ibsinHere's the .csv file opened00:00
ibsinBtw, I can't seem to get Skype and Steam to install on Kubuntu....they just...sit there with the package installer :/00:00
juacom99valorie: i did it :D, i manage to get kdeconnect working :D00:24
ibsinCan anyone still help me with the KAddress Book?00:24
juacom99what's the problem ibsin?00:25
ibsinMy Google contacts won't import to it00:26
ibsinComes up with a window that says, "Must at least assign one column."00:26
juacom99ok let me try00:29
juacom99ibsin: i can't either. but i don't get any message00:32
ibsinWell, I don't have too many. I'll just put them in manually.00:33
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VenadoWhat me pc need of requirement, to install Kubunto?01:32
unopasteVenado you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted01:33
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DaniUseri have aprovlem01:39
DaniUserdo you more to help me01:46
DaniUserjust a problem01:58
DaniUserhow to01:58
DaniUserdeistall a package01:58
DaniUserwich komand01:58
Bomber_anyone know how to properlly install synaptic drivers?03:54
tekkbuzzBomber_: what's a synaptic driver?04:02
Bomber_it's a driver used in ubuntu for touchpad stuff04:03
Bomber_i belive, I mean that's what I read about my problem with my touchpad04:03
tekkbuzzso you mean you want to install a driver, not a "synaptic driver".04:04
tekkbuzzBomber_: maybe you mean this package?  xserver-xorg-input-synaptics04:06
Bomber_already installed04:07
Bomber_but the driver is still not loaded04:07
valoriewe used to have a driver thing04:08
valorieis there nothing in systemsettings, Bomber_?04:08
Bomber_what am i looking for?04:08
valoriealt+f2 - when I type in synaptics, it displays: touchpad settings04:09
valoriedoesn't mention drivers though, at least for me04:11
Bomber_it says "Synaptics driver is not installed (or is not used)"04:15
TheFakeazneD525is the driver name psmouse?04:21
valoriehmmm, perhaps run `kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental` from the cli04:24
valoriethat gets all parts of KDE on the same page04:24
valoriein essence04:25
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Bomber_valorie: there's some issue with the noincremental option05:00
Bomber_sudo apt-get install kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental05:01
Bomber_E: Command line option --noincremental is not understood05:01
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valorieno, don't install it05:05
valoriejust do that command in the konsole05:05
valorieit isn't a package, it's a service05:06
Bomber_VFolderMenu::loadDoc: Parse error in  "/home/nlev/.config/menus/applications-merged/xdg-desktop-menu-dummy.menu" , line  1 , col  1 :  "unexpected end of file"05:08
valoriethat's just an error05:10
valoriethere will be a few05:10
valoriequestion is, did that help with your driver problem?05:10
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Bomber_valorie: nope05:18
valorienothing ventured, nothing gained05:18
valorieI mean that trying kbuildsycoca4 didn't hurt anything05:20
valoriesorry it didn't help05:20
blubberbopCan I configure yakuake to automatically startup with a number of shells, first tab having 2 panels, one running top, the other dstat, the second tab running a ping, the third tab starting a mysql client, etc..05:22
blubberbopThis would be nice since I always have the same setup at startup, but right now I have to do this manually every time I boot up my laptop05:23
MinimalLakim trying to change the aspect ratio of my kubuntu setup to 1024x768 or something close to it when im running it in vmware player, but it doesnt give me any option; is most of the functions I seek usually done in konsole?05:41
MinimalLakkinda makes me wish I was raised on linux, then I wouldn't be so noobish05:42
valorieMinimalLak: kscreen might help05:45
tsimpsonyou probably need to install the vmware tools software too05:45
MinimalLakI did install the vmware tools, but it says to use it I need the vmxnet3 adapter, and I got no idea how to get it, the vmware support docs don't help me because I can't find it05:50
MinimalLakok, I got the kscreen thing running, and at the moment, all I see is a box with 3 icons in it in a white space, with the name virtual105:51
MinimalLakno other option shown for it except the following buttons05:51
MinimalLakhelp, defaults, ok, and cancel05:51
MinimalLakand I just tried using the help button and trying to find something relating to display options05:52
MinimalLakall I know about vmware tools is it allows me to use a drag n' drop function in file transfer05:53
MinimalLaksomehow its like I always end up getting computer problems/challenges that none else has gotten05:57
MinimalLakok, I just ran the vmware-config-tools.pl script, and it says I already have the vmxnet3 module installed05:59
MinimalLakjust dont  know how to make my virtual system run on that05:59
valorieMinimalLak: there is a #vmware06:07
valoriemight be more specific help for you there06:07
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware06:07
valorienot much support here, since we don't distribute it06:07
MinimalLakanswer me this: would all this be easier in VirtualBox, because I have that also06:14
MinimalLakalong with the same resolution problem06:14
FritigernMinimalLak: It might be06:16
MinimalLakuh, I just resized my vmware player window06:16
MinimalLakthe one running the virtual os06:16
MinimalLakand it rezised and made my desktop bigger06:16
MinimalLakI guess I fixed it?06:16
FritigernI don;t know, Possbly?06:17
MinimalLakits going to be so confusing replicating the fix if I end up having this same problem again06:17
MinimalLakjust to ask, how would I fix this problem in virtualbox06:17
MinimalLakif I end up switching virtual os systems06:17
valorieMinimalLak: there is also #vbox06:22
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:22
valorienot KDE software, or kubuntu software, so your chances of finding specific help here are rather slim06:23
keithzg_mobileI will say that I've found virtualbox to be WAY less hassle than VM Ware, and it runs really well on Kubuntu.06:26
MinimalLakI do agree, I could see the entire window process when installing kubuntu in virtualbox06:28
MinimalLakI wanna try it now, but I gotta sleep, my arms are slowing down06:29
MinimalLakthanks for the help given people06:29
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Cursesjoin #sukces06:33
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Czlaps dsadas06:48
Czlaps dsadas06:48
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valorieCzlaps: can we help you?06:49
soeehmm i see some students from Poland trying irc :)06:50
Czlapsyea :D06:50
Czlapsfirst time i see ubumtu06:50
Czlapsi'm quite confused06:50
soeeCzlaps: you are on Ubuntu or Kubuntu ?06:50
soeeThan welcom :) Witaj !06:51
Czlapsu are from?06:51
soeePoland ;)06:51
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soeeCzlaps: are you using Kubuntu @ school ?06:52
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KEJDIWelcome guys06:52
soeehiho KEJDI06:53
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wonszwitam : D06:56
Unit193Please stop changing your nick like there's no tomorrow.06:56
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soeePlease speak english as this is international channel :)06:57
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nadalWonszjoin #sukcjes06:58
soeeuse slash before command name06:58
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valoriefolks, Please Stop changing nicks07:12
valorieor you'll be kicked07:12
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soeevalorie: i think someone is teaching them how to use irc07:13
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KEJDIsorry guys07:13
BanujeBotyWe are learning some things about this os07:14
Sorcuwhat are you doing?? ;307:14
BanujeBotysorry for spam :D07:14
valoriewhoever is teaching the lesson is doing a poor job07:14
Sorcuno siemka ;p07:14
soeeIrc is not an OS07:14
valorieby OS do you mean linux/Kubuntu?07:14
BanujeBotyi'm talking generally about linux/kubuntu07:14
BanujeBotyi mean*07:14
valoriewhat can we help you with07:14
valoriealso there is a polish chan if you prefer07:15
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.07:15
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BanujeBotyYou dont have to help us :) We are fine07:15
valorieas I said, please stop changing nicks07:16
valorieyou are spamming the channel07:16
soeewell this is a support channel for Kubuntu, if you will have any question feel free to ask07:16
valoriethis is a help/support channel07:16
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BanujeBotyis it possible to kick someone from this channel?07:20
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valorieand I will do it unless people stop changing nicks07:20
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soeethe guy who is teaching you is on this channel ?07:24
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KEJDIhe drinks tea07:25
Guest84352how do a new room?07:25
soeeKEJDI: so please tell others to stop changing nicks07:25
soeepisk one you liek and use it07:26
=== Guest84352 is now known as Dovakin
soeeor you might get banned as valorie said07:26
Unit193!test | KEJDI, Dovakin07:26
ubottuKEJDI, Dovakin: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )07:26
Czlapinskiprzepraszam bardzo czy ktos uzywa tego systemu?07:26
PRECZZKOMUNACan u tell me how to creat a new channel?07:26
valorieyou can join a channel by typing on a line:/join #channelname07:27
Czlapinskiwbijac na #opisujemy07:27
valoriestart with /07:27
Dovakinjoin #opisujemy07:27
valoriestart with /07:27
valorielike /join #opisujemy07:27
PRECZZKOMUNAi ask about how to CREATE not how to join07:27
valoriethat creates it07:27
valorieI was answering your question07:27
PRECZZKOMUNAok thanks07:28
valorieyou're welcome07:28
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HepeHi, my kubuntu installation (which I originally installed as ubuntu and then installed KDE) suddenly stopped working recently.07:38
Hepe It will only go till the login screen, if I select KDE as the DE it will only flash for around 5 seconds and then reset back, and unity on the other hand hangs for a long time and never logs in too.07:38
HepeAny help on this would be appreciated, and in newbie language ^_^07:39
HepeIt's Ubuntu 14.04 with KDE.07:40
valoriehow did you install KDE?07:41
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valoriehellp Sorcu07:42
valorieI mean hello07:42
Sorcujoin #poland07:43
HepeUsing the commands listed on this page http://askubuntu.com/questions/138063/installing-kde-in-ubuntu-12-0407:43
HepeI mean sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:44
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valorieSorcu: use / before the command07:44
valorieHepe: do you know how to use the commandline at all?07:45
HepeIt worked okay, even though I had problems with the networking and things.07:45
HepeThe terminal, yes.07:45
Hepeeven if a bit lol07:45
valorieplease try `sudo apt-get install -f`07:45
valorieit sounds like something didn't install correctly07:45
HepeI'll go a step further and say that it just stopped working a few days ago...the program I was running (IRC client) was still working, but I couldn't click around and all..like KDE hung07:46
Hepeand ever since then, I haven't been able to use any DE :/07:47
valoriethat sounds very bad, Hepe07:47
valorieand unusual07:47
HepeI can use the terminal, thankfully. via  ctrl+alt+f1 from the login screen and all.07:48
valorieor yakuake, which is a nice dropdown konsole07:48
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HepeI ran the command sudo apt-get install -f, and it changed nothing. "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 5 not upgraded."07:49
valorieok, next try: `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`07:51
Hepewait, maybe you mean to run that as part of "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"? like sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop -f ?07:51
valorieexactly as I typed07:53
valoriejust copy/paste07:53
Hepeit's on another machine :/07:53
alvinlordievader: Remember my network troubles yesterday? I pinpointed the problem. It's the network card/driver for sure. I attached an old USB network card and that one worked just fine.07:53
valoriecontrol+shift+v to paste07:53
alvinSo, now I have to find a fix. Already tried the daily kernel from the mainline ppa, but no cure there.07:54
valorieHepe: that's what those tick marks mean `07:54
HepeI see07:54
HepeSo, on the machine that I ran the command on, it isn't connected to the net and thus it's returning a bunch of "err and failed to fetch" errors07:55
Hepebut, it does ask me if I want to update 5 files07:55
Hepelinux-generic .etc07:55
valorieit won't be able to do it if it is not online though07:55
valoriewhy is it not online?07:56
HepeI tried googling a lot on how to connect to a network via terminal :c07:56
HepeIt's just not online.07:56
* Trollo is away: Gone away for now.07:56
Hepeok, I rebooted07:56
valoriedo you have a cable you can use?07:56
HepeI don't think so :/07:56
HepeOh, and from the ubuntu login screen...I can't connect to wifi because:07:57
Hepeit gives this error of "failed to add/activate connection (32) insufficient privileges."07:57
Hepebut yea, from there I can see my wifi listed.07:58
valoriedoes your wifi connection require a password?07:59
Hepebut while Kubuntu was working, I used it okay..if not perfectly and all.08:00
valorie"insufficient privileges" sounds like it isn't getting the passw08:00
Hepeand it was supposed to be saved.08:00
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:00
valoriethere is a bunch of stuff there, but08:00
valorielast time I couldn't get online, I used nmcli in the console08:01
valorieit did work08:01
valoriebut it sure is not user-friendly08:01
Hepeyea..just tried doing that a bit earlier08:01
HepeDo you think my system files have been corrupted or something? (if that's the correct term)08:01
valorieno, I think you got a bad upgrade for some reason08:02
valoriemissing file or something08:02
HepeOh, if I haven't mentioned it, I have Kubuntu and Windows alongside each other.08:02
valorieshouldn't matter08:03
HepeI see :/08:03
valorieunless you are using wubi08:03
Hepeah nope, did a clean install08:03
valoriedo you have any PPAs?08:03
valoriewhich ones?08:05
HepeI can't remember which ones, but I don't think they were anything major in a sens08:05
HepeIs there any way to find out which ones I have from the terminal?08:05
valoriesome create problems08:06
=== Trollo is now known as Mati
valorieyou can see them all with `cat /etc/apt/sources.list`08:07
valoriein general, the only ones you should have begin with "kubuntu-ppa"08:08
valoriesuch as updates, and backports08:08
Hepemostly things like /trusty-updates main restricted08:10
Hepe /trusty-backports main restricted universe multiverse08:11
valoriethose are cool08:11
Hepe /trusty-security main restricted08:11
valorieoops, right08:11
Hepetrusty tahr, yea they could have chosen a better name08:12
valoriethat's what you want08:12
valorietrusty part has been true for me08:12
=== Cnotka is now known as jp_jp_100pro
Hepethought so, and  idon't see anything...odd08:12
valorieso, install nmcli and then `man nmcli` is my best advice08:13
Hepe /trusty universe08:13
Hepei think I already have nmcli08:13
valoriedig around a bit with it and see what is working with your networking, and what isn't08:13
valorieI found it difficult to use, but I just stuck at it until it connected08:13
HepeI was able to list the networks I had via nmcli c list08:13
Hepe>I had08:13
jp_jp_100proszukam ludzia z polski ! :D08:14
HepeI mean which I had added to network manager in kubuntu previously.08:14
uczenHello guys08:14
uczenWhat's up?408:14
valorieonce I got the right bssid, then I used that to connect08:14
uczenIm on lessons, and I just installed Kubuntu, any tips for me?08:14
valoriewhat do you want to do, uczen?08:15
valorieit will do pretty much anything you need08:15
HepeI was confused though, how to actually *connect* to a network using it08:15
valorieI think i used:08:16
HepeI guess it was nmcli c up <UUID>08:16
valorienmcli con up uuid 6b028a27-6dc9-4411-9886-e9ad1dd43761 ap 00:3A:98:7C:42:D308:16
gangus_lideris any one from Poland kurwa mać?08:16
valorie              connects the Wi‐Fi connection with UUID 6b028a27-6dc9-4411-9886-e9ad1dd43761 to the AP with BSSID 00:3A:98:7C:42:D3.08:16
valoriepretty much08:16
gangus_2aj em from poland morda08:16
valorie!pl | gangus_208:16
ubottugangus_2: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:16
valorieor close08:16
gangus_liderOh, God. Where am i?08:17
jp_jp_100proin internet08:17
gangus_2IN A HELL08:17
valoriethat computer is now in pieces, so I can't check08:17
=== uczen_ is now known as jezior
gangus_lidernice guys are here08:17
soeevalorie: you should ban gangus_lider for the words he used08:17
uczenWho else came here?08:17
TheFakeazneD525whoa, stuff08:17
valorieplease stop changing nicks08:17
Hepedamm, how can i find all that info of my router haha08:17
gangus_lidergangus_lider is good boy08:17
gangus_2don't bbban gangus lider08:17
uczenCo porabiasz na ircu?08:17
Hepedenza: hi kitty08:17
gangus_2it's my bro08:17
TheFakeazneD525Hepe: :308:18
gangus_liderdont ban him, it's my teammate08:18
gangus_2me too08:18
valorieplease all behave08:18
BestVayneEUNEthey definitelly wont do it08:18
uczenTo ten sławny jezior z tą sławną siostrą08:18
gangus_lidervalorie hi08:18
gangus_liderare you from08:18
gangus_2jaką siostrą ?08:18
valorienear Seattle08:18
gangus_2do you like nba ?08:18
jp_jp_100proSeattle is in Argentina ...08:18
valorienot much, no08:18
uczenNatalia Cieślak ostra dupa08:19
valorieSeattle: Nirvana08:19
gangus_2to jest jego siostra ?08:19
gangus_2nie znam08:19
gangus_liderNirvana - shotguns08:19
gangus_2oo jakiś niemiec wbił08:19
valoriesad that you think of that08:19
gangus_lidersory for truth08:19
gangus_2i rusek ~!08:19
valoriethat is only one facet08:20
valoriethe music is still alive08:20
gangus_liderthe ammo is still inside!08:20
valorieplease stop08:20
MatiFUSS RO THAR!08:20
gangus_lidersori men08:20
gangus_liderits hard truth08:20
valorieor at least go to the #kubuntu-offtopic chan08:20
valoriethis is a help chan for kubuntu08:21
valorieanything else is off topic08:21
jp_jp_100proPoland TAKE THIS SERVER !!!!!!!!!!08:21
gangusjoin #kubuntu-offtopic08:21
Hepevalorie: how do I find the last bit though (sorry noob question) like  ap 00:3A:98:7C:42:D308:21
uczenBIERZEMY TO08:21
uczenJEST NASZ08:21
uczenI CHUJ08:21
HepeI can see the uuid of the network I wish to connect to via nmcli c list08:22
valorienmcli -p con list08:22
valorie              lists all connections NetworkManager has.08:22
valorieI think08:22
Hepeofc, it has the name I saved it with originally08:22
valorieuczen: please stop08:22
uczenWhat I should stop?08:23
uczenIm not doing anything ; <08:23
Hepevalorie: same info as the command I told you I used08:23
Hepejust in a more..different way08:23
valorieHepe: don't give up08:24
valorieit can be done08:25
valoriejust keep tinkering08:25
Hepeif you don't mind..what does "ap" mean in this case?08:25
uczenIm on virtual machine its funny, you know?08:25
valorieI wish I had written down the commands that worked for me, but then the hinge broke on that box08:25
BestVayneEUNEvalorie u are really experienced with ubuntu didnt you?08:25
valorieuczen: clean up your language or you are gone08:25
Hepecan I find out the same info by using another laptop and doing .etc ?08:26
valorieBestVayneEUNE: long time user08:26
HepeI mean checking my router's config thing08:26
HepeI just happen to not know what "ap" or those numbers mean >_<08:26
valorieand I don't either08:27
valorieI just kept trying until I got it to work08:27
Unit193Normally 'access point'08:27
Hepe Possibly the "MAC address"?08:28
valorieHepe: probably08:29
Hepeit looks darn similar as to what valorie pasted :P08:29
uczenWhat is wrong with my language? Kappa08:29
Hepeokay then.08:29
Unit193Ah, the bssid.08:30
valorieI did hate to kick them08:31
Hepehe was using too many nicknames in one channel I guess...08:31
HepeI'm getting errors like08:33
Hepe** (process:3406): WARNING **: async_got_type: could not read properties for /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/1: Method "Get" with signature "ss" on interface "org.freedesktop.DBus.properties" doesn't exist08:35
Hepepain to type out manually ^08:35
Hepeand then (after another duplicate of the above error message) Error: Connection activation failed: Creating object for path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/1' failed in libn-glib.08:38
valorieit's about bedtime for me08:38
Hepeoops sorry not "libn-glib."08:38
Hepeit's "libnm--glib"08:38
valorieI hope someone with more deep knowledge of networking will help you08:38
valoriewell, libnm08:39
HepeOh okay, well thanks for your help in any case ^^08:39
valorieis the lib that runs networkmanager08:39
Hepethought so from the name.08:39
valoriethe reason I had to kickban the kids was foul language08:39
valorietheir constant nick changes were annoying/spamming as well08:40
alvinNetwork again! I downloaded the e1000e driver from Intel and compiled that. The trouble is that I'd have to do this every time there's a kernel update.08:43
ikoniaalvin: why are you doing this ?08:45
valoriealvin: won't the kernel eventually cover your card?08:45
ikoniaalvin: the e1000 driver is in the kernel08:45
ikoniayou should not be pulling it from intel08:46
alvinikonia, valorie. Yes, it is in the kernel, and it used to work too. That's the weird part. But I tried the latest kernel from the mainline kernel PPA and it didn't work. This driver works. The one in Kubuntu 14.04 is apparently 'too old'08:46
ikoniaalvin: a.) why are you using hte mainline kernel b.) how are you determaining that the one in kubuntu default is too lold08:47
valoriehave you spoken with the #ubuntu-kernel people?08:47
valoriethey are really friendly and helpful08:47
ikoniaI would be very surprised if this is a problem08:47
alvinThe card is perfectly recognised with the 'old version', but it just doesn't work. The DHCP server doesn't even register the requests.08:47
ikoniaas the e1000 driver is probably the most stable and working network driver in the kernel08:47
Unit193Hepe: You may want to make sure the network-manager service is indeed running.08:47
ikoniaalvin: ok - so dhcp is a different situation08:48
alvinikonia: Well, usually the driver is part of the kernel, right? So that's why I tried a newer kernel08:48
ikoniaalvin: that is not "the nework card dosn't work" out of the box08:48
alvinikonia: Oh, but static doesn't work too.08:48
ikoniaalvin: define "doesn't work"08:48
HepeUnit193: any particular command to verify that it is?08:48
Unit193Hepe: sudo service network-manager status08:48
alvinNo network. Simple as that. I can configure all I want. The driver detects the cable being plugged in or out, but I can't create a connection. No ping, nothing.08:48
ikoniaalvin: how are you configuring it ?08:49
ikoniaalvin: if you are getting a link status - the driver is working08:49
ikoniaalvin: as the card is "up"08:49
ikoniaalvin: the tcp stack is a different issue08:49
alvinWell. To start with. I didn't configure anythiong. So networkmanager tries DHCP. That didn't work. Then /etc/network/interfaces. I disabled networkmanager, used good o' ifconfig. Nothing08:49
ikoniaalvin: I would doubt very much that is a problem with e100008:50
ikonia(it is possible but I would put that at the back of the list)08:50
alvinI;ve tried for many hours. Replacing the driver by a newer version was the only thing that changed the situation.08:50
ikoniaalvin: so the version from intel.com worked fully when you dropped it in08:51
ikoniaalvin: thats interesting, but I'd still put the e1000 module to the back of the list as the problem, but that's a good bit of information to know08:51
alvinIt's the e1000e driver08:51
ikoniaisn't that provided from the e1000 module anyway ?08:52
alvinI just looked at my logs, and it says e1000e: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 2.3.2-k That's the default one. But I thought that one was removed08:52
ikoniathat's not a surprise08:53
ikoniaso the default one is actually working08:53
alvinI don't know. I used modprobe with e1000e. Might be the same.08:53
HepeUnit193: the response is network-manager start/running, process 73908:53
alvinWell, it used to work too. But while compiling I thought I saw the new driver remove the old module08:53
ikoniaalvin: I'd reset your machine back to default and work it through08:53
ikoniaalvin: I think you're going down an uneeded path08:54
ikonia(I could be wrong though)08:54
alvinWell, since it used to work, what you assume is logical. But I didn't saw anything out of the ordinary in the logs and there was still no network08:54
HepeUnit193: So yea, it indeed looks like it's running.08:57
alvinWhy would the kernel use the old driver? Does this has something to do with initramfs? My kernel knowledge comes from easier times. Where things like initramfs were not needed.08:59
alvin(I don't miss things like configuring xorg.conf, but when I tried to configure a kernel a few months ago, after years of using a distro-maintained one, I noticed this has become quite a complex task.)09:01
ikoniaalvin: personally I'd reset it back to default 14.04 and work it forward09:03
alvinAnyway. There's network and it's apparently the default driver. I have no idea why it works or didn't work before, but I can get back to work :-)09:03
lordievaderGood morning.09:07
alvinRight. It's still morning. Time to fetch the first coffee of the day.09:09
lordievaderThat's a good idea.09:09
ankit_kdehi all09:37
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BluesKajHiyas all11:07
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aoa_i update manual kernel to 3.17.0 ( Deb package ) . everything is fine but only problem is here . when i run VM from virtualbox ,VM dosen't boot and get error12:29
lordievaderaoa_: You've updated the kernel and forgot to install the vbox kernel driver. By the by, it is not recommended to install 3rd party kernels.12:31
aoa_i know that but i have bug on driver video card https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1374581 . when i update kernel the bug is fixed .12:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1374581 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "black box corruption on firefox " [Undecided,New]12:33
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iroh234_I have used Precise since it came out and rwould like to ugrade with a clean install.  Muon catalogued the programs I have installed over the last couple of years. Some installed programs like Pale Moon were installed by using tar.gz and do not show up.  Is there a command either through Muon or the CLI to find out what these installed programs might be?14:37
geniiiroh234_: Unfortunately, no. Although if they have a sane installation they will use directories which are different from where the system keeps it's binaries. So to look in places like /usr/local   and /opt14:41
iroh234_genii: thanks that is helpful.  I can do that.  next time i will keep a list  :)14:43
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geniiiroh234_: There are some other ways to poke around for the info, like checking your bash history file for the names of the files you manually installed14:48
iroh234_genii: i was experimenting with Bleachbit and wiped out a bunch of stuff like that i wish was still there like the bash history.  But i found everything in not in opt in /etc/apparmor.d/local/.14:52
iroh234_genii: or at least everthing that i remember. i am not very bright sometimes. Most of those programs I tinkered with and forgot, and will not be reinstalling them. Thank you for your help.14:57
geniiiroh234_: No problem. Good luck with the upgrade!14:58
iroh234_Thanks, I left MS for Kubuntu and never looked back. It has been a great experience.14:59
iroh234_Thanks, I left MS for Kubuntu and never looked back. It has been a great experience.14:59
iroh234_sorry about the double post.14:59
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MalsasaHello. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 with KDE 4.10. I can't change my keyboard layout. Specifically, I have added many layout such as Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, etc. I have new layout indicator on the panel then. Then, when I switch, any text written will always be Latin US. No Arabic, no Kanji, no Greek. Is there any package I should install first? I installed KDE from kde-standard.15:15
geniiMalsasa: Are the language-pack-kde-<country-code-here>    and kde-l10n-<country-code-here>  files installed for the languages you've chosen?15:21
Malsasagenii: let me check first.15:22
Malsasagenii: dpkg -l tell me I have no such package installed.15:23
Malsasagenii: so, is this my source of problem?15:24
geniiMalsasa: Could be part of it. Right now I'm just at the information-finding point here15:24
Malsasagenii: yes, I understand. I will do it.15:25
geniiShould also see if you have fonts for any of those languages installed15:25
Malsasagenii: i've installed both. Should I reboot?15:29
geniiMalsasa: That's probably the simplest, yes.15:30
Malsasagenii: affirmative. Thank you.15:30
* genii makes more coffee15:43
EvilRoeyhey all16:08
EvilRoeyRiddell:  hola16:08
Riddellhola chico16:08
EvilRoey:)  Jonathan,16:08
EvilRoeycan I connect a monitor to my Intel motherboard's graphics port, another monitor to the video card's port, and have X display them as two screens for the same session?16:09
jamil_1hi all, I just upgraded from kubuntu 12.04 to 14.04. Now none of my password protected basket notes are opening. I get error: "GPGME: Decryption failed"16:28
AR45Hello I have no sound on macbook pro :(16:52
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naftilos76hi, how do i make konqueror use webkit?17:17
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naftilos76is there a package that i can install?17:18
Graf_Westerholtnaftilos76 sudo apt-get install kpart-webkit17:18
naftilos76thanks man17:18
Graf_Westerholtnaftilos76, it is an honour. ;)17:18
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DaniUserwho is18:20
DaniUserunregister me18:20
bprompt!alis | nicco__18:42
ubottunicco__: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:42
Bomber_Hey guys. I'm still having trouble installing a synaptics driver to enable / disable my touchpad18:48
ubottunicco__: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:52
bpromptBomber_:     hmm..... you mean... as in trying to use the [fn] key on the keyboard?    I use touchpad-indicator, works peachy for that, if my mouse is plugged in, disables the touchpad, if not, is ON19:03
bpromptBomber_:     touchpad-indicator is in the repositories19:03
Bomber_ok, not apt-get..19:04
Bomber_got it19:05
Bomber_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao19:05
Bomber_sudo apt-get update19:05
Bomber_sudo apt-get install touchpad-indicator19:05
Bomber_i gat et!!!19:08
Bomber_now what?19:08
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone19:08
bpromptBomber_:     well... run it :)   and configure its "preferences"19:11
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Bomber_I'm lame....touchpad-indicator: command not found19:12
bpromptBomber_:    usually   Preferences > Actions >  disable when mouse ...  and under General Options > autostart19:13
bpromptBomber_:    sounds like it didn't install19:13
Bomber_it did... :(19:13
Bomber_Setting up python3-pyudev (0.16.1-2build1) ...19:14
Bomber_Setting up touchpad-indicator (1.0.4-0extras14.04.1) ...19:14
bpromptBomber_:      run a ->  sudo apt-get check;     and then a ->   sudo dpkg --configure -a;    to make sure it was fully configured19:15
Bomber_sudo apt-get check touchpad-indicator?19:15
bpromptnope.... just check19:15
Bomber_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)19:16
bpromptis just a way to "check" if apt-get has any missing libs listed or sometihng is off19:16
Bomber_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?19:16
Bomber_I got some other update process running in the background right now, so that might be it19:16
bpromptBomber_:     check with htop    or just "top"   it'd be listed there19:16
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bpromptthe daemon may be running..... but you can run the GUI with just touchpad-indicator19:17
Bomber_i don't....se it...19:18
bpromptBomber_:      the icon?    I think the default is not show19:18
bpromptthe daemon may be running..... but you can run the GUI with just touchpad-indicator19:18
Bomber_what icon..?i'm using the konsole19:18
bpromptok..... so    try "touchpad-indicator"     does it run?19:19
Bomber_it's not a command19:19
Bomber_and check now passed19:20
Bomber_i did the dpkg. nothing changed19:20
bpromptsounds like it didn't install...... does it show under Muon Package Manager as installed?19:21
Bomber_btw, instead of Moun i have Synaptics19:23
bprompttis ok...it'll show on either as installed if so, I use synaptics mostly btw, but I have both19:23
Bomber_ok, it is installed..19:30
Bomber_but it still won't run..19:30
bpromptwhat if you try it at the Run box in kde?19:34
Bomberbprompt: I already had it installed19:38
Bomberand the GUI is running19:38
Bomberbut it says i'm missing the synaptics driver19:38
Bomberbut it is installed19:38
Bomberbut it's just not loading.19:38
bpromptBomber:    I'd think apt-get check;   would had shown that :/19:39
bpromptBomber:   I assume if you do a -> sudo apt-get -f install;   gives nothing?19:40
Bomberyeah, nm, you're right19:40
Bomberi've confused between the regular touchpad and the indicator version one19:40
Bombersome libraries to autoremove, nothing more19:41
bpromptohh ok19:41
Bomberam i supposed to have an accesories folder in my launcher in 14.04?19:46
bprompthmmm dunno... you can always edit kwin menu you know....just right-click on the "K" and click on edit, or you can always just run "kmenuedit"19:50
archetechkio 5.3.0 stops upgrade on 14.10 next with kcm_trash.so  is also a pkg in 4:5.0.95?21:14
soeeplasma 5.2 final is going to be packaged soon so this should be fixed since than21:16
archetechis there a force command I can try?21:17
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archetechtrying sudo ap-get install -f21:22
soeearchetech: yeah sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" install PACKAGE_NAME21:30
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archetechsoee  thanks21:52
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