melodiehello there!08:34
melodieI have installed an Ubuntu Precise on a machine such as this one: http://h20566.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/psi/swdHome/?cc=us&cc=us&lang=en&lang=en&sp4ts.oid=3559772&ac.admitted=1412843494815.876444892.19948014308:35
melodie"HP Compaq dc7800 Base Model Small Form Factor PC"08:35
melodieand when using the default kernel, 3.2.0-69, the machine does not shutdown. Instead, it reboots08:35
melodiewhen I installed the latest available kernel 3.13.xyz, the shutdown stays shut down. My question is: should I report it as a bug?08:36
melodieyou know reporting bugs the right way can be quite time greedy, so I wanted to ask if this would be worth reporting. What do you think?08:36
RoyKI don't think I would have bothered08:39
melodiehi RoyK08:40
melodieif I report I might use some time then the bug report not even considered, if the devs thinks it's not worth seeking for what's missing while another kernel can do it. just the other kernel won't be automatically updated I think, because it's not the main one used in that edition08:42
RoyKjust report it - 3.2 is a long-term-support kernel release08:44
RoyKbut then again - ACPI are complex stuff, so it might not be easy to backport the fix08:45
melodieRoyK I know acpi is complex. I have been looking at the bios updates available, there are some, but I don't feel like using them either, for one acpi isn't mentioned in the list of new features, (which I know is not significant anyway) and for two it has to be prepared on a dos environement (floppy or usb stick) and I'm not keen with doing that kind of thing, (I mean preparing, following the instructions, which are long, and in English which i09:00
melodies not my native language, so it's "a bummer")09:00
melodiewell I'll report it later today.09:01
melodieI'll ssh to the machine to get all information from the hardware and get it easily.09:01
* RoyK doesn't really miss the DOS days either09:01
melodieRoyK for a bug report for this issue, are 'lspci -v' ; cpuinfo, and lshw enough?10:22
melodieas far as you know? :D10:22
RoyKmelodie: lshw output is more verbose, perhaps that plus lspci -vv - not sure - I'm not a kernel hacker10:43
melodieRoyK ok, thanks11:28
RoyKmelodie: perhaps add another -v to lspci11:41
melodieRoyK ok will do11:43
melodiehave to run, bye :)11:43
OrphisHi there!11:45
OrphisI'd like to shine some light on a bug in dbus-cpp: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dbus-cpp/+bug/137880711:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1378807 in dbus-cpp "Crash in core::dbus::Object::get_signal" [Undecided,New]11:46
OrphisI'm working for Spotify and trying to improve Linux support and this issue is preventing us from implementing proper media key support in the client. We tried alternative libraries too, but they are mostly unmaintained and don't work at all for us11:47
OrphisIf somebody could look at it, it would certainly help us release a newer version of the Linux client sooner!11:48
ogra_Orphis, you might find the more intteresting people who know dbus-cpp in #ubuntu-app-devel or #ubuntu-touch11:49
OrphisAlright, thanks!11:49
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