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xnoxLaney: shall I unblock btrfs-tools? or it has no chance of getting in?10:18
Laneywhat about it?10:18
xnox(and by ublock, i mean remove block-proposed tag...)10:18
xnoxLaney: it's an FFe request...10:18
xnoxit's been ages since i've done one, and i now wonder if i did it all wrong.10:19
Laneyit's pretty minimalist10:19
xnoxLaney: it's pretty, and that's all that counts right?! =)10:19
Laneyand most people wait until they are granted before uploading. :)10:19
xnoxLaney: you have queudiff and everything.10:20
xnoxLaney: in essence I'm trying to match the kernel though. And it's mostly bug-fixes.10:20
Laneyit's not in a queue :p10:20
xnoxoh, right, it's in propose.d10:20
xnoxmeh. there is proposed-> release diffs, no?!10:20
xnoxdarn, i wanted it to be in the queue.10:20
xnoxbut it was before full freeze I think.10:21
LaneyI don't think I'm especially qualified to review it10:21
xnoxogasawara: hey, do we want btrfs-tools matching the kernel for utopic? =)10:21
* xnox not a all trying to social engineer my way in ;-)10:22
mlankhorstxnox: fix your super space bug first ;P10:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1242572 in xkeyboard-config (Ubuntu Trusty) "xkeyboard-config, console-setup, and ubiquity should use Super+Space for switching keyboard layouts" [Low,In progress]10:47
xnoxmlankhorst: lolz =)10:49
bluesabreswift indeed10:56
Laneyquite ...10:56
jamespagedon't joke10:58
* jamespage puts down his swift hammer10:58
jamespagehoepfully other than changing the version number I won't have to touch that again this cycle10:59
jamespage(but thankyou for accepting that so quickly)10:59
dokowell, fixes a ftbfs11:01
jamespagedoko, 0ubuntu2 fixed the ftbfs - that one fixes the autopkg tests :-)11:04
jamespagedoko, that's not what I said ;-)11:08
rtgplease approve the Utopic kernel upload13:22
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argescjwatson: infinity : can i have someone accept libvirt in utopic? creating VMs w/ qemu/libvirt is completely broken without that update16:15
infinityarges: Looking.16:16
argesinfinity: thanks16:18
infinityLaney: Please reupload that webkitgtk to the archive, syncing from a random tainted PPA (the build log shows packages that aren't in the archive) is not sane.16:35
infinityRiddell: Around?16:41
Laneyinfinity: did it have binaries?16:41
infinityLaney: Err, it could have been a source-only sync, the UI doesn't make that particularly obvious.16:42
Laneycopy-package -s utopic --to-suite=utopic-proposed -p laney --ppa-name=arm --to-primary webkitgtk16:42
infinityLaney: They kinda all look the same without fetching.16:42
infinityLaney: If it was source-only, my bad.  Though also still a pain to review. :P16:43
LaneyWhat evs, just wanted to save uploading it since it was already on LP16:43
infinityHrm, who just accepted that kopete?16:44
dokoI accepted libaio, fixing the ftbfs16:49
infinityYeah, was just curious about the kopete accept, since it looked like it broke feature freeze, and was going to get Riddell/ScottK to comment first.16:50
infinityBut whatever. :/16:50
jamespageLaney, jdstrand agreed todo the ceilometer archive-admin bits, but that is dependent on MIR's completing as its going to dep-wait for the moment16:52
infinity^-- Self-accepting the tzdata sync, it's just a trivial translation update.16:52
mdeslaurrsyslog is a security update ^17:18
kenvandinecan someone please kill the ubuntu-system-settings that went to rtm proposed?17:26
kenvandinebefore it goes to release17:26
kenvandineinfinity, ^^17:29
kenvandineinfinity, that silo was never tested and not ready to publish, but somehow citrain let it publish17:29
kenvandineubuntu-system-settings 0.3+14.10.20141007.2-0ubuntu1 in 14.09 proposed17:30
kenvandineah crap... it got promoted to release :(17:35
kenvandinebarry, ^^17:36
zulcan someone approve the python-glance-store upload it fixes downloading images from glance using the rbd backend17:42
barryken :(17:46
barrykenvandine: :(17:46
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