dufluMir 0.8.0 is now tagged and released.02:38
dufluMir 0.9 already underway :)02:38
anpok_the issue i had yesterday ..07:17
anpok_i cannot connect clients to nested servers if the nested server is not running on the current vt07:19
anpok_while i can do that for none nested servers07:19
dufluanpok_, yay07:28
dufluanpok_: Hey were you expecting i915 to work in that latest Mesa? My i945 doesn't07:29
duflu... still07:29
anpok_no not yet07:39
anpok_duflu: 10.3.1 is all i can say .. it was review about three weeks after i posted that patch..07:50
dufluanpok_: OK, I was confused. Looks like Ubuntu's getting Mesa fixes in non-chronological order07:55
dufluMaybe not07:55
anpok_hm the last update was a fix of mir egl platform07:56
dufluanpok_: Yes, which is much newer than your i915 fix :)07:58
alan_galf__: @a-simpler-server-setup any thoughts on L257?09:09
alf__alan_g: looking09:09
alf__alan_g: Better to throw IMO09:10
alf__alan_g: anpok_: duflu: RAOF: We have three test utility classes doing the same thing(WaitCondition, WaitObject, Signal). I am going to keep one of them. Please vote on which *name* you prefer (I will keep the WaitObject/Signal (same thing) implementation in any case).09:33
duflualf__: Event ;)09:33
dufluor something09:33
duflualf__: Well we don't have predicates like real conditions do, so not WaitCondition. Not WaitObject because "object" is too general a word for a class name. And not "Signal" because signal is a verb -- a method name really.09:35
dufluNeed a new name I think09:35
* alan_g goes to look what they actually do...09:36
dufluI was joking about Event, but maybe it's a good idea. Not sure and am not about to review the classes in detail09:36
alf__duflu: alan_g: Actually perhaps we should just get rid of all the classes and use std::future09:38
duflualf__: I believe C++ should provide everything we need, one way or the other09:39
dufluNot std::future though. That's an ugly one09:39
duflualf__: Tell you what; I will close my eyes for now because too many opinions always slow us down09:43
alan_galf__: have you seen mt::Signal?09:43
dufluAnd I have work to try and finish before too long09:43
alan_gSorry, thinko09:44
alan_gmt::Barrier is similar too.09:45
alan_galf__: I think there are three relevant idioms "latch", "barrier" and "future". WaitCondition, WaitObject & Signal all look like latches to me.10:19
alan_gThis doesn't describe a wait_for(time-out) function, but seems sane: http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/papers/2013/n3666.html10:24
alf__alan_g: It could be that I am not familiar with the term 'latch' in this context, but I don't find it to be a very intuitive name for a mechanism providing inter-thread notification. When I see 'latch' I think 'flip-flop', for which the emphasis is on state storage rather than notification.10:48
alan_galf__: ak10:49
* alan_g rediscovers the joy of pre-processor macros10:56
greybackalan_g: can I pick your brain on a linker rpath issue I'm having?11:08
alan_ggreyback: sure, but I'm no expert11:08
greybackalan_g: here's my notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d0Djaz0T9OXJVK1wNToj4eYIgkd2N-68T-p7EPZYZJo/edit - the problem is mentioned there11:10
alan_ggreyback: paraphrasing: you can set the rpath either for in-tree or for installed but have trouble handling both?11:12
greybackalan_g: essentially yes11:12
greybackalan_g: I had expected that the rpath specified in the executable would take precedence over those in the linked libraries, but it appears not11:13
alan_gI know CMake relinks stuff it installs, so maybe you can use that mechanism11:14
* alan_g knoes even less about cmake11:14
greybackqmake doesn't - yet another reason to use racarr's cmake work asap11:14
greybackbut that is good to know about cmake - soundsl ike it would fix this problem for me11:14
greybackI've spent too long fighting qmake over this, so think most sensible option is indeed cmake11:15
greybackok, that's a good enough solution for me, thanks alan_g11:16
alan_ggreyback: yw11:16
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mardyalan_g: about that mir_connection_create_prompt_session_sync() not failing if the initiator is not a valid PID, is it on the radar? Do you have a bug for it?12:10
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alan_gmardy: lp:137796812:33
mardyalan_g: oh, that was quick! Thanks! :-)12:38
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robotfuelhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu/+bug/1365673 kgunn can we bump the priority of this bug to critical?17:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1365673 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin/qmlscene:6:qt_message_fatal:QMessageLogger::fatal:UbuntuClientIntegration::UbuntuClientIntegration:UbuntuMirClientIntegrationPlugin::create:loadIntegration" [High,Triaged]17:42
robotfuelkgunn: it's a top crasher every day17:42
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robotfuelkgunn: we thought that fixing 20141008.1 would fix the issue but it did not17:43
robotfuelkgunn: we thought that fixing bug #1368101 would fix the issue but it did not17:44
ubot5bug 1368101 in qtmir (Ubuntu) "Stopped apps don't restart when launched from another app" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136810117:44
kgunnrobotfuel: per pmcgowan & jfunk in managers channel they want to address the OOM killer issues first18:05
robotfuelkgunn: ok is there a bug number for that? so I can ask for the bug to be critical instead of high when that is fixed?18:06
kgunnrobotfuel: according to pat & asac they don't have one yet, gonna log one18:11
kgunni'll let you know when i know18:11
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RAOFalf__: I (unsurprisingly, as I chose the name originally ☺) vote Signal. Unlike duflu, I'm aware of signal, the noun :)22:52

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