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gnuoyjamespage, I'm going to look at switching to using a context for populating the cells.json but given it's a file that contains a json dump I don't see much point in having a normal template. I was just gong into go for a template which contains {{ cells_data }} are you likely to -1 that :)08:01
jamespagegnuoy, no that's fine08:01
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jamespagegnuoy, does https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/hacluster/unicast-support/+merge/228658 need a rebase and fixup based on ivoks feedback>09:59
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gnuoyjamespage, yes, it needs the fix you suggest but it needs lots of love since the hacluster charm rejig10:00
jamespagegnuoy, ok marking WIP for now10:01
gnuoyjamespage, kk10:01
jcastrokwmonroe, https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/?field.tag=audit10:15
jamespageniedbalski, hey - what do you think about my sysctl comments on your ceph charm merge-proposals? I think we can make things better by default :-)10:58
rbasakrick_h_, frankban: do you have a requirement to land the newer juju-quickstart in Utopic? Because none of the FFes have been approved.11:00
rbasakAnd release is coming up real soon now.11:00
rick_h_rbasak: :( did we do something wrong on the FFE to get them approved?11:42
rick_h_rbasak: I'm checking what was in it to see if there's anything that breaks, I don't think so but it's just stuff we wanted to get to users.11:43
rbasakrick_h_: no, just that nobody from the release team have considered them.11:56
rick_h_rbasak: ok, it's a bit of a sad face thing, but no I don't think there's a requirement11:56
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jamespagedosaboy, https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/quantum-gateway/+bug/137932412:57
mupBug #1379324: Upgrade stable->next fails <openstack> <upgrade> <quantum-gateway (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1379324>12:57
jamespagegnuoy, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/swift-storage/upgrade-fixes/+merge/23737412:59
jamespagefixes the swift-storage upgrade12:59
dosaboyjamespage: think i know what the issue is there13:02
jamespagedosaboy, awesome13:03
jamespagecoreycb, some comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~corey.bryant/charms/trusty/cinder/remove-missing/+merge/23743913:55
jamespagedosaboy, wanna give me a hint so I can fixup that upgrade issue?13:55
jamespagegnuoy, dosaboy, coreycb: https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/swift-storage/upgrade-fixes/+merge/23737413:56
jamespageneeds a review - fixes upgrades from stable->next13:56
dosaboyjamespage: fixing now14:00
dosaboyv simple14:00
dosaboygimme min14:00
dosaboyjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~hopem/charms/trusty/quantum-gateway/fix-bug-1379324/+merge/23779014:02
dosaboyjamespage: had a quick scan, seems other charms are ok14:03
coreycbjamespage, thanks, will change to bool and resubmit.  I used the string T/F to keep in sync with the overwrite option.14:10
jamespagegnuoy, ah-ha - I have an upgrade bug with neutron-gateway + l2population14:12
* jamespage looks14:12
jamespagegnuoy, dosaboy: https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/quantum-gateway/l2pop-upgrade-break/+merge/23779214:17
jamespagewe must default to off, otherwise upgrades in existing deployments will not work as the l2population driver is never enabled in the nova-cc charm14:17
dosaboyjamespage: lgtm14:19
dosaboyjamespage: added new 'backport-potential' tag to charms offical tags14:42
jamespagedosaboy, awesome14:46
coreycbjamespage, if that l2pop changes the config file it's gonna break the amulet test14:59
roadmrhello folks! We're trying to get nested lxc containers working with juju (so juju deploy to a local lxc-backed environment, and my charm also starts an lxc container). But it's not working. We were told we need a couple of settings in the host lxc (i.e. the one that juju creates), but we don't know where to set this. Has anyone gotten nested lxc working while using juju local environment?15:14
jamespagegnuoy, dosaboy, hey guys - I've seen alot of good merges and reviews from coreycb in ~openstack-charmers - so I'm proposing him for full membership15:27
jamespagegnuoy, dosaboy: +1 from either of you and I'll add him into the team15:27
gnuoyjamespage, +115:28
jamespagegnuoy, ta - welcome coreycb!15:28
coreycbthanks guys :)15:29
jamespagecoreycb, normal rules, get review, test stuff, but you can land changes now as well!15:29
coreycbjamespage, got it, sounds good15:29
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ayr-tonSomeone want to try my charm of zabbix server forked from marcoceppi_? https://manage.jujucharms.com/~ayrton/trusty/zabbix16:32
ayr-tonI'm passing to some problems to connect it to mysql database. If someone figure out why, I would be very happy (:16:32
ayr-tonThe logs are in tail -f /var/log/zabbix-server/zabbix_server.log16:36
ayr-tonFixed. Now I'm getting error 500 from apache2, with no logs in /var/log/apache2 /o\17:11
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niedbalskijamespage, ping ^^ ,  re:sysctl , better defaults? which ones?20:50

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