ianorlinyeah that is more than my parents pay for rent for a suburban house00:02
pleia2wow, got on the wifi at starbucks00:59
pleia2(famous last words)00:59
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jyopleia2: Yes, I will be at the Ubuntu Hour earlier today.04:53
rwwpleia2: "Trusty Release: Active" oh dear...05:12
pleia2rww: yes, that's why we need it updated :)05:12
pleia2it's complete, and need Utopic release page made05:13
* rww nods05:14
rwwboo, i don't think jyo has a wikipage05:14
rwwwe should probably clean up some of the other "Active" stuff at some point05:16
pleia2no one has looked at the bottom of the page in like 45 years05:17
pleia2but yes05:17
rwwwe don't have anything for 14.10 except for san francisco in progress yet, right?05:18
rwwhuh, grantbow created Utopic's release page back in April :P05:18
rwwshall I add basic info for the SF one, or leave it until we get confirmation?05:19
pleia2I think we just are firming up address and time, so could say like "At Mozilla in SF on Thursday, October 23rd, more details soon"05:19
pleia2rww: so, care to do a presentation at the event? :)05:22
pleia2I can help with slides05:22
rwwdunno if i can go yet05:23
* rww checks calendar05:23
rwwshould be able to. i should probably install Utopic in a VM or something before that; i haven't really used it yet :p05:24
pleia2honestly it might be a short presentation, it's not too flashy change-wise05:24
rwwyeah, I was about to ask05:25
rwwi hear not much is new05:25
rwwkinda the calm before the storm, considering systemd and mir...05:25
rww< elky> so is this an LTS or not05:25
rwwelky hasn't been paying attention either.05:25
elkyi was trying to figure out when systemd and mir were going to happen05:26
elkyso, another 2 releases away amirite?05:26
rwwwhen kubuntu gets systemd and wayland, i will probably switch back to it :P05:26
pleia2systemd will follow debian's lead, so at least 2 releases05:26
rww(currently on Gentoo with systemd and KDE)05:27
pleia2jessie (last sysvinit release) isn't even frozen yet05:27
rwwiirc there's a crackbuild PPA of systemd floating around for utopic05:27
pleia2I have no words05:27
rwwpsh, if you're not running daily builds of your init daemon, are you really living?05:28
rwwon an unrelated note, did I miss something or did that "we'll make Ubuntu One Server open source!" thing kinda stop being talked about05:29
pleia2hrm, kind of did die off05:30
pleia2I haven't heard anything05:30
pleia2ugh, wanted to get more done tonight but I'm about to faceplant on my keyboard05:33
pleia2time to stop computering, good night05:33
bkerensajyo: pleia2: Will have confirmation today its approved just need to finalize the actual booking of the space17:58
nhainesI'm running utopic right now and  computer is running well.  Maybe *too* well..22:08
nhainesI think I'll install proprietary graphics drivers.22:08

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