Kilosmorningh inetpro  nuvolari  Squirm  and others05:11
Kiloshi Xethron  bduk  05:26
bduk1More almal05:27
Kilosse vir mazal ek stuur groete05:28
bduk1Maak so kilos05:37
bduk1Hy se dankie maar hy kan nie groete eet nie stuur liewers iets lekkers05:38
bduk1Speel net ek het dit gese hy se vir jou ook05:39
Kiloslets all support these guys,  http://osssa.org.za/about-osssa/#comment-805:46
ThatGraemeGuywc -l ~/.ssh/known_hosts06:28
ThatGraemeGuy1751 /home/graeme/.ssh/known_hosts06:28
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:28
Kiloswhats that about?06:28
ThatGraemeGuy~/.ssh/known_hosts contains the RSA key fingerprints of hosts that you have SSH'd to06:35
ThatGraemeGuy"wc -l" means count the number of lines in this file06:35
ThatGraemeGuywc can also count bytes, characters and words06:36
Kilosoh ty for that info06:47
Squirm$ wc -l ~/.ssh/known_hosts07:11
Squirm53 /home/sinjin/.ssh/known_hosts07:11
Squirmnot quite as many ThatGraemeGuy 07:11
Squirmand morning07:11
Kiloshi gremble  07:12
grembleSquirm: are you a CSS wizard?07:12
grembleHello Kilos07:12
Squirmgremble: nope07:12
Squirmhaven't used CSS in many, many years07:12
Squirmand even then I knew the basics07:12
Squirmgremble: http://www.w3schools.com/css/07:13
Squirmthat's how I learn css07:13
grembleLearning the CSS syntax is easy. Learning how to get it to play a long is not as easy07:14
charlgood morning08:19
charlMaaz: coffee on08:19
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:19
Kiloshi charl  08:20
KilosMaaz  coffee please08:20
MaazKilos: Alrighty08:20
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:23
charlhi Kilos 08:23
charlMaaz: thans08:23
Maazcharl: Huh?08:23
charlMaaz: thanks08:23
Maazcharl: Okay :-)08:23
charlhow are you this fine morning Kilos 08:23
KilosMaaz  ty08:23
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:23
Kilosok ty and you charl  ?08:23
Kilosjust fighting some allergy08:23
* Squirm looks around08:31
charlhey Squirm 08:33
charlKilos: i'm good thanks09:01
charlsorry for delayed response, trying to do 10 things at once09:01
theblazehenSDCDev: ooh another quassel user!12:17
theblazehenhi Kilos, others12:17
Kiloshi theblazehen  12:18
SDCDevhey theblazehen12:34
SDCDevcheckout #shadowcash if u're interested :)12:34
SDCDevin cryptos12:34
theblazehenSDCDev: yeah, ok12:36
theblazehenSDCDev: you seen emunie?12:36
SDCDevno :P u told me about it though12:36
SDCDevmy other nick is Rynomster12:37
theblazehenSDCDev: ah, kk ;p12:37
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://www.cars.co.za/motoring_news/volvo-unveils-335kw-2litre-engine-video/24456/, holy crap!14:05
Kiloswind and power14:25
charlhey Kilos 14:34
charlelectrical supply fubar again ?14:34
Kilosya man just went off then came back and i was outside so pc booted to unity and i been using kde for weeks now14:36
Kiloshi Squirm  14:39
Kiloshow do you use some map thing to find a place ?14:51
Kilosi am going to midrand tomorrow but have now idea what all is there14:51
Kiloswhe n i left here midrand didnt even exist14:51
charlKilos: for a short while i used to live in midrand16:20
charlbehind a telkom satellite station16:20
charlon mercury drive in crowthorne16:21
charlTelkom Crowthorne Teleport16:22
charlwe didn't have any actual telephone though because they stole the copper16:24
Kiloslol thats too long ago as well charl  . things have grown unreally17:19
Kilosand still keep growing17:19
Kiloshi nlsthzn  17:36
nlsthznhiya uncle Kilos :)17:36
Kilossis taking me to fetch a replacement drive tomorrow17:37
Kilostaking an AK with17:37
nlsthzngood luck17:37
Kilosother wise ill get there and be told it was sold to someone else17:37
nlsthznwould suck17:38
Kiloslol ty17:38
nlsthznI would like to get a SSD one day for boot drive...17:38
Kiloswhew they are expensive hey17:38
nlsthznreason I don't have one yet :)17:39
Kilosid rather just wait a while for it to boot and have the extra space17:39
nlsthznwould take one above the ones I have ...17:39
nlsthznso I get speed and space17:39
Kilosand use the ssd just for booting?17:40
nlsthznwell OS17:40
nlsthznroot 17:41
nlsthzn /home on a big drive with space17:41
Kilosya that could work17:41
Kiloshave you tried usb317:42
Kilosandrew said it was superfast17:42
nlsthzngot usb 3 on my desktop but no iussb3 devices yet17:42
nlsthznbut it would be nice... usb too slow17:43
Kilosmaybe usb3 with a good external17:43
nlsthznI am not a fan of externals... except for back-ups etc17:43
nlsthznwant my drives inside the box :p17:43
Kiloswbb gonna bath quick17:45
nlsthznk :)17:46
Kiloshi Vince-0  17:48
* Kilos wbb17:48
Kilosyou been too scarce Vince-0  18:09
Kilosi signed up with the ossa stuf18:10
Vince-0hi Kilos18:40
Vince-0I finally bought a bathroom scale18:41
Kiloshow much do you weigh?18:41
Kilossome peeps are scared to get on a scale18:43
Kiloslike trix hey Squirm  18:43
KilosVince-0  you must post links like that here too. some of the older guys dont bother readin their emails18:46
* Kilos peeks at inetpro18:46
Kiloscharl  nlsthzn  you guys can also support them methinks18:49
Kilosyou still tied here18:49
Kilosossa was a make of trials motorbike18:50
* nlsthzn is not using leenucks at the moment so he don't care about open sauce18:51
Kilosdont cares are made to care18:51
Kiloscome on man support18:51
Kilosits for our school kids and their poor parents18:52
* nlsthzn will have a look...18:53
Kilosi would like to see our schools and colleges go open source before i die so youre supporting me18:53
nlsthzndon't die soon then18:53
Kilosno such plans in the pipeline yet18:54
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:30
Kilossee ya tomorrow19:30
SquirmMaaz: tell Kilos I step on a scale daily :P I don't need to though, my weight only goes up, not down. Kind of pointless, I think the scale is broken ;)20:59
MaazSquirm: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:59

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