balloonselopio, if you could take a look and ack this design. I plan to gut all the other fixture stuff from the other apps and make them similar to this: https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calculator-app/drop-fixtures/+merge/23784820:42
balloonsI just put desktop mocking back in.. it will fail jenkins otherwise20:42
elopioballoons: yes, fine for me. Look that you removed all the bad part of the set up :)21:57
elopioideally, even on desktop we would remove the patching. But for now it works fine and clean.21:57
elopioballoons: only thing is that we need to clean the previous calculations somehow.21:59
balloonselopio, yes I plan to remove /home patching when we solve the bug (aka new user or whatever). For now I had to put it back in as I said to support jenkins which will blow up as the /home dir there is not at all clean :-)22:01
balloonsthanks for the review22:01

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