elkywhut is going on in -ot?01:14
Unit193valorie: Would you be interested in setting  +q *!*@  in #kubuntu in order to stop that?07:09
Unit193Up to you, of course.07:09
valorieyou've been a multi-chan op a lot longer than I have07:10
valoriewhat does your gut tell you?07:10
valorieto me they seem just silly kids who will soon move on07:11
Unit193Gibberish, tons of nick changing, etc.  Just there to caues noise.07:13
valorieyeah, I guess07:13
valoriehmmm, that didn't stop them changing nicks07:24
valorieI guess I could kickban them, but that seems a bit harsh07:25
valorieand not friendly07:25
Unit193Quiet is slightly less harsh perhaps, and does prevent /nick changing.07:25
valorieI think they had more than that one IP07:29
valorieoh, well07:29
Tm_Tnick changes aren't that big of an issue as long as the nicks aren't problematic07:56
Unit193Several users every couple seconds07:57
* Unit193 shrugs.07:57
valorieit was 10 or 15 of them though, doing it every 30 seconds07:58
valoriequite annoying07:58
Unit193Still 7 left (same host, same username), but they're quiet.08:00
valorieI think they made a couple of their own channels and are happy08:01
valoriesilly teacher08:02
ubottuWizard called the ops in #kubuntu-offtopic ()08:22
genii@comment 64317 Reviewed, will not remove.14:20
ubottuComment added.14:20
* genii makes more coffee17:03
* Pici eyes CryptoCracker 17:43
=== cprofitt_ is now known as cprofitt
geniiPici: Yeah, that was kind of weird.18:14
Unit193PottyTheShitter (~Asus@  ?19:29
Unit193Looked like it.19:31
geniiHe kept me busy the other day.19:32
Picik1l: that sort of mask doesn't stop the user from coming back from a non-webchat source.19:33
k1lPici: that is  chanserv.py auto-mask19:33
Pici*!*@ would have been sufficient.19:33
Picithats silly19:33
k1land i am quite sure the ip bans didnt work last time i tried for the webchats19:34
k1land the "chanserv can see through cloaks" doesnt work, too19:34
geniiany one have ops in -classroom ?19:34
Picigenii: Ubuntu members do.19:35
Unit193k1l: Sure it does.19:36
geniiHm, looks like bans in there don't go to ubottu so I don't get a reference number to comment them by19:50
Unit193Only channels ubottu is in.19:51
Unit193So, you'll have to remember to remove it too.19:51
geniiThey still go in the bantracker?20:00
geniiOh, of course not20:00
Unit193ubottu doesn't see them, so nope.20:00
genii<smacks head>20:00
ubottuUnit193: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:01
geniiI just realized after I asked :)20:01
rwwk1l: It does if you do *!*@ or *!*@ or whatever. *!*@12.34.* doesn't work.20:22

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