PCLine_Hello andygraybeal00:02
andygraybealhi hi PCLine_ :)00:02
PCLine_3 Systems updated and upgraded....I am having trouble with 1 system :(00:15
PCLine_it is now....update didnt lock everything this time.00:36
Unit193I need a drink.00:56
* PCLine_ gives Unit193 a can of 7-Up00:58
* skellat ponders asking if anybody in-channel wants to do a meet-up at one of the Ohio State Parks lodges the weekend of 14.10's release +/- one week01:15
andygraybeali would but i'm broke and pretty south01:17
andygraybealnot only broke, but i don't have a job either01:17
andygraybealbut i could use some friends01:17
andygraybealand a job01:17
skellatandygraybeal: Which one is closest to you?  http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/lodges01:19
jenni[ Lodges & Conference Centers in Ohio State Parks ] - https://j.mp/18gl9O301:19
andygraybealaah don't make everyone come south01:19
dzhosouth is warmer!01:19
andygraybeali think burr oak is closest.. lemme find a map01:19
andygraybealburr oak is the only one i recognize but i don't know if it is closest.. i assume it is01:20
andygraybealthat site should have a map :)01:21
andygraybealyea, i bet glouster is closest... i'm in coolville01:22
andygraybealnext to athens and parkersburg01:22
andygraybealyea, burr oak isn't far at all01:25
andygraybealmaybe 45 minutes away?01:25
andygraybealbut that would make it a far drive from everyone else01:25
andygraybeal45minutes to an hour i would guess actually01:26
andygraybealyea maybe more like an hour it looks like01:26
andygraybealmy location sucks i've been thinking about moving to columbus area to get a job01:27
andygraybealgoogle says it's 57 minutes away :)01:28
andygraybealglouster is a rough area :)01:29
andygraybeali mean probably a lot better than columbus though01:29
PCLine_What is a Meet-Up you are Pondering to ask?01:35
andygraybeala shindig01:41
andygraybeali should sleep soon01:42
andygraybeali should sharpen some knives too01:42
andygraybeali'm even refraining from smoking certain herbs to get a job01:52
andygraybealwhich i think is stupid but i'm fine with it01:53
skellatPCLine_: At this point a social gathering of community members02:08
Unit193Shindig, didn't go well, someone ended up married accidentally...02:16
Unit193skellat: Ah, you use miro?03:03
skellatUsed to03:04
skellatGonna have to try building from source it seems03:05
Unit193Shouldn't be hard.03:10
skellatReading through the Participatory Culture Foundation's Form 990 that was filed with work...not pretty03:16
skellatEnded 2012 over 800k in the hole03:16
skellatSaid form available publicly through The Foundation Center: http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/202/202630593/202630593_201212_990.pdf03:17
skellatBradley Kuhn at Software Freedom Conservancy has been encouraging folks to read through the 990s of non-profits in the F/LOSS world03:19
skellatSupposedly the British comic John Oliver did something similar on some sort of cable TV show he has here in America relative to the Miss America pageant03:20
skellat:-D -- http://askubuntu.com/questions/533810/ubuntu-14-04-is-slow-12gb-ram03:21
jenni[ configuration - ubuntu 14.04 is slow @ 12gb Ram - Ask Ubuntu ] - https://j.mp/10SFdDt03:21
skellatAnd if we ever wondered how much it cost to put on OLF, page 11 of this shows some details from a couple years ago: http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/204/204510424/204510424_201112_990EZ.pdf03:28
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
andygraybealhow are you guys this morning?12:33
Unit193Alive, drinking coffee, etc.  You?18:49
* skellat survived swaddling his cat in a towel like a human baby and carrying him from home to the vet as well as back agian19:47

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