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* balloons tries a daily15:14
* elfy did 5 minutes ago15:15
elfythey are today's dailies \o/15:16
elfyI still get black in vbox and also the xubuntu issue we're talkiing to xnox about15:16
balloonselfy, yep same15:18
balloonsbut indeed, zsync pulled a new image :-)15:19
elfyyep :)15:19
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* ianorlin wants to file a bug about kvm but not sure where to file it19:44
ianorlinwhen I try to creat a vm with virt manager with my desktop as the host in utopic it says it cannot find pci devices19:45
ianorlinI have also tried by ssh from my laptop running trusty to the desktop and that gives same error so am not sure it is a problem with virt manager in utopic and might be a lower layer19:46
ianorlinlike libvirt19:46
balloonsianorlin, so it works on trusty or ?19:47
ianorlinit doesn't work on trusty19:48
ianorlinwith the client19:48
ianorlinI only have support for virtualization on my utopic computer19:48
balloonsI'm a bit confused19:48
ianorlinThe host machine is a utopic desktop with the virt manager which will not let me create new vms19:51
ianorlinI also tried as a work around from my trusty laptop to ssh in and use the remote features of virt-manager on my utopic desktop to create a vm and that failed19:52
ianorlinit was working on utopic a few days ago19:53
balloonsianorlin, ohh really? that's quite odd. We're past feature freeze.19:53
balloonskernel update break it?19:53
ianorlinnot sure when but both libvirt and virt-manager have been updated recently as well as kernel19:54
ianorlinso I should try booting into an older kernel19:54
balloonsianorlin, try booting the older kernel for starters19:54
balloonsthen I would rollback each of those packages and see if you can pinpoint what broke. That should make filing easy19:55
ianorlinolder kernel didn't fix it19:58
balloonsk, next :-)19:59
balloonsI see libvirt had a release only an hour ago20:00
balloonsianorlin, and it has your patch: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/1.2.8-0ubuntu1120:00
balloonsso ianorlin dist-upgrade and it will be fixed20:01
* elfy waits for vbox to mysteriously fail tomorrow 20:01
elfyand libvirt hasn't made it to Main yet by the way20:03
balloonsyea, it's propogating20:04
balloonsbut you can grab the debs if you wish directly20:05

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