LinDolhi all00:09
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LawnGnome_Does anyone here know what distinguishes ubuntu-gnome from ubuntu? I am running ubuntu but i want to convert it to ubuntu-gnome. Is there a file or something that specifies what distro it is?03:29
LawnGnome_Does anyone here know what distinguishes ubuntu-gnome from ubuntu? I am running ubuntu but i want to convert it to ubuntu-gnome. Is there a file or something that specifies what distro it is?03:32
LinDolmaybe, did you want to change to gnome from unity?03:37
LinDolis this right?03:37
LawnGnome_that isn't what i was looking for. i have installed gnome and removed unity, but i feel like if i do a release upgrade (like the upcoming unicorn) then it will screw everything up by overwriting gnome's stuff with unity03:40
LinDolsorry, I did not try it.03:45
LawnGnome_i have not either.03:45
LawnGnome_i wouldn't be concerned if not for the fact that i am using the gnome ppa.03:46
LawnGnome_when i added it and did a dist-upgrade it overwrote unity's packages03:46
Noskcajdarkxst, I'll check, but i thought most of them had been merges, maybe the very oldest werent05:07
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darkxstNoskcaj, epiphany and gnome-calc arent05:31
Noskcaji'm pretty sure file-roller doesn't need autoreconf05:32
NoskcajIt was added for the gtk 3.9 patch (dropped) and we already have aarch64 support added05:32
darkxstit may not be needed, but safer to just leave it there05:37
darkxstgnome-system-monitor could be merged against ubuntu05:41
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Noskcajepiphany + file-roller are being uploaded now05:47
Noskcajdarkxst, Should we use gnome-system-monitor 3.14? it seems to just be bugfixes, and still uses gtk 3.1206:03
NoskcajAnd all of ubuntu's changes are fixed in 3.1206:08
NoskcajAnd we could sync from debian to ppa if the appdata-tools build-dep isn't important06:10
darkxstNoskcaj, appdata-tools is used to validate appdata and desktop files06:11
darkxstand it doesnt seem to be an optional builddep06:12
darkxstdo debiain not have it ?06:12
Noskcajdebian don't have it06:12
darkxstand yes 3.14 looks fine06:12
Noskcajchecking for appdata-validate... no06:12
Noskcajchecking for desktop-file-validate... no"06:12
Noskcaji'll just sync 3.14 to ppa then, if it builds, that should be all06:13
darkxstdoes debian have appdata-tools packaged?06:14
darkxstif so, sync, but also push the build-dep to debian ;)06:15
darkxstNoskcaj, I have to go out now, but try get ricotz to look at some packages when he comes on later06:30
Noskcajwill do06:30
Noskcajdarkxst, That should be it.07:30
Noskcajricotz, Could you please review some of ppa:noskcaj/gnome307:30
Noskcajpackages left are gnome-keyring, totem, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-contacts, vino07:33
Noskcajignore gnome-calculator, i may have just deleted my updated version of it07:37
lindolHeavensbus, hi08:13
MrChrisDruifHi lindol08:18
Heavensbuslindol: hi08:42
lindolHeavensbus, when do you go home?09:00
l3onjust for curiosity, using -staging, you have overlay-scrollbar installed? (and yes, how did you enable it?)09:08
Heavensbuslindol: Maybe.. after 1 hour 30 minute.09:35
gnome-of-lawnI installed GNOME over Unity. When i upgrade to Utopic will Unity try to install itself again?12:20
mgedminyou can have both12:29
mgedmin(small print: unless you installed gnome 3.12 from the staging ppa)12:30
mgedminthe important thing is to ppa-purge stuff before you upgrade to utopic12:30
mgedminif you never added any ppas, there's nothing to worry about12:30
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phillipHi, someone should fix the topic, as the last link does not work :)14:57
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Noskcajdarkxst, Where was you branch for http://phillw.net/ubuntu-gnome/utopic312.html ? libgee and sushi need a code change in it20:43
darkxstNoskcaj, https://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/+junk/ppa_versions20:58
darkxstlet me update it first, missing the last changes20:59
darkxstthanks, merged21:12
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