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MooDoomorning all06:49
MooDooAny one done the linux foundation ubuntu exam?07:03
diploMorning MooDoo, I've not but have debated doing it a few times07:51
MooDoodiplo: yeah I'm thinking about doing it now...I noticed there was an ubuntu optionm07:52
diploLet me know if you do, may do it at the same time :)07:52
MooDoohehe yeah ok :) $300 :S07:52
diploThat's my biggest issue is the cost, work don't do any sort of courses ever07:54
diploGuys who have been here 20 years still haven't done one course :/07:54
SuperMattwhat kind of course?07:55
MooDooI've saved for it, so luckily I have the money for it already07:56
SuperMatta linux course07:56
SuperMattI've done many07:56
SuperMattand it looks like I'll be doing my rhcsa for rhel 7 before the year is out07:57
MooDooSuperMatt: nice :)07:57
diploI'd like to do my RHCE as well07:59
MooDoome three :D08:01
MooDoolinux foundation exam first though08:01
SuperMatttbh, might as well jump straight in to rhel and forget foundation because the rhel exam proves you can do it08:10
diplobut the RHEL is £1200 ish ?08:12
MooDooseen this diplo http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/100-off-linux-foundation-certification-for-ubuntu-members/191508:14
MooDoodiplo: if you're an ubuntu member08:14
diploI saw a post didn't read it08:16
MooDoo$100 off the linux profession exam if you're an ubuntu member08:17
diploNot a member though :/08:17
MooDoodiplo: no me neither08:18
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Fire Prevention Day! :-D08:47
foobarryi move offices today \o/08:50
foobarryout of the windowless basement08:51
foobarryinto the skies08:51
JamesTaitfoobarry, you're moving offices?08:54
foobarry3 flights upstairs08:58
foobarry6th desk move in 2 yrs08:58
foobarryi haz 6crates+ to move :S08:58
* davmor2 sets a fire so he can put it out to celebrate09:02
awilkinsThe link-comment-bot is dead then09:03
JamesTaitfoobarry, you keep your offices in crates in the windowless basement? Are they heavy?09:03
SuperMattI'm going to be changing desks on monday09:04
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:28
zmoylan-pigreetings carbon based lifeforms09:29
brobostigonmorning zmoylan-pi09:32
MooDoohowdy brobostigon zmoylan-pi :) how are you both today?09:44
zmoylan-pipondering coffee...09:44
MooDooooo good plan09:46
zmoylan-piand for an encore some form of choccy biccie to enhance the coffee experience09:46
brobostigonMooDoo: not bad, and you?09:48
MooDoobrobostigon: yeah I'm ok thanks, can't believe it's nearly 11am already.09:52
brobostigonMooDoo: :). yes times flies fast sometimes.09:53
zmoylan-piso a meeting free zone then? :-)09:53
MooDooalready had my meetings lol09:54
zmoylan-pidid you sleep through them making them go faster? :-)09:55
MooDoounfortunately not, it was regarding a bloomin heavy ups09:55
zmoylan-piis there any ups that doesn't weigh a tonne?09:56
brobostigoni suspect not.09:57
popeylate brekkie \o/09:58
popeyscrambled egg with flakes of chilli on a toasted bagel09:58
popeynomety nom09:58
popeyI feel 1,000,000 times better!09:58
DJonesSheesh, I hate phone calls when staff ring up complaining the deductions from wages are too much and what can they do about it10:01
dutchiepopey: ooh that sounds tasty10:02
DJonesAll I could say was invent a time machine, travel back in time a few years and have a vasectomy, then the Child support agency wouldn't be chasing him10:02
* MooDoo is looking at having mexican for tea, not sure what to make though10:03
DJonesMooDoo: Gold tequila in a pint glass10:04
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MooDooDJones: oh dear....10:05
MyrttiDJones: if you cry into the pint you have the salt trim too10:06
DJonesNice thought10:07
MooDoohmmm pint, that sounds good10:14
davmor2Morning all, Todays tune is Tubular bells10:16
MooDooooo forgot about that...10:20
davmor2MooDoo: and now it's in your head too, you're welcome, and 2 slightly distorted guitars10:21
MooDoodavmor2: i just happen to be on spotify, so it's on now10:22
MooDooalthough web player on ubuntu never works quite right for me.10:25
MooDooeveryone enjoy oggcamp then?10:27
davmor2MooDoo: I just have the webpage open seems fine here10:28
MooDooyeah it seems to be a pain when i view my music10:29
popeyyeah, exhausted10:33
MooDoolooked once again a great event10:34
popeyyeah, it was great10:36
popeysaturday night i think we spent about 5 hours straight playing games10:36
LaneyMooDoo: you going beer fest?10:36
Laneysorry beer and cider fest10:36
Laney(the wrath of camra)10:37
MooDooLaney: aren't the tickets sold out now?10:37
MooDoothen no :D10:38
MooDooto be honest totally forgot about it,10:38
MooDoonever really liked it since it moved from victoria baths.10:39
LaneyI think it has good roamability at the castle10:40
Laneydoes get pretty packed10:40
zmoylan-piand more equipped to keep out the gate crashers? :-p10:41
Laneyyou could totally climb up the rock10:42
MooDoozmoylan-pi: when it was at the baths, there wasn't gate crashers, it was more respectable and smaller, now it's just commercialised nonsense10:42
MooDoogumblemode off10:46
LaneyI think they just moved to a bigger venue because it was too popular to fit there10:46
MooDooah i'm just a grumpy so and so....lol miss my faggots and chips lol10:48
* zmoylan-pi eyes beans on toast for lunch10:49
MooDooi see the ubuntu uk page on facebook hasn't been updated since nov 2013 lol10:50
popeyYeah,. pffft facebook, who uses _that_!?11:14
awilkinsI think it's a well-recognised truth that Facebook uses *you*....11:17
zmoylan-piif the page is unupdated, maybe it's because it's getting no engagement on facebook11:17
LaneyI signed up to ello yesterday11:17
zmoylan-pinot the 1st place i think of when i think of technical/tech curious people11:18
awilkinsSome of us signed up to Ello11:18
awilkinsIt's comedically awful hipstercode11:18
zmoylan-pionly one i use is twitter and i can see myself giving up on that11:18
awilkinsI like Twitter, I don't like their official Android client any more, because it has permissions creeop11:18
zmoylan-pioh and diaspora as it's super geeky11:18
awilkinsAny recommendations for an OSS twitter client for Android?11:19
zmoylan-piplume is what i use on android, ads are annoying but it's like tweetdeck used to be11:19
foobarryi use plume because multi accounts but the ads are really annoying11:26
foobarryand the premium vrsion is too expensive11:26
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popeyI have a british problem12:22
MooDoojust open the door, make him move and say "good Day"12:23
Myrttitake him a cup of tea12:25
MyrttiI almost offered a mug to the DPD courier that brought the new toner cartridge12:25
MooDooI work next door to a dpd in nottingham so easy to get parcels delivered to me, in fact i go collect them :D12:25
zmoylan-pias you leave hand him a cheap umberella?12:27
knightwisehey MooDoo Myrtti zmoylan-pi12:28
zmoylan-pihey knightwise12:28
MooDoohowdy knightwise how are you on this fine day12:28
knightwisedoing ok :) Working from home today .. Work laptop on the left , linux laptop on the right .. you know how it is12:29
MooDooyeah, work laptop on the left, home laptop on my right12:29
directhexhere i am12:30
zmoylan-pilaptop in front of me,  sshed into the pi behind me :-p12:30
directhexstuck in the middle with an ipad12:30
knightwisehaha :) I'm working on a macbook air .. So12:30
knightwiserunning 14.0412:30
MyrttiFinland has postal ninjas that come to the door, supposedly knock, then leave after scribbling a note that a parcel didn't fit through and nobody was at home.12:31
MooDoonice, just installed 14.04 this morning on mine, thinking about doing the upgrade to 14.10 seeing as it's about 3 weeks away12:31
MyrttiWe, however, seem to have a postal troll.12:31
knightwisebelgian postal office workers get stuck licking stamps from time to time12:32
knightwisethey are so slow the glue dries halfway through the lick12:32
Myrttione came about today, fiddled around the mail hatch, fiddled with the lid, left. Went to check: no mail.12:32
knightwiselid-fiddlers ...12:32
knightwisepervo's !12:32
zmoylan-piyeah, it's getting to the point you need a grid of detection lasers to notice the postal ninjas :-)12:35
zmoylan-pior a bear trap12:35
diploPostal guy for me is an old friend, and all other deliveries I get sent to work so win win for me12:36
diplo+ he lives about 200 yards up the road as well + I get post once a fornight if that \o/12:37
christeli like living in the sticks -- the postman asked if he could sign for my parcels and leave them in my back porch if i was out <312:37
MooDoothat sounds awesoem12:40
MooDooliving in the sticks rocks12:40
knightwiseI've made a promise to buy all my tech stuff online this year12:41
knightwiseno more impulse buying in the shop12:41
MooDooknightwise: how long will that last lol12:41
knightwisebeen going pretty well actually12:42
knightwiseI allmost bought a chromebook .. thought about it , researched it .. and decided not to12:42
knightwisewe also cut the cord and canceled out cable subscription 2 months ago and thats going fine too12:42
knightwisei'm realy trying to become more aware when i'm being "herded" into buying something i dont need12:43
MooDoowow, i must admin everything online that I used i cancelled, the only think I can think I have is netflix12:43
knightwisesaying goodbye to Radio and Tv helps a lot in that account.12:44
knightwiseMooDoo: We have netflix , but I havent used it a lot.12:44
knightwiseBbc iplayer + youtube12:44
knightwiseand some torrentz12:44
knightwisewe just dont watch that much TV anymore12:44
MooDooyeah about the same here.....strange we have virgin for broadband sky for telly and i watch most on the pooter12:44
knightwiseSame here  We watch a LOT via plex and chromecast12:45
MooDooI've had a chromecast plugged in for ages, barely use it12:46
knightwiseDaily , we have one in the living room and one in the bedroom12:46
diploKeep debating buying one myself12:50
knightwiseits not that expensive .. See it as a "line in" for your tv12:51
zmoylan-piuse a pi instead as it's more flexible?12:51
MooDoothey are handy if you have things to stream12:51
diplo1 x hdmi slot ( Old old LCD )12:51
awilkinsYeah, the main thing holding me back from upgrades to my media setup is SD vs HD12:51
diploToo skint to buy new telly really12:51
awilkinsI have a 15 year old MythTV box12:51
awilkinsAncient Sempron running it12:51
awilkinsBut it just keeps going12:52
diploI have a Revo + microserver12:52
awilkinsBut SD out only12:52
awilkinsIf I get a new screen I'd have to replace the lot12:52
knightwiseI have our mac mini hooked up to the tv .. it s our media machine but also our VM host and stuff12:52
awilkinsI am entering a new job where I think I will probably have a need for a server12:52
awilkinsDon't know whether to get hosting out there or host it at home12:53
knightwisesmall question. I would love to install Feednix12:53
knightwisebut what packace do I actually download here  ? https://github.com/Jarkore/Feednix12:53
awilkinsPackage? That's a Git repo12:54
awilkinsConfronted with that I'd clone the repo and build it12:54
diployeah looks like a build from source12:54
awilkinsOr use a PPA : https://launchpad.net/~unity-webapps-feedly/+archive/ubuntu/stable12:55
awilkins.. which isn't up to date12:55
diplohah was just gooingling that myself12:55
knightwiseerm .. clone the repo ?12:55
knightwisehow do i do that again ?12:55
awilkinsWhich dead PPA can mean that the package was accepted of course12:55
awilkinsknightwise, it's a Git repository. Git is a version control system. You need to install Git, and do12:56
awilkinsgit clone https://launchpad.net/~unity-webapps-feedly/+archive/ubuntu/stable12:56
awilkinsgit clone https://github.com/Jarkore/Feednix.git12:56
awilkinsThen you need to build it...12:56
awilkinsThere's a unity thing for it too...  ;https://github.com/eudennis/unity-webapps-feedly12:57
knightwiseok , i did the clone git command bu t.. now what ?12:57
awilkinscd Feednix12:57
awilkinsSee what happens12:58
knightwisethe site says i should run the autogetn.sh scipt ,12:58
awilkinsSounds like you should then12:58
knightwisebut ..where is it ?12:58
awilkinsIn the folder you just clojned12:58
knightwisefound ti12:58
awilkinsBuilding packages from source is Linux in "Veteran" mode12:58
awilkinsIf you want "hard mode" you use something like Arch or Gentoo12:59
knightwisegrrr error in the autogen.sh script13:00
awilkinsknightwise, It's usually missing dependencies13:13
awilkinsknightwise, If you can work out what it is, install that package, but with a -dev on the end13:14
awilkinsThat installs the headers so the compiler can build things that call those libraries13:14
knightwiseok , i'll try to give it a go13:20
diploIf it's ubuntu below where it tells you to make there is a list of dependancies Ubuntu needs13:22
diploThank you @chrisjohnston for mentioning the following dependencies for Ubuntu:13:23
diplosudo apt-get install dh-autoreconf libjsoncpp-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libncurses5-dev13:23
knightwiseIgot it :)13:36
knightwisenow to work out the config file13:37
knightwisepretty interesting stuff :) i love these little command line apps :)13:39
selinuxiumHi all... I have one server in a data centre. I want a warm/hot standby in another DC... What tech could/should I use to keep things in sync? gluster? ceph? zfs? I have no idea where to start... :)13:40
diplodrbd ?13:44
diploI think13:44
davmor2MooDoo: new tune of the day Sash! Ecuador13:51
intrbizselinuxium: I'd second DRBD if you want to replicate data, or you could just use something like rsync, depending on your requirements13:53
selinuxiumI'll look into it..  :)13:54
MooDoodavmor2: lana del rey13:56
MooDoodavmor2: although just put on sah13:57
davmor2MooDoo: and now you're smiling right?14:10
MooDooyeah lol14:15
davmor2MooDoo: it's just one of those tunes you can't help it :)14:16
davmor2MooDoo: Corona Rhythm of the night14:17
MooDoooh now your dragging them out.14:18
davmor2MooDoo: I have a long, long list of them.14:18
davmor2MooDoo: Starts at 2Ulimited and ends at ZZtop14:19
davmor2MooDoo: Outhere Brothers Wiggle, and boom boom boom, but find the radio edit if you are work :)14:20
shaunonot often you'll find someone who'll admit that in public ;)14:21
davmor2shauno: 2unlimited was on a compilation cd but it is in my music library, also it is a tune that puts a smile on my face which is all I want from music14:23
zmoylan-pino 1direction? :-)14:24
shaunobut .. outhere brothers?14:24
davmor2shauno: hahaha14:25
davmor2zmoylan-pi: you must be mistaking me for dick_turpin14:26
zmoylan-pino i wouldn't be that mean :-)14:26
shaunoI actually remember getting that album.  or rather, I remember bribing my best friend's sister's boyfriend to buy it for us, because woolies were quite strict about the naughty label.14:26
MooDooany one know a quick way of disabling fast user switching un ubuntu lts desktop?14:33
davmor2MooDoo: no14:35
davmor2shauno: haha14:36
MooDooit's ok i've sussed it14:41
popeyturns out the electricity board guys have dug a big hole in my garden14:42
popeywithout telling me14:42
popey"I did knock on your door, heh!"14:42
diddledanare they even allowed to do that?14:43
popeyi dunno.14:43
diddledanI would have thought private property meant that14:43
zmoylan-piclaim that they've descecrated fluffies last resting place?14:43
foobarryanyone know someone looking for a job?14:50
foobarrylinux job14:51
foobarryall round geeky dude job14:51
diploo/ but you're too far away :/14:51
foobarryvmware job14:51
foobarrylots of jobs, me14:51
MooDoofoobarry: at a uni right?14:53
foobarrylots of holiday, and good working hours14:53
foobarryand nice team14:53
Myrttiit's really tipping down in Cambridgeshire14:53
Myrttigood golly14:53
popeythe engineers are getting rained on.14:55
davmor2MooDoo: I'm too sexy for my shirt15:28
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davmor2MooDoo: Sunchyme dario g with the back beat from life in a north town15:38
davmor2Ice, Ice baby15:48
Azelphurhey folks, how do I find out where the oyster card comes into effect? I'm training down from Margate and want to switch to Oyster at the earliest possible for the cheaper fees16:45
Azelphurall the coaches are booked :<16:46
MartijnVdSAzelphur: I think TFL has a list?16:48
MartijnVdSor a map16:48
daftykinsor a helpline!16:48
Azelphuractually yea, the helpline is pretty useful, should just not dick about and call them.16:49
daftykinsyeah, someone online could be wrong16:49
daftykinsi've been in a pub before when mainlanders have been having a huge discussion about the right motorway to take to get from A to B16:49
daftykinsit's hilariously painful ;D16:50
popeymy father in law spends hours planning journeys16:52
popeyi use google maps16:52
directhexi just use my car's satnav16:53
directhex2006 map disc, no postcode db16:54
daftykinsthere's a neat free downloadable-maps app on android a friend pointed me to17:00
daftykins'NavFree' i think it's called17:00
popeyI've been using HERE mostly recently17:02
ali1234Azelphur: using the oyster as much as possible may not be the cheapest way to do it17:04
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MartijnVdSpopey: thanks for retweeting that BBC tweet :)17:51
MartijnVdSpopey: configured my PVR (software) to record that now ;)17:52
Myrttiwhat programme?18:03
MooDooevening all18:20
DJonesYo man18:21
MooDooutopic safe enough to upgrade to?18:21
daftykinswhen you have backups, of course!18:22
MooDoonew install so not restored anything yet :D , so might just do it :d18:22
MooDooback in a bit if it works lol18:22
dutchieMyrtti: cat watch i assume18:23
dutchieif i've got the right tweet18:23
davmor2MooDoo: you back yet?18:25
DJonesdavmor2: MooDoo Has only not spoken for 2 minutes, give him chance18:26
davmor2DJones: how long does it take to click on a few button and type in a username and password for crying out loud :)18:27
DJonesdavmor2: I'd guess about 24hours18:30
davmor2DJones: I bet MooDoo will use some random developer excuse like it was compiling ;)18:30
Myrttidutchie: thankies18:30
DJonesdavmor2: Nah, its MooDoo, the excuse will involve somthing like coudln't be arse'd18:31
DJonesCan't blame him for that18:31
davmor2DJones: no I bet MooDoo will pull this old china out of the hat.....It was installing18:31
DJonesdavmor2: Yeah, but blue screen of death18:32
MooDoowell that upgrade worked :d19:48
MartijnVdS \o/20:01
MartijnVdSworking upgrades are good :)20:01
davmor2MooDoo: Culture beat mr vain20:07
davmor2MooDoo: and more important, this beat is, this beat is, this beat is......20:11
MooDoodavmor2: oh you shush now :D21:03
AzelphurI think I just created the worlds most expensive portable fan https://owncloud.azelphur.com/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=42f9829b204f8f8f8be45252124ea05422:11
diddledanI wonder what the runtime is on that22:12
Azelphurhehe, good question :P22:13
diddledanI want to believe but my scepticals won't let me22:25
diddledanif it really is that dense in energy and it doesn't require as much energy to create .. then wow22:26
ali1234looks like the "experiment" was completely set up by the inventor of this device, with the researchers merely being allowed to observe22:30
diddledanthere's several blogs about claiming it's fake22:31
zmoylan-piit's fusion, it'll happen in 20-30 years22:32
ali1234oh look they have renders of what the final product will look like, that's another massive red flag22:32
zmoylan-pior are we at 10-20 years away yet?22:32
diddledanbut nobody giving the "incontrovertible evidence" against that they demand in favour of the device22:32
ali1234there are scams like this every year22:33
diddledanbasically it's vapour in both directions as far as I can tell22:33
diddledannobody with proof it works and nobody with proof it doesn\t22:33
zmoylan-piwe'll know someone has cracked fusion when the price of volcano secret lairs has a price bubble :-)22:33
ali1234that's like asking for proof that david copperfield didn't really fly over the great wall of china of whatever he did22:33
ali1234if it was real, there would be no need for the inventor to carry out these staged demonstrations for proof22:35
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