lol20:06
* hiren_ forked early this week. Baby things will keep him away for a few weeks at least. :-)20:07
harmwhiren_: +1 on that20:15
harmwforked without bugs I hope?20:15
hiren_So far, so good.20:16
* hiren_ -> away20:16
harmwand this was a private branch of yours?20:16
gholmsAlso, eww.20:17
harlowjahiren_ pretty sure u don't need a fork to get cloud-init into y! 20:22
harlowjaso hopefully shouldn't need such a thing, some patch files might be ok (but not ~2500 files, thx)20:22
harlowjaso maybe u are just meaning u cloned from bzr or soemthing?20:22
harmwyou rly not getting the joke here are you20:23
harlowjai get now20:23
harlowjau guys sux20:23
harmwok, qemu is rbd aware and just booted instance #120:39
harmwnow to fix the networking part of this hypervisor20:39
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