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Saviqogra_, it was actually meant to be much better (when scrolling within a scope)06:57
Saviqogra_, can you tell what scopes you're swiping between? or make a video even?06:57
mardymarcustomlinson: hi! I need some help to understand how scopes talk to OA, do you have a few minutes?07:27
marcustomlinsonmardy: I got a meeting in 2min, after?07:27
mardymarcustomlinson: sure, please ping me back when you are done07:28
marcustomlinsonmardy: ping08:39
marcustomlinsonmardy: hey, sorry long meeting.08:39
mardymarcustomlinson: np08:41
marcustomlinsonmardy: what would you like to know?08:42
mardymarcustomlinson: it's about the email from dobey, I don't understand where in the code the request to add an account is made08:42
mardymarcustomlinson: looks like his code is calling unity-scopes-api, but even there I can't find what I'm looking for08:42
marcustomlinsonmardy: so the scope puts its service name, type and provider into a result item thats returned to the shell08:43
marcustomlinsonmardy: when the user taps that item, the shell checks to see if that result has OA details in it08:43
marcustomlinsonmardy: if it does, the shell then instantiates a OnlineAccountsClient::Setup object08:44
marcustomlinsonmardy: sets the service name, type and provider and then calls exec()08:44
marcustomlinsonmardy: going back a bit. the scope checks the status of its services (using SIGNON_POLICY_NO_USER_INTERACTION), if there are no services available, or there is no enabled service, the scope returns that result.08:47
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Fire Prevention Day! :-D08:48
marcustomlinsonmardy: the shell then checks the status of its services (using SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT), if still no service is enabled, OnlineAccountsClient::Setup is used to either bring up the "Allow" / "Don't allow", or the log-in page08:48
marcustomlinsonmardy: sorry, substitute "no enabled service" with "no authorised service" in the last 2 messages. As the service can be enabled but no access token granted08:50
mardymarcustomlinson: OK, looking at the code it seems that unity-scopes-shell is setting the service-name as applicationId08:52
mardymarcustomlinson: and dobey's code is using "ubuntuone" as service-name... now I need to find their .application file...08:53
mardymarcustomlinson: I cannot find it, so I guess that's the problem08:55
marcustomlinsonmardy: He did create one yesterday, perhaps not committed.08:56
marcustomlinsonmardy: The scope showed up under the Ubuntu One account apparently08:56
marcustomlinsonmardy: (when he added the .application file)08:57
marcustomlinsonmardy: but same issue08:57
mardymarcustomlinson: under which apparmor label is unity-scopes-shell running?09:00
tsdgeospitti: dpm: do you know why in unity-scope-click there is a "Confirm" in the .pot that doesn't show up for translation in laucnhapad?09:01
marcustomlinsonmardy: it runs unconfined. Its only the click scope that doesn't work by the way09:02
marcustomlinsonmardy: if you click package your scope and add the relevant hooks etc it all works09:02
marcustomlinsonmardy: the click scope is not click packaged (installed via deb)09:03
mardymarcustomlinson: btw, did you also reproduce this problem?09:03
marcustomlinsonmardy: nope09:04
marcustomlinsonmardy: I could try, but I'm battling with something else atm09:04
marcustomlinsonmardy: here's a question09:04
marcustomlinsonmardy: So I have the shell using SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT when calling signon_auth_session_process_async().09:05
marcustomlinsonmardy: OA then does the whole login background stuff, then I get an access token09:06
marcustomlinsonmardy: the scope in the meantime gets no callback because the scope enabled state didn't change09:06
marcustomlinsonmardy: is there by any chance a "authorized" or similar callback I can listen on for on an account service. I assume not09:07
marcustomlinsonmardy: I need the scope to react when the shell has successfully logged in09:08
marcustomlinsonmardy: so that it can then re-query with SIGNON_POLICY_NO_USER_INTERACTION again, and get the access token09:08
mardymarcustomlinson: are you still talking about the u1 scope, or others?09:09
marcustomlinsonmardy: others09:09
mardymarcustomlinson: weird... as soon as the scope is authorized, the AgAccountService should turn enabled09:10
marcustomlinsonmardy: ok, so the service is enabled, but not authorized from the scopes POV09:10
marcustomlinsonmardy: its enabled, but was not given an access token09:11
marcustomlinsonmardy: thats when using SIGNON_POLICY_NO_USER_INTERACTION09:11
mardymarcustomlinson: ok; can you reproduce this issue easily? If so, can you first enable logging in /etc/signond.conf?09:11
marcustomlinsonmardy: ok, where does the log go then?09:13
mardymarcustomlinson: syslog09:13
mardymarcustomlinson: if you could paste it after reproducing the issue, that would help -- just make sure that no password is shown09:14
marcustomlinsonmardy: don't know if this is good enough: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8525879/09:17
marcustomlinsonmardy: so I created a google account. enabled youtube09:17
marcustomlinsonmardy: then loaded the youtube scope, the scope sees the service as enabled but no access token returned09:18
marcustomlinsonmardy: that is the log of starting the youtube scope09:18
mardymarcustomlinson: here I see only the part where you use SIGNON_POLICY_NO_USER_INTERACTION09:21
marcustomlinsonmardy: yes09:21
marcustomlinsonmardy: then a separate process that is the shell uses SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT09:21
marcustomlinsonmardy: that process gets an access token09:22
marcustomlinsonmardy: how does the scope process now know to try again?09:22
mardymarcustomlinson: I'm slowly getting it09:23
mardymarcustomlinson: so, first the shell uses the Setup class to get access to an account (with data provided by the scope)09:23
mardymarcustomlinson: then it authenticates, using SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT09:24
marcustomlinsonmardy: yes09:24
mardymarcustomlinson: and that succeeds09:24
marcustomlinsonmardy: yes09:24
mardymarcustomlinson: but that's not in the logs you pasted09:24
marcustomlinsonmardy: true09:24
marcustomlinsonmardy: so once that completes, if the scope tries again with SIGNON_POLICY_NO_USER_INTERACTION, then it gets the access token09:25
marcustomlinsonmardy: problem is, how does the scope know to try again09:25
mardymarcustomlinson: there's no way it can know it by signond, you (the shell) must tell it09:26
marcustomlinsonmardy: I was worried you'd say that09:26
marcustomlinsonmardy: synchronisation headache09:26
mardymarcustomlinson: if the shell is doing the authentication on behalf of the scope, it would be better to return the authentication data straight away, instead of having the scope do the same09:28
marcustomlinsonmardy: yeah, then confinement is a danger09:29
mardymarcustomlinson: or actually: why can't the scope use SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT itself?09:29
marcustomlinsonmardy: because it checks the states on start up09:30
marcustomlinsonmardy: so if the scope is starting up in the background, you get the Online Accounts loading screen pop up in weird places09:30
mardymarcustomlinson: but you know, the token it gets could expire during the scope's lifetime, so I think we must be ready for this case to happen at unexpected times09:31
mardymarcustomlinson: OA currently shows a notification when there's need to authenticate, it doesn't immediately pop up the webview09:31
marcustomlinsonmardy: I wonder if you've even seen this09:32
marcustomlinsonmardy: if you use SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT, you get a black screen displaying "Online Accounts" and a spinner09:32
marcustomlinsonmardy: like it does when you load an app09:33
marcustomlinsonmardy: It seems that you probably shouldn't be seeing that09:34
mardymarcustomlinson: oh, it may be that things broke when we started using prompt sessions... and then, what happens?09:34
mardymarcustomlinson: the window closes itself and you see a notification?09:34
marcustomlinsonmardy: yes, or if you're signing in with SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT, that page closes and you then get the callback to finish signon_auth_session_process_async09:35
marcustomlinsonmardy: dude, if that loading screen doesn't show up and it just happens in the background. You'll solve my issue!09:35
mardymarcustomlinson: that's what should happen, can you please file a bug about this screen appearing out of the blue?09:37
mardymarcustomlinson: ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts09:37
marcustomlinsonmardy: so you call signon_auth_session_process_async with the SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT flag. The black Online Accounts loading screen appears with a spinner. Then after about 4s it disappears again, and you get the callback from signon_auth_session_process_async09:37
marcustomlinsonmardy: sorry, I typed the whole thing, I might as well press enter ;)09:37
marcustomlinsonmardy: ok will do09:38
mardymarcustomlinson: so, in the best case, you should see absolutely nothing09:38
dpmtsdgeos, it is in the template now: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+sources/unity-scope-click/+translations09:38
marcustomlinsonmardy: yes. cause this is my bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scopes-shell/+bug/137439409:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1374394 in unity-scopes-shell (Ubuntu) "When logged into YouTube scope the video aggregator some sometimes pops up the OA loading screen, then the results go blank" [Critical,In progress]09:38
tsdgeosdpm: ok, what was the problem?09:38
dpmtsdgeos, this comes back to our longstanding issue that templates in the upstream projects don't get updated09:38
mardymarcustomlinson: if the OAuth requires us to show a webview (for instance, if the scopes uses some application key which needs to be authorized), then you should see a snap decision which requests the user to go through the OAuth thingie09:39
dpmtsdgeos, we've got translations enabled both upstream and on the source package09:39
tsdgeosdpm: ah09:39
dpmon the source package, we're good, as the template gets updated09:39
mardymarcustomlinson: well, then just reassign it, no need to file a new bug09:39
dpmtsdgeos, but on upstream, it needs to be updated manually and committed09:39
marcustomlinsonmardy: so yeah, that bug is due to the fact that I am using SIGNON_POLICY_DEFAULT from the scope09:39
dpmtsdgeos, for this particular project, it's an annoyance, but not a problem in terms of shipping translations09:40
dpmtsdgeos, as we're shipping the translations from the source package as language packs09:40
tsdgeosdpm: well still a problem of "translation isn't there" :D09:40
dpmtsdgeos, I know, I know, this has been an annoyance for me for years09:41
marcustomlinsonmardy: if you open the youtube scope (this is landed), scroll to the bottom of the surfaced results and you'll see a log-in button. Tap that button and you'll be taken through the log-in process. At the end of the process you'll see that loading page I'm talking about09:42
mardymarcustomlinson: actually, I'm not sure how easy it is to fix that, it involves Mir09:43
mardymarcustomlinson: the problem is that Mir pops up a window as soon as you instantiate a QGuiApplication, and not as soon as you call show() on a window09:44
mardymarcustomlinson: and I was told it's not an easy change...09:44
marcustomlinsonmardy: can you delay the instantiation of the QGuiApplication object?09:45
evrsalveti: would https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android/+bug/1266747 be your team? Any chance I can get some eyes on that? I'm seeing it with both nested-kvm and on bare metal (well, inside lxc)10:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1266747 in android (Ubuntu) "emulator GL translator errors during autopilot tests" [Medium,Confirmed]10:04
ogra_ev, glxinfo isnt so helpful for gles :)10:06
evogra_: you've highlighted the shallow depth of my understanding here :)10:06
evI'm afraid I'm rather clueless when it comes to GL10:06
ogra_we have some egl tool for that ...10:06
* ogra_ forgot the name 10:06
ogra_ev, you want the output of es2_info from the mesa-utils-extra package10:08
evcool, I'll arrange to get that after my next call10:08
marcustomlinsonmardy: so how is it looking?10:13
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anpok_hm the glReadPixel call is part of the test verification?10:16
nik90ogra_: you need this -> https://plus.google.com/+DaveBesbris/posts/7LP8YNGGo32?pid=6063052381222537778&oid=10081721154871387524910:28
ogra_nik90, lol10:29
E524hey guy's, the meizu phone is comming soon. but what's about the bq aquaris? i can't even find rumors. does anyone know more? my problem is that i can't afford a meizu but my current phone is slowly diying :(10:35
ogra_who said a Meizu is coming soon ?10:36
ogra_did Meizu do an announcement ?10:36
E524no not officially but there was a blog post of the italian meizu office that it would come in december11:02
E524orga: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/10/meizu-ubuntu-touch-landing-meizu-mx4-december.html11:03
E524orga: this one is better: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Meizu-Confirms-MX4-Ubuntu-Touch-Release-for-December-2014-458782.shtmlv11:06
popeyi love how so many news sites have picked that up11:06
popeyogra_: get cracking!11:06
mardymarcustomlinson: I'll comment on the bug11:07
ogra_popey, lol11:13
ogra_E524, i think thats rather a fanboy blog filled with a bit of wishful thinking :) (but who knows)11:14
popeyNot us, clearly!11:14
E524popey: who is us if i may ask?11:15
popeywe work for canonical on ubuntu11:15
E524ah ok. well i think a lot of ppl have wishful thinking and can't wait. but good things shall take it's time...11:16
ogra_well, see the last word in the channel topic ... :)11:16
popeyhaha, forgot about that11:17
popeywow, I set that 2 months ago!11:17
simosxHi All! I am trying to build Ubuntu Touch on a fresh installation of 14.04.1. During linking, I get a "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL". I have libgl1-mesa-dev installed.11:18
simosxI used 'lunch aosp_x86-userdebug'.11:18
mardygreyback, Saviq: can you please have a look at bug 1374394 and see if my suggestion makes sense (and is easily implementable)?11:19
ubot5bug 1374394 in unity-scopes-shell (Ubuntu) "When logged into YouTube scope the video aggregator some sometimes pops up the OA loading screen, then the results go blank" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137439411:19
mardymarcustomlinson: I commented ^11:20
marcustomlinsonmardy: thanks man11:21
Saviqmardy, the problem is the splashscreen *is* the app, in terms of the window stack and focus11:21
Saviqmardy, so I'm not sure it's safe to just hide it, we'd need to defer adding it to the window stack11:22
Saviqgreyback, mzanetti, can you please comment on mardy's request ↑11:22
greybackyep am thinking11:23
mardySaviq: eh, I was afraid it wouldn't be so trivial :-/11:23
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mzanettioh dear...11:25
mzanettiyeah... greyback I guess a X-Ubuntu-Splash=False would make sense in any case11:25
mzanettiwhich i guess would do for the <hack></hack> proposed by mardy11:26
mzanettihow to properly solve this... not sure yet11:27
greybackmzanetti: I'm not fond of that, as there's little to stop any app settings that, but it would do the job I guess11:27
mzanettigreyback: I think this is a legit feature for an app11:27
mzanettigreyback: if an app wants a visual user experience where neither of our predefined splashes fit I think it's legit to allow disable the splash screen for an app11:28
greybackmzanetti: that flexibility is at a cost that the app appears to launch very slowly11:29
greybackwhich is the whole reason we're using splash screens11:29
mzanettigreyback: sure, usually you do want the splash11:29
mardygreyback: I guess that only trusted helpers would set X-Ubuntu-Splash=False11:30
greybackI'm not a fan of allowing apps flexibility on this matter. We want our platform to feel speedy11:30
mzanettigreyback: but for instance... launch cylinder-3d from the store. it launches so fast, you can't really see the splash anyways11:30
greybackmardy: that'll be work to police11:30
mzanettigreyback: noone will disable it unless there is a reason... after all app developers want their apps to feel speedy too11:31
mzanettiand if there's a reason, like for example this one.11:31
mzanettiwhy disallowing it?11:31
greybackmzanetti: it makes our app story more confusing. When you launch an app, it immediately slides in and appears in the spread as a splash screen, that then is replaced with actual UI. User focus is on that new app.11:34
greybackIf no splash screen, do we wait until app has drawn frame to slide it in & add it spread? And what is focused in the mean-time?11:34
anpok_user needs feedback11:34
greybackI agree. This is one of those times I don't want to trust app developers - they might think their app launches super-quick, when they test on their super-fast phone - but on a slow phone11:35
mzanettiI'm not saying we should remove the splash for good...11:35
anpok_on actions that are expected to change large portions of the screen it should be within 300ms .. otherwise below 100ms .. otherwise people might start hammering the phone11:35
mzanettiwhy do you guys think app developers try to make their apps the worst possible?11:36
greybackbecause I see android apps11:36
mzanettiI'm not saying we should make it any harder to have the splash screen, its still there, it is default and everything11:36
greybackanyway, discussion went a bit off-topic11:36
simosxso, these commands were needed:11:36
simosx1. sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libX11.so.6 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libX11.so11:36
simosx2. sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libGL.so11:37
ogra_simosx, what are you building for ?11:37
ogra_usually there is no GL on phones11:37
simosxI used 'lunch aosp_x86-userdebug'.11:37
ogra_yeah, the x86 emulator is a bit special11:38
ogra_any reason to not just use the binaries ?11:38
simosxi want to test out a new keyboard layout.11:38
ogra_and why do you rebuild the android container for this ?11:39
ogra_you just need to re-package the ubuntu--keyboard package and install it11:39
ogra_*ubuntu-keyboard (one dash)11:39
ogra_the android container only priovides some access to binary kernel drivers ... there is no keyboard stuff in it11:40
simosxyou mean with 'debuild', etc?11:40
ogra_sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-keyboard; apt-get source ubuntu-keyboard ... cd into the package dir, add your changes and build the deb (yes, debuild works)11:41
ogra_then use the emulator and install your package in there to test it11:42
simosxogra_, nice. Thanks, I'll try that.11:42
ogra_(or use a device if you have one)11:42
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gatoxseb128, hi... do you know if there is any problem landing my branches? i was told the silo with my changes was not building12:24
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seb128gatox, there was an issue with gdb, doko fixed it earlier12:28
seb128it should build fine now12:28
seb128that's from what I see12:28
seb128cjwatson, can you retry https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-020/+build/6446982 ?12:28
seb128it hit the gdb multiarch issue12:28
seb128gatox, oh, that's different from your landing12:28
seb128not sure then12:29
seb128kenvandine should know when he gets online12:29
cjwatsonseb128: no, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdb/7.8-1ubuntu4/+build/6446385 hasn't finished yet12:32
seb128cjwatson, oh, good point, thanks for catching that12:33
cjwatsonlooks very close though12:33
seb128I saw the upload accepted this morning, I didn't think much about the build time12:33
cjwatsonI think this might be a case where processes are left over from the test suite and stall the build ...12:34
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matv1so i updated to rtm image 4 the other day. When I did there were also a bunch of app updates listed. I updated the ubuntu image and didnt bother about the apps. But to my surprise they are still listed after the update12:59
matv1all core apps btw12:59
matv1so it seems there is something out of sync in the app versioning12:59
matv1probably a bit of cache somewhere?13:00
matv1but it doesnt look pretty13:00
matv1anyone ideas how to get rid of that?13:00
matv1or if this is a known bug13:01
dobeymardy, marcustomlinson: the scope (well i presume it's the scope, as all i see is "com.canonical.s" in the list), is added to the access list regardless of whether there is an .application file or not.13:17
mardydobey: what list? in the OA UI, when you click on the account?13:18
dobeymardy, marcustomlinson: and the scope itself is unconfined, so even with the .application file in the system, the pop-up is still asking to allow access, presumably for an "unconfined" app, and thus it doesn't have the appid or app's name in the dialog13:18
marcustomlinsondobey: can you try make your service name and application id the same13:18
dobeymardy: yes13:18
tedmpt, Are you aware of the sound UX bugs that got filled yesterday? (I can't assign them) bug 1378961 and bug 137861813:19
ubot5bug 1378961 in Ubuntu UX "Volume notifications over multimedia content are annoying" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137896113:19
ubot5bug 1378618 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "volume notification looks bad when an indicator is open" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137861813:19
mardydobey: that cannot be, it's either some other app, or you have a stale .application file somewhere13:19
gatoxseb128, i see the logs for the silo for my branches says: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: gdb:any13:20
gatoxseb128, does the build need to be retrigger or something?13:20
kenvandinegatox, there was a gdb upload13:20
seb128gatox, k, same gdb issue I mentioned then13:21
mptted, I had not13:21
kenvandinewithout multiarch13:21
seb128kenvandine, gatox: that gdb fix is still building on arm64 though13:21
dobeymardy: how so? all i see in the logs is "unconfined" everywhere, and nothing even shows up in syslog until after i tap on allow/don't allow in the pop-up; and nothing in the dbus.log is telling me what it's actually looking for. just that the ui was activated and the qml for that is logging that access was granted; no appid is logged anywhere afaict13:21
gatoxseb128, kenvandine ah ok, thx13:21
kenvandinegatox, i was trying to land your branches yesterday, but hit that13:21
tedmpt, Ah, glad I pinged you then :-)13:21
tedmpt, If you could instantly come up with genius ideas, that'd be great. KTHXBYE ;-)13:21
tedmpt, They're now the list of bugs blocking audio notifications, got failed by QA when trying to land.13:22
dobeymardy: and why am i getting the dialog at all anyway, for an unconfined app?13:22
dobeymarcustomlinson: changing it to "ubuntuone" in the application file didn't help13:22
mardydobey: please uncomment the LoggingLevel line i /etc/signond.conf, and try again13:24
marcustomlinsondobey: try copy the name of your ini file (without the ".ini") as the service name13:24
dobeymarcustomlinson: in the code or in the .application?13:24
dobeymardy: it is already uncommented13:24
marcustomlinsondobey: actually just give mardy your log13:24
mardydobey: make sure that no passwords are visible13:27
robotfuelcyphermox: ping /usr/share/urfkill/scripts/flight-mode 0 doesn't toggle flight mode from off to on anymore, do you know anything about a change to urfkill?13:28
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dobeymardy: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8526788/13:30
mardydobey: thanks, indeed that's not too informative -- but at least I don't see anything wrong13:38
mardydobey: next step:13:38
mardyexport OAU_LOGGING_LEVEL=213:38
mardyexport OAU_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=999913:38
mardydobey: type this from a shell running in the phone ^13:39
jgdxWellark, what r in rtm proposed has the urfkill fix?13:41
dobeymardy: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8526859/13:41
mardydobey: you clicked the "denied" button, right?13:42
mardydobey: but in any case, it looks like the .application file is missing or not found13:43
dobeymardy: i did.13:43
dobeymardy: but in any case, why am i seeing the dialog at all, for an unconfined app?13:43
mptted, done13:46
mardydobey: because unity-scopes-shell is probably using OnlineAccountsClient to request access <- right, marcustomlinson?13:48
Wellarkjgdx: don't know13:48
dobeyit's using libaccounts/signon-glib13:48
Wellarkjgdx: please ask ci-eng13:48
marcustomlinsonmardy, dobey: the shell does use OnlineAccountsClient to request access yes13:49
tedmpt, So for no alert sounds, is that only for the multimedia role or for instance the phone role as well?13:49
tedmpt, No visual either, or just no sound?13:49
mardydobey: actually the PID of the requestor is logged, check who owns PID 246013:49
mptted, still visual, just no sound13:50
dobeyoh the dash13:50
mardydobey: now, what should happen is that once the account is created, your app/scope is added to the ACL, and next time the dash won't request the access anymore13:50
mardydobey: but in order for this to work, you need to have proper .application and .service files13:51
mptted, separately, there should be an API for an app to embed a system volume slider into its own UI. The app developer wouldn’t need to do anything special to alter the volume, the toolkit would handle it all. And whenever the slider was visible, volume notification bubbles wouldn’t appear, because you could see the slider moving instead. Video player apps, System Settings, and indicator-sound would all use this special slider.13:51
dobeymardy: so what the heck am i supposed to be put in the .application file? because afaict it's asking for access for "unconfined" which is already in the ACL, so it shouldn't be asking13:51
mardydobey: is your scope running under the "unconfined" apparmor label?13:52
dobeymardy: yes13:52
mptted, I wish there was a version of <https://launchpadlibrarian.net/186796512/volume2.png> that included a fixed volume notification (one that doesn’t just say “Volume”)13:52
mptThen I could show it to visual designers and they would be confused only by the thing I wanted them to be confused by13:53
mardydobey: ship an .application and a .service file with the same name13:53
mardydobey: write the id of the .service file inside the .application file13:53
tedmpt, You can ask MacSlow, but I'm not sure if he has one, but he might be able to generate one.13:54
mardydobey: make the .application file refer to a valid .desktop file (if you want to see a proper icon and name in OA)13:54
dobeymardy: i still don't understand what exaclty i'm supposed to put in the .application file for the appid13:54
mardydobey: I think that that should make it work (bugs allowing :-) )13:54
tedmpt, I don't think we give apps today the permission to adjust volume.13:55
tedmpt, I'm not sure that they should have that. Why would an app want to adjust the volume?13:55
MacSlowmpt, ted: one sec...13:55
marcustomlinsondobey: the desktop file is generated by the scopes runtime, so just make sure the desktop file name is the same as your scope id (ini file name)13:55
mptted, just about every media player I’ve ever seen lets you do that13:55
marcustomlinsondobey: with the .ini replaced with .desktop13:55
tedmpt, To be fair, everything gets routed through indicator-sound today. It's an action. System settings, the indicator, everything goes through that action.13:56
dobeybah stupid pastebin13:56
MacSlowmpt, ted: btw... if that indicator (sound) not sync. (volume) notification should be triggered in the first place... seems very redundant to me.13:56
dobeyit won't let me paste xml13:56
mardydobey: check /usr/share/accounts/applications/account-polld.application, for example (just do s/service-type/service/g)13:56
tedmpt, Is that just because they expect to be full screen?13:57
MacSlowmpt, ted: doh.... "is shown" is missing there somewhere in my last sentence13:57
dobeywell i don't have that file here13:57
mptMacSlow, right, if indicator-sound used the magical volume slider I talked about, volume notification bubbles would be suppressed13:57
dobeybut anywya, i have an application file and it isn't working13:57
marcustomlinsondobey: examples are in the scopes api doc13:57
dobeynothing changed when i added it13:57
dobeymarcustomlinson: yes i copied the youtube scope .application and adjusted it for clickstore, but it doesn't work13:58
mptMacSlow, but as I said in the bug report, this visual design problem would still exist if, for example, you used the volume buttons while the Time & Date indicator was open, or the Bluetooth indicator, or any of the others13:58
marcustomlinsondobey: the application id and service name need to be the same in scopes case13:58
marcustomlinsondobey: are they?13:58
dobeywhy do they?13:59
mptted … Have you ever used iTunes? Or Rhythmbox? Or Banshee? Or Windows Media Player? Or QuickTime Player? Or even RealPlayer? They all have a volume slider14:00
tedmpt, Yes, and I've seen that. But I've never used it. Usually I start the media player and minimize it.14:00
dobeymarcustomlinson: and what name should they be exactly? because the logs aren't telling me what they should be (ie, i don't see any "No service found for 'blah.blah.blah'" or such in the logs)14:00
tedmpt, I know it's there, just not sure why.14:00
marcustomlinsondobey: the .ini file without the .ini14:01
mpt_ted: …regardless of whether they’re full screen14:01
tedmpt_, Yes, and I've seen that. But I've never used it. Usually I start the media player and minimize it.14:02
tedmpt_, I know it's there, just not sure why.14:02
dobeyand why can't i tell it to just use an existing service?14:02
dobeywell that didn't work14:04
=== simosx_ is now known as simosx
dobeymarcustomlinson, mardy: i finally got a different behavior, but it's a bit worse. installed an ubuntuone.application using "ubuntuone" for app/service ids, and now i just get an empty blank window popped up. on top of the dash. in a trusted session.14:07
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
mptMacSlow, by “one sec…” did you mean that you were making another screenshot? If so, could you do it using an indicator that isn’t indicator-sound? :-)14:07
marcustomlinsondobey: with "Online Accounts" and a spinner?14:07
dobeymarcustomlinson: no14:08
cyphermoxrobotfuel: it works here14:08
dobeymarcustomlinson: entirely blank. just the standard grey-white background for a qml window14:08
robotfuelcyphermox: what image are you using?14:08
MacSlowmpt, is the first one not ok?14:09
cyphermoxrobotfuel: 9114:09
mptMacSlow, sorry, if you already posted one I missed it when I disconnected14:09
MacSlowmpt, I can do another one with a different indicator...14:09
robotfuelcyphermox: it worked for me in 91, 93+ is where the issue is14:09
mardydobey: the online-accounts-service logs will probably help14:13
mardydobey: can you also paste your .application and .service files?14:14
dobeymardy: no (pastebin doesn't like xml)14:14
dobeyand don't know where else to paste them14:15
mardydobey: just private query14:16
dobeyoh adding non-xml helps14:17
dobeymardy: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8527054/14:17
dobeymardy: that's the application file, and the online-accounts-service log14:17
mardydobey: what's the name of the application file?14:18
dobeymardy: ubuntuone.application14:18
dobeyoops, i pasted the one that didn't work14:18
dobeymardy: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8527063/14:19
mardydobey: that looks right; unfortunately I don't see any output from the U1 plugin, do you know how to make it more verbose?14:22
dobeymardy: U1_DEBUG=114:22
cyphermoxrobotfuel: I'm not aware what changes might have happened in 93 and later..14:22
cyphermoxrobotfuel: maybe awe_ knows?14:23
mardydobey: try exporting that as well, and actually, I think that a "strace -f" of online-accounts-service will also be interesting, so we see what files it's opening14:23
robotfuelcyphermox: did you upgrade and have it fail?14:23
cyphermoxnot yet, in a meeting14:23
dobeymardy: why would there be any extra output from the u1 plug-in?14:23
dobeymardy: is online-accounts-ui displaying the blank "existing account" page for some reason?14:24
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest73210
mardydobey: you don't have any other U1 account configured, right?14:29
dobeymardy: just the one and we only allow having one account14:29
mardydobey: I mean, you started the test when you didn't have any U1 accounts at all14:29
dobeymardy: i've tested both with and without an account configured already, so i can test both flows14:30
dobeymardy: i'm also trying to test the case where an account exists on the phone, but the token has been revoked on the server14:30
mardydobey: and the blank screen case happens when you don't have an account configured, or have one?14:31
dobeymardy: when i have one14:31
mardydobey: OK, I need to investigate this, it happens because we are hitting an unusual code path14:36
mardydobey: normally the access shouldn't get requested in this case14:37
mardydobey: can you please delete your U1 account, and try again?14:37
mardydobey: what version of ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts do you have, BTW?14:38
dobeymardy: ^^14:40
mardydobey: does this blank window disappear almost immediately, or does it stay?14:41
dobeymardy: it stays14:42
Z3Hi, do you know what's the release date for ubuntu phones in Europe?14:43
dobeymardy: if i delete my account in system-settings, then try to install from the scope, i get the login/register page as expected, but after logging in, nothing happens. the window just goes away and it's sitting at the dash again14:43
dobeymardy: and then tapping install brings up the blank window again14:44
ogra_Z3, except that we know they will release in europe first, there is no date or anything yet14:44
dobeyZ3: when the manufacturer is ready to release them :)14:44
mardydobey: OK, now if you go to the system settings, is your scope listed? and enabled?14:44
dobeymardy: there is now "com.canonical.scopes.clickstore" and "ubuntuone" both in the list, and both are enabled, yes14:45
mardydobey: OK, I guess that the first one is from a stale file, but otherwise it looks fine14:45
Z3ogra_ dobey ok, thank you :)  I'm impatient they are released14:46
mardymarcustomlinson: so, if the ubuntuone scope is successfully enabled, access should not be requested again; any idea why it is? ^14:46
dobeymardy: well, except for the blank window and nothing working :-/14:46
mardydobey: I mean, the blank window should not appear, because access has already been granted and shouldn't be requested again14:47
Z3When will be release the official stable version for Nexus 4? (No developer versions, the "user" version)14:47
ogra_once the RTM release goes out14:47
ogra_(same time when the manufacturer getss the images)14:48
Z3ogra_ is the same as the current RTM version ?14:48
dobeyogra_: for nexus4? will we actually call it stable for end users on n4 at that point, or will n4 always be treated as a development device?14:48
ogra_(read: there is no definitve date for that)14:48
ogra_dobey, does that matter ? it will be the same RTM release :)14:49
dobeyogra_: well, it matters for the purpose of managing expectations14:49
ogra_rtm is our stable thing ... it will be released for all phones (likely at the same time for all of them)14:49
Z3before the end of the year?14:50
ogra_for sure14:50
Z3great ! :)14:50
dobeysure but i wouldn't necessarily call something that is "you must jailbreak your phone to install this" a "stable for end user" thing14:50
ogra_dobey, so you call preinstalled phones that you need to "fastboot oem unlock" any different ?14:51
marcustomlinsondobey, mardy: we only request access if we don't get an access token back from signon14:51
dobeyogra_: why would you need to unlock them to get ubuntu, if ubuntu is already on them?14:51
marcustomlinsondobey: do you get an access token from within the scope?14:51
=== VargaD_ is now known as VargaD
ogra_dobey, the preinstalled phones wont differ much from n4 ... except that the bootloader is locked by default and ubuntu is already installed14:51
dobeymarcustomlinson: this is becasue the scopes-api code only works with oauth plug-ins?14:51
dobeymarcustomlinson: we aren't using the scopes-api to actually get the token14:52
dobeyogra_: right, but the bootloader doesn't need to be unlocked to get ubuntu14:52
ogra_dobey, you need to unnlock them for development ... like any other phone ... since you dont want that if an enduser forgets his phone in a bar anyone can just access the data from recovery14:52
marcustomlinsondobey: ah14:52
ogra_dobey, it does need to be unlocked to develop on it14:53
ogra_and the unlocking will behave like on AOSP/nexus ... and wipe the phone14:53
marcustomlinsondobey: yes, you are not considered authenticated if you do not have an access token14:53
dobeyogra_: yes. but i thought we were talking about end users, not development :)14:53
dobeymarcustomlinson: i'm not sure what that means14:53
ogra_i would expect 80% of our first endusers to be developers :)14:53
Z3I am a developer :)14:53
ogra_and the majority to actually unlock them as a first step14:54
ogra_to take a deeper look etc14:54
dobeyogra_: there's a difference between being a developer, and developing on the device itself. one can write an app and never need to unlock the device (or even need a device, really)14:54
dobeybut anyway14:54
ogra_app devs wont *need* it14:55
ogra_but i'm sure they will unlock anyway ;)14:55
ogra_in any case they will be locked down by default14:55
marcustomlinsondobey: if signon does not return an access token, the shell will think its not authenticated, so everytime you tap install it'll request access14:55
ogra_which was the initial question14:55
dobeymarcustomlinson: what do you mean by "access token" exactly?14:56
Z3thank you, bye !14:56
dobeymarcustomlinson: scopes-api only works with accounts that are using the oauth plug-in in online acocunts?14:56
marcustomlinsondobey: yes14:57
dobeymarcustomlinson: well that just won't do14:57
marcustomlinsondobey: otherwise, use OnlineAccountClient to get services statuses14:57
dobeyu1 isn't oauth14:57
marcustomlinsondobey: if there is an enabled service, don't call register_account_login_item14:58
marcustomlinsondobey: calling that will tell the shell to check for authorisation when tapped14:58
marcustomlinsondobey: bare in mind that enabled != authenticated14:59
marcustomlinsondobey: so if you check for an enabled account, and you find one, don't call register_account_login_item on your "Install" button14:59
dobeymarcustomlinson: as it should; but i think it shouldn't require the secret to be stored in a particular manner in signon (as it apparently does now)14:59
=== oSoMoN_ is now known as oSoMoN
nik90ted: Hey, I saw UAL landed in the recent images. Will you app for the startup times work correctly now (actually will the server show the correct data) ?15:04
marcustomlinsondobey: ok, thinking about it if the shell thinks its a failure when no oauth token is received, your ContinueAction will not work15:05
marcustomlinsondobey: I need to fix that15:05
marcustomlinsondobey: I'll have the shell consider service enabled as good15:05
dobeymarcustomlinson: is that in the shell, or in the scopes api?15:05
marcustomlinsondobey: unity-scopes-shell / unity-plugin-shell15:06
marcustomlinsondobey: unity-scopes-shell / unity-plugin-scopes15:06
marcustomlinsondobey: there is no unity-plugin-shell15:06
dobeymarcustomlinson: well, what about just having it check if it can see the secret, rather than trying to parse the secret?15:06
marcustomlinsondobey: which secret? client secret?15:07
tednik90, just a sec, otp.15:07
cyphermoxrobotfuel: I just upgraded to 94; and the flight mode script works15:08
dobeymarcustomlinson: the signon "secret"15:09
dobeymarcustomlinson: in the IdentityInfo15:09
robotfuelcyphermox: ok I'll update to 94 and see if that fixes it for me15:11
dobeyanyway, i need to get lunch and i have an appointment to get to. :-/15:11
mhall119dbarth: when do we expect Facebook push-notifications to work on the phones?15:13
mhall119IIRC, there was something blocking it, missing token or somthing, in the past15:14
popeypffft facebook... who uses _that_!?15:14
robotfuelcyphermox: it works for me in 94, so it must have been an issue in just image 9315:16
mhall119popey: us luddites who haven't switched to Ello yet15:17
popeyDo keep up! Facebook -> Status.net -> Diaspora -> G+ -> Ello15:18
robotfuelcyphermox: it works in 94 for me too.15:20
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tednik90, Mostly, the problem now is that the allocation of devices changed and the startup tests haven't been ported over to the new architecture.15:32
tednik90, So we're not getting startup results right now.15:33
tednik90, But that's getting fixed…15:33
tednik90, So close, but yet so far :-)15:33
robotfuelbfiller: can you tag this with a touch-<date> that you estimate this bug will be fixed by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app/+bug/1376495?15:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1376495 in camera-app (Ubuntu) "autopilot3 run camera_app.tests.test_zoom.TestCameraZoom.test_slider_zoom_out crashes camera-app" [High,Confirmed]15:37
matv1my updateable apps list is filled with apps that are allready updated with that version. I have some wonky cash probably. Anyone know what i should clear out?15:39
matv1or whatever else might be causing that?15:40
=== dandrader_ is now known as dandrader|lunch
bfillerrobotfuel: tagged, is omer26 around? he has a branch to fix it15:42
robotfuelbfiller: does that fix the crash or just the pinch?15:42
robotfuelbfiller: the test will say it passes when there is a crash unfortunately15:43
popeymatv1: you're seeing multiple copies of the same app in update list?15:43
bfillerrobotfuel: fixes the test15:43
matv1popey no not that.15:43
bfillerrobotfuel: so it actually works15:43
popeymatv1: odd15:43
matv1i am seeing a list of core apps that need updating, but going by the version number they allready are updated15:44
matv1popey it happened after i updated to rtm #415:44
robotfuelbfiller: I haven't seen omer all week, there was a Monday - Wednesday holiday in Pakistan this week.15:44
matv1popey:  at that time there a set of apps needing updating but i didnt bother and just did the image upgrade15:45
matv1so it seems that the click update manager got out of sync during the image update15:46
matv1because after i got the new image with latest version of the core apps, they remain in the update list15:48
matv1of course trying to execute the update fails15:48
matv1popey: makes any sense to you?15:49
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=== bbl is now known as pstolowski|bbl
matv1popey is there perhaps any kind of local cash related to click update manager that i can flush?16:05
=== _salem is now known as salem_
robotfuelcyphermox: I assigned a new bug to you https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/urfkill/+bug/1379406 the number of crashes has skyrocketed it's the 2nd most crasher on krillin today16:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1379406 in urfkill (Ubuntu) "Top Crasher: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/urfkill/urfkilld:6:g_assertion_message:g_assertion_message_expr:urf_device_register_device:urf_device_ofono_new:urf_ofono_manager_add_modem" [Critical,Confirmed]16:17
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cyphermoxrobotfuel: ah, thanks.16:22
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nik90ted: :-) so close yet so far16:48
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
ahayzenrsalveti, ping17:29
=== dandrader__ is now known as dandrader
slvnhi !17:49
slvnAfter a few month of inactivity, I try to run my apps on ubuntu touch + nexus10. Many thing seems to have changed.17:50
slvnUnfortunatly my apps refused to start17:51
slvndont know if related, I see this message in /var/log/apport.log17:51
slvngdbus call error: Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files17:51
slvnThis is a SDL native application. Three/For  months ago, that was working fine.17:53
slvnAny help is welcome ...17:53
slvnI have just update the devices with the latest version (ubuntu 14.10 (r243))17:54
slvnI have updated my SDL trunk and recompiled every think ...17:55
slvnthe only think I have had to change was to add :  "--allow-untrusted" to the installation command.   (sudo -H -u phablet pkcon --allow-untrusted install-local /home/phablet/Downloads/....click)17:56
dobeyslvn: what is trying to connect to the gnome session manager for your app?18:09
slvndobey. No idea ... The app is game. It requires drawing stuff. not sure if this is related to gnome session manager. (I would say no..)18:16
slvnI just found a log message interesting :18:16
slvnit says : Can't init SDL VIDEO:  No available video device18:16
slvnseems like SDL is not talking to mir anymore ...18:17
dobeyslvn: is it using gtk+ or any other gnome libs?18:17
slvnOnly SDL libs. no gtks, no gnomes libs.18:18
slvnthis is a native application that talks to MIR, and do EGL calls18:18
slvndobey, the message "Can't init SDL VIDEO:  No available video device" is for sure the issue.18:19
slvnthe application is launch but fails to connect to MIR18:19
slvnI remember there was some MIR_SOCKET stuff ...18:20
dobeyis your app statically linked? or does it include the SDL libraries you're linking to?18:21
popeyslvn: is it SDL2?18:21
slvnit is dynamically linked. I provide the SDL libs18:22
slvnyes SDL218:22
popeyi had trouble with this recently18:22
popeyit couldn't find a library, I _think_ because SDL had been built against an old libmirclient...18:22
popeybschaefer knows more ㋛18:22
dobeywas the version of SDL you're including not built with mir support?18:22
slvnI have rebuild and update everything18:23
bschaeferwhich library?18:23
bschaeferfor umm SDL218:23
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bschaefertheres an issue with libmirclient changing the return of a function from bool to MirBool18:23
slvnupdated my SDL2 trunk, updated ubuntu touch OS, updated my chroot for cross compilation18:24
bschaeferwhich causes the dynamic loader to fail sooo you'll either need to fix that in sdl/src/video/mir/SDL_mirsym.h18:24
bschaeferor compile SDL2 with18:24
bschaeferslvn, ^18:24
slvnbshaefer :)18:24
slvnhow can I patch mirsym.h ?18:25
bschaeferi forgot what function needed to be changed18:25
bschaeferSDL_MIR_SYM(MirBool,mir_connection_is_valid,(MirConnection *connection))18:25
bschaeferSDL_MIR_SYM(MirBool,mir_surface_is_valid,(MirSurface *surface))18:26
bschaeferslvn, IIRC, they are normal bool18:26
bschaefervs MirBool18:26
bschaefermake sure they are MirBool and all should work18:26
dobeyi would disable as many shared libraries and possible and go with static, for click packaged things.18:26
bschaeferdobey, well SDL has it set up to dynamically load the libraries so they are not dependent on the library it self18:27
dobeybschaefer: yeah i know. pluggable modules are all the rage. but static might make the app start faster too, since it won't have to go resolving all the dlopen()s18:28
bschaeferthis is true18:28
slvnI have tried the Symbols but does not seem to have changed anything. (I may be wrong as I did that quickly).18:29
slvnI have to go. I will be back18:29
slvnI will try also the build stuff static!18:29
bschaeferthere could be something else18:29
bschaeferyeah try the static i need to get it fixed in main18:29
dobeyand it's a click package, so it's not like other things on the platform are going to use the libs you ship inside the click; knowing that you're the only app using the lib, and knowing what platform it is going to run on, one can optimize the build as well, so you don't have all the modules you don't need, along with the one you do18:30
bschaeferdobey, its not click yet IIRC, i still need to talk to Saviq about getting SDL into the sdk framework18:30
bschaeferonce that happens, yes i think moving to a static library would be fine18:30
bschaeferdobey, its still a legacy app atm18:30
dobeybschaefer: well right now anyone using SDL has to ship it in their click18:30
* bschaefer doesn't know a lot about click packages :)18:31
dobeythere is no sdl lib on the phone image18:31
bschaeferyeah, hopefully at some point!18:31
dobeywell, sdl will need a bit of work to have it be on the image i think; so people can ship additional modules they might need SDL to load, inside the click as they may not be part of the sdk/image18:32
bschaefersdl2 is working pretty well (if things stoped changing! haha)18:33
bschaeferdobey, another issue, is theres nothing that really uses SDL2 atm18:33
dobeyon the phone, or in general?18:34
bschaeferthat works on the phone, besides small apps and tests18:34
bschaeferdobey, i've quite a few steam games working on the desktop through SDL2/mir18:34
dobeyyeah, i was just going to say, steam uses it pretty heavily :)18:34
bschaeferyup :)18:34
dobeydidn't someone port vba to the phone?18:37
dobeyalthough it might be broken too now18:37
bschaeferdobey, i think it depends on SDL1.218:38
bschaeferbut i can test it out if i can get it to work18:38
dobeyyeah. qvba-m18:40
dobeyit's in the store18:40
dobeyif you want to try porting something though, it looks like neverball is using sdl2 in utopic. porting that and adding support to use the accelerometer/gyroscope in the phone, should make it an interesting thing on the phone/tablet18:43
bschaeferdobey, o nice, yeah i can take a look at that18:44
bschaeferi've not checked if anything new got in for sdl218:44
dobeyhmm, why is my cpu suddenly so hot :-/18:46
dobeyyay c++ :-/18:47
Saviqbschaefer, me? I've nothing to do with frameworks :)18:56
SaviqTBH I'm not sure who to talk to about that18:57
bschaeferSaviq, yeah i was going to poke you to figure out who to poke haha :)18:57
bschaeferbut ill poke around during the sprint18:58
Saviqbschaefer, we'll find out soon enough18:58
Saviqbschaefer, it's ubuntu-sdk-libs, comes from https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch-meta/utopic18:58
bschaeferSaviq, sweet! I can dig around that to figure out how the other are working atm. Thanks!18:59
Saviqbschaefer, looks like between rsalveti and ogra_ someone should be able to help with getting stuff into frameworks, now question is who is to make the call to add it :)19:00
bschaeferbregma, ^ some info19:00
bschaeferSaviq, right, and if it should be added or not :)19:00
bschaeferif i can get neverball working in SDL2 i think that would be a good start19:01
bschaeferSaviq, as atm theres nothing really working for SDL2 and the phone besides small apps and tests19:01
bschaeferthough for the desktop theres a lot more19:01
bschaefersoo it could still be worth for it the desktop alone19:01
Saviqwell, yeah, but adding it to the phone has implications we need to think of, it needs to be worth it for real19:02
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rsalvetiahayzen_: pong19:09
ahayzen_rsalveti, I've been told you were working on this component ... When pressing volume up/down there is the new notification and a 'pop' sound. However the pop sound causes music to be paused, I assume it is using the wrong role? Is there a bug for this already or do you want me to add one, if so against which project?19:10
rsalvetiahayzen_: yeah, that is going to be reverted, and the proper implementation is in progress19:10
rsalvetiahayzen_ ted is taking care of that19:10
ahayzen_rsalveti, cool thanks19:10
rsalvetiwe have bugs, just don't know the number19:11
ahayzen_hah lol19:11
dobeybschaefer: just convince valve to write port steam mobile client to ubuntu too ;)19:13
bschaeferdobey, well if they make a steam mobile client it should be in SDL2 sooo it'll work on ubuntu :)19:14
slvnback! So this is not exactly the symbols that fails in my case, but the library name. It looks for libmirclient.so.7, but the tablet has libmirclient.so.819:16
dobeybschaefer: well, i don't know if it's in SDL2 itself, but it might provide SDL2 for games to use. it's available for android (and i think ios).19:17
bschaeferdobey, interesting, as their steam client is also written in SDL2.... i slightly assume everything from value is in SDL2 haha19:17
bschaeferslvn, well going to a static library should work...19:18
dobeyslvn: so you built it on a 14.04 chroot?19:18
slvndobey: android, ios, and also winRT, winPhone, Nacl ...19:18
dobeybschaefer: well the module in sdl probably will still want to dynamically load the mir lib itself (as it's part of the system), unless it's also explicitly linked statically19:19
bschaeferdobey, if you disable --shared, it'll load it in during compile. (So everything will be compiled with -lmirclient)19:20
slvnyes, that's fore sur the issue. my chroot is 14.0419:20
dobeybschaefer: building against the right version might be better here anyway; might be other issues if you pull in libmirclient719:20
bschaeferslvn, make sure the confiure19:20
dobeyslvn: yes, create a new chroot/kit that's 14.1019:20
bschaeferconfigure/rules files is looking at the right version but ... i didn't specify a version there19:21
slvnyes, I took my old script/chroot. I did think about changing the version. I just update it19:21
dobeyalthough that also presents an interesting problem19:21
kenvandinemterry, landing you wizard refresh branch is on my short list... sorry for the delay19:22
kenvandinemterry, had quite a few speed bumps today with landings19:22
mterrykenvandine, no worries, I get it19:22
kenvandinemterry, that'll be my next settings landing though19:22
mterrykenvandine, I'm just happy it's approved, when it lands is only bugging other people  :)19:22
kenvandinestarted the day with ftbfs because of gdb... and gone down hill from there19:22
mterrykenvandine, :-/19:22
kenvandinelike unintended silos getting published :/19:23
kenvandinemterry, it'll probably be tomorrow morning at this point though19:23
dobeybschaefer: yeah, steam mobile is just android/ios: http://store.steampowered.com/mobile19:23
mterrykenvandine, oh no, a silo got through accidentally  :-/19:23
bschaeferdobey, :(19:23
dobeybschaefer: but it's also proprietary, so i have no idea what they're actually doing in terms of displaying things to the screen19:24
nhainesThe only thing the Steam Mobile client does is catalog, purchasing, and instant messaging.19:24
bschaeferdobey, yeah, sdl1.2 had ios support IIRC but i dont see it in sdl219:24
dobeybschaefer: they could just be embedding SDL2 inside an NSWhatever on ios19:25
bschaeferdobey, yeah, hmm i can attempt to check it out, i've had to deal with proprietary games from value before19:25
slvnI am confused about the chroot. I actually have a "partial" chroot. I use scripts from MIR (i guess), that are called : "setup-partial-armhf-chroot.sh", "cross-compile-chrool.sh" and "debian/control".  I see not trace of 14.10 or 14.04.  how to change the version ?19:25
bschaeferdobey, o sorry, it does have coca support19:26
dobeyslvn: are you not building your app in qtcreator?19:26
slvndobey. no. I build the SDL with the partial chroot.19:27
slvnthen I build my app with SDL19:27
slvnwhen I tried a few months ago, that was not possible to use qtcreator for this19:28
slvnthe partial chroot, has indeed the lib : ./usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libmirclient.so.719:29
dobeyslvn: if you integrate the SDL build as part of buidling your app, rather than building separately, and ensure the lib gets installed to the right place to be pulled into the click, it should work fine in qtcreator19:30
slvndobey: I would rather use no IDE ...  The application now works because SDL has few dependencies. My application work with the hack of finding the correct libmirclient19:35
slvnthe line : "fakeroot debootstrap --include=${builddeps} --arch=armhf --download-only --variant=buildd trusty ."19:37
dobeyslvn: you don't need to use qtcreator to actually work on the code. but qtcreator does make it much easier to build click packages for deployment to the device19:37
slvnshould be replaced with the 14.10 version ?19:37
dobeyslvn: yes, s/trusty/utopic/19:38
slvnI like script because  of this :)19:39
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charlesAlbertA2, AlbertA: could you see about getting https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/unity-system-compositor/lp-1365557-decrement-display-on-requests-correctly/+merge/237498 into the next system compositor silo?19:49
AlbertA2charles: yes we are gated19:50
AlbertA2by the mir landing19:50
charlesI didn't see that. Thanks :)19:50
AlbertA2charles: np, as soon as that's done I'll land it19:51
charlesAlbertA2, #landinggate ?19:51
dobeybad joke19:53
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kenvandinemterry, it's building in silo 8, did you confirm the test plan is current with your changes?20:17
mterrykenvandine, yeah...  The wiki test plan for the wizard is pretty bare -- it's mostly "run through the wizard"20:18
mterrykenvandine, speaking of which, it really needs some solid AP tests20:18
kenvandineyes... yes it does :)20:19
slvnThanks for the help ! bye20:40
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