cmaloneyHm, I got here late, and it looks like I'm the only one here.00:35
brouschOh, chc night00:54
_stink_where are you guys holding that these days?02:12
* greg-g is at the library doing work because, yeah02:12
cmaloney_stink_: Bean and Leaf02:13
cmaloneyJust invited you to our secret clubhouse.02:14
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/rMP9jN - Royal Oak Coffee House Coders - Community - Google+02:15
_stink_will i be hazed?02:15
cmaloneynot unless you bring pie02:15
cmaloneyotherwise, yeah.02:15
_stink_sweet thanks.02:16
cmaloneyYou need to join in order to get our updates02:16
greg-gI think this might end up being useful: http://avoidhumans.com/06:07
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/iqUGZf - Avoid Humans06:07
cmaloneySong of the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlkaxyYDBI813:01
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/kormTc - Webb Wilder - Tough it Out - YouTube13:01
mrgoodcatlol bash was apparently still not fixed14:13
cmaloneyI don't think it'll be fixed14:26
cmaloneynot until they remove that functionality.14:26
cmaloneyIt's like fixing SQL Injection14:27
mrgoodcatwell there was another update today14:32
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Yeah, and I'm thinking the only way to patch is to not run code from Env. variables.14:38
mrgoodcatbrousch: im waiting for inspiration14:42
mrgoodcatbut really i just started poorly14:43
greg-gg'morning. 5.5 hours of sleep is not enough for this old man15:44
brouschColoniscopy is do ne. I survides,15:47
cmaloneyI think the colonoscopy must've hit a nerve or something17:19
_stink_they went waaaay up there17:28
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho17:55
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's current track - One of Fail by Kalmah on 12 Gauge17:55
greg-gwhen the good barista isn't working and you order a macchiato but get a latte looking thing18:15
brouschI ended up taking a 3 hour nap afterwards. Just woke up20:59

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