oeuvreGAME OEUVRE.00:00
ilhamigothicspeaker,  hehe :) didn't he create that user?00:00
wildwindgothicspeaker: it's your last try to login w/o password00:00
Kaedennhttp://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/php5-common_5.4.9-4ubuntu2.4_amd64.deb, getting a 404 trying to install this00:00
gothicspeakerwildwind: yes, I tried to log in that account too00:01
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gothicspeakerwildwind: The strange thing is, the user seems to exist today according to my log, not yesterday00:01
gothicspeakerOct  9 00:37:26 roel-A6VA lightdm: pam_succeed_if(lightdm:auth): requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user "stream"00:01
gothicspeakerthis is the first place where he shows up00:01
Lioncourtproblem. I have ubuntu server 14.04 with DRBL  handling dhcp/tftp/nfs for diskless clients. I believe clonezilla handles the imagexs for my slaves. My client boxes have two NIC's. the file system they get served doesn't get assigned IP address from dhcp server, please hjelp00:01
wildwindgothicspeaker: but maybe your'e hacked indeed. try to find in logs creation of that user00:01
gothicspeakerwildwind: Which logs?00:02
gothicspeakerThis log only goes back to oct 800:02
gothicspeaker/var/log/auth.log     is what I mean here00:02
gothicspeakerno wait, oct 500:02
ilhamicheck system logs :)00:02
gothicspeakerwhere are they?00:02
wildwindgothicspeaker: there should be auth.log.1 too00:03
gothicspeaker/var/log/syslog   gives me:   access denied00:03
ilhamiopen from terminal?00:03
gothicspeakerwildwind: Nobody called stream. It's only from today :S00:04
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gothicspeakerwildwind: I registered at a localization forum and I logged in at the Firefox developers site today, might there be someone there trying to hack?00:04
ilhamigothicspeaker, we can't really know. :D00:05
wildwindgothicspeaker: I ask again is sshd installed in your system00:05
gothicspeakerwhen I type sshd in a command line00:05
gothicspeakerit says it isn't installed00:05
daftykinsit's not a package, it's the SSH daemon installed by the package openssh-server00:06
wildwindgothicspeaker: ls -l /etc/passwd00:07
wildwindgothicspeaker: what date/time it has?00:07
ilhamican't he do: "ps aux | grep sshd" ?00:08
gothicspeaker-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1687 okt  9 01:07  /etc/passwd00:08
gothicspeakerbut I live in the Netherlands00:08
ilhamithats like an hour ago.00:09
gothicspeakerwhen I type ufw00:09
gothicspeakerit says00:09
gothicspeakernot enough args00:09
wildwindilhami: he can, but sshd isn't necessarily running now00:09
gothicspeakerIs it ok if00:09
gothicspeakerI try to remove 'stream'?00:09
Finetundracan someone reccomend me a distro for an older machine?00:10
daftykinsFinetundra: what are the specifications of this system?00:10
ilhamigothicspeaker, it would be nice to know if there actually is a hacker.. :)00:10
gothicspeakerilhami: Yeah, everything looks fine so I don't know00:10
KaedennI'm getting this on a dozen or so URLs, causing apt-get install not to install much: W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring-updates/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]00:10
wildwindgothicspeaker: try to remember who (you?) and what did at you computer at that time00:10
gothicspeakera lot00:11
rwwKaedenn: those are the repositories for raring, which reached end-of-life a while ago00:11
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring00:11
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:11
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KaedennThank you.00:11
gothicspeakerI go to bed now00:12
ilhamiI need to go now. Bye.00:12
gothicspeakerthanks for the help guys00:12
gothicspeakerwildwind, ilhami00:12
ilhamiI hope you fix your problem00:12
gothicspeakeryes, thank you very much00:12
gothicspeakergood ngiht00:12
daftykinsAR45: you forgot to type a message.00:12
ilhamigood night.00:12
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Finetundradaftykins,2X2.0ghz processors, 2.56 gigs of ram, no clue on video card.00:13
wildwindwell i go to bed too. bye.00:14
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daftykinsFinetundra: seems plenty for even full ubuntu, depends on the graphics though00:15
Finetundrathe thing is from around 200000:16
AR45daftykins: now it just says * Stopping CPU interrupts balancing daemon00:16
bekksFinetundra: Which processor in particular?00:16
Finetundraintel xeon, bekks00:17
bekksWhich one in particualar?00:17
Finetundrai checked it out after last night00:17
Finetundrano clue00:17
bekksThere are about a hundred of "xeon" out there.00:17
Finetundrait seems to be fine though00:17
bekksIn the bios boot screen, thats displayed.00:17
Finetundralet me get it there00:17
AR45daftykins: all started to happen when I did a apt-get install lightdm xorg kde-plasma-desktop xterm from a fresh mini.iso install00:18
AR45daftykins: when it was done I did startx00:18
loki__Is there any good racing game for ubuntu? maybe something from steam? i tried carmagedon: reincarnation under windows and that was awesome. Want something like that under offtopic)00:18
AR45daftykins: and it started, rebooted and now it won't work00:18
aarwineloki__: iracing00:18
aarwineloki__: there's also a tuxracer if you're looking for something more casual00:19
B0bsF1shAnyone have advice for troubleshooting a problem with Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS that happens once or twice per week? Symptoms: totally black screen, unable to access services over the network, unable to change to text console using control+alt+f1. Running under VirtualBox 4.2.0 r80737 Windows host with 2 GB RAM, 4 virtual CPUs headless, accessing console via VirtualBox RDP.00:19
aarwineloki__: if tuxracer is the toboggon game ignore me, there's a mariokart clone with tux somewhere00:19
Finetundrabekks, it just says its an intel xeon00:19
daftykinsAR45: i see several messages without the start, can you put it on one line? i can't follow that00:19
aarwineloki__: supertuxkart00:19
loki__aarwine, mmo racing... i am out of that stuff lol.00:19
bekksFinetundra: So take a look at the BIOS, there it will tell you much more00:19
FinetundraI have system summary pulled up, thats's all it says, bekks00:20
bekksFinetundra: So take a look at the BIOS, there it will tell you much more00:21
loki__aarwine, i look at your nickname and think about need for speed 2 under wine. lol.00:21
Finetundrathat literally is what it says00:21
loki__looks like it is legit00:21
Finetundrathat literally is what it says , bekks00:22
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AR45_daftykins: Okay.. So.. I installed the mini.iso and you know it starts just ina terminal and what not00:24
daftykinsAR45_: what about the actual issue of booting in BIOS mode?00:24
AR45_daftykins: I downloaded kde-plasma desktop and I wanna have it start automatically00:24
ravsterhey all00:25
AR45_daftykins: oh that's been fixed ;)00:25
daftykinsAR45_: care to fill in the gaps?00:25
bekksFinetundra: It literally says more, I do know the x-Series servers of IBM.00:25
ravsterhow do I get the 'ffmpeg' command?  I only see things like 'ffmpeg2theora' on packages.ubuntu.com00:25
aarwineravster: ubuntu decided to fork ffmpeg into libav - GL00:25
Finetundraok bekks, where in the bios do i need to be looking00:26
somsipravster: its been deprecated and av-tools has replaced it00:26
somsip!info av-tools | ravster00:26
ubotturavster: Package av-tools does not exist in trusty00:26
somsipor maybe I misremember the name...00:26
AR45_daftykins: It managed to follow the steps  on the wiki to convert EFI installed Ubuntu to Legacy.00:26
bekksFinetundra: In the processor info e.g.? I dont know it from memory. Just look at every setting.00:26
somsip!find avconv00:26
ubottuFile avconv found in devede, libav-doc, libav-tools00:26
somsip!info libav-tools | ravster (this one)00:26
ubotturavster (this one): libav-tools (source: libav): Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 6:9.16-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 3187 kB, installed size 9350 kB00:26
daftykinsAR45_: good stuff, if you want kubuntu just install 'kubuntu-desktop'00:27
aarwineoh look, libav00:27
ravsterah, ok00:27
AR45_daftykins: Had it working all night.. all this morning... but me and somsip were chatting and he told me to try the minimal version of Ubuntu out.00:27
somsipAR45_: hey - you got minimal worknig then?00:27
AR45_somsip: I'm actually on it right now typing but it doesn't startx for me00:27
AR45_somsip: somethings are failing.. like starting lightdm00:27
somsipAR45_: I had to install a login manager. I used slim but IIRC it's deprecated so may not be the best choice. It did setup the env properly for startx to run though00:28
daftykinsAR45_: wait what? why would you start again...00:28
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AR45_daftykins: if I reboot right now.. it's gunna get stuck on the ubuntu loading splash00:29
AR45_daftykins: have to FN + CTRL + ALT + F1 to get tty100:29
daftykinsAR45_: sorry but if somsip advised you to take this approach, somsip can clean up :)00:29
somsipdaftykins: he wanted to strip a desktop install down to the minimum, so I suggest he go with minimal and build up00:30
AR45_daftykins: Actually he didn't and it00:30
daftykinsoh so it wasn't actually a fruitful goal even :(00:31
daftykinsoh dear oh dear00:31
daftykinsAR45_: sorry can't help you.00:31
Finetundrabekks, i checked everything in the bios, and there's still nothing on the processors00:31
somsipdaftykins: can you clarify why you think this is a bad idea? I often recommend this but I'd like to know if it;s bad advice00:32
AR45_somsip: no please don't worry with him00:32
AR45_somsip: I think it's great advice.00:32
somsipAR45_: I'm asking for my purposes. If he has a point, I want to understand it. I don't like to give out bad advice00:33
AR45_somsip: I just need some articles to configure things or some help from you that's all00:33
daftykinssomsip: purely for how many issues AR45_ had when getting started, it seems counter-intuitive to start all over again. there are far better ways to learn than this.00:33
somsipdaftykins: I came in at the point where he was asking how to remove gnome and unity. I had no back history00:33
AR45_daftykins: actually.. I haven't repeated any of the errors i've corrected since day 1..00:33
daftykinsAR45_ somsip - for what it's worth i'm not trying to portray having any issues with helping, it's just that i don't run desktop so i can't assist.00:33
somsipdaftykins: fair enough. Thanks for clarifying00:33
daftykinsno problem :)00:34
AR45_daftykins: so I think... it isn't counter-intuitive!00:34
daftykinswell you're bound to agree with your own approach :)00:34
somsipAR45_: so with the login thing... I had the same issue with 14.04, and wanted no login mangager (I'd used slim with minimal 12.04 too) but couldn't find what was missing to allow startx, and installing slim did start it. But I wouldn't recommend that as the only solution as slim is either deprecated or not supported. I've never used lightdm00:35
bekksFinetundra: whats the IBM model number of that server?00:36
NGC3982I just had the worst experience ever.00:36
NGC3982I stood by my wall mounted surf tab for two hours, creating a lighting controller scene in tasker00:37
NGC3982In the middle of everything, it locks, rolls back everything and permanently deleted everything ive done00:37
somsip!ot | NGC398200:37
ubottuNGC3982: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:37
NGC3982Yes, just throw it in my face.00:37
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bekksFinetundra: So using the serial number and model number, find out which hardware you have, using the IBM support website.00:39
Finetundrabekks, IBM eServer xSeries 225 Type 864700:40
AR45_somsip: Also I think I might have to install drivers for my ethernet card... I'm getting no more than 100kb/s download lol00:42
AR45_somsip: sudo ubuntu-drivers command doesn't work here so no idea what they are >.<00:43
somsipAR45_: not sure about that00:43
bekksFinetundra: I dont need that information. You need it on the IBM support website.00:43
oFalcohey guys00:43
oFalcocould I ask someone for help real quick?00:44
AR45_somsip: Okay.00:44
bekksoFalco: Depends on you actual question.00:44
oFalcoI just need a step by step on installing something00:45
bekksoFalco: You need to ask a specific question ;)00:45
oFalcocould you help me install uTorrent in Ubuntu?00:46
bekks!info utorrent00:46
ubottuPackage utorrent does not exist in trusty00:46
bekksoFalco: There are various other torrent clients in the official ubuntu repos.00:46
oFalcoyes, but none that compare to uTorrent (That I've found)00:47
squintyoFalco:  there is no utorrent client available for linux.  there is a web based utorrent server edition which you can install via the utorrent web site.  it uses a web interface... see the site for more details00:47
xanguaoFalco: you are aware that utorrent for linux is just the server+webgui?00:47
oFalcoI tried Vuze, qBitTorrent, and more00:48
somsipoFalco: This might help http://is.gd/cATz1k00:48
bekksoFalco: http://www.howopensource.com/2011/08/install-utorrent-in-ubuntu-fedora/00:48
Finetundrabekks, is what i need the chipset type?00:48
bekksFinetundra: No. I told you that you need the serial number and the model number :)00:49
FinetundraFOR WHAT!00:49
bekksFinetundra: With that information, you can easily find out which CPU you have.00:49
oFalcobekks: http://i.gyazo.com/944f01d137ecbe04a259f2507c2c563b.png00:50
Finetundrabekks, tell that to me like i'm 400:50
bekksFinetundra: I just did.00:50
bekksoFalco: So the source file does not exist, check the utorrent site for the current file name.00:51
oFalcobekks: I tried to install and this is what I got http://i.gyazo.com/82d5726a63b1d0860d24e3daeba9a0f9.png00:51
Finetundrabekks, i have the information for it pulled up n cnet, tell me what i need to find00:51
somsipoFalco: you downloaded it into the current (home) directory, then changed to Downloads and it wasn't there. Because it's in ~/00:52
oFalcosomsip: changed it. Got this later on: http://i.gyazo.com/04e2cb2cc8a367a23c4211fa625c4de7.png00:55
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wikyWhich day will ubuntu 14.10 be released00:55
somsipoFalco: does the file exist at /usr/bin/utserver and does it point where you want it to?00:56
somsipwiky: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseSchedule00:56
Tex_Nickwiky: looks like Oct 23, 2014 ... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/ubuntu-14-10-release-date00:58
somsipoFalco: that's why you get the error. That's what the error text says.00:58
oFalcosomsip: so if it exists tjhen that comkmand is irrelevant?00:59
somsipoFalco: if it exists and points to the file you want it to, yes01:00
ashley01does anyone know a program that can pop-up messages at certain times on my desktop? e.g. like an alarm that reminds me to do something at a certain time01:00
ashley01i use Unity so it would need to be compatible with that01:00
aarwineashley01: libnotify + at?01:01
SchrodingersScat!info alarm-clock | ashley01, although in my own personal experience this is untrustworthy,01:01
ubottuashley01, although in my own personal experience this is untrustworthy,: alarm-clock (source: alarm-clock): Alarm Clock for GTK Environments. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.5-1.2ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 597 kB, installed size 1664 kB01:01
oFalcosomsip: I go to the next step which is going in browser and typing this: http://localhost:8080/gui/ and it says webpage is not availablr01:01
Klas5I have some test file, using a bunch of assert()'s01:01
Klas5at one point it tries "const Vector<double> &vc = v; //Creates constant reference"01:02
ashley01oh dear, alarm-clock has a 3 star rating on USC01:02
Klas5then it runs "assert(vc.size() == 2); //ok: dont change the vector thats constant"01:02
Klas5whoa, in the wrong channel01:03
Klas5sry :P01:03
nicklasmoellerI have a folder that I want to share between an NTFS (windows) and an ext4 partition. It can be a copy, but it has to stay in sync (all those scratchy ext4 things doesn't matter, I just need the files available on NTFS as well) - any suggestions? It's a dual boot, so no network sharing01:04
aarwinenicklasmoeller: you should either use ntfs write support on linux or format it fat01:05
ashley01ok i'll just try out alarm-clock from ubuntu software center01:05
aarwinenicklasmoeller: you'll be much better off dealing with the same data than trying to sync it01:05
SchrodingersScatashley01: it just crashes for me sometimes, so I learned the hard way to not rely on it for waking up, other important things.  For a countdown to something small where you'll be conscious of it anyway, it's not bad.01:06
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ashley01oh ok01:06
nicklasmoelleraarwine: thanks! The only thing is that it's the /var/www folder (typically php), how would I deal with that? Some things need to be executable and stuff01:07
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ashley01i just remembered something: does ubuntu 14.04 have the feature where you can place a sticky on the desktop?01:07
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ashley01i remember an older version of ubuntu had it and it was very convenient01:07
aarwinenicklasmoeller: hrm, could you instead put your php app in git, and do git pulls on either side? windows / linux?01:07
somsip!info xpad | ashley0101:08
ubottuashley01: xpad (source: xpad): sticky note application for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 89 kB, installed size 622 kB01:08
pavlosashley01, Knotes01:08
ashley01thanks, i'll check them out01:08
ashley01ah yes01:08
ashley01it is definitely xpad01:08
ashley01i used GNOME in the old days01:08
nicklasmoellerWould be a possibility, but I wouldn't be able to work without internet then01:09
timpaniDoes anyone know how to use plop? The documentation isn't clear to me. I'm trying to boot from a DVD but apparently the box is so old that it can't boot from anything except hard drive. Please help :-(01:10
timpaniSomeone told me plop would make even this old box able to boot from DVD...01:11
SchrodingersScattimpani: i thought plop was to give legacy devices usb support..how big is the image? isn't it CD sized?  also !ubuntu01:12
timpaniSchrodingersScat: I have an image ready to go on USB too, so I'll run with that if it works. As for my admittedly imperfect choice of channel, which would be better?01:13
SchrodingersScattimpani: what are you trying to actually install?01:14
timpaniFreeBSD 10.01:14
timpaniSchrodingersScat: ^^01:14
ashley01xpad is brilliant01:15
AR45_somsip: crap this is hard lol01:15
SchrodingersScattimpani: there's #freebsd ?01:16
nullsigni wonder why Chef-Server/Client is not part of Ubuntu yet?01:16
nullsignpuppet is..01:16
timpaniSchrodingersScat: it won't let me in.01:16
nullsignbut not chef.01:16
timpani(I already tried that a half hour ago.)01:16
pandathercoming from Arch I'm having the worst time setting a USB DAC as my default device, with pulse01:18
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cynicallemontimpani: you should get on with #freebsd, ##freebsd needs you to be authenticated but you could try01:29
timpanicynicallemon: I'm afraid neither of those is letting me in.01:34
nosleep77hi guys quick q: is fpm the best and easy way to create pkgs ?01:34
cynicallemontimpani: can you install the drive you want freebsd on in another machine that can boot from cd/usb?01:35
timpanicynicallemon: if you mean can I physicall remove the drive and reattach it to another machine, then I'm afraid not.01:36
erikkHello again!01:36
erikkI've been here a few times today, working on a problem I've had with Windows not booting (installed UEFI afaik) with my new non uefi Ubuntu install01:37
erikkAnd then it looked like my Windows partition got destroyed during the install01:37
erikkBut for the past few hours, I ran testdisk to identify lost partitions and found this: http://i.imgur.com/TvwZY1B.png01:37
erikkCan anyone help me figure out if anything is salvageable or what this all means?01:37
erikkI think I might have reinstalled Ubuntu immediately after I installed it once, hence the high number of identified linux partitions01:38
erikkBut clearly some Windows is left in there, right?01:38
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cynicallemontimpani: thats what i meant01:39
erikkSo I guess that brings me to a few questions: Is anything salvageable? If yes, data? All of Windows? If something is salvageable, how do I go about grabbing it / recovering it or even getting dual boot?01:40
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jeffreylevesquedoes libmagic come with ubuntu?01:45
jeffreylevesquepython's 'magic' module?01:45
lmatI have a 4 MB pdf (44 pages, one b/w image per page) that I'm trying to view with evince.01:46
lmatIt's going *really* slowly...01:46
somsip!info python-magic | jeffreylevesque01:52
ubottujeffreylevesque: python-magic (source: file): File type determination library using "magic" numbers (Python bindings). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:5.14-2ubuntu3.2 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 72 kB01:52
jeffreylevesquesomsip: so no01:55
somsipjeffreylevesque: isn't that the file you wanted?01:55
jeffreylevesquesomsip: I'm working on my mac righ tnow.  But, I have a Ubuntu OS, and wondering if python-magic comes with the ubuntu OS01:56
somsipjeffreylevesque: and the bot just told you that  Version 1:5.14-2ubuntu3.2 is available for 14.04. What else did you want to know?01:57
GumaHello, I was wondering if there is a ways to resize root partition on first boot on SD Card. I have img file that is small and will be dd to differetn SD card sizes. So I would like to do is on first boot resize the root and then reboot and never do it again02:05
Finetundraso how do i install from a minimum CD02:13
somsipFinetundra: boot from it, follow the instructions. Maybe you need to ask a clearer question?02:13
Finetundrawhy is it trying to setup my home network?02:15
somsipFinetundra: because it downloads the packages it needs as it nees them02:16
Finetundraso why does it have to configure it?02:16
Finetundra how do i get the default xubuntu desktop on default ubuntu02:22
Bashing-omFinetundra: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop , not the bes idea for "minimal" .02:24
Finetundraat this point, i don't think it will cause too many problems02:25
nicklasmoellerAnyone experienced with ntfs usermapping? Would it be appropriate to use for preserving properties like executable?02:26
lmatWell, I divided the PDF document into smaller documents (documents with ten pages each), and it's still having trouble02:31
lmatSo, I divided one of those ten-pagers into single-pagers, and it's *still* having truoble!!02:31
lmatOh well, maybe some other day.02:31
ObrienDavelmat, what's the PDF issue?02:39
RudyValenciaHi, I'm migrating away from Windows but I have a small issue with being able to map SMB (Windows) shares to a mountpoint, how do I do that so I can use them as if they are part of my filesystem?02:50
RudyValencia(like how Windows has "Map Network Drive" which assigns them a drive leter)02:51
daftykinsRudyValencia: you'd map a share by hand editing /etc/fstab with a samba mount02:56
RudyValenciaI remember doing that in the past but it required that I hardcode a username/password in a separate file02:57
RudyValenciaI already have the box set up with PBIS Open02:57
daftykinswith what?02:58
RudyValenciaused to be likewise open02:58
RudyValenciafor Active Directory logins02:58
daftykinsso guest access ultimately?02:58
RudyValencianot really02:59
RudyValenciaI guess guest access is okay for now03:03
RudyValenciait's just me accessing shares on a Windows server I run03:03
RudyValenciais this what you are suggesting daftykins03:04
RudyValenciaah, I can do libpam_mount perhaps03:05
daftykinssorry i stepped away for a sec03:05
daftykinslet me catch up03:05
daftykinsso said windows server is setup as a DC?03:05
daftykinsnot sure what complications you'll run into there03:05
RudyValenciaand ubuntu can log in to the DC because I have it joined to the domain via PBIS/likewise open03:06
daftykinsyeah, never heard of that03:07
daftykinsi can't predict how that might change things03:07
RudyValenciait's a program that lets Ubuntu log into a domain03:07
RudyValenciaeh I'll be back later03:09
RudyValenciagonna add memory to this box03:09
charlie5hi folks ... would anyone know of a link to *working* instructions on how to the install the adobe flash plugin for firefox/chromium under ubuntu ? ... none of the five different sets of instructions i have just tried work03:12
xanguacharta: what five diferent sets of instructions¿ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer for mozilla plugin03:14
xanguapepperflash something for chromium, google chrome already comes with it03:14
cyphasethis shouldn't be too hard to hack together, but in case it already exists.. is there a utility that you can run on multiple systems with changing (public) ips that will keep all the systems hosts files updated to reference each other?03:14
xanguapepperflashplugin-nonfree for chromium03:15
charlie5xangua: thanks for reply ... i have installed pepperflashplugin-nonfree but the page i wish to visit still insists flash is not the latest version :/03:17
charlie5i might try google chrome03:17
ObrienDavekirito_, Greetings & Welcome03:18
charlie5hmm, google chrome and chromium are the same browser ?03:19
whoever_charlie5: yep03:20
charlie5i type chrome into ubu s/w centre search box and it only shows chromium03:20
lionroarscan we remove non-free binary blobs from the kernel in Ubuntu ?03:20
daftykinslionroars: which do you believe it comes with?03:21
whoever_lionroars: yes its an option in software center03:21
xangualionroars: it would be easier to use one of the linux distros FSF recomends03:21
lionroarsxangua, I am testing Trisquel 7 but Intel Haswell Graphics is not working well on it, Expericence : Standard03:21
PhiroHey. I just upgraded a 12.04 server to 14.04 and on reboot it hangs at a black screen with a cursor in the upper left corner of the console. Any ideas?03:25
whoever_Phiro: do a fresh install03:26
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Phiro03:26
ubottuPhiro: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:26
WulframnPhiro, check your boot parameters in /etc/fstab03:26
PhiroThanks, I will try that. I tried holding down shift during a reboot and it didn't make a difference, but I'll try it again.03:28
whoever_Phiro: that is why i said to just do a fresh install, its not the best way, but the quickest way03:29
WulframnPhiro, use your livecd/liveusb to boot into a live environment, mount the drive, navigate to /etc/fstab and edit it that way.03:29
Wulframnwhoever_, that may not be an option (critical infrastructure, etc.)03:29
Phiroyeah, this is a production server that runs our company's main jira instance, and I didn't back it up ahead of time :/03:29
whoever_Wulframn: correct, i also was assuming if it was mission citical that he would had stated that03:30
PhiroI held down shift, I now see a grub message flash by, it looked like 4+ lines of something not found03:30
WulframnGood thing you had this experience to remind you to back it up in the future.03:30
WulframnThere are only two types of people in the world: those who back up their data and those who've never had a critical failure.03:31
whoever_Phiro: then change your grub timeout03:31
whoever_so you can read it03:31
whoever_Wulframn: yep03:31
linociscohi all03:32
niebieskiGuys I can't boot 14, the splash screen and nothing happens for half an hour.03:32
PhiroThe main 14.04 iso I use for new servers, that's a live image, right?03:32
linociscoI have this laptop (http://www.zyxware.com/articles/1791/laptop-reviews-acer-as5750-2412g50mnkk-lx-r970c-013-note-book)03:32
daftykins!nomodeset | niebieski03:33
ubottuniebieski: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:33
whoever_niebieski: did you upgrade , fresh install ?03:33
linociscoI would like to install ubuntu desktop 14.04.1 LTS . I dont know which I have to download 32bit or 64 bit03:33
LawnGnome_Does anyone here know what distinguishes ubuntu-gnome from ubuntu? I am running ubuntu but i want to convert it to ubuntu-gnome. Is there a file or something that specifies what distro it is?03:33
richardaus64bit if you have a decent system with lots of memory.  32 if you have limited resources memory wise.03:33
whoever_niebieski: what video card do you have03:33
niebieskiwhoever_: No I tried to boot live or install both does the same problem03:34
WulframnPhiro, I am not sure off the top of my head. If it isn't you can either download another image or just use System Rescue CD. I, personally, *STRONGLY* recommend having a copy of System Rescue CD lying around. I cannot impress that upon you enough.03:34
niebieskiwhoever_: Intel mobile03:34
Wulframnlinocisco, how much ram does your system have?03:34
xanguaLawnGnome_: ubuntu uses unity , ubuntu gnome uses gnome shell, both use gnome303:35
whoever_niebieski: is your install media a dvd03:35
linociscoWulframn, 8GB currently but intel processor with 64bit support03:35
Wulframnlinocisco, then 64-bit03:35
PhiroHmm, it doesn't look like it has a live anything option, I'll go look for downloads.03:35
linociscoWulframn, according to http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.1, 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image03:35
linocisco    Choose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2). If you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead.03:35
niebieskiwhoever_: No it's a CD about 1GB.03:35
richardausHow hard is it to change desktops?03:35
ObrienDaverichardaus, very easy03:36
linociscoWulframn,  i have 64bit but not AMD03:36
ObrienDavelinocisco, not a problem03:36
Elimin8erits strange, after doing an upgrade. and then a reboot. my wifi wouldnt work.. kept pulling up as Airplane mode on. and I couldnt turn it off. after alot of googleing and reading.. I figured out fn+F2 pretty much fixed the problem.. but I dont understand why after all the many upgrades I have done. this one would cause my wifi to shut down..03:36
Wulframnlinocisco, you do not need AMD. Your CPU supports 64 bit processing and you have 8g's of RAM. You're good to go.03:36
ObrienDavelinocisco, AMD is just the name of the 64bit images.03:37
linociscoObrienDave, Wulframn . Dear bros. clear now. thanks alot03:37
PhiroThe 14.04 iso gives me the choice of boot from first hard disk or rescue a broken system - do either of those, or download the live cd?03:37
LawnGnome_but if i do a release upgrade of ubuntu installed from a ubuntu unity install cd, wont it overwrite gnome's packages?03:37
whoever_niebieski: if it is a cd than how big is the iso you burned to in in mb03:37
WulframnPhiro, I am not sure what "rescue a broken system" does so I will point you to someone else here.03:38
whoever_niebieski: alse what speed did you burn it at03:38
niebieskiwhoever_: I'm using a USB flash and I used Rufus.03:38
Phirothe "boot from first hard disk" gave me the exact same issue (cursor in upper left corner), trying the rescue, but I won't go far.03:38
whoever_niebieski: try the diskcreator utility in ubuntu03:41
whoever_i have not used rufus03:41
niebieskiwhoever_: I'll try the nomodeset first.03:42
niebieskiThanks, everyone. :)03:42
whoever_niebieski: the other thing you can try is to boot your flash into a vm03:43
Bashing-omPhiro: Still like a graphics issue .. Nvidia or ATI graphics card in use ?03:43
PhiroSigh, neither, it's a vmware server.03:44
LawnGnome_does ubuntu gnome use a different repository for release upgrades than ubuntu unity?03:44
PhiroThe 14.04 install ISO's rescue mode allows me to get to a shell, or reinstall grub, or a few other things. I tried reinstalling grub to /dev/sda, no difference. Going to a shell.03:44
charlie5ah, nice ... google chrome loads the flash page correctly ... tah for tip xangua03:45
xanguaLawnGnome_: ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu gnome are all ubuntu and use same repository03:45
PhiroAh, apparently the live mode is on the desktop iso only, I just need a desktop iso.03:46
Bashing-omPhiro: Yrue for the live mode .. desktop.03:46
LawnGnome_so if i do a release upgrade on ubuntu with gnome installed over unity will it try to replace gnome?03:48
samthewildonehow do I get slingbox on linux03:49
samthewildoneOn Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS03:49
LawnGnome_so if i do a release upgrade on ubuntu with gnome installed over unity will it try to replace gnome?03:51
PhiroMy /etc/default/grub looks totally default according to google, do I do anything more than remark out the two GRUB_HIDDEN lines?03:51
PhiroAlright, this is slightly better, now I have grub coming up. If I go to advanced mode, I get to pick from 3 kernels - 3.13, 3.2, or 2.6, and recovery modes for all of them. Try going back to 3.2?03:54
LawnGnome_what was your issue phiro?03:55
Phiroupgrading to 14.04 left me with a black screen, cursor upper left corner.03:55
PhiroHmm, trying 3.13 normal worked?03:55
Bashing-omPhiro: You may, but "recovery mode" may prove the more productive .03:55
LawnGnome_is it the kernel or the x server?03:56
PhiroAlright, how did it work, and how do I get it to work again?03:57
Phiroahh, I should put nomodeset in /etc/default/grub?03:57
Bashing-omPhiro: You are booting up with a "normal" older kernel, correct ?03:58
PhiroI thought 3.13 was neweR?03:59
ObrienDaveit is04:00
Bashing-omPhiro: That is the series of the kernel for 14.04 ...current is 3.13.0-36-generic .04:00
PhiroAlright, now things are working. Was grub so messed up that a clean /etc/default/grub & running grub-update (or whatever I typed) fixed things?04:01
cuulcarsSo, I'm trying to install elementary OS. I know it's not technically Ubuntu but I think the problem is with Ubiquity.  The installer isn't recognizing my /dev/sda. I tried starting with unallocated space, that didn't work, I tried setting up the partitions in windows, to no avail, and I finally setup the partitions manually with GParted (ext4 and a swap). Still, the installer does not allow me to install to these partitions. Anyone 04:03
Bashing-omPhiro: Possible, maybe ?? .. have you run -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade , sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <- yet ?04:03
surjoMy Intel Graphic are successfully installed and update, now how to use it??04:04
somsipcuulcars: you are right, it's not ubuntu. Try #elementary04:04
PhiroBashing-om: yeah, did all that as part of the upgrade. I've done probably ~50+ upgrades of ubuntu, but I guess I've totally lucked out until tonight. Never had anything like this happen before.04:07
PhiroThanks everyone, it's coming back up. I'll finish the jira upgrade & adding the sensu client to the server.04:08
Bashing-omIt happens .. all is good now ?04:08
PhiroI've only rebooted once and the grub menu now comes up with a 10 second countdown, but I'll leave that the way it is, as I rarely reboot this server.04:09
PhiroI need to do another restart in a couple minutes and then I'm done, if it comes back touch-free I'll call it golden.04:09
crazyhead42Phiro, can you help me figure out how to get my server accessable (or how to access it if it is already accessable)?04:10
Bashing-omPhiro: I prefer to have a bit of countdown, just so it is easier to get to grub's boot menu .. fingers crossed for ya .. golden !04:10
Phirocrazyhead42: I can help you with Jira, Stash, Confluence, Crucible, Fisheye, Coverity, Nexus, and Sonar, but Linux isn't my forte (obviously) :/04:12
crazyhead42I have two IP addresses for it (not sure which one I want), my password, my username, and "FileZilla"04:12
linociscohi all04:13
crazyhead42Oh. I'm still new to ubuntu. But I better learn, cause this computer isn't going to last that long, and I'm NOT getting another pc.04:13
PhiroSensu I'm still a big beginner with - I have about 25 hosts talking to my sensu/uchiwa server, and I'm adding production servers as I touch them (hence adding our prod Jira server tonight, as I was upgrading it).04:13
linociscowhen we setup ubuntu during installation, we need to provide user name and password that is asked for log in later on. How can we make ubuntu free login for anyone?04:13
lotuspsychjelinocisco: you can use the guest account after install04:14
linociscolotuspsychje, there is no way like windows to log in automatically without user's intervention?04:14
crazyhead42Okay, so how do I find out what port my computer uses?04:15
lotuspsychjelinocisco: you can enable automatic login for each user yes04:15
lotuspsychjelinocisco: but its not reccomended to share password of the creator account with others04:15
lotuspsychjelinocisco: its better to use guest account or internet kiosk package after04:16
PhiroBashing-om: Cool, a clean restart with my fingers away from anything worked just fine. Jira is back up, Sensu has another host to listen to. All is right with the world again. Thanks everyone.04:16
Bashing-omPhiro: :))04:17
crazyhead42NOT ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD! I still use windows 8.04:17
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: caps off plz04:17
linociscolotuspsychje, i dont want to share creator's password. I just want to disable "asking for password" and make it ready to use without user's action04:17
somsipcrazyhead42: calm down and keep to support issues please04:17
lotuspsychjelinocisco: you should stay the admin of your computer, then make a new user 'everyone' and new password then set to automatic logon04:18
linociscolotuspsychje, how do I do that? any reference link?04:19
lotuspsychjesomeone knows trigger for creating users?04:19
crazyhead42I would still like help accessing my server from my laptop, but no one seems to have answered my request for help.04:19
LawnGnome_does anyone know if i can run 2 instances of the same user in 2 VTs?04:20
lotuspsychje!users | linocisco04:20
ubottulinocisco: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo04:20
somsip!adduser | linocisco04:20
lotuspsychjesomsip: tnx :p04:20
somsiplotuspsychje: you got the alias first :)04:20
Phirocrazyhead42: Like just a shell? As in, install ssh on your server and use putty to access it from your laptop?04:20
linociscosomsip, what alias?04:20
somsip!brain | linocisco04:20
ubottulinocisco: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone04:20
lotuspsychjelinocisco: see the user add url mate04:21
linociscolotuspsychje, ok04:21
lotuspsychjelinocisco: its really not so hard, just click the useraccount icon in your system, it speaks for itself04:21
crazyhead42umm. . . I don't quite know what I'm doing. This is my first server, and the first time I tried, I didn't even have a functioning version04:21
crazyhead42Basically, I just want to store stuff on the harddrive. FileZilla was recommended to me, so I have that.04:22
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: creating a server, and not knowing what you do/want is not a good idea04:22
lotuspsychje!server | crazyhead4204:22
ubottucrazyhead42: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:22
crazyhead42Better than not though. It was orriginally going to be a samba fileshare server, but I need storage up and running before I have time to fully set it up.04:23
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: whats your end goal exactly?04:24
=== sR is now known as Guest63538
crazyhead42external storage, and eventually access from other computers. That last part I'll have to wait to set up though, Samba is impossible to be doing during the semester.04:25
slyrus_obriendave: last night I said filing a bug first isn't necessarily the right thing to do... now I'm not so sure.04:25
ObrienDavestill having mouse troubles?04:26
slyrus_i still some of the scrollwheel jumpiness, but only when I log under ubuntu/unity (I think I have my terminology correct here)04:26
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: so you want a NAS server for your own usage?04:26
slyrus_with ubuntustudio, I don't see any of it04:26
pzkpfw;j #ubuntu-offtopic04:26
pzkpfw;j #ubuntu-offtopic04:26
pzkpfwdrank fail04:26
pzkpfwdue to foreign keyboard selected04:27
crazyhead42I think so...04:27
ObrienDavepzkpfw, /j #ubuntu-offtopic04:27
slyrus_there's some weirdness where a terminal window will "bounce" up and down and, e.g., the URL input widget in firefox flashes repeatedly04:28
slyrus_perhaps taking a video of this with my phone would help describe the phenomenon04:28
crazyhead42are the NAS servers basically "cloud storage", only you have access to and control over them?04:28
slyrus_some weird window manager/mouse interaction bug?04:29
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: a nas server is used for your own file storage on your local server, and share on your network04:29
crazyhead42basically, yes.04:30
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: but more nas devices are being used in the cloud also, but thats offtopic04:30
crazyhead42yes, but we've all been advertised to death to know what "the cloud" is.04:30
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: you can google some ubuntu nas layouts to inform yourself04:31
crazyhead42Well, I've likely succeeded in choosing a poor phrasing of my google search04:32
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: did your teacher inform you about security on cloud storage too?04:32
crazyhead42No teacher.04:33
crazyhead42And I won't be storing anything that needs too much security for a bit, so I'll probably just unplug the ethernet cable when I'm not using it and call that good enough for now.04:34
crazyhead42Maybe over the break I'll worry about setting up a decent firewall and getting a security system in place.04:34
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: smart choice with ubuntu as server04:34
niebieskiGuys, I'm trying to boot 14 but the splash screen and nothing happens, I tried nomodeset but the problem persist.04:34
crazyhead42Is that sarcasm?04:35
lotuspsychjeniebieski: did you try F1 at boot?04:35
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: no sarcasm, see the !security trigger04:35
niebieskilotuspsychje: It displays the help page right ?04:35
niebieskiBTW I also tried it on VirtualBox it worked fine.04:36
lotuspsychjeniebieski: what happens when you choose 'try ubuntu'04:36
crazyhead42What's a trigger? I know that's wither for the bot, Unopaste, or for the linux server, but I don't know which04:36
niebieskilotuspsychje: The slpash screen appears and nothing happens for a long time.04:36
lotuspsychje!security | crazyhead4204:36
ubottucrazyhead42: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server04:36
lotuspsychjeniebieski: you have an uefi system?04:37
niebieskilotuspsychje: I don't know honestly.04:37
lotuspsychjeniebieski: win8 by default on your machine?04:37
=== night-owl2 is now known as night-owl
crazyhead42Oh, yeah. The automatic stuff.04:38
niebieskilotuspsychje: Win7 and linux mint.04:38
lotuspsychjeniebieski: and you want to overwrite both with ubuntu?04:38
niebieskilotuspsychje: No, I would overwrite Mint if possible.04:39
lotuspsychjeniebieski: its possible it hangs during reading your partition layout04:39
dalekusaI'm having artifacting at startup again, and this time, restarting is just not working.04:39
dalekusaIt looks like this: http://imgur.com/bgD4C3704:40
crazyhead42but how can I get the two talking? It would be nice if the two identified eachother.04:40
niebieskilotuspsychje: Yeah because when I switch to terminal I saw an error saying something like "cannot find /dev/sda" or something.04:41
lotuspsychjeniebieski: doublecheck bios if secureboot is disabled, and maybe clean out some partitions first before install?04:42
lotuspsychje!patience | dalekusa04:42
ubottudalekusa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:42
niebieskilotuspsychje: I don't have secureboot feature in my bios, and what do you mean by cleaning partitions ?04:42
=== corey_ is now known as Guest97536
lotuspsychjeniebieski: wipe mint off your hd maybe04:43
chaotixhey, if ubuntu crashes and i am automatically logged out, is a crash report created?  and if so, where?04:44
lotuspsychjeniebieski: you choose the right architecture right 32bit or 64bit04:44
niebieskilotuspsychje: Is it possible to install version 13 and then upgrade ? I don't think I can let go Mint.04:44
=== michael_ is now known as AR45_
lotuspsychjeniebieski: we cant support on mint here, is it ubuntu you trying to setup?04:45
chaotixevery time i run a certain script in my terminal, ubuntu crashes04:45
crazyhead42-sigh- Something tells me I'm not going to get my server and computer to see eachother any time tonight.04:45
AR45_somsip: Yo04:45
lotuspsychjecrazyhead42: join #ubuntu-server04:45
crazyhead42I'm in ubuntu server. No one else is actually on.04:46
niebieskilotuspsychje: Yes I believe it's 32bit, and yes I want Ubuntu.04:46
lotuspsychjechaotix: you can try dmesg or /var/log/syslog04:46
dalekusaquestion repeat:04:46
chaotixlotuspsychje, thanks, i will04:46
dalekusaI am having this form of artifacting at startup: http://imgur.com/bgD4C3704:47
lotuspsychjechaotix: also a tail -f /var/log/syslog can show you some realtime errors04:47
dalekusaSometimes restarting fixes it, sometimes I have to reboot several times.04:47
dalekusaWhat do you think may be the overarching problem?04:47
=== AR45_ is now known as AR45
lotuspsychjeniebieski: what i would do is wipe the whole HD clean, and install ubuntu 14.04 on whole hd04:48
lotuspsychjedalekusa: did you try the recoverymode from grub?04:49
dalekusaThis started not too long after I installed Trusty.04:50
ObrienDavedalekusa, that is a sync issue from video card to monitor. one or the other is not syncing to the proper frequency04:50
dalekusaWhich replaced Linux Mint Nadia04:50
dalekusaI do have the Nvidia drivers04:50
dalekusaObrienlemme pull up the04:51
niebieskilotuspsychje: Alright, thanks. :)04:51
dalekusaObrienDave: Lemme pull up the Nvidia control panel04:51
ObrienDavemore than likely your card is outputting a rez mode the monitor does not like04:52
=== daftykin1 is now known as daftykins
dalekusaMy monitor recommends 1600x900 at 60 hz, which is what it outputs04:54
dalekusaso the monitor is probably not the problem.04:55
dalekusaoh codec04:56
ObrienDavecheck cable connections04:57
Noah_ATHey guys! I just updated Ubuntu to 14.04 LTS. I run a minecraft server on the installation and I can't seem to reach the server via my external IP address. I'm wondering if there could be a local firewall on linux machine blocking the external connection. Thanks!04:58
dalekusaVGA cable is secure at both ends...04:58
ObrienDavedo you have any other monitors to try?05:01
dalekusajust the one05:01
ObrienDavewondering if your card might be going wonky05:01
dalekusaI have integrated GeForce 6150SE graphics05:02
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: try nmap on your ip05:03
Noah_ATfrom the same machine?05:03
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: you can try both external and internal ip from same machine05:04
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: see what it does05:04
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: nmap spit out a whole bunch of literature05:04
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: maybe a nmap -PN -sV ipadress05:04
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: thx for the help btw05:04
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: also check if your router needs portforward on minecraft server port05:05
=== vemacs|ded is now known as vemacs
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: My router has its port forwarded. When I try to connect from another machine to the server locally using the port, it works great05:06
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: port number*05:06
dalekusaObrienDave: Mind if I tell you a bit of a story about how Ubuntu came to be installed on my computer?05:06
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: and remote not?05:06
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: right, so when I use my external-IP:port it doesn’t see anything05:07
Noah_ATlotuspsychje of course minecraft returns “can’t connect to server” in that case which is pretty useless information05:07
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: isnt there a difference of server setup dedicated or public?05:07
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: Not sure what you are asking? It was working fine a few weeks ago and then tonight I updated the OS05:08
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: maybe the server only setup for playing localy05:08
=== sR is now known as Guest28291
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: Oh, no. The minecraft server just listens to the port you specificy. It allows all connections05:09
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: I pinged my external IP and did connect05:09
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: isnt there a database of server ip's that other users can scan to join server?05:09
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: can you pm me your external ip? ill try nmap to see05:10
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: No. This is a private server. It’s literally a jar file running on my linux that listens to connections coming in on default port 2556505:10
Noah_ATlotuspsychje: There are some bigger servers that are listed on websites and stuff, but thats not what I’m going for. I’m just going for a direct connection05:11
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: ok so other users cant connect your servers remote right?05:11
AR45So I just installed Ubuntu 14.04 from the minimal cd. So far I've installed xorg and kde-plasma-desktop? What do you suggest I do next?05:11
lotuspsychjeNoah_AT: pm me your server ip plz, ill nmap05:12
Noah_ATlotuspsychje anyone with a minecraft client, my external ip address, and the port number could connect. There is an option of denying access based on a whitelist05:12
lionroarsis Ubuntu secure ?05:12
lotuspsychje!security | lionroars05:12
ubottulionroars: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server05:12
lionroarsis it more secure than FreeBSD by default ?05:12
AR45lionroars: No.05:12
lotuspsychjelionroars: security is what you make of it yourself05:13
lionroarslotuspsychje, ok i get it05:13
lionroarslotuspsychje, Why is FSF's stand on Ubuntu so rude ?05:13
lotuspsychjelionroars: fsf?05:14
AR45Any articles out there on configuring 14.04 minimal instilations?05:14
lionroarslotuspsychje, Free Software Foundation, the GNU Project's Sponsor05:15
lionroarsAR45, do you use freebsd ?05:15
lotuspsychje!minimal | AR4505:15
ubottuAR45: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:15
lotuspsychjelionroars: plz use #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss these things05:16
Tam5If I have Libreoffice installed in Windows. How can I set Libreoffice to be the default PDF viewer? I am at "set default program" for a pdf file in windows, but I need to know which .exe to point to05:16
Tam5* #reddit-sysadmin :Cannot send to channel05:16
Bashing-omAR45: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall05:16
gt8ost4lhas anybody here installed kate successfully?05:17
AR45Bashing-om: Thank you kind sir, send more my way if you come across.05:18
lionroarslotuspsychje, Ok so can we install Ubuntu with Gnome without Ubuntu Software Center using Minimal disk ?05:19
kisukequestion: im am working on a headless install (litterally, i cant find my VGA cable) does sshd start automaticly on a live CD?05:21
Bashing-omAR45: There just is not a whole bunch out there, that I am aware of.05:22
CaffeineAddictI am looking into setting up a mail server on ubuntu 14.  I am currently reading through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer05:24
CaffeineAddictIf I am understanding this correctly Postfix is a MTA and talks to other mail servers05:25
CaffeineAddictand Dovecot is a MDA and talks to clients05:25
CaffeineAddictdoes Postfix talk to Dovecot directly or do both talk to a database?05:25
Like2HlpUhi can i help yuo05:27
daftykinskisuke: don't think so no05:28
kisukedaftykins, sshd is there though?05:28
daftykinsnot installed i don't think, no05:28
agent_whiteif I want to chagen #include "path/to/3dprty/lib/something.h" to inlcude ALL header files under "path/to/3rd/party/lib/", how do I do that in C++?05:29
ilhamikisuke, what's the problem? :)05:29
agent_whiteNot a question for this channel, but figured I'd shoot.05:30
kisukeilhami, new install, i cant get my hands on a VGA cable.05:30
lotuspsychje!ufw | Noah_AT05:30
ubottuNoah_AT: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo05:30
ilhamikisuke, you can't get your hands on a VGA cable.. and?05:31
cfhowlettagent_white, ##c channel05:32
agent_whitecfhowlett: Thank you!05:32
kisukeilhami, next best think is if it has kvm over lan (still ironing that down) other than that the only way i can think of to install is going to be via SSH05:32
kisukereather controlling via SSH.05:32
ilhamikisuke aaah ok :)05:33
kisukeilhami, you see my delema?05:34
agent_whitekisuke: SSH? Are you trying to install over network? (sorry, popped in late)05:34
kisukeagent_white, pretty much.05:35
kisukei know there used to be a way to do it, but cant remember now.05:35
agent_whitekisuke: Can't do a usb/disk?05:36
ilhamikisuke, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot05:36
ilhamidid you look at this?05:36
agent_whitekisuke: Also, the default way across a network (if a local comp has the is) is by PXE Boot05:36
agent_whiteAka, if the machine had no OS, no external media drives, this would be the way to do is across a LAN.05:37
Like2HlpUwut lol05:37
ilhamiI will be back later05:38
kisukeagent_white, its litterally a headless install, media is not a problem, control is.05:38
agent_whitePXE bootin'. Tis how you get an OS mirrored across 200 pc's at once. Same pricipal.05:38
agent_whitekisuke: OHHH.05:38
agent_whiteNevermind then! :P05:38
Like2HlpUhe only has 105:39
agent_whiteLike2HlpU: I understand, that's why I said "principal". :)05:39
kisukeagent_white, I've done it, considered v2p, but still the same issue, i suppose i could get a custom livecd spun up in vmware and then use that to bootstrap the installer.05:39
Like2HlpUdont live cd run vnc05:40
Like2HlpUuse taht05:40
kisukehow does VNC help?05:40
Like2HlpUyes it will help05:40
Like2HlpUoh how?05:41
agent_whitekisuke: One second, going through IRC logs to see your original issue.05:41
Like2HlpUthen u can do headless05:41
kisukeLike2HlpU, how do you suggest i get VNC on a machine that has no OS?05:41
Like2HlpUlive cd05:41
kisukeagent_white, gimme a sec,05:42
kisukequestion: im am working on a headless install (litterally, i cant find my VGA cable) does sshd start automaticly on a live CD?05:42
kisuke^ that was my inital question.05:42
kisukeLike2HlpU> dont live cd run vnc05:44
agent_whitekisuke: I would try out the live cd on your current pc, and see if sshd is enabled.05:44
agent_whiteOtherwise https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html05:44
kisukeagent_white, VMWare FTW.05:45
agent_whitekisuke: You figure it out? :D05:45
kisukeagent_white, waiting to see if the server ISO will autoboot.05:47
kisukeaaaaand thats a no.05:47
daftykinsit goes to an installer afaik05:47
daftykinstext mode05:47
Like2HlpUi googled it for u bro05:48
kisukeagent_white, no TFTP server, thats might be an option.05:48
agent_whiteLike2HlpU: Bad link05:48
kisukeLike2HlpU, so you can google. good for you.05:48
agent_whiteNo he cannot.05:49
agent_whiteThat result was terrible.05:49
agent_whiteThe one I posted is actually informative.05:49
kisukehmm, i wonder if znc caches /block.05:50
Like2HlpUbad link05:50
agent_whitekisuke: only on tuesdays05:51
Like2HlpUnot informative or relavant05:51
kisukeexcuse me i meant /ignore.05:51
kisukealthough seeing as how its done its probably local only.05:52
Like2HlpU 7 down vote accepted05:53
Like2HlpUI agree with the sentiment of the other answers here: Although it may be possible to install Ubuntu remotely on RHEL 3.4, you are likely going to be treading on some very thin ice.05:53
Like2HlpUthat one?05:53
Like2HlpUyeah real good lol05:53
kisukeyep local only. ballocks.05:55
agent_white"This question is unlikely to help any future visitors"05:55
kisukeagent_white, in his defence is is a rare ocorance.05:55
agent_whiteFrom yours LIke2Hlpu :)05:55
akaWolfhello! can anyone help me with squid3?05:55
agent_whitekisuke: Heh? Not at all.05:55
kisukeakaWolf, whats the problem if we can we will, else wise we will point you to a better place.05:56
agent_whitekisuke: If you think about the millions of computers manufactered that need an iso ("to be imaged") before shipping. :)05:56
Noah_ATHey guys! So, I’m trying to connect to my ubuntu system via my external IP and it seems I cannot for some reason. I’m trying to SSH in. Any ideas?05:56
agent_whiteakaWolf: Don't ask to ask, ask your problem!05:56
kisukeright, how many are doing it remotely w/o hypervisor, etc05:56
Like2HlpUyeah...  both of those URLs look good tho..05:56
Like2HlpUif only the page was to05:57
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Is the SSH port open in your router to allow TCP traffic?05:57
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: can you ping it05:57
Noah_ATCaffeineAddict: I can ping the external ip05:57
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: do you have nmap on your current computer?05:58
akaWolfI'm installed a squid3, but he is dropped any connection. log of parsing of config: http://pastebin.com/uLBfbqHY05:58
akaWolfSquid Cache: Version 3.3.805:58
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Type in `ssh -vvv your.ip.address` , put the output in a pastebin.05:58
Noah_ATCaffeineAddict: Not sure how to ping my ubuntu system. How can I include a port specification when pinging the external IP05:58
Noah_ATkk will do05:58
akaWolfagent_white: too verbose05:59
Noah_ATshould I do it from the ubuntu machine or from a different one?05:59
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: is your ubuntu system behind a router?05:59
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Big things are... is the port open on your router and destination_computer for ssh traffic.05:59
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: does the router have port forwarding on for port 2205:59
agent_whiteakaWolf: "The more the merrier" ;)05:59
Noah_ATSo, it should be on the router. Yes, I forwarded it. Not sure how to check on the ubuntu. It was working, but I updated the ubuntu OS tonight and it no longer works05:59
akaWolfso can someone help me with squid?06:00
cfhowlett!info sqid06:00
agent_whiteCaffeineAddict: Assuming he didn't change the default port... we also don't know if the host he's connecting to has the service running correctly.06:00
ubottuPackage sqid does not exist in trusty06:00
cfhowlett!info squid06:00
ubottusquid (source: squid3): dependency package from squid to squid3. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.8-1ubuntu6.1 (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 138 kB06:00
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: on the ubuntu machine can you ssh
agent_whiteCaffeineAddict: nice :D06:00
akaWolfcfhowlett: ?06:00
Noah_ATworked perfectly06:01
Noah_ATI can also ssh in from a computer on the local network06:01
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Then your SSH runs on the default port, 22. And is running.06:01
Noah_ATJust not via the external IP06:01
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Problem is at your router.06:01
CaffeineAddictok, can you ssh from a computer on the local network (not the ubuntu machine) using the external IP06:01
akaWolfNoah_AT: yep, definitely...06:01
Like2HlpUor the gateway setting on the box yea06:01
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Like me and CaffeineAddict said, you need to open port 22 on your router to allow TCP traffic.06:01
cfhowlettakaWolf, this question better addressed in #ubuntu-server   perhaps?06:01
Like2HlpUcheck that06:01
akaWolfcfhowlett: maybe06:02
Noah_AThow can I check my ubuntu’s ip on the network?06:02
Noah_ATfrom the ubuntu06:02
kisukeakaWolf, you also may wanna try #squid06:03
Noah_ATgot it06:03
Like2HlpUip addr06:03
akaWolfkisuke: yep06:03
Like2HlpUfor a loooong time06:03
agent_whiteLike2HlpU: I see you're a systemctl supporter06:04
Noah_ATagent_white: So, if I use the local address I can connect just fine. The router is also showing that the port is forwarded for external tcp/udp use also. Could there be another setting overriding external access?06:04
tasslehoffI seem to have lost all my command completion (git, svn ++). It does not help to manually source something from /etc/bash_completion.d/ either06:04
agent_whiteNoah_AT: NAT could be an issue. Making sure the traffic to 22 is going to that specific computer.06:04
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: can you take a screen shot of the router conf screen where you port forwarded port 2206:05
AR45Question Buntu! How do I identify the hardware on my computer?06:05
agent_whiteNoah_AT: You need to set up port forwarding, like CaffeineAddict said, to forward all port 22 traffic to THAT machine.06:05
agent_whiteAnd that machine needs a static lan ip for that to happen.06:05
Noah_ATagent_white: Thats how I have it set up :/06:05
Noah_AT: /06:05
AR45Question Buntu! How do I identify the hardware on my computer?06:06
agent_whiteNoah_AT: What happens when you ping port 22 from the outside comptuer?06:06
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: either static IP or reserve the IP in the routers DHCP06:06
agent_whiteAnd also, `ssh -vvv your.destination.computer`06:06
AR45Question Buntu! How do I list all of my computer's hardware in terminal?06:06
tasslehoffah, the sourcing of /etc/bash_completion was gone. nevermind.06:06
agent_whiteAR45: http://superuser.com/questions/303981/what-is-the-linux-command-to-find-out-hardware-info06:07
Noah_ATagent_white: Great question! I’m wondering the same thing. I can ping the ip, but when I add a port number the ping command fials06:07
Like2HlpUdunno i like systemctl systemd is ok to06:07
agent_whiteNoah_AT: You are pinging that specific port, not the ip, right?06:07
Noah_ATagent_white: ping ip:port06:07
kisukeAR45, lshw.06:07
Noah_ATagent_white: ping ip  (works)06:08
agent_whiteNoah_AT: On the remote machine, `ssh -vvv userName_on_remoteBox@remoteBox.ip.address`06:08
CaffeineAddictlocal or esternal06:08
Noah_ATagent_white: ping ip:port (fails - Unknown Host)06:08
agent_whiteNoah_AT: We need that input as well. Cause have you copied your public keys to the user on the remote machine?06:08
agent_white(does that user exist on the machine?)06:09
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: does the servers external IP end in 208.5906:09
agent_white`ssh some.ip.address` translates into `ssh MyLocalUsername@some.ip.address`06:09
lotuspsychjeagent_white, CaffeineAddict we just nmapped his external ip, all port show filtered06:09
Like2HlpUdont think that has anything to do with ip06:09
Noah_ATagent_white: yup it does end with that06:09
CaffeineAddictlotuspsychje: figured as much06:10
Noah_ATagent_white: it looks like the -vvv command is timing out06:10
lotuspsychjei scanned nmap -PN -sV on his external ip06:10
Noah_ATagent_white: it ends with 208.5906:10
CaffeineAddictNoah_AT: take a screen shot of your routers port forwarding config06:10
Noah_ATwill do06:10
agent_whiteNoah_AT: Pastebin the output!06:10
agent_whiteIncluding the command you entered.06:10
Noah_ATCaffeineAddict: how can i show you the screen shot?06:14
Like2HlpUdunno why ur trying to ping a port either06:15
Like2HlpUfree support is free06:16
Like2HlpUare you trying to connect to the 59 address from your lan??06:17
niladriCan anyone help? The Bluetooth is not working.. Error Message = "No Adapters found"..06:19
kisukeniladri, what kind of BT adapter are you using?06:19
Like2HlpUis the hardware (BT) known to be supported?06:19
niladriPlease go through the forum link06:20
niladriAll details I have mentioned06:20
Like2HlpUok fine pff06:20
niladridmesg output06:20
niladriniladri@niladri:~$ dmesg | grep -i blue06:20
niladri[ 23.753724] Bluetooth: Core ver 2.1706:20
niladri[ 23.753752] Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized06:20
niladri[ 23.753765] Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized06:20
niladri[ 23.753769] Bluetooth: L2CAP socket layer initialized06:20
unopasteniladri you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted06:20
gt8ost4li need help anybody here successfully installed kate?06:20
cyborgcygnusHow do you share a file or folder over the network in xubuntu to another linux distro?06:20
WizardDoes evolution support carddav?06:21
Like2HlpUnot supported hardware06:22
niladriCan anyone help me with the Bluetooth adapter issue..06:22
Like2HlpU!ask | gt8ost4l06:22
ubottugt8ost4l: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:23
Like2HlpUcyborgcygnus, nfs or cifs06:23
gt8ost4lyou know step 6 in the installation im stuck on part 6 http://kate-editor.org/get-it/06:24
Like2HlpUdoesnt ubuntu have kate?06:25
WizardIt does.06:25
gt8ost4lyeah but i think its a old version since im on ubuntu 12.0406:25
Like2HlpUyeah srsly it should06:25
WizardUpgrade? :P06:25
Wizard14.04 is fine.06:25
vertakHow common are Ubuntu servers in a production setting?06:26
cfhowlettvertak, common06:26
gt8ost4lyeah but 12.04 doesnt have the status bar06:26
vertakAny company names come to mind? I have just never heard of any, and wondered why.06:27
cfhowlettvertak, there's a white paper on canonical with use cases ... wait one, I'll see if I can find it06:27
kisukevertak, because ubuntu is not a "shipping" OS. its usually installed after the fact.06:27
Like2HlpUWizard, supposedly it does support carddav06:28
kisukedell AFAIR does it, IBM is more RHEL, but ubuntu is supported,06:28
vertakkisuke, what do you mean by that? what is a "shipping" OS?06:28
kisukevertak, what it ships with from the factory.06:29
cfhowlettvertak, OEM - hardware comes with OS pre-installed06:29
Like2HlpUWizard, http://carddav.calconnect.org/implementations/clients.html06:29
kisukei.e. most desktops come with windoze pre-installed.06:30
cfhowlettvertak, https://insights.ubuntu.com/case-studies/06:30
cfhowlettvertak, notably : wikimedia06:31
Like2HlpUi think canonnical uses ubuntu server06:31
cfhowlettLike2HlpU, safe to say ...06:32
vertakcfhowlett thanks!06:34
cfhowlettvertak, happy2help06:34
vertakkisuke ah ok I see what you mean.06:34
WizardLike2HlpU: Thanks06:35
Like2HlpUno problemo06:37
Like2HlpUi used mulberry that one was nice06:39
Like2HlpUdunno if i ever use evolution hmm06:39
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phoenixzSo I just purchased an ASUS G750J repulic of gamers laptop.. I installed kubuntu 14.04, and so far, all so good, but it appears Im not using the nvidia GPU.. when I do an lspci, I am not seeing the nvidia gpu at all, I see the builtin intel GPU.. Will I simply not see the hardware at all until I install the driver?06:57
AR45Where do I set apt-get mirror list?06:59
AR45which config file?07:00
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bubbasauresAR45, Two places /etc/apt/sources.list is supported same file sources.list.d is third party07:13
IrinaHHi, i want to install ubuntu on my notebook07:14
IrinaHwhat ios i need?07:15
somsip!bumblebee | phoenixz (maybe worth a look(07:17
ubottuphoenixz (maybe worth a look(: The Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/07:17
phoenixzWill do, thanks!07:18
phoenixzAlso, webcam not working.. I've checked google, no results at all.. Anybody who might be able to give a pointer on where to start?07:18
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physixeryoutube hd movie playback: how?07:28
physixerfrom https://youtube.com/movies that is07:28
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RoryHi all. Following error starting deluge this morning. deluge isn't running (checked in ps aux). Does anyone know if there's a lock file I need to delete? Can't find anything likely-looking. Error follows:07:30
Rory[ERROR   ] 08:29:33 ipcinterface:156 Deluge restart failed: Couldn't listen on any:/home/rory/.config/deluge/ipc/deluge-gtk: Cannot acquire lock.07:30
xar-The real question is, why aren't you using rtorrent, rather than deluge. :)07:31
thmsHi everyone. If I boot off a liveCD and resize a windows partiton with GParted, my PC will still boot after that right no need to install grub or anything the MBR will be left untouched ?07:32
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xar-Rory: a lot of programs will store their process ID (PID) in a "lock" file, to be referenced by the application. It sounds like Deluge experienced an unclean stop (SIGKILL?). Remove the lock file.07:34
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phoenixzI have an ASUS G750J laptop with NVidia 770M graphics chip... but all I get in kubuntu is that I"m using the built in intel GPU. lspci does not even show the nvidia, and neither does dmidecode.. Any place to start? I tried bumblebee, installed it from command line, did.. .nothign at all that I can see..07:38
IrinaHHi, i want to install ubuntu, is oki if i create 2 partition: 1) /  and 2) swap ?07:40
IrinaHthe / will be 250gb07:40
cfhowlettIrinaH, yes that's fine or your could let ubuntu manage your partitoins07:40
IrinaHcreate a /swap of 180gb07:40
IrinaHif i put automated07:40
cfhowlettIrinaH, NOT normal ... did you md5sum the .iso?07:41
IrinaHi have a 1tb hdd07:41
cfhowlettIrinaH, noted07:42
eeee180 or 18gb? O.o07:42
IrinaH180 :)07:43
IrinaHthis i download07:43
cfhowlett!md5sum | IrinaH, DID YOU VERIFY?07:43
ubottuIrinaH, DID YOU VERIFY?: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:43
WizardNah, me again.07:43
WizardAny known GTK3 themes which have smaller widgets?07:44
IrinaHwhat is EFI partiton ? is the boot?07:44
=== blubberbop is now known as phoenixz
WizardThese default buttons and other controls are just to large and waste so much space.07:44
cfhowlett!efi | IrinaH,07:44
ubottuIrinaH,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:44
IrinaHcfhowlett, yap work :) i reboot and now show me 17gb07:44
eeeeit's a partition that holds the bootmgr files for the OS's on the machine07:44
IrinaHaa is uefi07:44
* IrinaH is time to install ubuntu07:45
IrinaHi will be back :D thanks07:45
phoenixzSo I just installed the nvidia driver from nvida.com, ran nvidia-xconfig, restarted, and nvidia-settings still gives me "you aren not using the nvida driver"... lspci does not show the nvidia hardware at all. Is this normal?07:45
theadminphoenixz: Remove that hamster and use the Additional Drivers utility that comes with Ubuntu.07:46
thmsHi everyone. If I boot off a liveCD and resize a windows partiton with GParted, my PC will still boot after that right no need to install grub or anything the MBR will be left untouched ?07:47
cfhowlettthms, quite possible you'll need to update grub.  windows will invoke a chkdsk the next time your boot it07:48
phoenixztheadmin: hamster?07:48
theadminphoenixz: The driver you downloaded from the website. The one provided in the drivers utility is tested with Ubuntu and installs automatically with less headache.07:49
phoenixztheadmin: you mean the nvidia official driver? alright, how will I uninstall it? run the driver script again?07:49
phoenixztheadmin: well, the problem there would be.. It does not see the nvidia card at all07:49
phoenixztheadmin: lsspci doesnt even see the card07:50
theadminphoenixz: Ohkaaay, now that is weird.07:50
theadminphoenixz: Either way, to uninstall the official driver run the script with --uninstall07:50
yusufhellooo ? anyone can help me create upstart script?07:50
yusufhow to control the restart service command?07:50
theadminyusuf: You don't, restart = stop and start07:51
theadminIt's automated07:51
yusufohhh i see07:51
yusufwhen i service name restart => it will stopped and then started?07:51
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theadminyusuf: Yeah07:51
yusufahhh my problem solved, thanks theadmin :)07:52
Svetlanais http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/ relevant?07:52
theadminWasn't Ubuntu supposed to switch to systemd?07:52
theadmin(out of the loop here)07:52
Roryxar-: That's what I'm asking; how can I find the lock file07:53
phoenixztheadmin: alright, I'll try that but.. I should see the GPU at the very least while using lspci, no?07:54
theadminphoenixz: Yeah, I am honestly confused here.07:54
theadminphoenixz: Sorry for the obvious question, but "are you sure that it's plugged in?"07:55
theadminCause, that's literally the only thing I can think of that would make it disappear from lspci altogether.07:55
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borw3Excuse me, I would like to know which is overall better between ubuntu and xubuntu?07:57
theadminborw3: There's no "better", it's a personal preference honestly.07:57
CaffeineAddictborw3: which is better, paper or plastic07:57
theadminborw3: They just have different desktops.07:57
borw3How comes it seems that ubuntu recieves more frequent updates compared to xubuntu?07:58
theadminborw3: Uh, that is not true, they share the same package base and get updates exactly at the same time.08:00
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IrinaHI install ubuntu :) , how i see if my nvidia video card is installed08:04
eeeelspci -v | grep VGA08:04
eeeethat tells you if it sees it08:04
borw3kernel updates on ubuntu seem more often as compared to xubuntu.08:05
IrinaHeeee, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])08:05
theadminborw3: Again, that is not true. Same package base.08:05
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eeeeIrinaH: sudo lshw -c video | grep driver , that tells you which driver is in use08:05
theadminborw3: They literally get all software from the same servers.08:05
theadminborw3: You might just have used Ubuntu during time when kernels were updated more often for some reason.08:06
eeeeIrinaH: that's all it gave?08:06
IrinaHconfiguration: driver=nouveau latency=008:06
IrinaHconfiguration: driver=i915 latency=008:06
IrinaHeeee, i install ubuntu on notebook08:06
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theadminIrinaH: If your nvidia card is not in the list it may be disabled in BIOS settings08:07
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eeeeIrinaH: you can see some info if you press on the dash ( first icon in the launcher on the left ), and type drivers, then press on additional drivers08:08
IrinaHwhen i used windows :) frist card was intel, only if i run games / movie / ... run on nvidia08:08
gdm85hi there! TightVNC never had an ssl faeture, right?08:09
theadminIrinaH: Ah, Optimus.08:09
theadminIrinaH: You need to install nvidia-prime08:09
guest-PxmbWcmy ubuntu 14.04 start constantly freezing today! but everything works fine on the guest login08:09
IrinaHtheadmin, how?08:09
theadminIrinaH: From a Terminal: sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime08:09
theadminIrinaH: Then run "sudo prime-select nvidia" and Ubuntu should start using your NVidia card.08:10
IrinaHneed restart?08:10
theadminNot sure, probably.08:10
IrinaHlet me reboot08:10
theadminYou will need to restart X (log out and back in) at the very least.08:10
IrinaHError: nvidia mode can't be enabled08:13
iptableIrinaH, did you install the proprietary nvidia graphics drivers?08:15
IrinaHno, i just install ubuntu from usb08:15
iptableIrinaH, you will need nvidia drivers before nvidia-prime (graphics card chooser) starts to work08:16
iptablelet me get the right line for it08:16
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IrinaHi need to remove nvidia-prime?08:16
kaiserlol30fps with lol08:16
iptableIrinaH, no, leave it there08:16
IrinaHNvidia Gefore 740M08:16
iptableIrinaH, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers; sudo apt-get install nvidia-331-updates nvidia-opencl-icd-331-updates nvidia-prime nvidia-settings08:17
iptableIrinaH, after these are run, reboot and you should be good to go.08:17
IrinaHthank :**08:18
iptableIrinaH, DO report if the second to last command gives you errors (the apt-get install build-essential linux-headers)08:19
IrinaHi install classic gnome is oki no?08:20
iptableIrinaH, that's irrelevant tbh08:20
IrinaHreboot time08:21
IrinaHi type: sudo prime-select nvidia , and not give me anything08:24
IrinaHaa wih run08:24
IrinaHInfo: the nvidia profile is already in use08:25
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iptableIrinaH, right, so it is using the profile for the nvidia card08:26
theadminIrinaH: Should work now.08:26
kaiserlolserver add -auto -network mired irc.freenode.net08:26
iptableIrinaH, but did you run the commands I asked you to? without the nvidia drivers it won't do you much good.08:26
theadminkaiserlol: Here take: /08:26
IrinaHiptable, what command?08:27
theadminiptable: Doesn't nvidia-prime depend on nvidia-current?08:27
iptabletheadmin, yes, but nvidia will fail to install unless you manually install headers and build-essential. otherwise it won't compile.08:27
iptabletheadmin, sounds like broken dependency but I always had this issue08:27
priuonWhich texlive package contains the texlive gui application?08:27
theadminiptable: Oh...08:28
iptableIrinaH, this one (or 4 to be exact): sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers; sudo apt-get install nvidia-331-updates nvidia-opencl-icd-331-updates nvidia-prime nvidia-settings08:28
iptableIrinaH, run one at a time and see if you get errors. if you do, stop and report to us what the error says08:28
iptabletheadmin, actually, funnily enough, prime doesn't depend on nvidia current.08:29
priuontexlive-base texlive-full and texlive-binaries doesn't seem to have it08:29
iptablepriuon, don't seem to have what? according to docs texlive package contains texlive gui08:31
priuoniptables apt-cache policy shows all installed in recent version but the bin is not there (texlive)08:32
iptablepriuon, for a wysiwyg, you can try: LyX, for GUI you may try Kile (KDE deps warning)08:32
priuonor anything resemblingt the name (from what I found now)08:32
lionroarswhat is the default kernel in 14.04?08:32
IrinaHsudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers08:32
priuoniptable: I know about lyx but I was looking for the simple texlive editor with a compile button ....08:33
IrinaHE: Package 'linux-headers' has no installation candidate08:33
cynicallemonlinux-headers-amd64 ot i38608:33
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IrinaHnot work08:34
iptableIrinaH, provide please: uname -a08:34
IrinaHLinux marketing 3.13.0-37-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 22 21:28:38 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:35
iptablepriuon, there is a LOT of binaries provided by texlive binary pacakge08:36
iptablepriuon, tried: tex ?08:36
priuoniptable: it seems to be a shell08:36
priuoniptable: What can I do to get the gui in my situation?08:37
iptablepriuon, apart from using the GUI tools I have mentioned to you, I can only help by giving you a list of binaries that texlive provides to look through: http://pastebin.com/RD3vNMcG08:37
lionroarsIrinaH, do you run Haswell graphics ?08:38
IrinaHno know08:38
priuoniptable: it doesn't show texlive there. is the gui some other bin?08:38
iptableIrinaH, hold on, let me check08:38
iptablepriuon, that's al lthere ix in texlive-binary package08:38
lionroarswhat is a low latency kernel ?08:39
iptablelionroars, it's a kernel compiled for low latency IRQ (device) access, e.g. network access08:39
iptableIrinaH, then instead run: sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-3.13.0-37 linux-headers-3.13.0-37-generic08:40
lionroarsiptable, I am running an ubuntu based OS it uses it, what are the advantage ?08:40
iptableIrinaH, then instead run: sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-3.13.0-37 linux-headers-3.13.0-37-generic linux-headers-generic08:40
iptablethat one ^08:40
IrinaHi press that08:41
IrinaHlinux-headers-generic is installed08:41
kaiserlolkeep calm08:41
iptableIrinaH, that's fine08:41
iptableIrinaH, and build-essential installed?08:41
IrinaHsudo apt-get install nvidia-331-updates nvidia-opencl-icd-331-updates nvidia-prime nvidia-settings08:41
IrinaHall ok08:41
iptablelionroars, if your OS/app depends on close-to-0-latency of your cards, then either that OR sometimes it's used on embedded machines which don't have an RTC08:41
iptablelionroars, for standard use - no reason whatsoever08:42
iptableIrinaH, yes08:42
bong1the latest version of chrome crashes on lubuntu 14.04.08:42
iptablebong1, if you start it from command line, does it tell you why?08:42
priuoniptable: this is a list I created on editors. It's expiering, you might want to keep it for support.08:43
lionroarsiptable, ok, my haswell graphics experience shows Standard only08:43
lionroarsany help ?08:43
iptablelionroars, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Studio#Low-latency_kernel08:44
bong1iptable: i dont know. how do we start it from command line??08:44
iptablepriuon, cool. cheers08:44
IrinaHdonne :)08:44
iptablebong1, open command line, type in: google-chrome08:44
iptableIrinaH, that should be all that's required and you should be running nvidia now :)08:45
mariachihey! anyone else using an ALFA AWUS036NHR (RT8188)? It's using the rtl8192cu driver (14.04). i see lots of SSIDs and connect to them, but after that nothing happens ie there's no traffic or only for some seconds and then it has problems reconnecting. I'm in germany and CRDA is always making my regdom US (my laptop was bought in Malaysia) even after reg set DE08:45
iptablebong1, did you upgrade your OS before running latest chrome? sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade08:45
IrinaHthanks iptable08:46
iptableIrinaH, no problem at all08:46
IrinaHis a vnc client on ubuntu?08:46
iptablemariachi, that chipset is locking to US region. welcome to cheap world :P08:47
iptablemariachi, set your APs to only work on 2.4GHz, not 5GHz and set them to a static band (e.g. channel 6). Then connect and it should work.08:47
iptableIrinaH, lots of them.08:48
iptableIrinaH, I had a name of a very good one somewhere, hold on08:48
bong1this is what my command line says... ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.08:48
bong1[2175:2175:1009/164607:ERROR:desktop_window_tree_host_x11.cc(1547)] Not implemented reached in void views::DesktopWindowTreeHostX11::MapWindow(ui::WindowShowState)08:48
iptableIrinaH, remmina is a brilliant one. Supports vnc, rdp and other protocols with even tunneling if required. it has a nice simple GUI.08:48
iptableIrinaH, xvnc4viewer doesn't have a GUI and you start it form command line which is good if you are command-line-savvy08:49
iptablebong1, how did you install that chrome?08:49
IrinaHah let me remove08:49
iptableIrinaH, Irina is a name from what country? (just asking)08:50
lionroarsiptable, can we use a libre kernel in Ubuntu ?08:50
IrinaHfrom India but i am not :D i like movies08:51
mariachi_hey! anyone else using an ALFA AWUS036NHR (RT8188)? It's using the rtl8192cu driver (14.04). i see lots of SSIDs and connect to them, but after that nothing happens ie there's no traffic or only for some seconds and then it has problems reconnecting. I'm in germany and CRDA is always making my regdom US (my laptop was bought in Malaysia) even after reg set --- sorry if double posted, connection dropped08:51
IrinaHiptable,  Greek08:51
iptableIrinaH, ah, Romania08:51
iptablelionroars, what is the actual problem you have?08:52
iptable<iptable> mariachi, that chipset is locking to US region. welcome to cheap world :P08:52
iptable<iptable> mariachi, set your APs to only work on 2.4GHz, not 5GHz and set them to a static band (e.g. channel 6).08:52
iptablemariachi_, ^08:52
lionroarsiptable, my haswell graphics experience states its standard, I want 3d support08:53
lionroarsI am using 14.0408:53
iptablelionroars, haswell which one?08:53
mariachi_iptable, even though mine says "German Revision"?08:53
IrinaHlet see if remmina wor08:53
lionroarsiptable, 4400 with i3-413008:54
iptablemariachi_, looks like thta could possibly be the issue. Have you tried an external WiFi dongle to confirm it's your laptop chip and not the network?08:54
iptablelionroars, what's telling you that it states it's standard? also what is your lspci ?08:55
iptablelionroars, oh, and lsmod08:55
lionroarsiptable, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)08:55
bong1iptable:  i dont  remember.  i installed it thru synaptic probably. and then its been doing some updates for some time and now the latest update crashes on lubuntu,.08:56
mariachi_iptable my issue is with an external wifi "dongle" it's actually a long-range usb adapter08:56
iptableIrinaH, uff? :P08:56
IrinaHconect me and close the window08:56
mariachi_iptable Bus 003 Device 010: ID 0bda:817f Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188RU 802.11n WLAN Adapter08:56
IrinaHaa work08:56
iptablebong1, try removing it and intalling again08:56
IrinaHi not selected the quality08:56
iptablemariachi_, oh. does a different dongle work?08:57
tkschmidtis it okay to ask a few c++ questions? cant join #c++08:57
iptableIrinaH, you like abusing the kiss emoticon :P08:57
lionroarsiptable, http://pastebay.net/150483008:57
iptabletkschmidt, can't join it why?08:57
mariachi_iptable I don't have another one to compare, but my internal wireless works great, it's just that I'm trying to connect to a far away network (my long range thingy gets a full power signal)08:58
iptablelionroars, my advise would be: 1. try it on ubuntu 14.04 itself, not ubuntu-based-distro and see if problem persists. if so, on that ubuntu itself, fully upgrade: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. Test again. that will tell you if it's your ubuntu-based issue.08:59
tkschmidti`m redirected to #overflow because the server told me thez are under attack08:59
iptablemariachi_, are you SURE it's full power? it could be just saying that before connection attempt. some controllers do that.08:59
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iptablemariachi_, if you connect to a network close-by, does it work?08:59
iptabletkschmidt, it's working now09:00
tkschmidtoh, okay thx :)09:00
lionroarsiptable, but can we install and run libre kernel on Ubuntu ?09:00
mariachi_iptable, it will connect once, allow me to browse for some seconds and then drops the connection and won't reconnect again09:00
bong1iptable: is it okay if i install it thru synaptic  again?? or lubuntu software center? which do u recommend?09:01
iptablelionroars, you can compile and run any kernel you want. stability will not be guaranteed and it's way outside ubuntu support since ubuntu has a perfectly working standard kernel09:01
iptablemariachi_, either controller is faulty or you are too far or it's a cheap copy09:02
tkschmidtiptable, #c++ seems invite only09:02
lionroarsiptable, ok how can I set the repo not to install any non-free software09:02
tkschmidtCannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited09:02
iptablebong1, you can use either. synaptic is fine. or you can fetch a fresh deb file from google itself and install their latest chrome deb (stable!)09:02
iptabletkschmidt, it's ##c++09:02
iptablenot #c++09:02
tkschmidtshame on me09:03
iptablelionroars, that I don't remember09:03
yocapybaraguys do you know why if I updated from 10.04 to 12.04 using do-release-upgrade, why I'd get loads of 'Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'gb.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)'?  I'm guessing my sources.list is now screwed, but why would an upgrade screw it up, what mechanism is at work here?09:09
lionroarsiptable, no problem thanks for all your help09:09
lionroarsI appreciate it09:09
bong1iptable: i tried to remove it by09:10
bong1sudo apt-get remove google-chrome and then it says Package 'google-chrome' is not installed, so not removed09:10
bong1whaat?? i am sure i installed this sometime ago.09:10
iptablemaybe via deb...09:10
theadminbong1: It's not the right name. It's google-chrome-stable or google-chrome-beta, depending on which you picked.09:10
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BnayaI want to throttle wget progress update to be every 1MB to so, is it possible?09:12
BnayaBecouse i’m excution in a way that every progress tick is a new line (via vagrant shell provision if its matters)09:12
theadminBnaya: You can use wget -q to supress output altogether.09:14
Bnayatheadmin: curretly i’m using -nv, but i want some progress update. could it be possible with curl?09:15
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yocapybaraguys, anyone know if 'gb.archive.ubuntu.com' deprecated or invalid to have in sources.list?09:17
yocapybaraI notice repogen.simplylinux.ch gives uk.archive.ubuntu.com09:17
theadminyocapybara: gb. is an official mirror, the uk. one isn't09:18
theadminyocapybara: It appears to work fine.09:18
yocapybaratheadmin: I wonder what the 10.04->12.04 upgrade has done to screw up access to gb.archive.ubuntu.com.    Thanks for your help!09:19
yocapybaraone day I'll figure this stuff out09:19
iptablethere are still people only now upgrading from 10.0409:20
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bong1iptable: do you mean to 10.04?09:21
yocapybaraiptable: company I work for has about 10 of these boxes, I'm trying to figure out an ansible playbook that upgrades them all to 12.04 then to 14.04 - I keep coming up against problems though.  First revision of the script everything was great until I finally restarted and I got nothing but a cursor after the bios.  Going step by step now09:22
yocapybarabut for some reason every time I go to from 10.04 to 12.04 I always get errors when trying to update apt cache09:23
yocapybara...but it must be a peculiarity of this box/config/network09:26
theadminyocapybara: Are you sure you're not pointing to old-releases.ubuntu.com?09:26
theadminOr some alternative thereof.09:26
theadminEither way, the Software Centre provides a mirror search tool, run that and it should fix things for you09:27
yocapybaratheadmin: I think this is some DNS weirdness - if I try a straightforward ping to gb.archive.ubuntu.com, I get unknown host09:27
theadminyocapybara: Oh, huh.09:27
theadminyocapybara: Set DNS to and then try again.09:27
iptablebong1, from. 10.04 is long out of support and some people are only now moving away from it...09:30
iptableyocapybara, from 10.04, since you passed the out-of-support-deadline, I would suggest doing a reinstall one by one. especially if some of them are servers. upgrading live servers is a badIdea(tm)09:31
yocapybaraiptable: yup I'm definitely going to go one by one, starting with the QA (currently on a QA server that nobody cares about), hoping to iron out funnies with each subsequent server.  It wouldn't be good for my blood pressure to aim ansible at the entire lot and say do 10 concurrent :)09:33
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bong1iptable: i thought that 10.04  will be supported until 2019. or was that 14.04?09:34
theadminbong1: 14.04, 10.04 is already out of support.09:35
lionroarsin the graphics section does it show anything about Experience: Standard ?09:36
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vir2e/j #cairo-dock09:38
bong1chrome still freezes the mouse on lubuntu  even after a reinstall.09:41
Yossarianukhi - I'm trying to make a an updated package for ubuntu 13.04 for bash09:43
Yossarianuk(yes I know its EOL..)09:43
Yossarianuki have used 'apt-get source bash'09:43
Yossarianukthen added 4.2 patches from https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/09:43
bong1chrome on youtube still freezes the mouse on lubuntu  even after a reinstall.09:43
Yossarianukto the debian/patches folder09:44
chemist^bong1, why do you use chrome? firefox is better IMHO09:44
theadminchemist^: It's a personal preference, please don't start browser wars here.09:45
chemist^lol :D browser wars? :)09:46
bong1chemist^: chrome loads  youtube videos faster than firefox.09:46
chemist^it's just that i find it working better in linux, less issues with compatibility...09:46
theadminchemist^: Also, unfortunately, Chrome is the only way to get an up-to-date version of Flash on Linux, because Adobe stopped updating their NPAPI version on Linux.09:47
Yossarianukand added the patches to 'debian/patches/series.in'09:47
iptablebong1, there is 5 years support nowadays. 10.04 had 3 years for desktop09:47
chemist^bong1, i have no problems with the loading speed of YT videos in FF.... boo09:47
Yossarianukthe new pactahes from gnu.org do not apply/09:47
theadminYossarianuk: This channel does not provide support for EOL versions of Ubuntu.09:48
chemist^theadmin, didn't know that09:48
theadminchemist^: I mean, the old version Ubuntu's got in the repos still works, but it's probably missing some fancy new features already.09:48
theadminchemist^: Like, I'm pretty sure it can't hardware acceleration.09:49
bong1chemist^: thats only bcoz u have lots of ram.09:49
chemist^theadmin, i always installed it manually, never used the one in the repos :)09:49
theadminchemist^: Same thing -- the version on the website is older than the version Chrome provides09:49
chemist^bong1, really i think is a CPU thing...not ram09:50
chemist^theadmin, oh...ok... well for now i don't need the updated one, since this one works fine for my needs09:50
dale_ HexChat: 2.9.6 ** OS: Linux 3.13.0-24-generic i686 ** Distro: Debian jessie/sid ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 3.00GHz ** RAM: Physical: 2.0GB, 73.4% free ** Disk: Total: 71.4GB, 88.7% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV710 [Radeon HD 4350/4550] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI2: USB-Audio - USB Audio CODEC ** Ethernet: Realtek Semic09:50
dale_onductor Co., Ltd. 139C/8139C+ Ethernet Controller ** Uptime: 1h 37m 39s **09:50
theadminchemist^: Kinda sad. Just saying... there are also some weird websites that only work in Chrome :/09:50
chemist^bong1, a friend of mine has 8 gb of RAM ... but has a shitty CPU so the videos load for ages :P09:51
bong1chemist^: thats only bcoz u have lots of ram or a fast cpu  was what i meant09:51
chemist^bong1, 8 gb ram, quadcore 3.6 ghz ... not that fast (nowadays)09:51
chemist^it was, when i bought it ;D09:52
iptableCore i7 (4-core) 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 4 TB HDD, some nvidia mobile card. That's my laptop :P09:52
chemist^maybe the gpu has also an effect on that09:52
chemist^i have AMD ;)09:53
iptableyes, gpu is nowadays used for numerical operations, also the ones other than just graphiccs09:53
chemist^and a HD graphics 2 gb09:53
iptableya, I got intel second graphics. it's a shame that VT-d for GPU doesn't work as bios has shadow GPT allocation bug09:54
iptableor I would be able to run 2 OS natively!"09:54
iptableat the same time09:54
chemist^iptable, although this is my desktop pc... i have an old HP laptop, works great still :D 1.6 GHz (intel centrino) 2 gb ram - 160 gb disc :P09:54
chemist^the centrino was really a good cpu09:54
bong1mine is only 1gb ram, dualcore 1.0 ghz so chrome on lubuntu loads faster .09:54
iptablethat's slow09:54
chemist^dualcore 1.0?09:55
chemist^does that even exist? :D09:55
iptableit does. banana pi09:55
chemist^iptable, what's slow...the centrino? :D or his cpu?09:55
iptablelike raspberry pi, but better09:55
iptablehis cpu09:55
iptablecentrino too09:55
chemist^haha it's old09:55
chemist^but it surprises me from time to time on how good the performance is relative to the age and specs of the laptop09:56
bong1chemist^: yes. it did exist a decade ago. lol09:56
iptableI'm guessing you haven't tried using chrome on it :P09:56
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iptableor windows 8.109:56
chemist^bong1, is that a laptop? or desktop?09:56
iptablechemist^, get a banana pi09:56
chemist^iptable, hahaha of course not...windoz sux anywayz09:57
iptableit works with ubuntu, where raspberry pi didn't09:57
chemist^i had windows xp on it for a while...to play age of empires 2 ;D LOL09:57
iptablegood ol times09:57
chemist^with a couple of friends LAN party :P09:57
chemist^it's cause one of the other 4 people had a really old desktop pc on which nothing worked, except age2 :D09:58
skizuHey I'm trying to create a vertual python environment by running this command virtualenv venv and get the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/8526034/09:58
chemist^iptable, yes i was thinking of getting one of those...and make a firewall out of it09:58
theadminskizu: "Read-only filesystem".09:58
skizutheadmin: But I can do something like sudo mkdir test no problem09:59
iptableit's damn fast. ARM cortex A7, dual core, 1GHz, 1GB RAM, HDD and sd connection, HDMI, gigabit eth, USB ports, it's a beast of a cheap machinery.09:59
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theadminskizu: Are you in a location that you have no write access to? In that case, you need to use virtualenv with sudo (bad idea, too -- just create the environment somewhere under $HOME)09:59
chemist^iptable, yes but it has no hd ... the most expensive component :P10:00
skizuTime to move my git repo10:00
iptableI got 250GB+ hdds laying around, so not a problem here10:01
robin77Hello all.10:01
=== iptable is now known as all
=== all is now known as iptable
robin77Does anyone now a 64-bit memory test tool, memtest86+ does not go further than 64 GB.10:02
skizutheadmin: Cheers, I think it due to the fact where it was trying to go was a shared folder10:03
iptablerobin77, a 32-bit test tool without PAE would not go over 4GB actually10:04
iptablehow many GB have you got?10:05
bekksiptable: A 32bit WITH PAE can only address 4GB per thread.10:06
bekksThats the basic cveat of PAE.10:06
iptablebekks, so he has got 16 threads on his machine with over 64GB of RAM?10:06
robin77If run memtest86+ and it test the first 64 GB, but we run 512 GB per server. So 7/8 is not tested.10:06
bekksiptable: No. HE is using the 64bit version.10:07
blackyboyHere i have 2 websites one based on html content and other based on PHP content. This is the main domain nagajeeviapps.com. First virtualhost working as per my need. if i access nagajeeviapps.com it want to forward towards www with https its working fine. But the second virtual host if iam accesing nagahiring.com its forwarding to one of my subdomain learn.nagahiring.com, Could any one help me how to fix it ? Please have a note on my virtualhost entry 10:07
iptablerobin77, what is your CPU and how much RAM has the physical machine got?10:07
robin77iptable, dual 8 core with HT and 512 GB per server.10:07
qknighthi. got an ubuntu 14.04 server here and i'm vulnerable to https://shellshocker.net/ bug: CVE-2014-6277 (segfault): VULNERABLE10:07
ubottuGNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-026 does not properly parse function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (uninitialized memory access, and untrusted-pointer read and write operations) via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors involving the ForceCommand feature in OpenSSH... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-6277)10:07
qknightwhat can i do to fix CVE-2014-6277 (segfault): VULNERABLE?10:08
bekksqknight: You have to wait for the fix or recompile bash on your own.10:08
qknightsorry, my system is a 12.04 not 14.0410:08
iptablerobin77, nice HW. why so much RAM? out of couriosity10:08
qknightbekks: ok, good to know. but why did that patch not arrive yet i wonder?10:08
bekksqknight: And as long as you arent using cgi script running bash, that CVE is not considered critical.10:08
qknightbekks: i hope i don't. thanks a lot!10:09
iptablerobin77, there exists memtest64, but never used it. let me check.10:09
bekksqknight: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-6277.html10:09
ubottuGNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-026 does not properly parse function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (uninitialized memory access, and untrusted-pointer read and write operations) via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors involving the ForceCommand feature in OpenSSH... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-6277)10:09
robin77iptable, we have build a Hadoop cluster and we run all data in memory. 4 Blades, interconnected with 10 GbE.10:09
iptableah, that makes sense. sounds like database mayhem all over again.10:10
bekksrobin77: You could run an extended server selftest. Thats pretty much more reliable.10:10
iptablerobin77, get this memtest image. it supports up to 2TB of RAM on x6410:11
iptablerobin77, http://www.memtest.org/10:11
iptableversion 5.0110:11
robin77iptable, We have asked Dell for a memory test tool, and all they got is a Dell Boot image with memtest86+10:12
iptablerobin77, you asked dell for support? :P first error.10:12
iptablerobin77, get that memtest.org image, burn it. version 5.01 supports 2TB of RAM on x64. if it doesn't work still, your RAM is broken.10:12
Yossarianukok i have another question (general linux) - how can I do a sed find/replace if the thing I what to find/replace has a forward slash in ?10:13
bekksYossarianuk: Escape the slash.10:13
Quatrokingquestion over here: at home, my laptop auto-connects to my wifi during login. But at uni, it doesn't auto-connect to the eduroam wifi during login. How can I fix this?10:13
robin77iptable, Great, must have used an older version. Will try the 5.0110:14
QuatrokingRight now I have to manually connect, which is literally two clicks, but it's still two clicks.10:14
yocapybaratheadmin: problem solved, now I've got a different one - adding google DNS fixed it :) cheers10:14
Yossarianukbekks: thanks ! I should have remeber that from the LPI course i did 10 years ago...10:14
theadminyocapybara: Go figure, your ISP fails10:15
Yossarianukyocapybara: you are not with virgin are you?10:15
theadminyocapybara: Call them and complain if you feel like it.10:15
yocapybaraYossarianuk: no these servers are colocated in a data center in London.  Before I complain I might have to dig deeper into how they have been set up, for all I know they might have been misconfigured to start with10:16
iptableYossarianuk, that's a very personal question. no, my one is not a virgin. why ask?10:16
iptableand lol @virgin ISP in UK. Their DNS is almost always foobar. they also do bad traffic shaping and have the worst customer support10:17
robin77iptable, i have checked, now installed 4.10. Will upgrade this one to 5.01 version.10:17
robin77iptable, Thanks.10:17
iptablerobin77, no probs10:18
iptableYossarianuk, sed 's/something\/with\/three\/slashes/replacement\/slashes\/string/g'10:19
Yossarianukiptables: thank you 110:19
bekksrobin77: Your 512GB servers - are they custom built server, or some stock servers like HP, Oracle, etc.?10:19
theadminiptable: That's awful seding.10:19
iptabletheadmin, why?10:20
Yossarianukiptable: I was referring to the ISP 'virgin'10:20
theadminYossarianuk: sed 's#something/with/three/slashes#replacement/slashes/string#g'10:20
theadminiptable: You don't have to use a forward slash as the argument separater. Can be any non-alphanumeric character.10:20
iptabletheadmin, try sedding this: [my string/ contains \\ bad characters! with $]haha10:20
Yossarianuk(its a UK ISP - the same company does music, planes, trains, etc)10:20
Yossarianuk(they signed the sex pistols...)10:20
Yossarianuk9I think)10:20
yocapybaraguys anyone got hit by this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/106799210:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1067992 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager crashes when trying to upgrade to quantal or trusty (Gtk couldn't be initialized)" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:21
iptabletheadmin, no, the question was hwo to escape something that has a slash. and answer is to \. that was an example10:21
theadminiptable: Ah alright.10:21
iptableYossarianuk, I know. that was a joke.10:21
theadminYeah, you can escape things using a backslash.10:21
bekkstheadmin: sed 's#some weired / containing text#replacement text#'10:21
iptabletheadmin, try to escape [\\] :D \]\\\\\]10:21
Yossarianukiptable: ah - sorry .... I guess non UK people may wonder why I'm asking people about virgins....10:22
iptableI'm in UK. I understood perfectly and made a very tasteless joke, British style10:22
theadminiptable: Try to escape a UNC path... you get something like \\\\server\\share\\... And if you're doing it in a string (containing the regex) in a programming language: \\\\\\\\server\\\\share\\\\...10:22
theadminiptable: Now that looks terrible.10:22
iptabletheadmin, try to miss one \ :D10:23
theadminiptable: And there's nothing you can really do about it, because a backslash will always have to be escaped10:24
iptabletheadmin, unless you can single-quote10:25
gansteedvirtualbox's vrdp not work ? Is it a bug?10:25
bekksgansteed: No?10:25
bekksgansteed: How did you configure it? Did you meet all requirements?10:26
theadmingansteed: Do you have the Oracle Extension Pack Thingamabob installed?10:26
theadmingansteed: (whatever the proper name is)10:26
theadmingansteed: Without it, VRDP does not work, even if you enable it in the settings and all that.10:26
bekksgansteed: the extension pack needs to be installed in the very same version as vbox.10:26
gansteedyeah, I installed.10:27
bekksgansteed: Which version of the extension pack, which version of vbox?10:27
gansteedextpack has the same version with vbox10:27
bekksgansteed: And which version is it, exactly?10:27
bekksgansteed: I suggest updating to the latest official vbox version, which is 4.3.1610:28
=== veebull is now known as veebull_away
gansteedvrdp workd on your vbox?10:29
bekksgansteed: Sure.10:29
Bray90820What tablet would you recommend for the desktop version of ubuntu10:29
gansteedI tested it in my system, rdesktop
gansteedit doesn't work10:29
bekksgansteed: So tell us how you configured VRDE.10:30
bekksgansteed: Pastebin VBoxManage showvminfo .... please.10:30
gansteedVRDE:            enabled (Address, Ports 3389, MultiConn: off, ReuseSingleConn: off, Authentication type: null)10:32
gansteedVRDE property: TCP/Ports  = "3389"10:32
gansteedVRDE property: TCP/Address = <not set>10:32
gansteedVRDE Connection:    not active10:32
bekksSince you did not configure as listening address, you have to use the IP address of your host, not localhost.10:32
gansteednot active? but I enabled it...10:33
bekksgansteed: There is no _active_ connection.10:33
gansteedrdesktop localhost:338910:34
gansteedAutoselected keyboard map en-us10:34
gansteedERROR: Connection closed10:34
gansteedI use localhost, It doesn't work, too10:34
bekksgansteed: You did not read what I just told you.10:34
bekksgansteed: You should NOT use localhost but the IP of your host.10:34
gansteedThank you ;p but I don't know my host's ip address10:35
lionroarssee this ^^10:35
lionroarsis my graphics working ?10:36
gansteedI use a connection of 'NAT'10:36
lionroarsor Experience is suppose to be 3d ?10:36
amigojapanhey guys, I am looking for the wubi download page, and all the documentation seem to point me to the main ubuntu download page, where can I donwload wubi?10:37
romance!wubi | amigojapan10:37
ubottuamigojapan: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug10:37
bekksgansteed: Then find it out, since you are running the host.10:38
bekksgansteed: And NAT refers to the IP of the guest, not the host.10:38
lionroarsiptable, http://bayimg.com/jaaeDaaGp kindly see this and tell me is my graphics card working or Experience : 3D is what is should show ?10:38
amigojapanromance: I have been in that page,   the "download " just redirects to the main ubuntu download page, and i cant find wubi on it10:39
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=== epequeno is now known as Wiz_KeeD
gansteedI'm confused with "host ip" and "localhost ip", isn't it the same thing?10:40
romanceamigojapan: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/wubi/current/10:41
amigojapanromance: those download links are broken10:41
amigojapanromance: 40410:41
amigojapanNot Found  The requested URL /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/www/full/wubi/20130402/amd64.tar.xz was not found on this server.10:43
amigojapanbesides I dodnt know how I am supposed to extract a tar.xz in windows10:44
amigojapanI was expecting an exe file10:44
hateballamigojapan: Use 7zip10:44
robin77bekks, They are Dell Blade Servers. C6220 II10:45
TMan459Anyone use minidlna? Anyone with an ObjectID or root container list so I can set "Music/Artist" as the root directory?10:45
amigojapanok hateball , thanks, it seems the top links are brokwn, but the bottom one worked10:45
gansteedbekks: does your "host" means the guest OS? or something else? I'm sorry, but I'm confused now,10:45
romanceamigojapan: well, i gave you amigojapan: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/wubi/current/10:47
tasslehoffhow do I reset dns cache on ubuntu 14.04?10:48
marcje24Hi, I work at techsupport and been given the chance to follow some Linux / tech courses in order to grow towards a sysadmin function. I've already gained basic experience using vim / configuring apache / using DNS and stuff like that. Are the LPIC courses (https://www.lpi.org/linux-certifications/programs) a good place to start and / or does someone here know other courses to start with?10:54
kevindfHi, i'm trying to add "sudo iptables -I INPUT 12 -i any -p udp --dport 9987 -j ACCEPT" to my iptables but i get the error message "iptables: Index of insertion too big.'10:55
kevindfanyone know a solution for this?10:56
kestasjkjust got my media server set up with ubuntu, really nice11:03
kestasjkubuntu has come a long way11:03
yocapybaraguys I'm getting some weird error when doing do-release-upgrade through ansible - any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8526246/11:06
kevindfHi, i'm trying to add "sudo iptables -I INPUT 12 -i any -p udp --dport 9987 -j ACCEPT" to my iptables but i get the error message "iptables: Index of insertion too big.'11:06
kevindfanyone know what's going wrong here?11:07
BluesKajHiyas all11:07
jpdskevindf: Do you have 12 existing rules?11:07
OerHekshi BluesKaj11:08
jpdskevindf: sudo iptables -L -vn11:10
kevindfdid that, how can i see howmany rules i have now?11:11
kevindfthere's alot of information11:12
jpdskevindf: Look at the INPUT chain and count them.11:12
kevindfi have 7 of them at the moment11:12
dbolserjust building a vm for 'bio-linux'11:15
dbolserseems to be gnome3 ... can anyone help me turn off transparency and animation?11:15
dbolserthe vm will be running on low end hardware in a training room11:16
OerHeksdbolser, what is bio-linux ? this is ubuntu support only11:16
dbolserOerHeks: it's a ubuntu distro with some extra repos pre-built11:16
dbolserI should say, pre-packaged11:16
facepalmIt's a deb/ubuntu distro focused on science. OerHeks11:17
dbolserbut it's basically ubuntu11:17
hichamatI added this line to crontab ( * * * * * echo "ok" ) this must show 'ok' each minute in the console, but it does not show anything11:17
somsipdbolser: way so much not supported.11:17
dbolsersomsip: ?11:17
=== BQ_ is now known as BQ
eeeehichamat: it won't show anything in your console11:18
BluesKajhi OerHeks11:18
dbolserjust wondering how to speed it up...11:19
dbolserI could switch to mint over g3 I guess?11:19
dbolserI mean, cinamon11:19
dbolserbut just turning off animation and tx would be a good first step11:20
OerHeksdbolser, Install compizconfig-settings-manager and got to Ubuntu Unity Plugin -> Experimental(Tab) from there you can set Lauch Animation, Urgent Animation and Dash Blur to `None'11:21
dbolserOerHeks: many thanks, just got to that place with google :-)11:22
* dbolser waits for updates to finish11:23
kevindfwhat's the advantage of setting up a mysql database for teamspeak 3 on a server?11:24
raidghostAny RSS feed indicator for Unity to recommand?11:27
raidghostFound feedindicator but there was some errors from the installer. Bad install quality11:28
mozzarellaguys help11:29
dbolsermozzarella: OK!11:29
compdocglad to help cheese ppl11:29
mozzarellaI want a screenlocker similar to gnome's11:29
mozzarelladisplaying the current time11:30
OerHeksraidghost, maybe this rss indicator is better > http://www.noobslab.com/2014/08/useful-panel-indicators-collection-for.html11:30
raidghostOerHeks: OerHeks: Thanks for the advice, i will check it out;)11:32
=== White_Cat_ is now known as White_Cat
mozzarellaI want a screenlocker similar to gnome's11:38
dfcnvtResizing and placing window to specific position via (Ctrl + Alt + NumPad) has been useful from time to time...But now, I get a feeling that it's becoming somewhat limited. Is there a way to resize a window to 1/3rd or 1/4th of a screen?11:42
=== BQ_ is now known as BQ
dfcnvt(exclude from using a mouse to resize it)11:43
dbolsermozzarella: tried googling?11:44
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dbolserI'm using the compizconfig-settings-manager, can't i just disable compiz?11:52
dbolserI just want a 'clean and quick' desktop11:52
dbolsernothing fancy11:52
=== bebisim86 is now known as akin
dbolseri.e. I can't seem to turn off transparency11:52
bazhang!lubuntu | dbolser11:52
ubottudbolser: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.11:52
dbolserbazhang: is there an easy way to move from g to l?11:53
bazhangor if you still want gnome, try gnome-shell dbolser11:53
dbolserbazhang: is gnome-shell ~= gnome 2?11:53
bazhanglubuntu-desktop package dbolser11:53
dbolserbazhang: iirc, I just install that and then select it at login?11:53
bazhangyou're thinking of gnome-fallback11:54
bazhang!find gnome-fallback11:54
ubottuFile gnome-fallback found in edubuntu-artwork, gnome-session-flashback, lightdm-gtk-greeter, openbox-gnome-session11:54
bazhanggnome-session-fallback it is11:55
bazhangerr flashback11:55
Bnayawhat is couchbase ppa for 12.04? i can find only for older versions11:56
dbolserunfortunately don't have much time to work on thsi11:56
bazhangBnaya, contact the maintainer11:56
marlincHello! Anyone with experience installing Ubuntu on a iMac? I have to enable 'nomodeset' in order to actually get something on the screen. But when I enable 'nomodeset' I don't have 3D acceleration11:57
bazhangwhats the video chipset marlinc11:57
marlinc01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV730/M96-XT [Mobility Radeon HD 4670]11:57
bazhangis that older?11:58
bazhangrps_, wrong channel?11:58
OerHeksBnaya, couchedb for 12.04 14.04 https://launchpad.net/~couchdb/+archive/ubuntu/stable11:59
marlincIts a mid 2010 iMac11:59
bazhangcould be amd dropped support for that11:59
marlincWell I think they did because their closed-source driver doesn't detect it12:00
rps_bazhang: yes, my apologies12:00
OerHeksBnaya, maybe i am wrong and couchbase is something different ?12:00
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marlincbazhang, any other solution you know of?12:04
victorI ran the upgrade-from-grub-legacy command by mistake. Is it possible to role back from the GRUB2 installation?12:04
bazhangmarlinc, use a DE without 3D?12:05
marlincThat's not a solution12:05
bazhangmarlinc, your card is not supported, what solution do you expect12:06
marlincWell it is by the open-source driver12:06
gnome-of-ubuntuAnyone know what repository unity is from?12:07
=== lostatwork is now known as lostson
gnome-of-ubuntu(gnome-of-ubuntu) Anyone know what repository unity is from?12:10
The-CompilerHow are upstream upgrades handled in Trusty? http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/python3-pyqt5 is on 5.2.1 while upstream is at 5.3.2 - can I expect an upgrade of this at some point, or only for Utopic?12:10
=== Caroga_afk is now known as Caroga
ilhamiback :D12:11
OerHeksThe-Compiler, for utopic i guess12:11
knightwisemorning peeps12:12
OerHeksgnome-of-ubuntu, gnome section12:12
The-Compilerlooking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates now12:13
ilhamiwhat login manager do you use?12:13
ilhamithe default one on elementaryOS seems a bit heavy. :D12:14
OerHeksilhami, that is why we cannot answer, this is ubuntu support only12:16
OerHekslightdm is light12:16
ilhamiok sudo apt-get install lightdm ? will that work?12:16
gnome-of-lawnI installed GNOME over Unity. When i upgrade to Utopic will Unity try to install itself again?12:17
OerHeksilhami, no, as lightdm is installed already on ubuntu/kubuntu and such12:17
ilhamilet me ask in their channel :)12:17
PhyliaresHello, where is the best place to exec script on session opening for all users?12:18
eeeePhyliares: post X?12:20
OerHeksPhyliares, /etc/profile.d/12:20
eeeetry /etc/X11/Xsession.d12:21
PhyliaresOerHeks: that's where i put it, but doesn't seems to be executed12:21
eeee( @ Phyliares )12:21
Turingihave people reported firefox crashes after the latest Flash update?12:21
OerHeksPhyliares, make sure it can be read > sudo chmod +r /etc/profile.d/myscript.sh12:21
PhyliaresOerHeks: Yes ofcourse, but executed only for shell sessions..12:22
arpdwhat's the channel for 14.10?12:22
Phyliareseeee: thanks, will try that, i thought that was only a place to source file, not sure if it will be executed12:23
backboxMy internet is connected but I can't load any pages after running a script of TOR. I can't ping either, is there a problem in my config? http://pastebin.com/XJ9YZtFr please check and tell me. My internet stopped working completely as I can't load anything.12:23
backboxIs there something in /etc/hosts that isn't allowing me to load any page?12:24
backboxim using a liveusb to connect to IRC12:24
Ben64backbox: what version of linux12:25
backboxben64: ubuntu 14.0412:25
Ben64oh wait, where did you get the tor script, ask them for help12:26
KamuelaCan I install b43 firmware without internet access? Is there a package somewhere that I can copy through a USB?12:26
gnome-of-lawnI installed GNOME over Unity. When i upgrade to Utopic will Unity try to install itself again?12:26
backboxben64: the TOR script just starts tor12:26
arpdhas anyone seen this error before when trying to load an nvidia module? "nvidia: Unknown symbol mcount (err 0)"12:26
OerHeksgnome-of-lawn, it will be upgraded yes12:27
gnome-of-lawnHow can i stop it from doing that?12:28
iptablegnome-of-lawn, if you don't want unity, installing ubuntu-server and your GNOME and other stuff on top would be preferred.12:28
OerHeksgnome-of-lawn, remove any package you don't want upgraded? i think upgrading unity does no harm12:28
iptablegnome-of-lawn, but did you remove unity? if not, whats the problem? you still have it with gnome and your lightDM lets you choose which GUI to boot into12:29
gnome-of-lawnIs there a file i can change? I know that ubuntu GNOME and ubuntu unity are the same except for DE12:29
iptablegnome-of-lawn, you mean you install ubuntu-gnome pacakge?12:29
amigojapanhateball: I downloaded amd64.tar.xz   and once I extracted it, there is no .exe or any kind of executable file inside....12:29
iptableno such package12:29
gnome-of-lawnI did remove unity. The issue is that i don't want it back12:29
iptablegnome-of-lawn, if you removed unity, it won't come back.12:30
gnome-of-lawnOk thanks.12:30
iptablegnome-of-lawn, things that are removed don't automatically spring back to life.12:30
Ben64why would you want to upgrade to 14.10 though? 14.04 has support for 5 years, 14.10 for 9 months12:30
iptableand that gnome-of-lawn ^12:30
gnome-of-lawnIn an upgrade sometimes things happen i just wanted to make sure12:30
iptablegnome-of-lawn, 1. why upgrade to non-LTS? 2. why upgrade to BETA which isn't stable released yet?12:31
iptablewe cannot guarantee what happens if you upgrade to a non-stable one12:31
iptableWhat is ubuntu kylin?12:32
arpdiptable: A chinese version of ubuntu12:32
iptableoh, that. ok12:32
arpddoes anyone know why nvidia now by default drags in nvidia-prime & bbswitch-dkms?12:32
Ben64for optimus support12:33
bekksarpd: What do you mean by that?12:33
iptablearpd, yes. it's a dependency and part of the actual driver now. it gives optimus support and most machines on market have 2 GPUs. looks like the future12:33
OerHeksBen64 +112:33
arpdfair enough12:34
amigojapanthe wuibi documentation says "look for wubi.exe at the bottom of the page"   but it does not exist! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_do_I_download_Wubi.3F12:34
iptablearpd, so prime goes there so that if you do have 2 GPUs, you can switch. if you have 1, just don't run prime from command line.12:34
bekksamigojapan: Do not use Wubi. Install Ubuntu on a second partition or in a vm.12:34
arpdhas anyone seen this error before when trying to load an nvidia module? "nvidia: Unknown symbol mcount (err 0)"12:35
iptableamigojapan, The WUBI installer is on the 14.04 ISO and works with windows up to 7. Windows 8 and Windows ME are not supported by WUBI. The only ISO that does not have WUBI is the 13.04 version (and that is end of life already)12:35
amigojapanbekks: I am looking for a quick way to get it on my wife$s computer, I have used it before12:35
amigojapanbtw, I found wubi.exe, sorry guys, the documentation is confusing12:35
bekksamigojapan: Do not use Wubi for any productive intention.12:35
iptableamigojapan, you might end up with an old version of wubi12:35
iptableamigojapan, The WUBI installer is on the 14.04 ISO and works with windows up to 7. Windows 8 and Windows ME are not supported by WUBI. The only ISO that does not have WUBI is the 13.04 version (and that is end of life already)12:36
iptableamigojapan, also, it's not stable for production use, but it's your call.12:36
amigojapaniptable: I dont have a CD drive, or a SUB disk to burn the ISO to12:36
KamuelaCan I install b43 firmware without internet access? Is there a package somewhere that I can copy through a USB?12:37
Ben64get yourself a flash drive, they're quite handy12:37
amigojapaniptable: I am not using it for production12:37
iptableamigojapan, 1. download the ISO, 2. explore ISO (tons of free tools), 3. get the exe file from it12:37
OerHeks!offline | Kamuela12:37
ubottuKamuela: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD12:37
Ben64Kamuela: you've been asking this for days now, can you not just hook up ethernet temporarily?12:37
amigojapanok iptable , I will try that then12:37
iptableKamuela, yes you can. 1. get a massive hard drive, 2. mirror the official repo to your drive, 3. use that as your repo for offline use.12:38
iptablea very big USB hard drive :P12:38
KamuelaBen64, I'm in another country and don't feel like walking 5 miles in the cold to get an ethernet cable12:38
booby_tables_24How big is the repo gonna be anyways?12:39
iptableso you are asking this for days because you are too lazy to get yourself an eth cable from a shop?12:39
iptabledoes not compute :LD12:39
Kamuelaso we are basically saying that there's this whole magical world of ubuntu and there is literally no other option12:39
amigojapaniptable: do you know a trustwordy app for getting just the wuibi.exe file?12:39
iptablebooby_tables_24, 642GB for package archives12:39
arpdKamuela: what's wrong with that URL?12:39
Ben64I don't understand how people don't have a flash drive or an ethernet cable lying around somewhere12:39
iptableamigojapan, from windows 7?12:40
amigojapanyes iptable12:40
arpdrather, with the instructions at that url12:40
OerHeksKamuela, there is, read back please12:40
Kamuelaarpd, which url? i'm having trouble finding it12:40
iptableamigojapan, http://wincdemu.sysprogs.org/12:40
amigojapanty iptable12:40
lazorsBen64: One day, you won't understand how people don't have a drone lying around somewhere that can fetch us a flash drive or an ethernet cable. ;)12:40
booby_tables_24That kinda seems tiny compared to my 4tb hdd12:40
OerHeksKamuela, big red letters, hard to miss12:40
iptableamigojapan, and that one too: http://www.winiso.com/support/tutorials/mount-iso-in-windows7.html12:40
amigojapanty iptable12:41
iptableno probs12:41
arpdKamuela: http://askubuntu.com/questions/168352/how-do-i-generate-a-package-download-list12:41
iptableKamuela: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD12:41
iptablealthough, dependencies requiring upgrades might break this :D12:42
Kamuelaiptable, can't solve this problem of no internet access with another computer with internet access lol12:42
arpdKamuela: then how are you on IRC?12:42
arpdand this machine has no USB ports?12:42
iptableKamuela, you have another computer WITH internet access?12:42
iptableKamuela, share internet connection from your phone12:42
Kamuelayou may be on to something12:42
arpdif it's a recent-ish android / iphone you should be able to tether easily12:42
iptableplug it in, enable internet sharing on your phone. all android and I think iphones phones do tethering for wifi and USB tether12:43
Kamuelawow, that just may work. let me see12:43
arpdKamuela: you _may_ run in to a problem with your service provider though, some explicitly disallow tethering12:43
Kamuelaarpd, well you said wifi tethering so we will see if that works12:44
Ben64without wireless drivers?12:44
iptablewithout wireless drivers, only USB tether will work12:45
Kamuelabut it wouldn't be a broadcom thing. it'd be USB tether yes12:45
arpdKamuela: why wireless? do you not have a usb cable?12:45
Kamuelaarpd, no no, i do. i mean instead of 4G tethering can i use wifi tethering12:45
dine909does the display manager have a bearing on opengl performance?12:45
arpdKamuela: oh, right; yeah that should be okay12:45
iptableKamuela, out of interest, apart from phone, does your home have internet?12:46
Kamuelaiptable, yep that's why i'm tryinng to setup this computer's wireless drivers lol12:46
arpdKamuela: in future always carry a cat5 around with you12:46
iptableKamuela, and you don't have a single ethernet cabled-device at your home?12:46
Kamuelaiptable, DONE, it worked all  had to do was plug it in and turn it on, you folks are geniuses12:47
iptablewhy thank you12:47
iptableI will print that chat message and laminate it12:47
=== Fleetflame is now known as Fleetflame|away
=== dominik is now known as dominik_
Kamuelathis is literally so genius lol. i have full internet access through the home's wifi on my phone. had to plug it in and worked flawlessly12:49
arpdKamuela: isn't technology amazing.12:49
dominik_USN-2376-1 broke precise updates: "linux-image-generic : Depends: linux-image-3.2.0-70-generic which is a virtual package."12:49
dominik_anyone knows when linux-image-3.2.0-70-generic is going to be uploaded?12:50
iptableKamuela, a more proper question for the future would be: I have a wifi-only connection, a phone with internet and a computer without wifi drivers. how to get internet on that computer12:50
iptableasking the right question is 90% of success12:50
IrinaHHello :)12:51
iptablehello again12:51
IrinaHis compatible skype on ubuntu?12:51
arpdyes IrinaH12:52
iptableIrinaH, yes. go to skype.com, download and install12:52
iptableIrinaH, once you download the deb skype package, dpkg -i your-skype-package-name.deb will isntall it. if using 64-bit system, you will get dependency errors. Then run: apt-get -f install12:52
iptableIrinaH, all commands with sudo please12:52
iptableIrinaH, that will install skype and all dependent packages12:53
IrinaH12.04 multiarch12:53
iptableIrinaH, sudo dpkg -i skype-file-whatever-it-is-called.deb ; sudo apt-get -f install12:54
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=== jack is now known as Guest36824
Foorackops, sorry!13:06
Foorackbtw, I'm currently trying to learn ubuntu,specially firewalls and iptables..13:06
FoorackMy question is, could someone just look over then config and see so I wont lock myself out :| http://pastebin.com/vPacKTk613:07
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=== kestasjk is now known as kestas
cecjaFoorack: well it depends on how you want to talk to the machine...13:08
=== kestas is now known as kestasjk
Foorackcecja, I'm currently ssh'ing into the machine.13:08
freezerlooking for a howto to install the NVIDIA drivers on the MacBookPro late 2013 (GTX 750)13:09
FoorackDo you know if I apply that config to iptables, will it lock me out? :P13:09
freezeri installed them via ubuntu package and via NVIDIA binary, but it both cases i get an empty desktop13:09
freezermeaning only background pic and no start menu etc13:09
Kamuelathe next question is now not officially an ubuntu one. it wants to use data rather than the wifi. when i first plugged it in it was happily using the wifi connection. i wonder if there's a way to force wifi. but it's an iphone... it's not like there are hidden options13:09
cecjaFoorack: no it would not13:10
iptableFoorack, should not ,, BUT13:10
Foorackiptable, but what? Is there something I have forgot?13:10
iptableFoorack, from a screen session (screen), run that iptables rule, followed by sleep 120 and followed by iptables -F (all in one line with semicolon. if you get locked out, in 120 seconds, rules with flush and you are back online13:10
Foorackok, thanks!13:11
iptableFoorack, so: screen. In screen do this: /your/command/to/apply/rules; sleep 120; iptables -F13:11
iptableFoorack, that gives you 120 seconds to test13:11
FoorackThank you so much iptable :P13:11
FoorackWill try,13:11
iptableno probs13:12
iptablekeeping up to my nick :D13:12
sls /join #als13:12
iptabletry without the space13:12
GRMrGeckoHello, I have a Dell Dimension 3100 and need a GPU to add DVI or HDMI. The computer seems to only have PCI slots. Any recommendations? The one I was looking into was under "Supported, but Hardware is Too Old for Unity"13:12
cecjaGRMrGecko: Do you just need to add a DVI or HDMI Port, if yes just use an adapter otherwise get a matrox g450pci  its cheap and works.13:14
GRMrGeckocecja: Reason for DVI or HDMI is I have only one monitor with VGA13:15
GRMrGeckocecja: does that support unity?13:18
GRMrGeckoor does it go to the CPU like the ATI 9000 I was looking at?13:18
arpdfor those that were curious, I figured out my problem with the nvidia driver; I had pointed c++ and cc to clang++ and clang13:19
GRMrGeckocecja: you can test with /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p13:20
GRMrGeckoapparently can't run the command myself via ssh13:24
freezershould i use the AMD64+Mac install image for a recent macbookpro?13:27
iptablefreezer, latest ubuntu 14.04 with macbookpro. 64 yes.13:27
freezeriptable, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11-1/Saucy13:29
freezerhere it says: The 2013 MacBook Pro can recognize multi-boot CD image (e.g., Ubuntu's official iso). So there is no need to use the "mac" iso image for installation. In fact, I recommend you avoid the "mac" iso image because it is a BIOS-boot only image and will force the Mac to enter BIOS emulation mode to install Ubuntu, which will need to be fixed to boot in its native EFI mode.13:29
freezerso it is recommended to use the regular AMD64 image, rather then the one marked for Mac13:30
iptableyes, that what I just said13:31
iptablefreezer, latest ubuntu 14.04 with macbookpro. 64 yes.13:31
iptablestandard ubuntu x64 14.04 iso13:31
freezeri'm trying 14.1013:31
iptablefreezer, 14.10 is not out yet, and as such is beta, may break your mac and is not recommended. also out of support of this channel13:33
iptablefreezer, any reason you want a 9-month-livespan version instead of the 14.04 LTS 5 year support version?13:34
yeatsfreezer: /join #ubuntu+1 for 14.10 support13:35
[jasper]hej guys, for some reason I can't login to lightdm when my system boots.13:35
[jasper]can anybody tell me where I can find the error log?13:35
iptablewhy is someone by name of jsues006 sending a CTCP PING to me? what's that anyways?13:36
yeats[jasper]: should be /var/log/Xorg.0.log or similar13:36
freezeriptable, i was hoping that the hardware support might be better13:36
Foorackiptable, it worked. Thanks! :D13:36
iptablefreezer, not really. not on a beta13:37
iptableFoorack, no probs13:37
yeatsfreezer: you should definitely use 14.04 for now - wait until the 14.10 release later this month13:37
freezerwell the 'beta' is going to get releases in 2weeks13:37
freezerso how unstable can it be?13:38
yeatsfreezer: still unstable though13:38
freezerok i will try with 14.04 then13:38
yeatsfreezer: trust us, if you are new to this, stick with stable ;-)13:38
freezernot new, but the beta2 i installed before didn't work with the NVIDIA drivers13:39
philinuxyeats;~ #ubuntu+1 has hardly any chat at all just hide join stuff. Hardly ever seen any support going on in there. Which is a shame.13:39
iptablephilinux, that's because it's hard to justify trying to support a beta13:39
freezerbtw i'm wiping MacOS away using only Ubuntu :)13:39
iptablefreezer, there you go. stick with stable. and 14.04 IS 5 years of support, so no need to reinstall/upgrade in 9 months13:40
philinuxiptable;~ not support just queries and discussion would be good13:40
ilhamiany FTP clients you can recommend?13:40
ilhamibesides filezilla13:40
iptablephilinux, looks like 99.999% of people use stable13:40
iptableFTP is still used?13:40
iptablewhy can't it just die13:40
philinuxiptable;~ yep, back on topic now13:40
ilhamiiptable, it is used yeah13:40
iptableilhami, filezilla is the best for the aging dying FTP protocol if it comes to GUI13:41
[jasper]I'm trying to setup lightdm to automatically start PLEX. is there anybody that can help me witht his?13:41
iptableilhami, but WHY!13:41
dominik_ilhami: on the CLI I very much like lftp13:41
[jasper]or tell me at least how I can enter the desktop environment13:41
freezermy company didn't wanna buy me a 1000eur thinkpad :( but they are buying 2000eur macbooks...13:41
ilhamibecause my host supports it. iptable and I just need to upload a small website to my server13:41
ilhamiit will take 1 second13:41
freezerso i had to go with the expensive macbook :p13:41
ilhamiand I don't need anything fancy.13:41
iptableilhami, filezilla13:42
ilhamiI could also use SFTP if that makes you happier?13:42
iptableilhami, FTP is already fancy. using FTP is as dreadfully fancy as you can get with ftp,ftps,active,passive,multiport design failure.13:42
iptableilhami, sftp, like scp, uses just one port and is sane. it also works iwth standard scp client13:42
iptableit also supports proper encryption13:43
ilhamiiptable, ok but filezilla also works with sftp for your info13:43
iptableilhami, I know that. I didn't say it didn't. FTP is dreadful though and sftp is a MASSIVE improvement in security, protocol and design.13:44
ilhamiiptable, ok I hope my host supports it.13:44
iptableilhami, and sftp works with what you asked for - simple client. scp13:44
iptableilhami, note that sftp !- ftps13:44
iptablethey are different13:44
iptableone is sftp and another is just ftp with encryption13:44
ilhamiok :) which one is better?13:44
cecjaiptable: yes but it`s so hard on the cpu with a lot of users13:45
dominik_iptable: well, for anonymous uploads of large files, ftp still seems a better solution than e.g. an in-browser flash and/or javascript solution13:45
iptableilhami, sftp13:45
iptableilhami, avoid ftp if you can. if you can't avoid it, use filezilla13:45
iptablececja, what is your CPU?13:45
iptablececja, heavy as in, on a pentium4?13:45
cecjaiptable: it doesnt demend on the single usecase13:46
ilhamithanks for your advice iptable13:46
iptabledominik_, so what is wrong with webdav?13:46
iptablei'm using it for years now.13:46
iptablececja, ok, pentium3 too. what's your point?13:46
iptablelet's use unencrypted traffic and share our mysql password in php files over unencrypted channels because encuyrption requires more CPU cycles?13:47
iptableilhami, ^ use encryption btw, if you have mysql passwords in that website's files13:47
ilhamiiptable, it's a static site.. made with jekyll13:48
ilhamino need to13:48
iptableheh, ok.13:48
cecjaiptable: there are better ways for filetransfer.13:48
ilhamihelmut_, hi13:49
dominik_iptable: webdav with davfs2 is pretty nice, but you need to install something. ftp upload works with pretty much any os that has a tcp stack13:49
iptablececja, any way is better than ftp. If you disagree, then you never implemented ftp server before with a proper firewall. there is java, javascript, flash, webdav, sftp, scp, cifs, html5, anything!13:49
dominik_but I agree, securitywise sftp is the way to go13:49
cecjaiptable: cool your blood sftp is not the answer to the ftp problem.13:50
iptabledominik_, well, it's got popular when nothing else was there and is still available. so is a lot of other old junk. if we start usting other stuff, ftp will finally die as it should.13:50
lacrymologyI need to do a release upgrade.. how much am I going to suffer?13:50
ilhamiiptable, SFTP is not supported by my bad hosting company hehe13:50
ilhamilacrymology, it depends13:50
iptablececja, no, my answer was filezilla. and I also went beyond by explaining that ftp should be avoided.13:50
ilhamifrom which version13:50
iptableilhami, filezilla then... and bad company living in the 90s13:51
ilhamido you know it? Unoeuro.com13:51
ilhamiI will never choose that host again hehe13:51
GRMrGeckocecja: Just bought Matrox G45013:51
iptableilhami, 1and1 are pretty good if I may make a suggestion. website lite is just 1 GBP for first year :P good offer.13:52
iptablebut loads of much ceaper and good providers too. anyways13:53
ilhamilacrymology, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TrustyUpgrades13:53
ilhamiI would suggest you look at this13:53
AR45Followed many guides. Can't get any sound on my Mac Book.13:55
* iptable goes for a break13:59
ilhamiAR45, why did you buy a Mac? :D14:00
Wollie88Lets be  honest, apple hardware does look nice14:04
AR45ilhami: Doesn't exactly solve the problem.14:04
yocapybaraget guys any ideas?  I upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 with do-release-upgrade -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive - when I reboot, after the bios screen I just see a few "error: file not found" messages for a fraction of a second then the screen goes blank apart from a cursor14:04
ilhamiWollie88, well that's your opinion.14:04
yocapybarapressing esc during startup doesn't seem to do anything, holding left shift key down during startup doesn't seem to do anything14:06
ilhamiyocapybara, can you even do anything? like ctrl + alt + F1 ?14:07
ilhamisorry  I am a noob trying to help you :D14:07
yeatsyocapybara: can you catch what the file not found errors actually say?  maybe with a screenshot?14:09
=== tykayn-ubuntu is now known as tykayn-away
yocapybarailhami: just tried ctrl-alt-f1, nada :) thanks anyway14:13
kevindfWould it be possible to use a domain name located on a home server with a dns service like no-ip and use the domain as a regular website also (one that's hosted on a external hosting service)?14:13
yocapybarayeats: it doesn't specify - just error: file not found.  If it does specify then it is too quick.  I don't think I'd be able to screengrab it, it is too quick :(14:14
khildinkevindf: yes that is possible. You have to create a CNAME record for the no-ip address14:14
kevindfok, thanks glad to hear that's possible14:14
icerootis it possible to open 2 vpn connections? because nm-applet is only offering one connection at the time, i would need 2 (of course the vpns have different networks)14:17
=== stan_ is now known as Guest21811
ilhamiiceroot, http://askubuntu.com/questions/190899/is-it-possible-to-connect-to-multiple-vpn-networks-at-once-via-network-manager14:19
ilhamiiceroot, look at these14:21
Anuskaiptable, :*14:22
ilhamihe is away.14:23
AR45Can anyone assist me with fixing my lack of sound issue!?14:26
EuroTrashYay, un-antialiased fonts in chrome are fixed again! I don't suppose anyone involved is in here, but thanks anyhow!14:26
nabn_AR45 inserting and removing a headphone does the trick for me14:26
ilhaminabn_, haha14:26
nabn_ilhami it does, actually.14:27
ilhamiAR45, call Apple. :D14:27
EuroTrashKnow what would be fun? Calling Apple with a banana phone!14:28
ilhamiEuroTrash, :D14:28
Z3Hi, I read that there will not be an Ubuntu 15.04 normal release, and that Ubuntu will be a rolling release from that date. Is that correct?14:29
hamzaHi I have a problem14:30
hamzacan anyone listen14:30
ilhamihamza just state your problem.14:30
AR45nabn_: Just tried. Didn't work.14:30
OerHeksZ3 no, where did you get that hoax from?14:31
McFrishQuick question: anyone know how to configure Apache authentication to automagically accept ssh login/passwords (i.e., without having to enter every uname/password into an .htaccess file or password database)14:31
OerHeksZ3 never mind, don't want to know really :-D14:31
derjuri've created a script in init, that runs with service logstash script... how do i enable this to start at boot??14:31
ilhamibye :D14:32
hamzai have installed ubuntu on already windows 8 installed pc on a separate partition (not along side windows 8). Formatted that as ext4 with '\' as mounting point. But upon installing, when the pc restarted, it just boots to windows 8 instead of showing a menu or anything...14:32
ilhamiinstall grub14:32
Z3OerHeks the links are in spanish14:33
somsipZ3: http://is.gd/XkK5kr This one last time this was raised.14:33
McFrishhamza: have you tried accessing the BIOS as the computer starts up?14:33
nabn_hi. I got a new computer and want to clone my existing ubuntu installation to a new one. The hardware on the two computer is different, and both have ubuntu 14.04.1 installed.  After a bit of googling, i found more than a couple ways to do it.  I chose to go with the rsync option here=[http://eggsonbread.com/2010/01/28/move-ubuntu-to-another-computer-in-3-simple-steps/] , but got stuck on an rsync error that looks like a bug. Any tips/l14:33
ilhamihamza,  your Ubuntu install should have installed grub?14:33
hamzadoesnt ubuntu installs grub by itself?14:33
McFrishhamza: windows 8 intentionally complicates things14:34
Z3somsip yes, I read just that14:34
hamzawindows 8 is on c: drive the system just boots from that drive14:34
ilhamihamza, it should.14:34
ilhamihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing check this guide14:34
Z3somsip but is strange I can find only links in spanish14:35
Z3somsip maybe is a hoax14:35
hamzawait... I chose the device for boot loader installation as f:\ drive (sda7)14:36
hamzais that what i did wrong?14:36
somsipZ3: " Ubuntu 15.04 will not be released. At least not as we know it. " Which is a bad google translate, with the relevant being "not as we know it" eg, it will be different. Nothing to see here. Move along please.14:36
OerHeksZ3 cannot find that info on the original source http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/interviews/386080/mark-shuttleworth-interview-taking-ubuntu-beyond-desktops14:37
ilhamihamza, you should have chosen sda14:37
hamza@ilhami the root drive 160GB (whole hdd) right?14:38
UNIm95Hi 2 all. Please help me: http://askubuntu.com/questions/515864/how-to-reinitialize-processor-for-sys-and-disable-integrated-graphics14:38
ilhamiWhen using the "Something Else" option, you will be offered to choose the "Device for bootloader installation". Please select: * either the disk (eg /dev/sdX, not /dev/sdXY) on which the BIOS is setup to boot (recommended for normal use) * OR the partition (eg /dev/sdXY, not /dev/sdX) on which Ubuntu (/boot, else /) will be installed (only if you want to chainload it from another bootloader; if any doubt, do NOT choose this)14:39
ilhamiso yes you should have chosen sda14:39
hamzanow what can i do? re-run the setup again?14:40
hamzaand install it with sda selected again?14:40
Z3oerheks somsip maybe maybe that info comes from this line from the original interview:14:40
Z3oerheks somsip Once we’ve converged those, there’s a question about whether the six-month release cycles make as much sense.14:40
Z3Read more: Mark Shuttleworth interview: Taking Ubuntu beyond desktops | Interviews | News | PC Pro http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/interviews/386080/mark-shuttleworth-interview-taking-ubuntu-beyond-desktops#ixzz3Feu9MFTs14:40
grodiushey does anyone know if you can mount an android in 14.10 just like a hard drive?14:40
somsipZ3: stop. It's off topic. It's wrong.14:41
Z3somsip ok, sorry14:41
somsipZ3: no prob. Just distracts from giving support, which is what this channel is for14:41
AR45add-apt-repository: command not found <-- what the heck14:42
somsip!find add-apt-repository | AR45 (not install by default on minimal install)14:43
ubottuAR45 (not install by default on minimal install): File add-apt-repository found in software-properties-common14:43
=== zimbres is now known as coolcat
AR45somsip: Thanks bud.14:45
vinnixguys, what is going on with libz on ubuntu? https://gist.github.com/vinnix/0568662d5baa46b6c899  this build is broken, do you guys have an idea why?14:48
earlaxGoodmorning, I'm running 14.04 and I have three ethernet interfaces but they don't get the same names consistently across reboots (e.g., what was eth0 becomes eth2).   How should I set them to be consistent?14:50
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
earlaxalso - I saw that 70-persistent-net.rules is no longer written in 14.04 ... but i'm not sure what that implies here.14:51
compdocearlax, 70-persistent-net.rules exists on my 14.04 servers14:54
OerHekshere too, on the desktop14:54
earlaxwere those upgrades or fresh 14.04 installs?14:55
compdocfresh installs - always14:56
OerHeksfresh, i think that forum answer is wrong, as i see /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules clearly14:56
earlaxok, thanks.  I'll look more and come back (:14:58
jhutchinsTuringi: Did you ever figure out that memory issue?14:58
OerHeksjhutchins, yes he did!14:59
freezeris there a fix for the MBP SSD used in late2013 models?14:59
OerHeksjhutchins, somehow he went into the bios and now 8 gb is fine14:59
freezerit seems very slow with many IO14:59
AR45So my speaker makes when I hit the volume key but when I play videos or sound cloud no sound15:00
freezerturned NCQ off like recommended15:00
AR45Makes me think a codec is missing maybe?15:00
AR45I'm on minimal install15:00
AR45any help?15:00
DemontagerGuys how may i bridge 2 interfaces if one of them used for hostapd ? Not in GUI but /etc/network/interfaces15:01
DemontagerI got 3 ifaces total, 1 -wan, 2 - wlan, 3 - eth015:02
jhutchinsOerHeks: Video ram maybe/15:02
OerHeksjhutchins, that does not explain it, as the onboard uses 512 mb max15:03
jhutchinsAh well, as long as he got it working.  I didn't see any evidence that there was a kernel/OS issue that could cause that.15:03
OerHeksjhutchins, i suspect not entering the bios after installing ram and just booting ubuntu15:03
jhutchinsOerHeks: Yeah, could be.  Funny that lshw and such saw it though.15:04
MalsasaHello. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 with KDE 4.10. I can't change my keyboard layout. Specifically, I have added many layout such as Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, etc. I have new layout indicator on the panel then. Then, when I switch, any text written will always be Latin US. No Arabic, no Kanji, no Greek. Is there any package I should install first? I installed KDE by kde-standard. Thank you.15:07
sandblasterI don't know why people have to use ubuntu when theres mac15:09
freezerso you can use Ubuntu ON your mac?15:09
sandblastermac osx15:10
sandblasterwell anythings better than windows15:10
Sientehello guys, please could you try to help me.. I have an issue with my ubuntu15:10
SienteI have installed ubuntu on another partition, but when I boot the ubuntu it's always disconnecting me from internet?15:11
SienteI don't have internet on my ubuntu any ideas why so?15:11
Unknown0BCHello, what do you guys use to automatically arrange windows like tile them in Ubuntu ? I tried x-tile but its causing screen refresh problems, solved by a reboot :(15:18
pbxUnknown0BC, i use compiz keyboard controls15:19
ubottusimone95: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:19
Unknown0BCpbx on Ubuntu 14 ?15:19
pbxUnknown0BC, 14.04, yes15:20
MalsasaUnknown0BC: tile windows? Super +W on my Ubuntu.15:20
pbxMalsasa, Unknown0BC is talking about persistent positioning15:20
Malsasapbx: affirmative.15:21
Unknown0BCWhat do you mean by Super + W Malsasa ?15:21
pbxUnknown0BC, Compiz Config Settings Manager > Window Management > Grid15:21
MalsasaUnknown0BC: tile windows.15:21
* Malsasa sorry for my english15:22
pbxUnknown0BC, super == windows key == apple key15:22
pbxUnknown0BC,  i did have to install one or two additional compiz packages. sorry i don't have that detail in my notes though15:22
Unknown0BCoh that is not exactly what I had in mind but cool to see what that does Malsasa :)15:22
Unknown0BCI see compiz is installed on my system already..15:24
sandblasteri used to have an ubuntu pc when I didn't have money to buy a mac :D15:26
derjurthat looks like an "opinion"15:27
sandblasterI'd prefer to go with freebsd if I had to switch from mac15:27
bynarieyes.. its my opinion15:27
bynariedo you agree?15:28
derjuras i type into my MBP ssh'd into an ubuntu box, nope.15:28
sandblasteri just think mac is more secure than linux15:28
OerHeks!ot | keep this channel free for support, chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please, thanks15:28
ubottukeep this channel free for support, chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please, thanks: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:28
sandblasterat least ubuntu15:28
MalsasaUnknown0BC: I am sorry.15:30
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bynarieim running a toshiba satellite l75d-a7288 with ubuntu 64bit 14, it comes with amd radeon hd 8550G, and i cant get the correct driver for it. Anyone have a clue as to which driver to use???15:31
awattany one can help me with this-->http://pastebin.com/ZB0s90em15:31
Covernamequestion. how do i CD into a .directory15:31
Covernameexample  /home/.steam/15:32
nabn_what's the best way to clone an ubuntu installation? has anyone done it previously? have to setup a new laptop exactly as an existing installation15:32
zorgborghey, anyone know how to set desktop wallpapers to cycle through select photos?15:32
geniiCovername: The same as any other one15:32
Covernameit says directory does not exist15:32
OerHeksCovername, the . means hidden, hit ctrl + h to toggle view15:32
zorgborgnabn_: could use clonezilla?15:32
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate15:32
bynarieCovername, are you using the FULL path ?15:32
awattmy installation is broken15:33
bynariewhat does it say? path not found or something similar?15:33
awattdpkg --configure -a fails so do apt-get install -f15:34
OerHeksawatt, on what ubuntu? 13.10 ?15:35
bynarieCovername, i dont know... cd is the only command i know for change dir.. the only other thing to check would be permissions15:35
awattOerHeks: linux mint15:36
Unknown0BCTime to do some cooking.15:36
zteamHi all!15:36
ikoniaawatt: linux mint is supported on irc.spotchat.net - not freenode15:36
ikonia!mint | awatt15:36
ubottuawatt: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:36
OerHeksawatt, oh, mint is not supported, and if you do use 13.10, the repos are dead15:36
bynarieawatt, i would suggest going to linuxmint irc chan15:36
awattbynarie: i know but i cant install any irc client15:37
ikoniayou can15:37
ikoniayou are using an irc client now15:37
zteamI'm trying to get a old wine game to running but it complains about the resolution (xrandr mode 640 x 480 not available15:37
ikoniaso use this client to join the mint channel15:37
ikoniaon spotchat.org15:37
awattikonia: i am using webchat in browser15:37
bynarieawatt, its safe to probably say tho that most things in linux mint and ubuntu are same/similiar15:37
theadminawatt: kiwiirc15:37
ikoniaawatt: spotchat has web access15:38
zteamrunning just xrandr from a terminal I can see the mode is there15:38
theadminbynarie: It's not, really. They have their own software management system, they have their own desktop... that's change enough15:38
bynarietheadmin, yes i am aware. but im speaking on terms of the OS itself. I have used both and i have yet to find any real difference15:39
zteamxrandr -s 640x480 however does fail with Size 640x480 not found in available modes15:39
awattikonia: what is the channel name?15:39
ikoniano, it's help, not support15:40
bynariesorry wrong chan15:40
zteamany advice guys?15:40
bynariezteam, can you try using your normal resolution?15:40
freezeranyone with a MBP 11,3 here?15:41
zteambynarie, switching my resolution with xrandr works fine with other resolutions if thats what you mean15:41
LucidGuycreating an lvm snapshot.  The Data% column, what does that represent exactly?15:41
freezerseems like i need to use the NVIDIA card in Ubuntu, as the intel one does not support the external display outputs (hardwired to the NVIDIA card)15:42
freezerbut just scrolling seems to consume like 10W15:42
freezerany way to make the NVIDIA card save more power?15:42
jmartinezhi there15:42
mnms_Guys Ive configured vsftpd and smth is not right. When I uncomment guest_enable (cause I have virtual users) I get Fatal error: gnutls_record_recv: An unexpected TLS packet was received15:42
jmartinezhow could I rollback to php5 5.4.30 if I am in php5-5.4.33 with APT?15:42
mnms_someone experience similiar problem ?15:43
nabn_zorgbort: dunno. i'll look it up. have you tried it?15:43
ManicPanichello, can i reinstall a broken ubuntu on a dual boot system with Windows ?15:43
Turingijhutchins: apparently it can show up after a hard reboot after an OS crash, it could be related to firefox and flash. firefox also tends to hang the OS when opening a larger image file (something like 5K x 5K pixels)15:43
theadminManicPanic: Sure.15:44
ManicPanictheadmin: wont that damage windows in any way ?15:44
theadminManicPanic: Not unless you damage it.15:44
Turingijhutchins: which is why I was asking if there were recent reports of Adobe Flash in Firefox crashing after the last few updates15:44
ManicPanictheadmin: will only the old Ubuntu partition be effected by the reinstall?15:45
bynarieManicPanic, no, not if you install to the correct partition.. and if your windows install doesnt show up on the bootloader, boot into linux and run sudo-update-grub15:45
bynarieManicPanic, YES15:45
theadminManicPanic: That depends on where you install.15:45
zteamfreezer, it should be possible to adjust the voltage with NiBiToR at least on older graphicscards, but I really don't recommend it15:45
Turingijhutchins: in that case, it's a system hang with even the sound stopping (goes in a short loop)15:45
freezerzteam, it seems to clock down the GPU/MEM already15:46
freezerGPU running at 135MHz in idle15:46
zteamManicPanic, yes you can15:46
freezerbut scrolling seems to already push it higher than that15:46
bynarieManicPanic, what is wrong with your linux install??15:46
Turingijhutchins: I can sort of reproduce it with firefox opening a couple of tabs with youtube videos and a CPU-intensive app15:46
freezerprobably because the Retina has such an insane amount of pixels15:46
ManicPanicbynarie: ok that makes sense15:47
freezermaybe i should try a different desktop than Unity?15:47
p34khow do i run the tor browser in ubuntu?15:47
ManicPanicbynarie: i have lots of broken packages15:47
theadminp34k: Download it, extract the archive and run?15:47
p34kit does only give me a readme15:47
zteamfreezer, if overclocking is what you are after then that's available in the official Nvidia driver15:47
Turingijhutchins: firefox freezing the OS was actually an issue even before I changed the mobo/CPU/RAM15:47
freezerzteam, no15:47
freezeri want it to consume less power15:48
bynarieManicPanic, yes... and when you are installing ubuntu, when you get to the partition editor, most likely it will be marked as an EXT partiton(ext2/ext3/ext4). Windows uses ntfs most likely15:48
Turingijhutchins: firefox opening very large images, though, not flash applets15:48
freezeri don't care how low it clocks15:48
bynarieso reinstall where you already have an ext4 partition(or ext2/ext3)15:48
ManicPanicbynarie: thats good to know that it will be ok thanks15:49
freezerwill install the GNOME desktop and see if that steals less power15:49
zteamfreezer, okey, I was only half-right in that aspect15:50
bynarieManicPanic, no problem. Remember that if when you boot up and your operating system list pops up for which one to boot too, and windows isnt on the list, go in linux and run sudo update-grub. It will find all of your boot images and put them in the menu15:50
bynarieand then reboot15:50
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ManicPanicbynarie: nice, i will do that15:51
zteamfreezer, however there is a setting in Nvidia-settings that let's the card change the clock dynamically, try to disable that one15:51
bynariewhen you get a chance to do it let us know how it went/if you need help15:52
zteamfreezer, if you really wanna overclock you Nvidia card you can install nvclock15:52
freezerzteam, i can only see 'adapted', performance' and auto15:52
freezermaybe that's hidden somewhere15:52
sant527i wanted to install ubuntu 14.01 lts from usb pendrive. So i wrote the iso using "dd bs=4M if=ubuntu_14.04_lts_amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb". I am able to boot on one pc, while on another pc with "phoneix awardbios" bios its not booting. it shows "verifying dmi pool data" and nothing happens15:52
freezerzteam, not overclock, but rather lock it to the lowest setting of 135MHz core clock15:53
ManicPanicbynarie: yeah i will thanks15:53
bynarieok no problem15:53
bynariesant527, maybe the bios is UEFI?15:53
freezeraaargh, and the SSD is freakin slow writing a lot of data15:54
zteamfreezer, okey, so you want to underclock your card, that can be done with nvclock as well, I'm not sure you can lock it throught15:55
imbezolhow do i get opengl support with my ati card? i have the fglrx package installed but desktop effects fail to activate saying i have no opengl15:55
bynarieimbezol, im in the same boat as you, only i cant get the proper drivers.. what video card is it?15:56
zteamfreezer, but checkout nvclock, that's the only utility I know about to fiddle with clock frequency15:56
imbezolfglrxinfo yields: display: :0  screen: 0, OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, OpenGL version string: 4.3.12798 Compatibility Profile Context 13.25.1815:57
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 60731 in Serial ATA "MacBook Air 6,2 ata command timeout prevents boot" [High,New]15:57
freezerthere is a bug still open since ages for the SSD issue  :(15:57
freezerseems to be partially fixed15:57
imbezolbynarie: mine's an R9 270x15:58
freezerzteam, yes thanks, even though the GTX 750 is quite new15:58
freezerwill check it out15:58
bynarieimbezol, oh ok.. i got a crappy integrated card. radeon hd 8550g15:58
imbezolah. i have the fglrx, fglrx-dev, and fglrx-amdcccle packages installed15:59
imbezolseems like it should work, but desktop effects say no opengl present15:59
zteamfreezer, yes, I think nvclock is pretty old thought, but I don't think that should be a problem15:59
zteamI still need some help with xrandr guys :-)16:00
somsip!info bash16:01
ubottubash (source: bash): GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is required. Version 4.3-7ubuntu1.4 (trusty), package size 535 kB, installed size 1440 kB16:01
cbdjLooking for a bit of help with accessing an ntfs drive via linux16:01
cbdjI've attempted  using the ntfs 3g16:02
cbdjno luck.16:02
bynarieis there anyway in xfce, to get the menu button to display just a list of apps rather than to categorize them(ie. developement, internet)?16:03
theadminbynarie: Not that I know of.16:04
pinumbernumberWhen I use the "show desktop" feature in Unity, the windows disappear but the mouse can still interact with them (resize handles and such appear, and indeed you can resize the invisible windows)16:04
bynarieok thanks16:04
theadminpinumbernumber: Sounds like a bug! Do "ubuntu-bug unity" from a terminal and tell the devs about it16:05
pinumbernumbertheadmin: okay, thanks16:05
stevvodoes ubuntu provide a full iso image for desktops without an internet connection?16:05
theadminstevvo: Yes, the default image does not require a connection to install.16:05
bynarieyes stewo16:05
zteamcbdj, have u tried running sudo mount /dev/device /media/ntfsfolder and see what it says16:05
stevvothanks theadmin16:06
=== ryu is now known as Guest58185
zteamcbdj,  you will need to create the ntfsfolder with mkdir first eg sudo mkdir /media/ntfs16:07
pinumbernumbertheadmin: That collected info and now I'm on a dialogue with a Send button, but I had no opportunity to enter a description of the issue16:08
imbezolbynarie: i just figured out my issue.. i deleted .kde/share/config/kwinrc and .kde4/share/config/kwinrc and logged out and back in16:08
imbezolbynarie: all my opengl stuff works now16:08
at_workHow do I prevent the installer from probing the Gateway issued by the DHCP server?16:08
zteamcbdj, and you need to change dev/device  to your device name16:08
cbdjthanks z.16:08
theadminpinumbernumber: Don't worry, it will open a browser window that will ask you for extra information (and contact info) after you click "Send"16:08
bynarieimbezol, thank you for the tip16:08
zteamcbdj, no problem16:08
zteamcbdj, no problem :-)16:09
at_workI'm PXE booting on the same DHCP server, but I'm just in a lock down network without an egress route.16:10
=== Guest58185 is now known as Ryu^
imbezolat_work: does it affect your ability to install? won't it just fail to communicate?16:13
Baakohello guys i have ubuntu as a dual boot on my pc16:14
at_workimbezol, I can not install.  I'm installing off the network and host is rejecting the DHCP offer after testing it.16:14
Baakohow do i uninstall it please?16:14
asd__Baako, did you googled formating disk?16:14
theadminBaako: You can't just "uninstall" an OS, you have to erase the partition from Windows (or whatever your other OS is) and then fix the bootloader16:14
at_workManual configuration is not an option16:15
imbezolat_work: if you can't install by any other method.. like usb key or something.. the maybe use the second nic of a working machine.. and setup a dhcp that gives it usable info?16:15
at_workThe dhcp server is issuing valid info.  The installer is not able to phone home and doesn't continue.  (This is a netinstall, unattended eventually.)16:17
nrdbI need some help getting a printer/scanner I have a Epson CX5500 .... lsusb does show the printer ... sane-find-scanner show nothing.. can anyone help16:17
nrdbit is a headless server16:18
at_worknrdb, yes, well I'm connected to it over IPKVM and IPMI16:19
zteamcbdj, did you got acess to your drive yet16:19
imbezolat_work: what kind of phone home do you think it's doing? doesn't it just try to connect to the package mirror?16:19
at_workI'm assuming that is what it is doing, but it can't.  But I have a mirror on the none routed network.16:20
nrdbat_work, I have direct connection to the server16:20
at_workThe preseed file is configured to use the local mirror16:20
awatthow can i convert dvd-iso-image to usb ?16:25
awatti need to install distro from usb16:25
theadminawatt: What distro?16:26
awatttheadmin: linuxmint , i downloaded the image but my dvd-rom doesnt work16:26
theadminawatt: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdb, ASSUMING you have only one storage device plugged in and only one hard drive.16:27
theadminawatt: If there's more, you may need to replace "sdb" with "sdc" and so on.16:27
awatttheadmin: thank you so much16:27
p34kmy tor browser doesnt run when i start the "start tor browser" link16:27
p34kall i get is some kind of error readme16:28
p34kwhat should i do?16:28
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TMan459Anyone use minidlna? I'd like to set the "root_container" options to Music/Artist, but don't know the ObjectID!16:45
TMan459I once upon a time had a list. It's out there somewhere. I've been searching for hours now!16:46
at_workokay, moving along, how do I enable di_debug logging at install time?16:47
grey__hi guys im new to the IRC channels system but can someone help me with my issue, i have a hybrid graphics set in my laptop and it gets overheating because of my seconde graphic card AMD HD767016:49
grey__thanks and sorry for my bad english :)16:50
daftykinsgrey__: have you installed an AMD driver?16:50
grey__non im still using the open source one given by default and sorry i didnt precise but im using ubuntu 14.0416:51
stevvo22Hi ubunt. Could you help me? I need a complete iso image that does not need a network to set up16:51
AR45daftykins: Hey I have no sound from youtube or soundcloud but when I hit the volume rocker I hear the sound it makes.16:51
daftykinsAR45: still don't use desktop :)16:51
daftykinsgrey__: yeah check out 'additional drivers' then to see if you can get a better fglrx driver installed16:52
Baakohow do i identify  ubuntu partition on a dual boot pc(windows)16:52
daftykinsgrey__: there might be a quirk to your specific model if it's hybrid graphics though, so you might want to look it up online quickly to see if anyone has done it before16:52
daftykinsBaako: what do you want to do?16:52
daftykinsstevvo22: why?16:53
Baakodelete ubuntu partition as i want to use a vm instead of dual boot16:53
grey__i was going to install them but then i ve seen alot of people saying that it make ubuntu crush or something (14.04) :/ ... but im gonna try it and then come and tell you the results thanks dafty :)16:53
daftykinsBaako: so you want to delete them from within Windows?16:53
Baakoyes daftykinds16:53
daftykinsBaako: they're pretty obvious, they come up in Disk Management as 'unknown'16:54
stevvo22I need it for my pc that has no network connection16:54
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Trusty, and help keeping the servers' load low!16:54
Baakodaftykins it aint16:54
daftykinsBaako: i'm going to need a better response than that. can you upload a screenshot of disk management?16:54
stevvo22daftykins: for my older pc. So is there an iso image that needs no network connection16:55
daftykinsstevvo22: pretty sure desktop doesn't need connectivity to install16:55
daftykinsstevvo22: how old are we talking? specifications wise16:55
stevvo22Intel Pentium, XP 200616:55
agileadamI’m trying to use apt-get to install a new php5 library (php5-ldap). It’s saying that “The following packages will be upgraded” and that includes php5-common. Does this mean it would upgrade from, say php5.3 to php5.4, or will it not affect the version of PHP. I read somewhere that apt-get upgrade will only apply security updates.16:55
daftykinsstevvo22: that's not enough info16:55
stevvo22160GB disk space, 3gb ram and amd 6416:56
daftykinsstevvo22: just grab the 64-bit desktop ISO though, depending on what graphics is in there.16:56
hans_i have a question16:56
bynariehans_, then ask16:57
hans_where can i find my mount nasdrive in the dir16:57
daftykinsagileadam: to confirm, check what version is installed with "dpkg -l | grep php5" then "apt-cache policy php5-common" or "apt-cache showpkg php5-common"16:57
stevvo22daftykins: thanks. More cooperative than debian!16:57
capsulecorphow can i change rules on file ??16:57
capsulecorpi can't open it ..16:57
agileadamdaftykins: doing that now, thanks!16:57
capsulecorpwith this session16:57
daftykinscapsulecorp: explain the situation better on one line please.16:58
=== havanazzzs is now known as havanamint
agileadamdaftykins: Installed: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.4, Candidate: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.1416:58
capsulecorpthx u daftykins , i make tuto for my father , for if he need to come here for one question , i was just check if u are here :D , daftykins16:59
daftykinsagileadam: ok, you had already run "sudo apt-get update" to be sure that the 'available' check is accurate, yeah?16:59
capsulecorpbye bye16:59
agileadamdaftykins: I had run “sudo apt-get install php5-ldap” and it warned me about the upgrades, so I hit “n” to get out of it.17:00
daftykinsagileadam: ok, so you'd run update already? i guess 3.4 to 3.14 is a tiny version bump.17:01
agileadamdaftykins: I’m assuming by running apt-get install, and having it tell me there are upgrades needed to associated packages, it did an update check… I can run sudo apt-get update and back out, right?17:02
agileadamso that it doesn’t actually execute17:02
agileadamsorry, my bad, no need to “back out"17:02
agileadamconfirmed:  Installed: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.4, Candidate: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.14 - sounds pretty safe.17:03
agileadamdaftykins: thanks so much for the help!17:03
daftykinsagileadam: all update does is update package lists, it doesn't actually do the update :)17:03
daftykinsno problem17:03
agileadamyeah :) now I know. hehe.17:03
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daftykins< hans_> where can i find my mount nasdrive in the dir <--- this doesn't make sense?17:04
daftykinshans_: what are you trying to achieve? do you perhaps speak another language we can direct you to a better channel for?17:04
jamil_1hi all, I just upgraded from kubuntu 12.04 to 14.04. Now none of my password protected basket notes are opening. I get error: "GPGME: Decryption failed"17:06
Jack64hey guys, need some help installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu 14.04 to run CUDA programs on my 650M. I googled for it but couldn't find a working tutorial. Anyone got any suggestions?17:09
daftykinsJack64: sounds like an optimus laptop?17:09
Jack64daftykins: i think so17:10
johtsoI'm struggling getting postgres to install properly, I'm tearing my hair out and would be really grateful for any help! I've uninstalled an older version (9.1), and at some point deleted the postgres init.d file in order to try and fix a problem.. but now no amounts of reinstallation of postgres 9.3 will recreate the service17:10
RDX400hi, i removed all of my linux kernels, so my os dosen't start anymore. how can i reconfigure a kernel?17:10
johtsoshouldn't installation of the postgres package cause the init.d file to be created and registered?17:10
johtsoIs there something I need to "clean" so that it knows to create it again?17:10
daftykinsRDX400: boot live media, chroot and install a kernel17:11
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RakonIf I use OpenDNS, do I have to install dnscrypt after it to increase security or does OpenDNS already have it built-in?17:12
daftykinsJack64: lets confirm first, please install pastebinit with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" followed by "lspci | pastebinit" then share the link here17:12
geirhajohtso: config files are left alone if the package has been configured before. You can purge the package to both remove the package and its configuration17:12
johtsoah, so I need to do a apt-get remove --purge postgres*17:13
johtsoI think I only purged the postgres package17:13
Jack64ha didn't know pastebinit existed, nice :)17:14
johtsogeirha: it's complaining that it can't find /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main because i've already deleted it :?17:14
Jack64daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8527963/17:15
johtsoand erroring out17:15
Jack64daftykins: lspci | grep NV | pastebinit17:15
geirhajohtso: mh, yeah, dpkg is picky about that. It doesn't like anyone to meddle with files it expected to be there17:15
daftykinsJack64: no i just want to see "lspci | pastebinit" since that's what i asked for :)17:16
Jack64daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8527973/17:16
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grazfatherhey guys, I am apt-getting something (using ansible) and it's failing because it's trying to downloada prereq over http, but the host is ftp.uk.debian.org and doesn't accept http. Is there a way to force ftp?17:16
daftykinsgrazfather: this isn't debian support.17:16
awatthi how do i install packages listed in a file17:17
grazfatherdaftykins: It's a ubuntu machine...17:17
daftykinsJack64: oooook there we go so on line 3 you've got the intel on-die graphics, then the nvidia so it's an optimus setup. you're going to need to look into nvidia-prime installation guides, or bumblebee. try prime first17:18
somsipgrazfather: why is the repo at debian.org?17:18
johtsogeirha: just created that directory and now it's happy :)17:18
Jack64daftykins: i got bumblebee installed. optirun -c yuv glxspheres64 outputs 180fps while glxspheres64 outputs 60fps proving the GPU is working17:19
awattany one?17:19
geirhajohtso: try:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure postgresql-common17:19
daftykinsJack64: ok, but nvidia-prime is the new way to do things as of 14.04, so CUDA support may hinge on that decision17:19
grazfatherI'm using ansible. Maybe something to do with ansible17:19
somsipgrazfather: are you trying to get a dpkg to manually install?17:19
somsipgrazfather: no it's not17:19
Jack64daftykins: so install prime?17:20
daftykinsJack64: well i can't confirm 100% that CUDA will work better either way, so it's what i'd research online first :)17:20
somsipgrazfather: paste the extract of the recipe on paste.ubuntu.com17:20
grazfathersomsip: and how would I do that? It's less straight forward than I'd like. I'm using ansible and supplying a specific deb file. Can I extract the recipe from that file?17:21
Jack64daftykins: I just want it to work with hashcat, I've done it before but can't remember the process..17:21
awatthi i have a file17:22
daftykinsJack64: sounds like a miner?17:22
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somsipgrazfather: what is the content of the ansible playbook/role/main.yml that is not working?17:22
Jack64daftykins: hash cracker17:22
awatti want to install packages listed from a file , how can i do that?17:22
Jack64daftykins: pentesting tool17:23
AR45awatt: What do you mean?17:23
Jack64daftykins: trying prime install now17:23
numbfallhi all17:23
daftykinsJack64: you know you have to remove all traces of bumblebee first yes?17:24
daftykinsawatt: did you create the file with dpkg --set-selections ?17:24
numbfallguys! after last kernel update i have lost my grub menu on boot17:24
daftykinsnumbfall: hold left shift at boot time to see if it displays. maybe you just lost the display timeout value if you're used to seeing it17:24
numbfalli am quick booting into ubuntu.. cannot boot into windows17:24
awattdaftykins, dpkg -l |awk '{print $2}'17:24
numbfalli tried left shift. cannot enter the bios17:24
daftykinsawatt: have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/293030/install-remove-list-of-packages-from-command-line-with-apt-get17:25
daftykinsnumbfall: left shift isn't about entering the BIOS.17:25
numbfallwhen i restart my laptop i just see random color lines on the screen, few seconds later im inside lightdm17:25
awattdaftykins, thanks17:25
numbfalli know i dont get the menu after left shift. tried several times17:26
Jack64Jack64: following this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/412452/getting-hybrid-graphics-to-work-nvidia-prime-gt650m17:26
johtsogeirha: urgh, now postgres is giving me this unhelpful error.. https://gist.github.com/johtso/7eff306c5c00daf8aa4c17:26
Jack64daftykins: following this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/412452/getting-hybrid-graphics-to-work-nvidia-prime-gt650m17:26
grazfathersomsip: http://pastebin.com/nKXRdgP017:26
grazfatherIt hangs on 'Install RabbitMQ' and then eventually fails with the 404 error trying to access http://ftp.uk.debian.org17:27
loki__is there way to lock keyboard? for example i want make some clean up of keyboard.17:27
numbfalldaftykins: any ideas?17:28
eeeeloki__: you can use xinput17:28
WrynessI would like to change permissions in a folder via sudo chown -R username:username /folder/folder, but I always get "Operation not permitted". what can I do?17:28
somsipgrazfather: and output of ansible --version? Paste here17:28
daftykinsnumbfall: USB keyboard? might be configured incorrectly in BIOS to allow the left shift to actually be registering17:28
geirhajohtso: Hm, anything in the log-file mentioned?17:29
numbfallok. let me try that.. i'll be back17:29
grazfatheransible 1.7.2 somsip17:29
geirhajohtso: /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-9.3-main.log17:29
JakeIs there a way to see what process is using a lot of disk transfer speed? (14.04)17:30
somsipgrazfather: does the deb file copy to the remote okay?17:30
geirhaJake: iotop17:30
Jakethank you geirha17:31
grazfathersomsip: It appears to. It fails on download a prereq (libltdl). I assume it would have failed much sooner if the deb didn't sync properly17:31
=== havanami_ is now known as havanamint
=== sayan is now known as Guest17770
somsipgrazfather: so it's trying to install a dependency and failing on that, not on the rabbitmq deb?17:32
grazfatherI will try increasing ansible's verbosity17:32
numbfalldaftykins: :) i shut down my laptop and started again.. then i can see my windows boot loader and grub.. i think i installed a kernel reload thingy thats whats causing quick grubless restarts17:32
somsipgrazfather: check /etc/apt/sources.list to see why there is a debian ftp site on there. Or maybe /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ in case there is a mad PPA in there17:33
daftykinsnumbfall: 'kernel reload thingy' ?17:33
grazfathersomsip will do ty17:34
=== luckybunny is now known as Peter_Niss
kevindfWhat would be the best way keeping a ubuntu server backuped?17:35
numbfalldraftkins: i had a few kernel panics few days ago. i think set messed something up to get the crash dumps17:35
somsip!backup | kevindf17:35
ubottukevindf: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning17:35
=== Peter_Niss is now known as luckybunny
numbfalldraftkins: i really have no idea what i am doing..17:35
numbfalldraftkins: anyways thanks a lot for the help.. i'm gonna go into windows now.17:36
eeeedraftkins ?17:37
bynarielol.. draftkins17:37
numbfallguys! its 2 am here17:37
daftykinsmust be winter closing in, i'm feeling that drafty17:37
=== luckybunny is now known as George_W_Bush
bynarienumbfall, type a couple letters of the irc name and press tab, it will auto complete it17:38
grazfathersomsip ugh this machine isn't even ubuntu :( it's debian. But I will try changing out the sources17:38
bynariewelp nevermind. too latew17:38
bynarieubuntu is based on debian, grazfather17:38
grazfatherbynarie: I know, but I mean I shouldn't be asking in this channel17:39
bynarieoh ok17:39
grazfatherI tried switching the source from http to ftp17:39
bynarieoh ok17:40
=== MichaelC1 is now known as MichaelC
daftykinsgrazfather: damn it i said that was why :P17:41
CryptoCrackerhey wanna join me at ##worldhacker17:42
daftykinsgrazfather: ftp.debian is just the hostname, it doesn't influence the protocol17:42
PiciCryptoCracker: Please don't advertise in this channel.17:42
=== George_W_Bush is now known as luckybunny
eeeeCryptoCracker: go to ##c17:42
blzIs there a program of some sort that can track power consumption of a headless server?17:43
CryptoCrackerthey welcome me there ?17:43
CryptoCrackeri join than17:43
grazfatherdaftykins: Yes I know, but http://ftp... is down, but i can ping the host17:44
CryptoCrackeri can't eeee17:44
bynariegrazfather, what art tho trying to accomplish?17:44
somsipgrazfather: the site is there, but it is not an ubuntu repo. Why do you have a debian repo and what file was it in?17:44
CryptoCrackermy nick keep on be frozen in freenode17:44
kubuntohow can i figure out what kernel i am runing17:44
CryptoCrackeruname -a17:45
daftykinskubunto: uname -r17:45
somsipkubunto: uname -r17:45
reisiokubunto: why does it matter?17:45
kubuntoreisio: i need to remove kernels for space17:45
reisiokubunto: ah :)17:45
reisiokubunto: ls -1rt will sort them by age17:45
daftykinskubunto: start with the oldest and move forwards, leaving two for safety17:45
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
reisioor ls -1t for oldest last instead of first17:46
grazfatherbinaryhat somsip Like I said, I made a mistake, this is a debian machine. IT was in /etc/apt/sources.list, and I am trying to provision a vagrant machine to install a specific (supplied) version of rabbitmq17:47
somsipgrazfather: then get thee to #debian17:47
AR45#join bitcoin17:49
FuchsAR45: try /join #bitcoin17:50
=== cprofitt_ is now known as cprofitt
grazfathersomsip: Yup I am in there. Thanks a lot for the help17:51
=== s0meone is now known as someone
nullsignanyone ever seen this? sysctl: permission denied on key 'net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind'17:59
nullsignon a new vm thru a provider.. wonder how crappy their shit is.17:59
numbfalldaftykins: its kexec, directly boot into a new kernel17:59
daftykinsnullsign: don't use that language in here please18:00
=== c[_] is now known as sofe
numbfalldaftykins: i set it up some time ago and forgot about it.18:00
=== sofe is now known as doge
nullsign"i'm wondering how turdrific their feces is?"18:01
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
numbfallbtw samsung series NP900X3C has kernel panic issues. i cannot figure out whats causing them18:03
daftykinsnumbfall: on the latest EFI version?18:04
numbfalldaftykins: not sure. its sep. 2012 with win 718:05
daftykinsnumbfall: yeah so check the website vs. the EFI version you have18:05
numbfalldaftykins: just checked. i am not using EFI boot.18:16
daftykinsnumbfall: that's nothing to do with it, the samsung 9 series have an EFI rather than a BIOS - so "update the EFI/BIOS" :)18:17
numbfalldaftykins: hmm. yeah thats the correct solution however there are no updates available for my particular device. this was model 0 i got off of amazon18:18
daftykinsnumbfall: yeah checking was what i was asking to do, lol18:18
daftykinsyou just took a round about way to get there :)18:18
dstarhwhy do some apt-get install commands ask you if you want to install while others just install without asking?18:26
OerHeksdstarh, give us an example?18:27
OerHeksdstarh, probably because of the dependencies18:27
dstarhOerHeks: for example sudo apt-get install wget ca-certificates   no prompt.  sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.3 asks18:28
dstarhi was guessing there was a size threshold18:28
=== satan is now known as Guest15378
reisioit probably asks because it draws in deps18:30
reisioand it wants you to be okay with that18:30
reisioI doubt wget and ca-certs have deps18:30
dstarhok thanks18:31
dstarhwas just curious what the difference was18:31
reisio's'my guess18:32
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=== AlphaBeta is now known as PsiOmega
TBrain64hi guys18:35
lumia900i have some  error that i was unable to get installe any applications18:36
OerHekslumia900, does your server have a DE?18:38
icvotriaI'm having problems getting Flash and Java to run. They both used to work fine, but Java hasn't worked for a couple of weeks and Flash Player stopped working after my last upgrade. I'm a super-noob, apologies in advance :)18:39
OerHeksicvotria, in what browser?18:40
xanguaicvotria: chromium no longer supports netscape plugins so No java and for flash install pepperflashplugin-nonfree package18:41
OerHekschromium does not support NPAPI ( plugins from version 34)  so use pepper flash, see http://askubuntu.com/a/44926618:41
icvotriaah, thanks.18:42
OerHekssame for java18:42
gnat_xhi gang. i'm trying to install a version 12.04 lts server as a virtual machine on a host that doesn't have X. i need an installer that expects the console to be the interface... is that packaged anywhere or do i have to change the iso myself?18:45
geniignat_x: Um, there IS an Ubuntu Server edition, ya know!18:46
geniignat_x: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server18:46
gnat_xgenii: yes. i grabbed the iso, and it doesn't seem to want to work in a headless environment.18:47
gnat_xmaybe i grabbed the wrong image…18:47
kahrlgnat_x: ssh -X to the host from a machine that has X?18:47
gnat_xkahrl: hrm. interesting idea.18:48
=== dnspark is now known as cadenrock
RaventecSo, can you create symbolic links between two drives at different mount points18:50
icvotriaugh, one more sorry for my noobness, and can anyone tell me what's going on here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8528486/18:50
gnat_xRaventec: you should be able to yes.18:51
geniiRaventec: It's called a bind mount18:51
f0stertrying to use network-manager-openvpn from command line (on a headless machine), any recommendations ?18:51
geniignat_x: You might want to alternately install by way of debootstrap18:52
gnat_xgenii: ohh that's interesting.18:52
Raventecgenii, I see. Thank you. I'm actually asking because I'm trying to do something under Android, but as long as it's possible in Linux it's possible in android18:53
geniiRaventec: I'm not sure if the busybox version  of "mount" in Android has that switch but you could try18:54
AR45Is there any good software that will automatically clean cache and free up ram?18:55
stompyjis there a size limit for a root drive on 12.04? / where could I find something out like that?18:55
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/18:55
rwwstompyj: minimum or maximum?18:56
stompyjI’m trying to attach a 500GB EBS drive to sda1 on EC2, and it’s rendering the box un-sshable18:56
stompyjif I stay under 150GB or so, it works18:56
compdocstompyj, that sounds crazy18:56
rwwstompyj: there's the limits on filesystem size for ext3/4, but they're both way over 500GB18:57
stompyjcompdoc: crazy trying to have a 500gb root drive, or crazy it renders it un-sshable?18:57
stompyjphew ok18:57
rwwso that's odd18:57
VoyageI wanted a good reliable VPS server with Linux Ubuntu. Amazon ec2 dont accept my debit card. we, is there any other such good VPS company?18:57
stompyjso I’m not 100% crazy18:57
compdocthat it prevents ssh18:57
stompyjwhich is good to know18:57
stompyjok, I’ll keep experimenting18:57
stompyjbut I just wanted to confirm there wasn’t some crazy 12.04 thing I didn’t know about18:57
compdocIve never used EC2, so maybe theres some limit to something18:58
=== Guest78512 is now known as blindsight
pbxVoyage, i've been very happy with johncompanies http://www.johncompanies.com/cloud.html18:58
pbxVoyage, they'll take payment by paypal if that helps with your card problem18:59
jhutchinsstompyj: Generally sda1 is a partition on device sda.  What are you actually doing?18:59
stompyjjhutchins: literally just attaching a EBS volume to an instance, as you’d normally do18:59
stompyjI only mentioned sda1 as a detail18:59
stompyjcreate ec2 instance with 100gb ebs instance == success, create ec2 instance with 500gb ebs instance == no-ssh19:00
stompyjbizarre behavior19:00
stompyjgonna try witih a 14.04 ami and see if that makes a diff19:00
geniistompyj: Are you doing the instructions on http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/ebs-using-volumes.html ?19:01
jhutchinsstompyj: That's just a SAN VDI LUN, right?19:02
stompyjgenii: well, the ec2 api allows you to create and attach an ebs volume at time of instance creation, so you don’t need those instructions in that instance19:02
stompyjjhutchins: I am not sure, tbh19:03
gnat_xgenii: what i needed was a properly built netboot image. the tool i was using builds that.19:07
icvotriaI suck. Would anyone mind private messaging with me and talking me through a few things?19:08
bubbasauresicvotria, You want peer reviewed help, pm's are not a good idea.19:09
geniignat_x: So it's sorted out now?19:10
icvotriaoh, ok. I just feel like I'm going to be really annoying :)19:11
gnat_xgenii: well. on to the next error, but yes. i think i have an iso that uses the screen i launch the vm in.19:11
=== zippy is now known as Guest52246
geniiicvotria: Most helpers prefer open channel so that if they make an error it gets caught, or there may be another solution someone else offers up19:11
geniiicvotria: Also, some smart-aleck may just start PMing you dangerous commands to run but no one would know19:12
icvotriaok, thanks. I'm just too clueless, didn't want to spam the channel.19:14
daftykinsicvotria: ask the question please19:14
gnat_xicvotria: it is a support channel. real questions aren't spam here.19:14
gnat_xceibal: hi.19:15
ceibalHow are you?19:15
icvotriaI'm trying to get flash working in chromium and the terminal said... http://paste.ubuntu.com/8528486/19:15
bubbasauresceibal, This is support, hello's and chat are not part of it's role, #ubuntu-offtopic is a chat channel.19:16
billyzed@Voyage  realize i'm late, but I've had great experiences with ramnode19:16
daftykinsicvotria: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list please19:16
icvotriado I just type "/etc/apt/sources.list" into the terminal?19:17
=== hax404_ is now known as hax404
daftykinsicvotria: no, open it with a text editor then copy and paste it into paste.ubuntu.com19:17
stompyjit was just a specific issue with that amazon AMI, its working with a 14.04 AMi, thanks everyone19:17
Voyagebillyzed,  ok...19:18
bubbasauresicvotria, try gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list    this is read and write copy and paste all to the pastebin.19:18
Voyagebillyzed,  whats the internet speed they give?19:18
daftykinsicvotria: can you share "cat /etc/issue" please19:20
billyzednot 100%. I've been using Digital Ocean recently, I usually get about 200 Mb/s down and 60-100 up19:21
billyzedit's $5/month or $.007/hour for a 512mb/20GBHD/1 Intel Xeon core instance19:21
r3volverhi ppl!!!!!!!1119:21
billyzedsorry meant https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=8a2b977d92be19:22
icvotriadaftykins - I can't find it19:22
billyzedyou'll get $10 credit if you use that19:22
r3volvercould someone please help me configure my tftp/xinetd server?19:22
daftykinsicvotria: what do you mean? open a terminal and run "cat /etc/issue"19:22
r3volveri can connect to it, but every GET command i do gives me a timeout19:22
icvotriaelementary OS Luna \n \l19:23
geniiicvotria: It would appear you are not even using Ubuntu19:23
daftykins!elementary | icvotria19:23
ubottuicvotria: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.19:23
icvotriathanks for all your help everyone, will try there.19:24
liquidcandyIf acpi is turned off via a boot option, could that cause a problem when trying to install a driver?19:27
DistroFeudmost users contribution to this channel is joining and parting19:28
compdocdoubtful. also pretty rare to have to disable acpi19:28
daftykinsDistroFeud: so disable showing joins/parts in your client.19:28
DistroFeudthasts like putting your head in the sand19:29
OerHeksliquidcandy, if that driver uses ACPI functions, maybe19:29
daftykinsDistroFeud: then please don't share your complaints in here19:29
=== night-owl2 is now known as night-owl
DistroFeudIm complaining?19:29
DistroFeudim using windows19:30
DistroFeudlike i give a flying fuck19:30
daftykinsplease calm down and keep the language family friendly.19:30
liquidcandyWhen I installed ubuntu 14.04 a few days ago, the only way I could get keyboard or mouse input (in other words - any input at all) was to turn acpi off. With that done I was able to do the install at all. Then I find I have problems fixing my broadcom wireless card up with the right driver.19:31
DistroFeudkeep calm and wait for the police to search you19:31
compdocliquidcandy, what computer you using?19:31
PiciDistroFeud: Do you have something on-topic for this channel?19:31
liquidcandyDon't know if acpi could be responsible for the odd, almost erratic bahavior I see when I try to deal with my bcm4311 card19:31
liquidcandyan hp pavillion dv6000 from 200719:31
compdocseems new enough19:32
compdocvery odd19:32
liquidcandyyesterday I flat ran out of steam on the wireless card, then late that night I got to wondering about acpi19:32
johtsowhy can't I apt-get install postgresql-9.1 when I can see it here? http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/trusty/postgresql-9.119:34
johtso(on trusty)19:34
liquidcandyWhat I'd been seeing on the net was that the reason for no input (like I had when I fired up the install disc) was a hardware button for the mouse on this computer. Supposed to be a way to dissable checking that hardware button and fix that issue but I don't know how to do that so I turned of acpi and got input.19:34
johtsoit says the package is not available19:34
helpmeplease2Does anyone know if there is a mental health channel on freenode?19:35
OerHeksjohtso, current is 9.319:35
k1l!alis | helpmeplease2 or ask in #freenode19:35
ubottuhelpmeplease2 or ask in #freenode: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:35
johtsoOerHeks: right, I was having trouble getting 9.3 working so I was trying to go back to 9.119:35
liquidcandyAnyway, what do I do to get a proper install on this pos lappy?19:36
k1ljohtso: is universe enabled?19:36
johtsoafter installing postgresql-9.3 on a clean ubuntu installation, the service was saying "* No PostgreSQL clusters exist; see "man pg_createcluster""19:36
CapsuLevening all19:37
johtsoahh, it's on universe, I see19:37
lisbethAloha. I'm new to git and I am trying to find the source code for the GNU coreutil "xargs"19:38
RakonHow can I perform an DNS lookup?19:40
CapsuLi just install ubuntu gnome on my computeur (old OS formated) , and impossible to make cwireless connection to my box .. i put right password, little widget told me ok but impossible to make ping or google shearch..  can you help me ?19:40
liquidcandylisbeth: There is this  http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/shell_cmds/shell_cmds-118/xargs/xargs.c19:41
liquidcandybut that's apple I think19:41
Jordan_Ulisbeth: What is your end goal?19:42
liquidcandylisbeth: and this  http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/xargs19:43
lisbethJordan_U, implementing something like xargs in bash19:43
liquidcandysorry, not right19:43
Jordan_Ulisbeth: Why are you trying to implement something like xargs in bash? What is your actual *end* goal?19:44
lisbethJordan_U to make a better xargs19:45
Jordan_Ulisbeth: Do you want to make a better xargs for fun, or do you have a project that needs a better xargs? What deficiencies does xargs have that you want to fix?19:46
=== Guest7964 is now known as NaStYdoG
lisbethxargs can run programs bash knows, but xargs (as far as I know) can't be made to run a function within a shell script19:47
CapsuLi just install ubuntu gnome on my computeur (old OS formated) , and impossible to make cwireless connection to my box .. i put right password, little widget told me ok but impossible to make ping or google shearch..  can you help me ?19:52
Jordan_Ulisbeth: Do you have an example script where you'd like to use an xargs alike with a bash function or builtin?19:52
ZequalHey folks, trying to enable kiosk mode on xfce4-panel.. I enabled, but I don't see any applets.19:52
Zequal*enabled it19:52
tgm4883CapsuL: are you sure DNS is working?19:52
CapsuLversion 14.o.419:52
lisbethJordan_U yes19:52
CapsuLhow can i see that ??19:53
tgm4883CapsuL: can you open a terminal and do "nslookup google.com"19:53
lisbethJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/y3fihJRA19:55
CapsuLtime out19:55
CapsuLtgm ?19:56
Jordan_Ulisbeth: You know how people have been saying that bash's feature of exporting functions is something that nobody uses? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11003418/calling-functions-with-xargs-within-a-bash-script :)19:56
johtsok1l: I'm pretty sure I have universe enabled.. but I it still can't find postgresql-9.120:00
lisbethJordan_U, so how does export -f work?20:00
tgm4883CapsuL: can you pastebin the output of 'nm-tool'20:00
eeee!info postgresql-9.120:00
Finetundra hello, i have installed using the minimal, but when i go to boot up grub goes into rescue mode. what do i do there?20:00
ubottuPackage postgresql-9.1 does not exist in trusty20:00
johtsobut http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/trusty/postgresql-9.1 ..20:01
f0steri cant update or use apt at all on my vm , http://screencast.com/t/cU4gAW9v20:01
grey__@daftykins : hey its me again the fglrx and fglrx updates presented with ubuntu 14.04 are formerly usable for the AMD hd 7600/7500 and intel hd 4000 , hybrid graphics , thanks for your advice :)20:01
geniiFinetundra: Are you sure it's rescue mode and not just booting without a gui?20:02
=== med_` is now known as med
daftykinsgrey__: all working great and your system is cooler now, is it?20:02
Jordan_Ulisbeth: How do you use it, or how is it implemented behind the scenes?20:02
Finetundrait says, "Entering rescue mode..." "grub rescue>20:02
=== med is now known as med_
=== med_ is now known as Guest20289
eeeejohtso: i don't think it exists, i don't have it here either.20:03
f0sterbecause these links are actually down20:03
=== Guest20289 is now known as medberry_cant
lumia900OerHeks whats dose DE means20:03
johtsoeeee: I'm right in thinking that that page would suggest that it was available right?20:03
Finetundraload rescue files20:03
Jordan_UFinetundra: Do you have more than one internal drive?20:04
geniiFinetundra: OK. So then after you get root console there, try to issue:  update-grub && update-initramfs -u    ....then: sync && reboot    ...and see if it still does that20:04
lisbethJordan_U; My main question is if I do: myfunc () { foo; }; export -f myfunc20:04
lisbethcan I then call it in any subshell?20:04
eeeejohtso: i don't know, when i try to do apt-cache show , it says Can't select versions from package 'postgresql-9.1' as it is purely virtual20:04
lumia900am getting this when i try to install any application in my ubuntu20:04
grey__daftykins: yes its working fine, it got cooled by 25 C degrees but still i hear the fan turning and it get to 65 C sometimes but im gonna leave it till tomorrow to be 100% sure :)20:05
Jordan_Ulisbeth: Yes, any child process that is bash (as opposed to some other shell like dash).20:06
eeeejohtso: trying to install it says that it is obsolete, or installable via another package.20:06
ikonialumia900: can you show me the output of the command "uname -a" please.20:06
eeeejohtso: when i searched, 9.3 versions showed up20:06
lumia900ikanobori i have pasted the result in you PM20:07
ikonialumia900: just put it in the channel, it should be one 120:07
ikoniaone line20:07
lumia900Linux CMLSVR01 3.13.0-37-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 22 21:28:38 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:07
Finetundragenii, "Unknown command 'update-grub'"20:08
ikonialumia900: is this a physical box ?20:08
lumia900the first thing i tried was installing webmin ..20:08
lumia900yes its physical one20:08
ikoniawebmin does not exist in ubuntu20:08
lumia900acer desktop20:08
ikonialumia900: have you added ppa's / 3rd party repos20:08
lumia900yes i did some links20:08
ikoniaok, then straight away I can say it's very likley they are causing hte problems20:08
geniiFinetundra: Very odd. Does /usr/sbin/update-grub  exist?20:09
=== medberry_cant is now known as medberry
ikonialumia900: when you install these 3rd party repos they can install packages that conflict with the ubuntu supplied packages, and often break them20:09
=== medberry is now known as Guest28114
Finetundragenii, how do i check?20:09
lumia900but even i was unable to install xchat too20:09
ikonialumia900: can you run apt-cache policy libnet-ssleay-perl and put the the output in a pastebin please.20:09
lumia900i get same error for all application20:09
lumia900apt-get install yum20:10
lumia900also u get the same20:10
Jordan_Ugenii: update-grub only re-writes /boot/grub/grub.cfg, if they're at a grub rescue shell then grub isn't even getting far enough to read the grub.cfg. Right now they're at the grub rescue shell, not at an initramfs shell.20:10
geniiFinetundra: ls /usr/sbin/* | grep grub20:10
ikonialumia900: yes, because you have a.) conflicts b.) un-complete installs20:10
eeeegenii: i think Finetundra didn't get a root console yet20:10
ikonialumia900: you don't install yum20:10
xanguaLG looks like a fridge I just bought :-)20:10
geniiJordan_U: Ah, good catch. I'm undercaffeinated today!20:10
Ajkthxin soviet russia, ubuntu installs you20:10
xanguaWrong channel sorry20:10
lumia900ikanobori let me get that now wait20:10
ThedarkbAjkthx: true20:10
geniiAh, so in grub cli then20:10
lumia900ikanobori i have pasted20:12
lumia900and how to get the link in here ?20:12
ikonialumia900: post the link in the channel20:12
Finetundragenii, "error : attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'"20:12
CapsuLi just install ubuntu gnome on my computeur (old OS formated) , and impossible to make cwireless connection to my box .. i put right password, little widget told me ok but impossible to make ping or google shearch..  can you help me ?20:13
ikonialumia900: ok, so if you do "apt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl" what happens20:13
tgm4883CapsuL: can you pastebin the output of 'nm-tool'20:13
David-Alisbeth: did you find out about source code?20:15
CapsuLdifficult , i am on smartphone nokia n900 from xchat20:15
geniiFinetundra: Yes, you are in Grub command-line and not on a running linux yet.20:15
CapsuLand computeur cant go to internet20:15
tgm4883!pastebinit | CapsuL20:15
tgm4883Off to do an interview. Hopefully someone else can take a look at the output20:15
CapsuLi have dns same adress to default route20:15
lumia900ikanobori looks like the same i get for this too20:15
ubottuCapsuL: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:15
ikonialumia900: apt-cache policy usermin (put output in pastebin please)20:15
JCTcan i decrease the size of a partition to add more size to another?20:15
Finetundragenii, so what do i do?20:16
geniiFinetundra: I'm just looking up the syntax for Grub to try and make it boot, one minute20:16
CapsuLneed INTERNET connection for this...20:16
JCTtry super grub disk 220:16
CapsuLping didn t back ...20:16
JCTyou can boot a lot of linux systems from a disk20:16
ikonia!info http://pastebin.com/FNdSU1wC20:17
ubottuPackage httppastebin.comFNdSU1wC does not exist in trusty20:17
CapsuLi am on smarphone now20:17
sikenmehello , can anybody tell me how to restore the partition of a usb stick in order to use it with linux (fat32) ? i may have messes things up20:17
ikonia!info usermin20:17
ubottuPackage usermin does not exist in trusty20:17
ikonialumia900: so it looks like the webmin ppa is causing you problems20:17
geniiFinetundra: You installed on the first partition of the first hd?20:17
JCTcan i decrease the size of a partition to add more size to the partition i'm using right now?20:17
lumia900ikonia s what do i need to get this installed ..20:18
Finetundragenii, i installed to a fresh HDD, so yes i believe that's so20:18
k1lJCT: yes. boot a live cd/usb and use gparted20:18
ikonialumia900: two questions 1.) are you new to ubuntu 2.) is this a new install, or an old install (the OS)20:18
JCTaha i knew it20:18
k1lJCT: and make backups before that because of murphys law20:18
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JCTso i can use the ubuntu cd trial and install gparted to do that?20:18
lumia9001. am new to ubuntu20:18
lumia9002. this is fresh install20:19
lumia900just enabled the samba and openSSH while installing OS20:19
Finetundraikonia, no i'm not new. yes this is a fresh install20:19
lisbethJordan_U, do you know if there is a way to do something like export -f except you send it into a specific subshell instead of making it global?20:19
geniiFinetundra: OK, so then 3 commands here, first: linux  (hd0,1)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1    and hit enter. Then:  initrd  (hd0,1)/initrd.img     and hit enter again. Then just: boot20:19
k1lJCT: gparted is already installed there20:19
ikonialumia900: ok, then my suggestion is to do a clean install and not install ANY 3rd party repos or PPA's20:19
ikoniaFinetundra: I didn't ask you20:19
geniiFinetundra: And see if it goes.20:19
JCT? i had to install it manually just now20:19
EOBeavAny success dual booting ubuntu on a Chromebook?20:19
k1lJCT: dont mix the live-iso with a install20:20
JCTconfusing... :/20:20
lumia900ikonia: but i have already worked with ubunt... were i have not faced such issues .20:20
geniiFinetundra: Hit enter after you type boot  .. of course.20:20
lumia900both ihave tried in VMware and Physical20:20
ikonialumia900: but you are facing them now,20:20
ikonialumia900: so you can either follow my advice based on my expeirence, or ignore it and continue to not be able to install anyting until you manually unpick it all20:21
lumia900are u sure that i dont want to enable any package while OS installation ?20:21
ikonialumia900: I am %300 sure you do not want to enabled ANY 3rd party repos or PPA's20:21
Finetundragenii, is there a space between vmlinuz and root?20:21
ikonialumia900: clean install - no 3rd party repos20:21
lumia900ok .. ikonia thanks for the info20:21
lumia900but how come i get installed webmin20:21
sikenmehello , can anybody tell me how to restore the partition of a usb stick in order to use it with linux (fat32) ?20:22
lumia900any usefull links there i can learn the webmin clean installtion20:22
geniiFinetundra: Thats correct, no space there20:22
ikonialumia900: do not install webmin20:22
ikoniado you understand "do not install webmin"20:22
ikonialumia900: I've said this 3 times20:22
ikoniado not try to install webmin20:22
geniiFinetundra: Sorry, yes a space. need coffee20:22
* genii makes more20:22
David-Alisbeth: export -f 1) a #bash question 2) the export goes into the environment. you would have to remove it in childs where you dont want it (or unset it before you spawn more childs in the parent)20:23
genii!webmin | lumia90020:24
ubottulumia900: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.20:24
Finetundragenii, still unknown20:24
geniilumia900: The suggested replacement is zentyal20:24
lumia900since there is no gui for samba managment am trying to use webmin..20:24
ikonialumia900: do not use webmin20:24
lumia900ikonia ok i agree :)20:24
RebWegyI am trying to install software updates using 'update-manager'. when update-manager needs to install updates which require an admin password the application quits with no error message. installing updates which do not require an admin passwords works fine20:25
lumia900so what is the best way to handle my ubuntu as file server ...20:25
lumia900with GUI20:25
GumaHello. I have unique peoblem. I created init script that it starts at level 3, rc3.rc/S99service. The problem is that my service is started before DHCP returns IP so my service fails. I did put sleep 10 sec and it works but it is a temp hack. Is there a way to block in dhcp service untill you get I20:25
bruceleehey whats the difference between defining a post-up ip addr line, and defining an entire block to allocate a subinterface20:26
nicklasmoellerIs there a listing of default file permissions for folders of / in 14.04 ?20:27
squintylumia900:   might want to look at   system-config-samba20:27
CapsuLsry all paquet are here :)20:27
Finetundragenii, would doing a new install be easier?20:27
geniiFinetundra: There's probably some way to make it boot the install from there, but unfortunately I'm not that familiar with Grub command-line20:27
geniiFinetundra: I would probably actually try that first if nothing on there you need, yes20:28
Finetundragenii, i'll just reinstall. it's literally a brand new drive20:28
geniilumia900: You don't listen so well. I just told you, zentyal/ebox20:28
lumia900ikonia: can i give a try for Zentyal in ubuntu ?20:30
PazoozaAnybody have a Ubuntu phone yet?20:30
bruceleefor example, post-up ip addr add 192.168.x.x/win 620:30
xanguanicklasmoeller: better stand your actual problem, sounds like you will need reinstall20:30
lumia900genii the same error while am installing Zentyal20:30
xangua! Touch | Pazooza20:30
ubottuPazooza: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:30
geniilumia900: What error is that? Do you have a pastebin of it?20:31
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DaveGilSoftware updater tells me I have an update for Ubuntu Base of 64.6 MB. When try to update, software updater crashes20:32
nicklasmoellerI moved a bit around between partitions yesterday - I accidentally did a cp -r to /home - that's the only bottleneck. Now when I log in, I get a black screen, and a cursor. I'm just concerned that my user owns /bin and /lib as well, but I don't have something to compare with, other than a 12.04 install, which states that /lib and /bin is owned by root20:32
geniilumia900: Well, firstly, if you have a # for a prompt and not $ then don't bother with putting sudo in front of the command. Before you tried installing anything from apt-get, did you first run yet: apt-get update   ..?20:33
k1lDaveGil: please try "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and pastebin if any errors happen20:33
nicklasmoellerDon't worry about the whole login problem (unless you have a quick fix. I'm running gnome on ubuntu and have been for a while - working fine. Not the nvidia problem, since I don't have nvidia at all. But I believe it's just a question about permissions in my /home folder20:33
imbezolnicklasmoeller: you copied something to /home? or copied /home to something? or moved something?20:33
lumia900genii yes i have done apt-get update20:34
lumia900and that was able to get the updates fine20:34
lumia900the problem is i was unable to make any further installation20:34
k1llumia900: do you have PPAs enabled?20:34
geniilumia900: OK. Looks like you put some PPA for usermin, you should remove that.20:35
nicklasmoellerimbezol: I had moved /home to another partition, where all was working well, thought I would move back, and did a sudo cp -r /mnt/storage/home /home20:35
ikonialumia900: we've been through this20:35
geniik1l: Obviously they do, usermin is not in repos :)20:35
ikonialumia900: clean install, no ppas - start again20:35
lumia900genii thats right20:35
eeeenicklasmoeller: that would render the permissions wrong20:35
k1llumia900: please pastebin the following: "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" and "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" and pastebin that20:35
imbezolnicklasmoeller: ok. does your user howe the correct location specified in /etc/passwd?20:35
ikonialumia900: is there a reason you've not done this ?20:35
eeeenicklasmoeller: use cp -ar when you want to copy stuff and leave the permissions20:35
nicklasmoellereeee: I know, it was an accident, didn't think about it at the time20:35
imbezoleeee: -a implies -r20:36
eeeesorry cp -pvr20:36
emulHi there20:37
nicklasmoellerimbezol: yes20:37
imbezolnicklasmoeller: since you just copied you can always copy again using -a this time20:37
imbezolnicklasmoeller: or you could save time by using rsync to copy permissions and not all the data20:37
eeeenicklasmoeller: if you want you can chown -R <user>: /home/<user>/20:37
ikonialumia900: we've been through this20:37
ikonialumia900: clean install, no ppas - start again20:37
ikonialumia900: is there a reason you've not done this ?20:37
eeeenicklasmoeller: and also set the permissions to chmod -R 770 /home/<user>20:38
eeee( use sudo for both )20:38
nicklasmoellerimbezal: I could, if I hadn't deleted the original.. shame on me20:38
DaveGilkll: Appears to have run fine. No errors.20:38
nicklasmoellereeee: /home should by all means be owned by root:root right?20:38
ikonialumia900: is there a reason you have not done a clean install yet ?20:38
eeee( use sudo for the first only )20:38
imbezolnicklasmoeller: ah. yeah just do a recusive chown user:user on the user's home directory then20:38
emulSomething unusual happened to me and I couldnt find info about it on google. I got a brand new laptop with a Nvidia GTX850M and I installed the oficial drivers from the Nvidia page. The next time i tried to login it only showed the background and the mouse. Same thing for the package nvidia-current20:38
emulWhy could this be happening?20:39
eeeenicklasmoeller: /home itself? drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 Oct  8 12:58 /home20:39
lumia900ikonia casue am sitting in remote location ..20:39
nicklasmoellerYes! Can you give me a check on /bin and /lib as well?20:39
ikonialumia900: ok, so stop what you are doing and wait until you are at the location20:39
popeyemul: common when people install the nvidia driver from nvidia.com and not from the repo20:39
daftykinsemul: first off, that sounds like an nvidia optimus laptop so you can't just use nvidia drivers directly20:39
ikonialumia900: then do a clean install as we discussed and move forward as discussed20:39
nicklasmoellerI haven't touched it as far as I recall, but it's owned by my user20:39
eeeenicklasmoeller: that's odd20:40
nicklasmoellerbut is /bin and /lib normally owned by root? That's what I came in for20:40
nicklasmoellerIt seemed pretty odd to me as well20:40
eeeeyes, both are owned by root.20:40
imbezolnicklasmoeller: you can likely do a "sudo chown -R root:root /bin /lib" safely20:40
daftykinsemul: look into nvidia-prime20:40
imbezolnicklasmoeller: my system has nothing in either of those directories that's not root:root20:41
at_workHow do I disable the requirement I have a valid gateway during installation (doing a preseed'd netinstall)?20:41
k1llumia900: i think that zentyal line is wrong you added there20:41
nicklasmoellerThanks! I will give it a go, and be back later. Might be I get it up and running again. Thanks guys, have a nice evening!20:41
imbezolnicklasmoeller: good luck20:42
emulpopey: i reinstalled ubuntu and then installed the repo drivers (nvidia-common package)20:43
emulpopey: and i basically got the same output20:43
emuldaftykins: would using bumblebee fix the problem?20:44
daftykinsemul: nvidia-prime is the newer alternative to bumblebee20:44
daftykinsemul: yeah you can't just install even repo based drivers without prime or bumblebee20:45
emuldaftykins: so i would have to install this before and then the driver or the order wouldnt mather?20:45
daftykinsemul: plenty of guides online about nvidia-prime20:46
emuldaftykins: k got ya. thanks :)20:46
daftykinsno problemo20:46
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Finetundrais there a small non-minimal ubuntu distro image?20:51
ikoniadefine small20:51
Finetundraless than 700megs20:52
ObrienDaveFinetundra, standard image or minimal. no inbetween20:52
ikoniaFinetundra: no20:52
at_workthere is a server image.20:52
xanguaFinetundra: lubuntu still fits on a CD20:52
nicklasmoellerHey guys - it did the trick! Thanks20:52
nicklasmoellerNow my config is all gone, but I can live with that20:52
Finetundrajust wondering20:53
Jordan_UFinetundra: You have a buggy BIOS that doesn't properly handle large drives. If you make a separate small /boot/ partition near the beginning of the drive it will work around this bug.20:53
at_workFinetundra,  qemu qemu 572M Oct  2 07:51 ubuntu-14.04.1-server-amd64.iso20:53
knosysHave someone installed wxWidgets in ubuntu trusty?20:55
christian_c'è qualcuno ?20:55
FinetundraJordan_U, not sure i understand you response. is in reference to earlier?20:55
k1l!it | christian_20:55
ubottuchristian_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:55
christian_ok ok20:56
Jordan_UFinetundra: The bug in your BIOS is why you booted to a grub rescue shell rather that booting Ubuntu successfully. I can tell that it's a problem with your BIOS not handling large drives properly from the error message "attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'".20:57
knosysI am having problems getting it to work, i would appreciate some help, maybe someone know's what i have to do. http://apt.wxwidgets.org/dists/  Im supposed to sign PGP key from here a curl, to get the files for my distro. But there are files for every distro except trusty.20:57
Jordan_UFinetundra: A re-install might by chance get you a working configuration, if all of the files needed to boot happen to get placed near the beginning of the drive by chance, but it *will* break again eventually unless you create a small /boot/ partition near the beginning of the drive (or use another work around, like configuring grub to use native drivers to bypass your buggy BIOS).20:58
FinetundraJordan_U, i see. well the install is literally at its end so we shall see what happens20:59
Finetundra ok, it now says "minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. for the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions."21:02
Finetundrawhere to now?21:03
Bashing-omFinetundra: I am late to the party, but, seems the system is not finding the boot code. What results -> ls -lh (hd0,mdsos1)/boot , search -f /sbin/init < -.21:06
FinetundraBashing-om, so what do i do?21:07
Bashing-omFinetundra: You are presently at a grub > prompt, no ? If yes, what results from my last grub terminal commands ?21:07
eeeeFinetundra: there's a typo, msdos121:08
Bashing-omeeee: Thanks ! did bot see my error !21:08
eeeeBashing-om: no problem :)21:09
FinetundraBashing-om, "unknown argument '-f'"21:10
Jordan_UFinetundra: The easiest thing to do, that will lead to a long term solution, is to re-install and be sure to configure a small /boot/ partition near the beginning of the drive. Do you know how to do that with Ubuntu's installer?21:12
Bashing-omFinetundra: UnGood ! .. Ok, how bout -> set <- a lot of output .. what is in the line "root=" ?21:12
FinetundraBashing-om, by removinf '-f' resulted in a set of dates, times, days, and files\21:13
Bashing-omFinetundra: See Jordan_U advise, // He knows where of he advises ! .. unless you want to crawl up the learning curve here,21:13
FinetundraBashing-om, i'll take the curve. root=hd0,msdos121:13
JCTi'm having trouble installing Dolphin-emu21:13
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=== JCT400THz is now known as JCT
Jordan_UFinetundra: Try running "nativedisk". It may or may not cause grub to freeze, if so you'll just have to reboot (no damage done).21:15
AR45I'm experiencing some tearing with propertary NVIDIA drivers.21:15
AR45Any work arounds?21:15
AR45GeForce 320M.21:15
metallicFinetundra, do you know Grub customizer? It may come handy for you21:15
Jordan_Umetallic: Finetundra: grub customizer will not help with this problem.21:15
daftykinsAR45: check vsync in nvidia-settings21:16
FinetundraJordan_U, can't find command 'nativedisk'21:16
Bashing-omFinetundra: well, grub knows where the boot files "should" be. Any return now from -> ls -lh (hd0,msdos1)/boot/grub/grub.cfg, if so we can try and boot this sucker .21:16
metallicit detects other OSs in the hard drive. But you can always write down a grub file by hand21:16
JCTi tried the custom .deb file the download site provided https://dolphin-emu.org/download/ but ubuntu software system says i can't download it21:16
Jordan_UBashing-om: All paths are relative to $root unless otherwise specified, so you can just "ls /boot/grub/grub.cfg".21:17
JCTi tried the terminal commands for installing the ppa and getting the packages, another error21:17
Jordan_UFinetundra: What is the grub version? (Should be displayed near the top of the screen).21:17
Bashing-omJordan_U: Thanks, getting my mind still in gear here ,,, grub/booting always has my interest .21:18
FinetundraJordan_U, too much text at this point, how do i scroll up?21:18
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metallicWhat OS are you trying to boot? And what OS are you trying to fix the grub from? Finetundra21:19
Bashing-omFinetundra: You do not with out -> set pager=1 <- .21:19
Jordan_UFinetundra: You can't, let me do some experimenting with the version of grub in Ubuntu 14.04 (which is what you've installed IIRC).21:19
emuldaftykins: sorry to bother you again. are you still there? I tried using nvidia-prime but since i cant get my desktop working after rebooting it seems useless.21:20
daftykinsemul: do you mean your desktop is still dead after the earlier attempts at installing nvidia drivers?21:20
daftykinsalberto_: hello. do you have a question?21:21
Scyththere are any BRs here? my english sux...21:21
k1l!br | Scyth21:21
ubottuScyth: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:21
FinetundraBashing-om, is there a space?21:21
emuldaftykins: i removed nvidia-* and rebooted and i could go to desktop. but whenever i install nvidia prime and the repo drivers it will happen the same21:22
Finetundrametallic, ubuntu 14.04. i'm in the grub terminal not in an OS21:22
Bashing-omFinetundra: It has been awhile, but I do believe there is that space " set pager=1" . between set and pager.21:23
daftykinsemul: can you install the package 'pastebinit' then run "lspci | pastebinit" and share the link it creates here?21:23
daftykinsemul: come to think of it, i'd bet you need the very latest drivers to support such a new chip21:23
FinetundraBashing-om, no output21:23
emuldaftykins: i already tried the xorg-edge drivers or whatever they are called21:24
Bashing-omFinetundra: Bet you are good, no output, command accepted. Run a long command and see.21:24
Jordan_UFinetundra: There should be a "nativedisk" command. Are you sure that you spelled it correctly?21:24
daftykinsemul: ugh adding a PPA, yeah i wouldn't do that21:25
metallicFinetundra, I suggest you reinstall your OS overwriting your existing version, writing grub configuration is a delicate thing, you need to know what you're doing.21:25
emuldaftykins: yes but since the other ones didnt help neither...21:25
FinetundraJordan_U, not found21:25
Jordan_UFinetundra: insmod nativedisk21:25
Finetundrametallic, i'm not too worried, this is a fresh drive so no chance to loose anything21:25
Bashing-omJordan_U: You also now have me in a learning mode.21:26
metallicthen this is the easy way to go Finetundra, you can read some introduction to grub2 at Ubuntu page21:27
FinetundraJordan_U, file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/nativedisk.mod' not found21:27
Jordan_UBashing-om: "nativedisk" is a command that will insmod the modules for grub's native disk drivers (with no arguments, all of them, or you can specify pata,ahci,ehci, etc), then it will do the cleanup needed to fix $prefix to point to the native disks, whose names will have changed.21:27
i4sakenCan anyone tell me how to log out my vps in the bash?21:27
Jordan_UFinetundra: Is your hard drive connected via PATA or SATA?21:28
i4sakenI know it’s a stupid question…21:28
daftykinsemul: is it the v337 driver you've been installing once you get to that stage?21:28
rangeles2276How can I fix a Grub issue on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? My PC wont boot all I get is a Grub> prompt21:28
daftykinsi4saken: 'exit'21:28
scarrzhey all I customized an application (gmusicbrowser.desktop) in /usr/share/applications and now it is gone from the menu and I don't know how to get it back. it appears to be in the correct categories so I am assuming it's a permissions issue. can someone help?21:28
i4sakendaftykins: thanks!21:28
Finetundravia pata to sata bridge21:28
Jordan_UFinetundra: Also, remember that the easiest, fastest solution is still to re-install with a separate small /boot/ partition near the beginning of the drive.21:28
Finetundrai've got time to burn, Jordan_U21:29
emuldaftykins: i tried several really. i think the last one i tried was the 34321:29
bubbasauresrangeles2276, This just ubuntu, any other OS?21:29
rangeles2276bubbasaures just ubuntu21:29
nrdbI have an Epson CX550 scanner/printer ... it isn't scaning with the correct colours  ... when I run scaniamge -L ... I get ... "device `snapscan:libusb:008:004' is a Acer Color MFP01 flatbed scanner"21:30
bubbasauresrangeles2276, Are you on a mbr boot?21:30
daftykinsemul: hmm i'm not sure then. i assume you install ubuntu followed by fully updating it?21:30
rangeles2276bubbasaures I have no idea all I know is that I have an Intel RAID at 4TB21:30
emuldaftykins: yes exactly21:30
bubbasauresrangeles2276, Ah raid no real idea here, others here know this.21:31
daftykinsemul: what prime guide did you follow?21:31
rangeles2276bubbasaures the weird thing is on first install it worked great then I did the system update which prompted me, but not Upgrade just the regular updates and thats when it broke21:31
rangeles2276bubbasaures so I'm pretty sure there was a Grub update and it broke it. I don't understand what the heck is the issue with this Grub thing21:32
daftykinsemul: also what model computer is this?21:32
emuldaftykins: i just googled it and the most commented thing was: "you got to install prime to get optimus running" so i installed it and then "you have to pick the card in the nvidia X settings". yes but i dont have a desktop running anymore21:33
rangeles2276bubbasaures I've been trying to google for a solution but nothing21:33
Jordan_UFinetundra: Run "ls -l" (No other arguments) then "insmod ahci".21:33
Finetundrafine, i give. i'll reinstall again21:33
daftykinsemul: ok so not a full guide21:33
rangeles2276bubbasaures I can't even find what command I should enter at the Grub prompt21:33
emuldaftykins: exactly21:34
Bashing-omFinetundra: Jordan_U -> ls -al /boot/grub/i386-pc/ <- IF not a lot of files there. Then for sure a bad install ???21:34
Jordan_Urangeles2276: What did it prompt you about? What was your answer?21:34
rangeles2276bubbasaures I just need to load the OS because the damn thing loaded once prior to the updates21:34
Jordan_UBashing-om: The install is fine, Finetundra just has a buggy BIOS that can't properly handle large drives.21:34
emuldaftykins: every guide says basically the same thing. just purge everything u had relating to nvidia and then install the newest drivers and the primer21:35
rangeles2276Jordan_U no all I get is the Grub CLI thing21:35
bubbasauresrangeles2276, There is a boot script you could run that gives you details, you could probably boot in with supergrub and fix from Ubuntu.21:35
revnoahI'm having trouble getting mail set up for some local web development. I've tried postfix and sendmail but haven't had much luck. Does anyone have a particular method they would recommend?21:35
FinetundraJordan_U, could it just be that the bios is old?21:35
daftykinsemul: and all bumblebee packages have been purged too?21:35
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Earlier you said "I did the system update which prompted me, but not Upgrade just the regular updates and thats when it broke". My previous question was in reference to that.21:35
emuldaftykins: i didnt even install them21:35
rangeles2276Jordan_U all it said was to hit TAB to see a list of commands21:36
Jordan_UFinetundra: Well, older BIOSs are more likely to be buggy in this way, as there were fewer large drives when they were being developed and tested.21:36
Bashing-omJordan_U: Ho Kay ..As I have seen your advise, the solution is create the /boot partition upon re-installation .21:36
daftykinsemul: so what's the make + model of laptop?21:36
rangeles2276Jordan_U yes the regular updates that you get after a fresh install21:36
metallicJordan_U, Why do you recommend to save a small partition for the bootloader? Tell me please :)21:36
Jordan_Urangeles2276: What did?21:36
emuldaftykins: Msi GE 80 2PC21:37
=== keystr0k is now known as agileadam
emuldaftykins: sorry, 60*21:37
FinetundraJordan_U, i'll install again21:37
rangeles2276Jordan_U it ask me if I wanted to upgrade to 14.04 lts and I said no then I clicked on "install updates"21:37
Jordan_Umetallic: Because their BIOS can't access portions of the drive past a certain limit, meaning that all boot files need to be within that limit. If their all stored in a small partition near the beginning of the drive, you guarantee that that will be true.21:37
emuldaftykins: http://askubuntu.com/questions/507969/compatibility-ubuntu-and-msi-ge60 im going to try this21:38
metallicSo when I install my bootloader in /dev/sda, am I doing it wrong? should I create a partition and install it there?21:38
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Is your RAID array mdraid or FakeRAID? (If it's configured in your BIOS menus then it's almost certainly FakeRAID).21:38
rangeles2276Jordan_U I also tried re-installing the system and it does not work, still the same damn Grub thing21:38
rangeles2276ah no it is an Intel LSI RAID21:39
rangeles2276Jordan_U I actually have a RAID Card21:39
Jordan_Umetallic: Even for Finetundra, grub's boot sector will be installed to /dev/sda, it's just /boot/grub and its files that will be in a separate partition. And unless you have a buggy BIOS, you don't need a separate partition.21:39
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Still FakeRAID.21:39
rangeles2276Jordan_U what?21:40
rangeles2276Jordan_U how can that be21:40
rangeles2276Jordan_U ok at this point I don't care I just want to fix this, I've been fighting with this thing since 9am this morning21:41
Jordan_Urangeles2276: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto21:41
FinetundraJordan_U, what if i were to install using LVM?21:42
Jordan_Urangeles2276: That will explain what FakeRAID is.21:42
nrdbI have an Epson CX5500 scanner/printer ... it isn't scanning with the correct colours  ... when I run scaniamge -L ... I get ... "device `snapscan:libusb:008:004' is a Acer Color MFP01 flatbed scanner"  .... why Acer and not Epson?  .... how do I fix this?21:42
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Are you currently at the grub shell?21:42
rangeles2276Jordan_U no, let me turn it back on21:43
Jordan_Urangeles2276: If so, please run "echo $root" then "search --file /boot/grub/grub.cfg" and post the output of the two commands here.21:43
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Are you currently booted from a GNU/Linux LiveCD/USB? If so, stay booted into it for now.21:44
metallicThanks for your answer Jordan_U :D21:44
rangeles2276Jordan_U no It is on a different box21:45
Jordan_Umetallic: You're welcome.21:45
netyyrrazqabbchow to block all application from internet access using and choose selected application that can use internet access ?21:45
rangeles2276Jordan_U this thing has an Intel Boo Agent GE21:46
Finetundraok Jordan_U, what do i do once i'm at the partition disks screen?21:46
Jordan_UFinetundra: As long as your /boot/ partition is completely contained within the first part of your drive, everything else can be however you want.21:46
FinetundraJordan_U, how do i do that?21:46
metallicreserve a ext4 formatted partition, Finetundra21:47
netyyrrazqabbc*excuse me. how to block all application from use internet access  and choose selected application that can use internet access ?21:47
metallicand mount it as boot21:47
rangeles2276Jordan_U ok I ran those commands you asked and I got "hd0, gpt2"21:48
ActionParsnipnetyyrrazqabbc: use iptables or gufw etc21:48
dmn123I want to figure out what my current netdev_backlog value is - I know I can check net.core.netdev_max_backlog via sysctl - but how can I figure out how much is used?21:48
Finetundrahow big does the ext4 partition have to be?21:49
metallicit is for the boot folder so... not much21:49
Jordan_UFinetundra: If you want LVM, try setting it up with the installer normally, unless you're dual booting with another OS it will probably set up what you need as a side affect of how the installer generally configures LVM. You should see it create a small ext3/4 /boot/ partition as the first partition in the drive.21:50
Finetundra2gigs fine?21:50
Jordan_UFinetundra: 2 GiB is fine, yes.21:50
netyyrrazqabbcActionParsnip, i have try gufw but i cannot find how to block applications use gufw21:50
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Both commands gave the same output?21:50
rangeles2276Jordan_U yes21:50
metallicFinetundra, yes, actually my boot folder is 114 MiB and works fine XD21:51
metallicbut it is ok21:51
ActionParsnipdmn123: sysctl –p sys.net.core.netdev_max_backlog  maybe21:51
Jordan_Urangeles2276: OK. Please try running "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg". It should print your grub.cfg to the screen, which should be a lot of output that isn't particularly important at the moment. What would be important is if it prints an error message instead.21:51
Finetundrai'm gonna try LVM first21:51
reisiohans_: ohio21:52
dmn123ActionParsnip: that will show me the max value, but I want to know how high it is right now - not the maximum21:52
rangeles2276Jordan_U "error: out of disk"21:52
hans_all ok here21:52
ActionParsnipdmn123: then read: man sysctl21:52
netyyrrazqabbcActionParsnip, can give some step use gufw to block all application use internet access and only browsing applications that can use internet.?21:53
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Congratulations, you're having exactly the same problem as Finetundra :)21:54
ActionParsnipnetyyrrazqabbc: http://askubuntu.com/questions/45072/how-to-control-internet-access-for-each-program21:54
rangeles2276Jordan_U I tried creating the boot partition and all that and it wont work21:54
rangeles2276Jordan_U unless I'm doing something work in the process21:54
netyyrrazqabbcActionParsnip, thx sir.21:54
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Did you make sure that your /boot/ partition was near the beginning of the drive?21:54
dmn123ActionParsnip: The question is not how to set or read the MAX value - the question is how to read the current size of the backlog21:54
rangeles2276Jordan_U I let ubuntu decide as I did not do anything extra21:55
Jordan_Urangeles2276: That is the critical part of having a separate /boot/ partition for working around this BIOS bug.21:55
rangeles2276Jordan_U man this is crazy, this bug was not there before what caused this21:55
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Ubuntu's installer doesn't create a separate /boot/ partition by default, the only way to add one during install is via completely manual partitioning (or, as a side affect, possibly by configuring LVM).21:56
ActionParsnipdmn123: netstat -an | grep -c -i SYN_RECV21:56
Jordan_Urangeles2276: The bug was always there, you just weren't affected by it until your grub.cfg happened to be written farther into the drive than your BIOS can access.21:57
dmn123ActionParsnip: thanks!21:57
rangeles2276Jordan_U ok how do I use the LVM on 12.04 LTS21:57
ActionParsnipdmn123: all I did was search the web...... took me what...30 seconds?21:57
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Don't aim for using LVM unless you really want LVM.21:57
dmn123ActionParsnip: that’s wonderful!21:57
ActionParsnipJordan_U: +121:57
rangeles2276Jordan_U ok then what just go with "something else"21:58
ActionParsnipdmn123: so, why couldn't you find that?21:58
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Are you planning to re-install Ubuntu?21:58
dmn123ActionParsnip: Dear friend, I also found http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12985/how-to-check-rx-ring-max-backlog-and-max-syn-backlog-size and it’s a good start. The problem is I hoped there is a more general solution. Because I try to figure out that for many ways.21:58
rangeles2276Jordan_U at this point I have no choice I have to re-install it21:58
Jordan_Urangeles2276: Then yes. It's also possible to reconfigure an existing install to add a separate /boot/ partition, but it's usually a complicated and extremely long (in time, as you have to move a partition to the right) process.21:59
dmn123ActionParsnip: so my hope was there is something where the kernel tracks the current values - but it seems nothing like that exists21:59
Jordan_Urangeles2276: You of course haven't lost any data, and if it's helpful to you I can help you boot your system quickly, without fixing the problem permanently.21:59
ActionParsnipdmn123: its in netstat as its the status of the networking21:59
rangeles2276Jordan_U ok how do I know that the boot partition is at the beginning of the disk22:00
sparticle_is this a good place to ask a question about 70-persistent-net-rules on Ubuntu Server 12.04?22:01
Jordan_Urangeles2276: In most GUIs the partitions are shown graphically with left being closer to the beginning and right closer to the end.22:01
Jordan_Urangeles2276: So your /boot/ partition should be the left most partition, and should be about 1 GiB large.22:01
dmn123ActionParsnip: sadly it’s a bit more complicate - I have the issue that the network `drops` random, but it could because of load, or out of sockets or backlog etc .. I just hoped there is a simple way to check all current limits vs there current values22:01
chrisss123456hey guys does anyone use Evolution?22:02
metallicI prefer thunderbird :D22:03
ActionParsnipdmn123: is it a wireless interface?22:03
rangeles2276Jordan_U ok let me try that22:03
rangeles2276Jordan_U thanks22:03
dmn123ActionParsnip: no ;-) it’s a server - or let’s say several and they run LXC with a lot of containers22:03
reisiochrisss123456: some ones do22:03
chrisss123456metallic: I'm really not liking the way thunderbird handles things and want to switch to Evolution22:03
Jordan_Urangeles2276: You're welcome.22:03
chrisss123456metallic: but i have a couple concerns on security, though i might be just a noob22:03
Jordan_Urangeles2276: And you just have to set the partition's mountpoint as "/boot/".22:03
chrisss123456reisio: do you know anything about it's security22:04
metallicchrisss123456, XDXD I am not that good I just find it easy to deal with it22:04
reisiochrisss123456: should be plenty secure, why?22:04
ActionParsnipdmn123: I see, we use zones at work instead :-)22:05
Jordan_UFinetundra: Is the installer creating a small /boot/ partition at the beginning of the drive for you?22:05
sparticle_is this a good place to ask a question about 70-persistent-net-rules on Ubuntu Server 12.04?22:05
chrisss123456reisio: I'm sure, but im trying to configure it and the email uses STARTTLS but thats not an option for the outgoing mail, so its just not secured (?)22:05
reisiosparticle_: ask it and see22:05
umoukunsparticle_: why not22:05
FinetundraJordan_U, i believe so22:05
dmn123ActionParsnip: sad think is - it worked well for month/years - and out of a sudden it started .. so might be an updated.. but not sure, yet ;/22:05
reisiochrisss123456: you realize that email is sent to random 3rd party servers, and is always insecure, yes?22:06
ActionParsnipdmn123: id check to see if any updates made it happen22:06
reisiothe only thing you can secure easily is your connection to where you're fetching email from22:06
chrisss123456reisio: fair enough.22:06
reisiowhich is not remotely the entire line of transmission22:06
umoukunwhat is the client?22:06
reisiouse xmpp if you want secure, reliable electronic communication22:06
Jordan_UFinetundra: OK. Please keep me updated on how this works out.22:07
chrisss123456reisio: thanks :) but what if its a company email from one employee to another?22:07
sparticle_OK thanks: I have just replaced a  physical server with a new one before first boot I removed 70-persistent-net rules as per forum advice. Expectation was that a new file would be created with the new Ethernet adaptor info etc. However all I have is a stub file that has no adapter info in it.22:07
FinetundraJordan_U, i'll try to22:07
reisiochrisss123456: what if it is22:07
chrisss123456reisio: as in, sure its unsafe since youre sending it off to some other server, but what if its the "same" server?22:08
umoukunuser: welcome from whonix22:08
reisiochrisss123456: then it doesn't matter whether you encrypt the connection or not22:09
reisioeither way it basically doesn't matter22:09
reisiodoesn't matter if you only encrypt part of the process with a remote server, doesn't matter if you encrypt while connecting to a server in the same building22:10
liquidcandyI'm considering a cheap new laptop. It would need to be under $350 out the door min 4 gb ram and 500gb (for ide drives) or 256 (for solid state). And absolutely most most critical no problems with ubuntu. No wireless or any other hardware problems. Can it be done? Any suggestions for specific one to get?22:10
sparticle_OK thanks: I have just replaced a  physical server with a new one before first boot I removed 70-persistent-net rules as per forum advice. Expectation was that a new file would be created with the new Ethernet adaptor info etc. However all I have is a stub file that has no adapter info in it. Is there a way to force Ubuntu to recreate the file with the etehrnet adaptor info?22:10
chrisss123456reisio: ok, but then what is the incentive for secure emails? just trying to understand22:10
umoukunliquidcandy: goto newegg and look for one?22:10
reisioliquidcandy: $350 with the ssd I doubt it, but the rest sure22:10
FinetundraJordan_U, should i tell it to do auto security updates?22:10
reisioliquidcandy: with a 32gb or so ssd, potentially22:10
umoukunyou can get one with an ssd for under a grand22:10
reisiochrisss123456: that's a good question22:11
rangeles2276Jordan_U can I use Gparted to create the partitions?22:11
reisiochrisss123456: false sense of security? :p22:11
reisiochrisss123456: all you're really protecting is your login, you see22:11
chrisss123456hahaha alright :) well anyway thanks for the help :)22:12
f0steranyone know how I can start/stop or reset one of my network-manager connections from teh command line ?22:12
reisiochrisss123456: any data you actually send via an email is insecure22:12
reisiochrisss123456: so what you're protecting is the ability to impersonate yourself22:12
chrisss123456reisio: yes, so essentially the "asking the server for downloading the emails locally" but not actually sending anything22:12
reisiothat is, the ability to send new messages, authentically, as yourself22:12
Jordan_UFinetundra: I would say yes, though that's unrelated to your other problem.22:12
reisio(even though anyone can spoof your email address)22:12
reisiochrisss123456: yeah22:12
FinetundraJordan_U, ok22:12
reisiowhich is really the less important thing to protect IMO22:12
chrisss123456reisio: cool, i get it now :) thanks a bunch!22:13
reisioI would want the actual sent/received messages to be confidential22:13
reisioand with email they almost never are22:13
reisiochrisss123456: and again, if it's a local email server, and you only access it locally, it's fairly pointless22:13
reisiounless your local network is massively insecure, but then you have larger problems22:14
chrisss123456yea fair point.22:14
* reisio shrugs22:14
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ikoniaanyone what ?22:16
sparticle_Quesion posted earlier?22:17
ikoniasaying anyone is pointless22:17
=== Guma is now known as Guma_
sparticle_OK thanks: I have just replaced a  physical server with a new one before first boot on new server I removed 70-persistent-net rules as per forum advice. Expectation was that a new file would be created with the new Ethernet adaptor info etc. However all I have is a stub file that has no adapter info in it. Is there a way to force Ubuntu to recreate the file with the etehrnet adaptor info?22:20
ikoniasparticle_: is it causing you a problem22:20
ikoniasparticle_: the file should get created when udev sees network adapters22:20
sparticle_Yes, ports seem to change form eth0 to eth1 on reboots22:21
FinetundraJordan_U, do i want to install grub to master boot record?22:21
Jordan_UFinetundra: Yes.22:21
ikoniasparticle_: how many network cards do you have22:21
sparticle_Integrated 2 ports22:21
zteamrangeles2276, you can use BootRepair this tool will repair most issues with grub automatically https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair22:22
FinetundraJordan_U, install is complete22:22
lord_robHi! I'm using debian sid. Is it possible to download PPA sources from launchpad when I've added a ppa repository? I get W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/thefanclub/grive-tools/ubuntu/dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found  which is normal as sid is not an ubuntu version22:22
liquidcandythx fellas. Any tips on what to look for or what to avoid when it comes to installing ubuntu easily? Specific brand? anything?22:22
zteamlord_rob, I don't think ppas will work with debian22:23
ikoniatry sudo /lib/udev/write_net_rules eth0 eth122:23
ikoniasparticle_: try sudo /lib/udev/write_net_rules eth0 eth122:23
ikoniasparticle_: does that update the file ?22:23
laputahi, anyone using upstart ?22:23
FinetundraJordan_U, cannot display this video mode22:23
ikonialaputa: everyone who is running ubuntu is22:24
laputai'm wondering what's the difference while running a command with exec and without exec in upstart22:24
rwwlord_rob: Sounds like a bad idea. Regardless, we don't support Debian, ask #debian.22:24
sparticle_<ikonia>  I get missing $INTERFACE22:24
ikonialaputa: exec is like calling something while without exec runs it22:24
liquidcandywhat about something they call a "scratch and dent" (refurbished) - stay away?22:24
laputaikonia: yeah. haha. but i'm trying to write one.22:24
ikoniasparticle_: exactly what command did you run22:24
sparticle_sudo /lib/udev/write_net_rules eth0 eth122:25
ikoniasparticle_: and it complained about missing interfaces ?22:25
ikoniasparticle_: please pastebin the output of "ifconfig -a"22:25
rangeles2276Jordan_U Ok I did what you said and it is installing the system, lets hope it boots22:25
sparticle_No it complained about mising a variable called INTERFACE22:26
ikoniasparticle_: yes, I know that22:26
ikoniasparticle_: hence "missing interfaces"22:26
laputaikonia: oh. good point. so if i want to run a always-on service. i should use exec. otherwise it will block the upstart ?22:26
ikoniaas interfaces are arguments22:26
ikonialaputa: thats a good way to look at it22:26
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Finetundra22:27
ubottuFinetundra: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:27
Bashing-omFinetundra: ^ maybe ??22:27
stefanohi all22:27
AR45I have no idea why I still see tearing even after enabling nvidia 331 drivers22:27
=== stefano is now known as Guest60531
AR45should I be using the nvidia-331-updates variant of the driver rather?22:28
rangeles2276Jordan_U yup same result as last time all I get is a blinking cursor22:30
rangeles2276Jordan_U no OS boot at all22:30
rangeles2276Jordan_U I gave the /boot partion 2048 of space22:31
rangeles2276that is about 2gb22:31
sparticle_<ikonia>  Any other ideas?22:31
emacerI have an NFS server on my LAN that I would like to be able to access from private LANs that are being created for testing purposes.  Anyone have any idea what the best way to bridge NFS traffic from the private LANs to the regular LAN would be?  I can't seem to export an NFS mount, and forwarding via iptables is tricky to get working22:33
B0bsF1shAnyone have advice for troubleshooting a problem with Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS that happens once or twice per week? Symptoms: totally black screen, unable to access services over the network, unable to change to text console using control+alt+f1. Running under VirtualBox 4.2.0 r80737 Windows host with 2 GB RAM, 4 virtual CPUs headless, accessing console via VirtualBox RDP.22:33
FinetundraJordan_U, won't let me boot to grub's menu22:33
ikoniasparticle_: please pastebin the output of "ifconfig -a" as I requested earlier22:33
ikoniasparticle_: if you run "sudo udevadm trigger" that should tell udev to re-populate it22:34
ikoniasparticle_: if you have an existing file you may need to do "sudo udevadm trigger --action=change "22:34
ikoniasparticle_: if it's missing a device you'll need "sudo udevadm trigger --action=add"22:35
Jordan_UFinetundra: What happens when you try to boot?22:35
OerHeksB0bsF1sh, 4.3 is out? https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads22:35
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B0bsF1shOerHeks: you would lean towards it being a VBox problem and not Ubuntu?22:35
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FinetundraJordan_U,says grub loading then cannot display22:36
rathitlikeUsing XRANDR --output HDMI-0 --SET OVERSCAN ON. Causes some weird screen corruption. Seems like scaling is crushing the screen22:36
Jordan_UIf rangeles2276 comes back while I'm not here, please ask them if they installed grub's boot sector to the MBR, like "/dev/sda" or to a partition boot record, like "/dev/sda1". They should have installed to an MBR, *not* to a partition.22:36
OerHeksB0bsF1sh, i am not sure about windows platform, but worth a try.22:36
sparticle_<ikonia> sudo udevadm trigger --action=add did the trick. I had a stub file with no content this command sorted it. Thank you.22:36
Jordan_UFinetundra: Is the "cannot display" an error message from your monitor?22:37
laputaikonia: hi, you know what could be reason that, i put exec /usr/bin/java ...   in upstart script, it doesnt work. but if i wrap the java program in a .sh file. then exec /path/start.sh , it works.22:37
B0bsF1shis there a general list of things to do when troubleshooting a total lockup like that? if I can't even get a text console is there no recourse other than reboot?22:37
laputaikonia: i'm trying to run solr as a service.22:37
Jordan_Ulaputa: What is the exact contents of the start.sh script?22:37
ikonialaputa: java requires a shell - upstart is not a shell, calling it from a shell script, I'm guessing is giving it an active shell to be called in22:37
sparticle_<B0bsF1sh>  can you ssh into the box22:37
Jordan_Uikonia: What do you mean by "java requires a shell"?22:38
B0bsF1shI don't have SSH setup, but other network services aren't available. Do you have a guide for setting up SSH?22:38
sparticle_sudo apt-get install ssh22:39
ikoniaJordan_U: an active shell with enviornments such as classpath, path and various other things set22:39
ikoniathe upstart path is different than the standard shell22:39
B0bsF1shOh this is interesting. it's actually happening right now22:39
Jordan_Uikonia: Thank you.22:39
rathitlikeUsing XRANDR --output HDMI-0 --SET OVERSCAN ON. Causes some weird screen corruption. Seems like scaling is crushing the screen22:39
laputaJordan_U: ikonia: http://pastebin.com/ShEepQM3  solr.conf for upstart and start.sh are here. i comment out the exec /usr/bin/java22:40
sparticle_ikonia: thanks for your help, Ciao!22:40
laputaikonia: hmmm. that make sense. i think java need something like JAVA_HOME, etc to run.22:42
FinetundraJordan_U, it appears to be22:43
Jordan_UFinetundra: Do you have more than one OS in this computer?22:45
Finetundrai literally just bought the drive. no i do not, Jordan_U22:46
Jordan_UFinetundra: OK, then grub's menu is hidden by default. Try rebooting while holding shift to see if that gets you a grub menu. If it does, try booting in recovery mode (from the "Advanced options for Ubuntu..." menu entry).22:47
B0bsF1shSending ctrl+alt+del doesn't do anything, sending ACPI power button doesn't do anything. I'll install SSH and see if I can get to that next time22:48
FinetundraJordan_U, cannot display video mode22:49
bennypr0fanehello, I'd like to re-install apache. My goal is to get rid of all faulty config files in one go and restore the defaults. However, removing the package apache2 did not remove anything else, /etc/apache2 is still there with all the junk I put in there when making my first steps with Apache22:49
bennypr0faneHow can I get rid of the remains?22:49
Jordan_UFinetundra: OK. Hopefully you're currently at a grub menu and just can't see it.22:49
FinetundraJordan_U, lets hope22:50
Jordan_UFinetundra: Try carefully pressing 'c', to get to a grub shell, then type "terminal_output console" and hit return.22:50
bennypr0fanep.s. I'm on 14.0422:50
FinetundraJordan_U, how many times should i press 'c'22:50
FinetundraJordan_U, one sec22:51
Jordan_UFinetundra: Exactly once. If you've already pressed it more than once press return so that you're at least starting a new command.22:51
B0bsF1shWhat does it mean when I get this after executing sudo apt-get install ssh :22:51
B0bsF1shThe following packages have unmet dependencies:22:51
B0bsF1sh ssh : Depends: openssh-server22:51
B0bsF1shE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.22:51
Jordan_UB0bsF1sh: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get upgrade".22:52
Jordan_U!pastebin | B0bsF1sh22:52
ubottuB0bsF1sh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:52
bennypr0faneB0bsF1sh, have you tried apt-get -f install?22:52
daftykinsbennypr0fane: purge the package rather than just remove it22:52
bennypr0fanedaftykins, is that still possible after I already removed it?22:53
daftykinsbennypr0fane: you can but try. confirm current status with "dpkg -l | grep apache" you will see letters beside it to the left22:53
bennypr0fanedaftykins, anyway I thought that I already did that by going "remove completely" in Synaptic. Isn't that the equivalent to apt-get purge?22:54
daftykinsbennypr0fane: might be, don't use it myself.22:55
bennypr0fanedaftykins, apache2-bin, -data, -doc are still installed22:55
donvitohow to go from desktop to server ?22:55
donvitoi want to remove the xfce and grup from my 14.04 and have just server edition22:56
daftykinsbennypr0fane: so it might be worth running "sudo apt-get purge apache2*22:56
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krasnayarskHow do I get the root prompt in the live cd?22:56
bennypr0fanedaftykins, just did: "Package 'apache2' is not installed, so not removed22:56
daftykinsbennypr0fane: you used the asterisk at the end yes?22:56
bennypr0fanedaftykins, oops, no, didn't see that22:57
bennypr0fanedude, that's a LOT of packages22:57
FinetundraJordan_U, i just thought of something, what if the integrated graphics are so bad that they can't display for ubuntu22:58
daftykinsbennypr0fane: might be wise to pastebin them to check they're ok before you agree22:58
ubuntuaddictedi compiled a package from git and used checkinstall to make a .deb file but now I can't figure out how to remove the software it installed. Can someone help please22:58
OerHekskrasnayarsk, ctrl alt t22:58
okchickenI'm running MATE and I'm having a weird problem: my left touchpad button randomly stopped working. I think it ws after the last update22:59
okchickendoes anybody have any suggestions?22:59
bennypr0fanedaftykins, sorry, it's in german: http://pastie.org/963581522:59
krasnayarskThanks OerHeks.22:59
bennypr0faneokchicken, suggestion: don't use Mate on Ubuntu ;-)22:59
reisiookchicken: doesn't sound so random, then22:59
Jordan_UFinetundra: That sounds very unlikely, I think that they're just configuring a video mode that your monitor doesn't support.23:00
OerHeksbennypr0fane, we have mate-desktop23:00
daftykinsbennypr0fane: only ones i'd be concerned about are jitsi*, owncloud* and pdfsam* which i don't recognise23:00
Finetundrawell, i've tried it on 2 moniters23:00
daftykinsbennypr0fane: no worries i can read a little German ;)23:00
bennypr0fanedaftykins, and I am. don't understand why it wants to remove those23:00
bennypr0fanein fact, I wann keep them23:00
daftykinsbennypr0fane: ok, well you could manually remove the other ones then23:01
okchickenbenny: haha, ok. But seriously, is there anyway to try reinstalling a driver, or checking for conflicts or whatever?23:01
bennypr0faneokchicken, is it the touchpad itself that's not working, or the buttons for clocking the mouse?23:02
OerHeksokchicken, you could try to boot an older kernel, as there was a kernel update recently23:02
okchickenbenny: the left button only. Right one and touchpad works fine23:02
bennypr0faneokchicken, bcs IIRC, the default setting in Mate for the touchpad is to not accept tapping as a mouseclick23:03
bennypr0fanehave you ckecked the settings?23:03
okchickenbenny: Yeah, tapping didn't work at first. I was able to manually enable it (after my left button stopped working)23:03
okchickenbenny: is there an easy way to boot the old kernal to try it out?23:04
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bennypr0faneokchicken, no idea, sorry23:04
okchickenno problem, thanks23:04
bennypr0faneI mean I'm sure there is *some* way, but I can't tell you if it's easy23:04
Finetundrai'm back23:05
Bashing-omFinetundra: No display > -> no grub menu ? .23:08
bennypr0faneanyone can help me with the command for removing multipple packages at once by listing them? do i have to put remove before each one?23:09
daftykinsbennypr0fane: "sudo apt-get purge <package1> <package2> ..."23:10
FinetundraBashing-om, no, it says that it can't display the video mode23:10
hans_why nautilus opens every time whit hidden files23:11
Finetundrai'm gonna try something that'll take me a minute23:11
bennypr0fanedaftykins, good so that works. Because I've seen like "sudo apt-get purge <package1> && sudo apt-get<package2> ...."23:11
daftykinsbennypr0fane: hah, wherever you saw that was bad23:11
bennypr0fanehans_, sounds like you have it set to show hidden files23:12
ashley01I am curious: what reason would a person want to edit the linux kernel? Are there any benefits to learning how to do it?23:12
daftykinsashley01: better question for #linux23:12
bennypr0faneashley01, you can write yr own drivers????23:12
hans_when i disable it next it shows it again23:12
ashley01oh fair enough23:12
ashley01I'm still learning C but I'm no where near writing my own drivers23:13
ashley01I would like to someday though, to help out with better drivers for linux23:13
bennypr0faneprobably a long and wnding road, I'd guess...23:13
emacerdrivers are easy23:13
emaceryou need to know hardware for drivers, though; the programming part isn't too hard23:13
B0bsF1shThis answer helped me get ssh installed: http://askubuntu.com/questions/347280/ubuntu-12-04-and-openssh-server23:14
bennypr0fanedaftykins, any idea why it wants to remove the java packages?23:18
jeremy31ashley01: keep working on it23:21
Jordan_UFinetundra: Did you try my suggestion? You need to hold shift during boot, then press "c" then type "terminal_output console".23:21
Jordan_UFinetundra: We can also change the grub configuration from a liveCD/USB.23:21
bennypr0faneI don't get it: http://pastie.org/963585323:21
bennypr0faneI list the specific packages, and it wnats to remove all those other ones, what's up with that?23:22
bennypr0fanedaftykins, great, now I went ahead and purged, but it's all still there...23:24
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bennypr0faneso, this didn't help...23:25
tropicflitehi all. anyone else have ack-grep break on 14.10?23:31
squintytropicflite:  14.10 discussion should be asked in #ubuntu+1  afaik23:32
tropicfliteah, thanks. have a good one!23:33
kandinskianybody here using the fonts-font-awesome package? It installs but I can't get it to render on either gimp or libreoffice. This is using Trusty.23:33
FinetundraJordan_U, you there?23:34
Finetundrasomeone suggest to me a a gui for the minimal install23:35
dmn123I often see upstart-udev-bridge[25150]: Disconnected from Upstart in my syslog I’m unsure what it means or if I shoudl be worried23:35
luciani have a question23:36
tontrehello all23:36
Bashing-omFinetundra: I run minimal with xfce .. xfce maybe somewhat dated now, not good support for GTK3 .23:36
lucianis a suggestion, really23:38
FinetundraBashing-om, should i run "install xubuntu-desktop" or how would i install xfce23:38
kandinskisame problem as in here: Wheezy/Stable)23:38
kandinskiI rebooted into newest Debian-Sid-kernel 3.10-3 instead of the newest Liquorix-kernel that I normally use23:38
kandinskioops, sorry23:38
ubuntuaddictedhow to I fix held broken packages? i'm trying to install libgles2-mesa-dev but it's not letting me23:38
luciancan the guys from ubuntu include mesa utils in the system itself?23:39
kandinskisame problem as in here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25662067/font-awesome-doesnt-work-on-linux-mint-1723:39
FinetundraBashing-om, right now i have a terminal gui23:39
Bashing-omFinetundra: "install xubuntu-desktop" get you all the bells and whistles, most things pre-configured. xfce4 is small, and light and fast .23:40
FinetundraBashing-om, so would it be 'install xfce-desktop'23:41
FinetundraBashing-om, or would i be better off w/ lxde or lxqt?23:41
RainbowhatHi, Exec getting permission denied on one of the Dir. Checked WHOAMI , got www-data. Changed owner of Dir & chmod still getting permission denied.23:43
Bashing-omFinetundra: no, top  install xfce4 -> sudo apt-get install xorg , sudo apt-get install xfce4 , then there is some additional configurtions to do at a later time, to start the desktop from the "install xfce4" -> startxfce4 <-.23:44
daftykinsbennypr0fane: weird, can only suggest deleting it manually then.23:44
daftykinsbennypr0fane: i'd still like to see dpkg's output though from the command i mentioned23:44
lucianhow do i install xfce desktop on ubuntu 12.0423:45
Bashing-omFinetundra: What you want for the desk top is relative to what you want. There is no best, just what works best for you. That said, I do like xfce4 .23:45
RainbowhatHi, Exec getting permission denied on one of the Dir. Checked WHOAMI , got www-data. Changed owner of Dir & chmod still getting permission denied. Owner of the directory root www-data with -rwxrwsrwx23:45
enyclucian: is there a metapackage in package manager ?  xfce4-desktop or similar ?23:45
bennypr0fanedaftykins, do you mean this one: dpkg -l | grep apache23:46
Finetundrahow do i set what ehternet port my machine uses?23:46
daftykinsbennypr0fane: correct, pastebin please23:46
FinetundraBashing-om, i too like xfce, but i also need something that'll boot up from my regular monitor23:47
luciani searched for it... it gives me a lot of things =)))23:47
bennypr0fanelucian I would try installing just xfce423:47
Finetundraspeaking of which, how do i set the resolution for grub?23:48
AR45Does anyone know how to add sublime text 3 commands to the terminal?23:48
bennypr0fanexfce4 is the metapackage23:48
ubuntuaddictedhow do i get around these dependency issues? libgles2-mesa : Depends: libglapi-mesa (= 10.1.3-0ubuntu0.2) but 10.2~git1402150730.1020d8~gd~s is to be installed23:48
lucianis there a terminal command for that?23:48
Bashing-omFinetundra: The install should find and set up a wired connection, you will not have a "Network Manager" .23:49
Bashing-omFinetundra: I set resolution for frub in grub's default file " /etc/default/grub " .23:49
bennypr0fanedaftykins, that outputs nothing right now, zero chars23:49
FinetundraBashing-om, well there are 2 ethernet ports but it doesn't seem to like either23:49
bennypr0fanelucian, sudo apt-get install xfce4   you mean?23:50
Bashing-omFinetundra: I have 3, and I have set in 'eth1' from " /etc/network/interfaces " .23:51
daftykinsbennypr0fane: oh, trailing * again23:51
bennypr0fanedaftykins, same output23:51
daftykinsbennypr0fane: actually no it should've been fine as is, hrmm23:51
luciangotta love terminal =))))23:52
laputahi, anyone knows is there any way to list all cronjobs will start in next 1 hours or any time can be specified ?23:52
Finetundralocked up so i had to reboot23:53
bennypr0fanedaftykins, did I show this? http://pastie.org/963592723:53
lucianso, after sudo apt-get install xfce4, anything else i need to know in order to get it fully functional?23:53
Bashing-omFinetundra: # The resolution used on graphical terminal >>GRUB_GFXMODE=1600x900 // <- my setting.23:53
bennypr0faneit didn't delete the config directories that weren't empty23:53
daftykinsbennypr0fane: looks like anything you added that put things in apache's paths prevented removal...23:54
bennypr0fanedaftykins, yes, but why? it seems so absurd23:54
OerHekslaputa, easy way is a gui sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule23:54
Bashing-omlucian: To start the desktop from the terminal -> startxfce4 <-.23:55
FinetundraBashing-om, well my monitor doesn't seem to like the default so i'll have to set it around 1280x720 or something of the sort23:55
daftykinsbennypr0fane: so you don't get angry at it for deleting your data.23:55
RudyValenciaHi, I'm using Xubuntu LTS 14.04 and I can't seem to record well with Audacity like I could on Windows. There's no noise cancellation and the recording skips. Any reason why that is?23:55
bennypr0fanedaftykins, but I want it to delete my data, and I thought there was no way to say that more clearly than "purge"....23:55
daftykinsbennypr0fane: the other programs you installed aren't bit and are packages, so i'd just remove the lot and be done with it. make backups if you want anything23:55
Bashing-omFinetundra: Sounds like a good time to investigate the tool "xrandr" .. see -> man xrandr < -23:56
bennypr0fane"aren't big"?23:56
daftykinsbennypr0fane: ugh yes but this is a different scenario, you could quite easily have been a user that comes in here angry that a purge removed files that weren't apache config, but are in your document root23:56
daftykinsyes, big.23:56
bennypr0faneRudyValencia, might be because of the different sound server23:57
RudyValenciabennypr0fane: you mean pulseaudio?23:57
ObrienDaveRudyValencia, set your source to default23:57
FinetundraBashing-om, last time i used that it presented quite a fuss23:58
bennypr0faneRudyValencia, yes, or alsa, or jack. but those should be responsible only for playback i guess23:58
Finetundraalso, i now can't get past grub without getting a blank black screen23:58
Bashing-omFinetundra: IF you are now booting to grub, from grub the grub command -> vbeinfo <- might be instructive - DO not want to burn up a monitor by overdriving it.23:58
RudyValenciaObrienDave: that's a lot better, thanks23:59
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FinetundraBashing-om, i think its actually displaying to low23:59

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