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jcw4Is anyone available to review my trivial PR to the names package? https://github.com/juju/names/pull/2804:49
jcw4Also, http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/158 which will depend on the names package PR too05:05
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jcw4thanks mgz13:04
mgzjcw4: no probs13:05
jcw4anastasiamac: congrats on your first blocker bug fix yesterday :)13:07
mgzjcw4: it's not quite done yet sadly :)13:10
mgzanastasiamac: poke poke :)13:10
anastasiamacit was not me fixing it tho :-) I was just a PA that typed it13:10
jcw4anastasiamac: lol13:10
jcw4mgz: it's still not working?13:10
jcw4mgz: was that your ordering bugfix?13:11
mgzjcw4: no, that's amusingly an unrelated regression that was masked by the fact that other bug was already causing the test job to fail13:12
jcw4mgz: I see.13:12
mgzonce both land the ppc64el job might be happy again13:13
jcw4anastasiamac: my first big PR was step by step laid out for my by thumper - I was pretty much a PA too.13:13
jcw4mgz: hopefully13:13
jcw4TheMue: I responded to your comments on https://github.com/juju/names/pull/2813:17
jcw4mgz: wrt. to the un-exercised error case you mentioned in the review... the only error that would get returned is if the mgo iterator returns an error on closing in a defer block (state/state.go:1620)13:33
jcw4mgz: I'm not quite sure how to cause that error13:33
jcw4mgz: suggestions? or should I make a fake ActionReceiver and force a bogus error return there just to exercise that line?13:34
mgzjcw4: you can fake, but if it's that edgy it's likely not worth bothering with13:52
jcw4okay; thanks mgz - shall I drop that issue?13:56
jcw4mgz: dropped - as soon as I get my names PR landed I'll update this one with the dependencies.tsv change.  Should I take "looks great overall" as an LGTM or wait for an official one? :)13:59
mgzjcw4: I may bug someone else as well for the shipit14:07
jcw4mgz: ta14:13
mgzaxw, anastasiamac: https://code.google.com/p/go/issues/detail?id=865414:19
anastasiamacmgz: yep14:23
perrito666huwshimi: ok15:30
mgzaxw: bug 1379380 - can you go/gccgo compile and compare goyaml.Marshal(map[string]string{{"pew": "pew\npew\n"}}) - something very odd is happening...15:53
mupBug #1379380: Test failure on gccgo in RelationGetSuite <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1379380>15:53
jcw4mgz: axw fwiw, I was seeing the same error with go 1.3.3 recently15:53
axwanastasia had this issue before, but I couldn't repro15:57
mgzwith gccgo? maybe it's some other thing, like wrong goyaml version15:58
axwyes, with gccgo15:58
axwtesting again now anyway15:59
axwgccgo 4.9.1 vs. gc 1.3 makes no diff to me16:00
mgzworth asking anastasiamac what goyaml she hath16:00
mgzjcw4: if you can repo, what goyaml?16:00
axwyes, I was going to ask to do godeps, but then got sidetracked16:00
jcw4mgz:  I'd have to reboot my mac into ubuntu since it was on an experimental dual boot instance16:01
jcw4mgz: but I'm pretty sure it was a stock godeps -u dependencies.tsv version of goyaml16:01
mgzjcw4: 's not urgent16:01
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jcw4mgz, axw  my goyaml was at a different revision - confirming the goyaml suspicion16:38

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