Unit193pitti: Howdy.05:40
pittiGood morning05:40
pittihey Unit19305:40
pitticjwatson: oh, thank you!05:41
pittidoko_: ah, sorry; corresponding postgresql-9.4 will be uploaded today; I'll sort out python3.4 in the meantime05:41
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rbasakdoko: can you sponsor me a sync of icu please? This will fix the open-vm-tools FTBFS from the rebuild test.09:17
rbasakdoko: OOI, do you have a rebuild button in your rebuild test? Or do we want a no-change rebuild of open-vm-tools anyway, to build against a newer icu?09:17
rbasakNo real changes - just compiler flags regressed in Utopic and are fixed in unstable.09:18
dokorbasak, done09:18
Saviqseb128, ideas about app updates in settings stuck at 0%?09:24
Saviqthat's mako rtm09:24
seb128Saviq, yes, remove your U1 account and add it back09:24
Saviqseb128, yay09:25
dokodobey, pitti: please could you have a look at the dirspec ftbfs and autopkg test failure?  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-dirspec/lastBuild/? and http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20140914-utopic.html09:25
seb128Saviq, they revoked the sso token earlier this week and the settings app fails at letting you know that you hit an auth error09:25
seb128Saviq, bug #137867809:25
ubottubug 1378678 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "updates panel doesn't deal with invalid u1 tokens" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137867809:25
dokojibel, pitti: weren't libreoffice autopkg tests ignored?09:25
pittidoko: they were as long as they were failing, but now they started succeeding; already retried09:26
pittione of these days I have to get behind that weird "tar: unexpected EOF" thing, it's utterly hard to reproduce locally09:26
dokopitti, and s3ql and skimage too09:26
Saviqseb128, yup, helped, thanks09:26
pittidoko: yep, already queued (there's some lag, tons of tests are running ATM)09:27
seb128Saviq, yw!09:27
pittidoko: dirspec> yes, looks like simple pep-8 issues, queueing09:27
dokopitti, yep, but ftbfs too09:27
pittidoko: right,  I meant "queueing for today's work"09:27
pittidoko: I'm watching python3-defaults excuses, btw09:28
dokolooking ...09:28
pittidoko: oh, I thought that's what you were concerned about09:28
dokoahh yes, I am09:29
Saviqricmm, hey, so, do we need to do anything to benefit from QML compilation?09:55
Saviqricmm, so it compiles it on first use and cache, or?09:59
ricmmSaviq: yea, first use it compiles and caches09:59
ricmmfurther uses use the cache unless it needs to recompile something10:00
xnoxjdstrand: slangasek: in /etc/pam.d/sudo shouldn't the pam_env.so lines be "session" rather than "auth"?10:12
xnoxcause at the moment it looks like variables set in /etc/environment as not present under $ sudo -i10:12
xnoxyet it was suppose to be working per these bugs10:14
xnoxbug #2570010:14
ubottubug 25700 in sudo (Ubuntu) "sudo does not read /etc/environment on interactive logins (directly, not through pam_env)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2570010:14
xnoxbug #98268410:15
ubottubug 982684 in sudo (Ubuntu Quantal) "sudo, pkexec don't apply global environment settings from /etc/environment" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98268410:15
xnoxbug #130155710:15
ubottubug 1301557 in sudo (Ubuntu) "sudo not setting environment variables in /etc/environment" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130155710:15
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pittijamespage: just making sure: you got the swift regression notification mail?11:25
Laneypitti: He uploaded ubuntu3 to fix the test11:26
jamespagepitti, I did indeed - resolved now11:40
dokojamespage, I see you looked into https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=695296 in the past. the package ftbfs with the current tests. do you want to take a look?11:49
ubottuDebian bug 695296 in libunwind "libunwind: Add test suite execution on amd64" [Normal,Open]11:49
jamespagedoko, no capacity right now - there is a trick to it tho - there's a readme in debian11:52
dokojamespage, ugh, how do you suggest to do that for the Debian buildds?11:53
jamespagedoko, well most buildds don't have apport enabled right?11:53
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pittijamespage: ah, thanks12:18
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jamespagedoko, sorted?12:49
dokojamespage, libunwind?12:50
dokonmu'ed to Debian; ignoring test results. not a regression, because the testsuite wasn't run before12:50
dokoI think I'll updat tp the trunk for the v-series12:51
pittidoko, dobey: fixed dirspec uploaded (waiting for RT review), and forwarded upstream: https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/dirspec/pep8/+merge/23777612:51
dokopitti, thanks!12:53
dokobarry, could you have a look at the flask ftbfs in http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20140912-trusty.html ?13:04
barrydoko: yep13:10
pittimvo, cjwatson: hmm, my chroot with click installed now produces failures like http://paste.ubuntu.com/8526692/ -- does that ring a bell?13:10
pittimvo, cjwatson: oh sorry, I figure this is a false alarm; /etc/schroot/default/nssdatabases copies passwd, and I don't have the user locally13:12
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argeshallyn: good morning13:44
argesdebfx: looking at your bug 137934613:56
ubottubug 1379346 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "Error creating a VM: internal error: No PCI buses available" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137934613:56
hallynarges: yo13:57
argeshallyn: hitting the above bug ^^ didn't know if you were already looking into it, but looks like debfx already has a patch, so I'm working on it now13:58
hallynarges: nope hadn't seen that13:59
argeshallyn: yup, testing the patch now.14:00
hallynarges: huh.  i swear i used to have tha tpatch14:00
hallynarges: could you please add the trusyt and utopic machine types too?14:00
hallynthen +1 from me. thanks debfx !14:01
argeshallyn: so the prefix needs to be ubuntu || trusty || utopic   for utopic?14:01
argeshallyn: ' qemu-system-x86_64 -machine ? ' only shows me ubuntu prefixes plus pc-* where trusty/utopic are postfixes14:03
hallynarges: no, || pc-i440fx-trusty || pc-i440fx-utopic14:04
hallyn(sorry i hate those mt names :)14:04
argesah since its STREQ14:04
argeshallyn: ok i'll add those14:04
argeshallyn: actually there is a condition that says 'STRPREFIX(def->os.machine, "pc-i440")' so I would assume that would catch pc-i440fx-trusty right?14:05
hallynjdstrand: sarnold: rharper: just a check, have you had any luck in either reproducing or bisecting the qemu corruption issue?14:05
hallynarges: d'oh14:05
hallynso th eoriginal patch is good14:06
argesits ok : ) i'll test the patch anyway14:06
rharperhallyn: I've not tried in a while now14:06
hallynrharper: ok.  i've not seen it in awhile, though i have to work a vm pretty long+hard to get corruption14:06
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kenvandinedoko, i think that arm64 build of gdb is hung14:11
dokokenvandine, I'm tracking it14:12
kenvandinedoko, thx14:12
cjwatsonkenvandine: waiting for infinity to wake up14:12
jdstrandhallyn (and sarnold and rharper): I have reproduced so much that I had to downgrade again. I don't have a simple reproducer though so I wasn't able to bisect14:17
jdstrandie, it just happens sometimes14:17
jdstrandI went a whole weekend in a script and it was fine. then, I went to work on Monday and lost VMs14:18
argeshallyn: ok works for me, i'm going to have sforshee confirm and then i'll upload it14:23
hallynarges: thanks14:23
hallynjdstrand: ok, now that i have working serverstack maybe i can try reproducing there next week.  (couldn't keep sacrificing my server)14:24
sforsheearges, hallyn: that fixes the problem for me too14:26
sforsheearges: thanks a bunch14:27
slangasekxnox: /etc/pam.d/sudo> I don't know off hand, but I do know that my $LANG is being set from /etc/default/locale when I run either sudo -s or sudo -i on utopic14:54
slangasekxnox: hmm nope, testing shows the setting is coming from somewhere else14:55
slangasekinherited from the caller in fact14:55
dpmcjwatson, slangasek, do you know if it's possible to mirror a PPA? Some app developers in China tell us that it's very slow for them to download the SDK from the SDK team's PPA14:55
cjwatsondpm: it's just an apt archive, debmirror can do it14:56
cjwatson(or at least I assume it can, it would be very surprising if not ...)14:57
dpmok, thanks cjwatson14:57
dokokenvandine, done14:59
kenvandinedoko, thanks!14:59
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smosergeser, slangasek i posted some more info to bug 1377005.15:33
ubottubug 1377005 in cloud-init "Breaks machine without IPv4: "Route info failed"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137700515:33
smoseri cannot figure out what is removing addresses. something is doing it, and without the 'ip' command.15:33
slangaseksmoser: btw, why did this bug not get marked as a duplicate of the other known bug?15:36
smoserno good reason.15:36
smoserwell, jtv said he didn't think it was. (but i disagree)15:36
smoserand also cloud-init *does* put that annoying comment in the console about route info15:37
smoserso that should be fixed anyway for cloud-init.15:37
smoserif you want to dupe it yo ucan15:37
smoserwhat could possibly be removing that address?15:45
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pittismoser, cloud folks: is there any hope to re-fix nova boot --file (bug 1376176)? it makes it really hard to inject a script into instance creation, especially as precise's cloud-init doesn't yet support write_files:15:57
ubottubug 1376176 in python-novaclient (Ubuntu) "regression: nova boot --file does not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137617615:58
smoserpitti, i suspect that your cloud has just disabled that as injection.15:59
smoserso theres 2 ways that happens on the backend.15:59
pittismoser: it's canonical bootstack15:59
pittiah, perhaps15:59
smosera.) the nova compute (through libguestfs) would insert it itself.15:59
pittiso write_files in userdata doesn't work either :(15:59
smoserb.) the files are presented through config-drive, and cloud-init would have to handle them.16:00
slangaseksmoser: removing that address> at this point I have no guesses.  But it has to be either something triggered via ifupdown, or the kernel itself16:00
smosercan you let me into an instance real quick ?16:00
pittiok, I guess I'll stop using cloud-init then, but instead wait for ssh and remote-execute the script through that :)16:00
smoserslangasek, yeah, i think kernel. but that just seems absurd.16:00
smoserso i didn't say it out loud16:00
pittismoser: ah, so it might not be a regression in nova, but a proprerty of bootstack16:00
pittismoser: it worked with HP cloud, but I lost access to that, so I can't compare16:01
pittismoser: thanks16:01
slangaseksmoser: ipv6 addressing is very magic in the kernel and I would not rule it out :)16:01
smoserpitti, can you launch one and let me in? i can see if its fixable. it probably *is* a property of openstack. and a *fix* in my mind.16:01
pittismoser: if you want to play around with that16:01
pittismoser: (bog standard utopic i386 image)16:02
pittismoser: but anyway, I figure running the script through ssh might be quite a bit more robust anyway16:02
* pitti needs to leave for today, but thanks for the heads-up!16:02
smoserpitti, permission denied ?16:04
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smoserslangasek, fix found16:25
smoser rm -f "$MOUNTPOINT/etc/sysctl.d/10-ipv6-privacy.conf"16:25
smoserfun bug.16:26
rbasakdoko: fyi, I'm deep into the python-greenlet armhf FTBFS right now. I can work around it fine but am doing some more analysis toward sending a fix upstream.16:30
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dokostgraber, please have a look at http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20140914-utopic.html  libparse-debianchangelog-perl16:47
dokojpds, mdeslaur: please could you have a look at the strongswan ftbfs, and if updating from debian would help?16:49
* mdeslaur looks16:52
mdeslaurjpds: any ideas?16:57
mitya57ScottK: too late to merge new Sphinx (which apparently can also break some stuff), and that's the only thing why I needed -issuetracker.16:59
stgraberdoko: I doubt I'll have much time before release week in Washington, on vacation, conference and sprinting until then17:05
stgraberalso, I don't know that package, I'm probably an accidental TIL on it :)17:06
dokolooking at the merge then ...17:06
stgraberI may have some time for packaging work on Sunday during my train ride to Düsseldorf but that's going to very much depend on how good a cell signal I get and what kind of roaming deal I can get :)17:07
dokostgraber, you could have spent the time arguing here instead by saying that it can be synced ;-P17:11
stgraberoh, it can? :) as I said, I don't know that package and my cell phone isn't particularly great to look things up17:12
bdmurraycjwatson, infinity, slangasek: Here are the search results for /etc/os-release. http://paste.ubuntu.com/8527959/17:15
infinitybdmurray: checkbox's usage might be interesting to look more closely at.17:18
infinityDefinitely a longer list than I expected.17:19
slangasekhow many of these packages are in ubuntu-rtm?17:21
slangasek(ubuntu-rtm is still a subset, right?)17:21
slangasekcheckbox isn't in rtm17:21
infinityAhh, fair point.  At least for now.17:22
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slangasekbdmurray, infinity: complete list of the named packages that are actually in rtm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8528017/17:28
slangasekbase-files is obvious; apport is the reason we're proposing the change; the others bear a closer look to be sure17:28
slangasekaugeas just references it in terms of a configuration file, doesn't care about the contents17:30
bdmurraygnome-control-center uses it to display the name17:32
* slangasek nods17:33
slangasekqtcreator uses NAME and VERSION_ID to compose a platform name for the platform in its PluginManager API; that may need further checking17:35
slangasekbdmurray: qtcreator looks clean; none of the plugins in rtm care about the platformName (which is good, they shouldn't)17:44
slangasekkde-runtime only uses it for drkonqi, which never runs in a phone context17:46
slangasek(and it's probably informational as well)17:46
bdmurrayslangasek: plymouth doesn't seem relevant does it?17:46
slangasekutil-linux supports pulling variables from here into agetty configs, so that's not relevant17:47
slangasekbdmurray: looking17:47
slangasekbdmurray: yeah, plymouth is display-only17:49
slangasekbdmurray: systemd is clean17:57
bdmurrayslangasek: okay, I'm not clear on how packagekit uses it17:58
slangasekbdmurray: packagekit is possibly a concern, pk_get_distro_id() returns it in its api and it's also in pk_engine_daemon_get_property DistroId18:01
slangasekcjwatson, mvo: ^^ do you know if our packagekit use on the phone will be unhappy if distro_id changes?18:01
sarnoldhallyn: sorry, I never had any luck finding a reliable-enough reproducer in the time I've put into it..18:14
mvoslangasek: I don't I would have to investigate (tomorrow)18:15
mvoslangasek: I doubt it (there is config file for backend selection), but cjwatson may know more18:15
hallynsarnold: yeah, grumble, ditto.  i guess if nothing else works i'll jus thave to buy a second colo to run the tests on, bc we have GOT to figure this out18:18
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infinityslangasek: Err, isn't distro_id just the ID field from os-release?18:54
infinityslangasek: Or no?18:54
* infinity goes to look at the source.18:54
infinityAhh, poorly named function, it definitely wants ID and VERSION_ID.18:56
* DistroFeud Ywans19:39
DistroFeuda friend of mine tells me ubuntu dev work is mostly done by upstream debian packagers19:39
cjwatsonslangasek: looks like that's only used by the service pack stuff, which we don't care about20:03
slangasekcjwatson: within packagekit, yes, but it was also in the api so I wasn't sure20:04
slangasekbdmurray: ^^ anyway, looks like we can conclude os-release is safe to change20:04
bdmurrayslangasek: okay, the general ubuntu hook in apport uses lsb_release -sc but that's just for adding a tag so meh20:08
gesersmoser, slangasek: your last analysis helped in finding the source of your ipv6-only network problem: bug #99493120:09
ubottubug 994931 in linux (Ubuntu Utopic) "Altering use_tempaddr drops all IPv6 addresses" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99493120:09
smosergeser, yeah, odd though. i really thought i understood it.20:12
smoserbut then i thought that adading this would fix it:20:12
smoserpre-up f=/etc/sysctl.d/10-ipv6-privacy.conf ; [ ! -f "$f" ] || sysctl -e -p "$f"20:12
smoserbut it did not.20:12
smoseri see why.20:14
smoserno i dont20:16
smoseri thought the above would basically set it before 'ip addr add' happened, and then it wouldn't be set to a different value.20:16
gesersmoser: could you add a check if the sysctl was set to the expected value in your ip wrapper?20:30
smoserwell, /var/log/upstart/ shows it to have been set20:31
smoserand it doesn't fail.20:31
smoserbut yeah, that would be a reason. but i can just extend it . to read the values. too (hat 'pre-up' )20:31
smosergeser, well, it reads them back at the settings it wrote. (ie, it sure thinks it sets them to '2' in pre-up).20:37
smoseri suspect net.ipv6.conf.eth0.autoconf=0 now. as ifup does that based on autoconf setting.20:38
smosertrying that now.20:38
smosernop. i dont knwo . something fishy there.20:39
geserand without the ipv6-privacy.conf file it works?20:40
smoseryeah. i know. i dont trust me either :)20:40
smoserit definitely works. just doing a mv of that file to .disabled.20:47
geserhmm, this sounds like even with the pre-up command the sysctl value gets set at the wrong time but I can't imagine why21:05
* DistroFeud YWANS23:50
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