bluesabreUnit193: -docs ready for translations upload?00:39
* Unit193 shrugs.00:39
bluesabresounds good to me00:41
Unit193Well, half of the es.po problem is fixed, but you won't pick up any new translations based on the logic used, see my last paste.00:41
bluesabreah, I see00:43
bluesabreno biggie00:43
Unit193So, is there a point?00:43
bluesabrethere's not00:43
* bluesabre is upload free00:44
Unit193I could fix that.00:48
bluesabreNo doubt.00:48
bluesabreanything you want me to land in the packageset?00:49
Unit193Any more external, but related plugins/programs?  thunar-vcs-plugin, thunar-dropbox-plugin, etc?00:51
bluesabrewould be good to add00:52
Unit193Also we could drop the translated percent to 70. :D00:52
bluesabregoing to apply for motu at the beginning of 14.1000:52
Unit193And, great!00:53
bluesabre15.04, yeah, that one00:53
Unit193Means I get to bug you for even more uploads... :D00:57
bluesabrefun times ahead ;)00:58
Unit193Anywho, better run before I get clobbered in the head too.00:59
* bluesabre relaxes for another evening01:05
pleia2updated docs.xubuntu.org04:48
elfythanks pleia2 04:48
Unit193o = online docs?04:49
pleia2something like that04:49
* pleia2 looks at her watch04:49
pleia2elfy: good... morning?04:49
pleia2I don't even think it's a real time there04:49
elfywell it's morning ... ;)04:49
elfyI'll be tired tonight I think04:50
pleia2if you make it to the night04:51
Unit193I'll presume we have zero interest in either of the ones http://keithhedger.hostingsiteforfree.com/pages/apps.html#xfcecomp and little to no for https://github.com/cedl38/xfce4-windowck-plugin?06:36
knomehmf, i guess some of our users would be interested in the latter, but getting that to work within the "xubuntu experience" we'd need to do a modified version of greybird too, and.. meh06:45
knomeand i guess some are interested about the first, but i don't think that's the customisability we want to encourage...06:48
slickymasterWorkUnit193, not sure if we ought drop the translated percent to 7009:10
slickymasterWorkthat would make almost a third of the docs untranslated, but publishable :P 09:11
slickymasterWorkwhich, honestly, seems a lot to me09:11
dkesseldrop it to 50% then, then we have a german translation too :p09:14
dkesselno honestly... i don't think 70% is fun to read for someone who isn't very good at interpreting the mixed-in english parts09:14
slickymasterWorkdkessel, you know that you're sort of obliged to have them entirely translated before 15.04, don't you? ;P09:15
* slickymasterWork hopes that dkessel won't have any doubts about that09:16
dkesselslickymasterWork: of course... ;) i hope there aren't many changes until then... i don't want to restart at 25% or so... :/09:17
slickymasterWorklol, I was half-joking dkessel09:17
slickymasterWorkbut no, I don't see that there will be any major changes, besides the NetworkManager, when it finally drops09:18
slickymasterWorkthe new one that is09:19
dkesselslickymasterWork: ;) we'll see...09:19
dkesselhonestly, i would love to see the website translatable, too09:20
Noskcajdkessel, That's an old bug, still a long way off fixed09:20
slickymasterWorknag knome about it ;)09:20
slickymasterWorkhey Noskcaj o/09:22
dkesselgood morning, btw09:24
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ochosibluesabre: realised today that i'm still using the nouveau driver in 14.10 and that is known to be racy with the way the greeter paints the background. hopefully that'll really be fixed with andrew's changes10:27
bluesabrecan anybody else confirm with the latest indicator-sound...10:39
bluesabre"Volume" notification at startup, and when scrolling the indicator?10:40
bluesabreupdate and restart and you'll know what I mean10:40
dkesselbluesabre: i noticed the volume notification at startup, too. got a bug number?10:47
bluesabrenot yet10:50
bluesabregoing to see if its already filed and file one10:50
bluesabreochosi: https://launchpad.net/~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team/+archive/ubuntu/daily10:55
bluesabresince we merged the single-window branch10:56
bluesabreochosi, elfy: bug 137928711:03
ubottubug 1379287 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Blank "Volume" notification displayed at startup and when scrolling the indicator." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137928711:03
slickymasterWorkbluesabre, Bug #1379287 confirmed11:32
ubottubug 1379287 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Blank "Volume" notification displayed at startup and when scrolling the indicator." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137928711:32
bluesabregood, not crazy11:33
brainwashbluesabre: how long should we wait until pinging the sru team?11:37
brainwashbug 136596511:37
ubottubug 1365965 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu) "[MRE] Please update xfdesktop4 to 4.11.8 in Trusty" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136596511:37
bluesabrebrainwash: I'll start pinging tonight11:38
bluesabreI have a few packages that are waiting to be accepted into trusty-proposed11:38
brainwashok then11:39
bluesabrethanks for the reminder :)11:39
brainwashbluesabre: no progress with bug 1320560, do we wait for someone to test the packages?11:42
ubottubug 1320560 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu) "Removal of gdmflexiserver breaks user switching" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132056011:42
bluesabreI need to expand the patches to support gdmflexiserver and dm-tool11:42
brainwashutopic release is soon11:42
bluesabreI know11:42
brainwashI see, good to know :)11:42
bluesabregoing to work on a resolution this weekend11:43
bluesabreneed to go get ready for work now11:43
slickymasterWorkhf bluesabre 11:45
vertzindicator-sound broke! two notifications11:48
ochosioh lordy, so indicator-sound's update really did break something (i guess anything else would've been a surprise)12:00
bluesabreI was just joking when I mentioned that initially :(12:03
ochosiyeah, well, i was only half-joking12:04
ochosibluesabre: i've started pinging around in u-desktop already12:04
bluesabreochosi: thanks12:05
ochosielfy: i already pinged xnox again but wasn't around at the same time as him seemingly, so no reply yet12:05
bluesabrejoined -desktop12:06
bluesabrenow heading to work12:06
ochosiyup, have a good day!12:07
knomedkessel, slickymasterWork: bug 79760014:32
ubottubug 797600 in Xubuntu Website "Enable translations for the Xubuntu website" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79760014:32
knomeespecially comment #914:32
slickymasterWorkyeah knome, I completely forgot about that one :P14:33
knomeand i've also proposed other ideas (like having a simple landing page and doing translations for that...)14:34
knomewhich would probably, in the long run, be much more maintainable14:34
slickymasterWorkI remember the discussion about that landing page14:34
slickymasterWorkand yes, I agree with it being much more maintainable 14:35
knomeother weren't so exctied about that, so...14:35
* knome shrugs14:35
knomemaybe if i take the website lead hat (back) from the reluctantish lyz...14:35
slickymasterWorkbesides if finding that WP plugin reveals to be impossible, and writing one difficult, to say the leas, the landing page is the perfect solution14:36
* slickymasterWork sigh14:37
knomethe situation is that i have been writing one14:37
knomebut since i want to do it *right*, and since it's definitely not the easiest things to do...14:37
slickymasterWorkwhen I say difficult, I mean time consuming knome 14:37
knomewell it's also difficult in parts :P14:37
slickymasterWorkexactly 14:37
knomeand the landing page idea could be put into practice almost now14:38
knomethe only thing to decide/work out is how we would technically maintain the translations14:38
knomethe ideal situation would be to create a .pot that could be translatable in launchpad, and in some way automatically/from the wordpress GUI updates14:38
knomebut don't know how willing the IS is for something like that14:39
slickymasterWorkpleia2 would be the perfect person to approach them on that, I'd assume14:39
knomei'm just as perfect14:40
knomeeven better - i understand the technical side14:40
knomei'm not saying she doesn't... but it's more of my expertise anyway14:40
slickymasterWorkI was thinking on the number of persons she probably already know14:40
knomebut also, with that experience, i'm kind of sure they won't want to do that14:40
knomei know those people too, and i'm sure they know me as well as the one who complains about X, Y and Z :D14:41
knome(and lyz as the person who complains about A, B and C)14:41
slickymasterWorklol, what about a joint-venture of complainers ;)14:41
knomeand generally i don't want to mess her into the issue if it's not required; less work for her is better14:41
knomeand since i would be the one working on the technical side anyway...14:42
slickymasterWorkyeah, you're right14:42
knomeone possibility would be to store the .po files on the canonical server where lyz has access14:42
knomebut i'm not sure if they want to do that either14:43
slickymasterWorkand then what? update manually WP?14:43
knomethe best option from the IS POV, as i see it, is that we handle updating them manually14:43
knomewe could write a plugin that fetches a .po file if it's available14:43
slickymasterWorkhm hm14:43
knomebut there would still be a problem...14:43
knomehow to create the .pot file14:43
knomethat already sounds like non-trivial14:44
knomewell, there are libraries for that, but...14:44
knomeit's all a bit wonky14:44
knomethey don't want more code14:44
knomewe don't want more maintaining14:44
knomeand even if we got more code in, we'd have to maintain it14:44
elfyhi peeps14:45
knomeso really, a plugin for translations inside WP would be the perfect solution for both parties14:45
knomebut as noted, that's not trivial either14:45
knomeand it's not an instant gratification route ;)14:45
slickymasterWorkso either way, we're facing a sort of a herculean task :p 14:45
knomehey elfy 14:45
slickymasterWorkhey elfy 14:45
knomeand it's probably me who takes it :P14:45
knomeso the question is14:45
knomedo we want something that's mostly only useful for us14:45
knomeor something that can be useful for others14:45
knomeincluding me for my commercial work14:46
knomeguess which one i'll pick :P14:46
elfyyay for sound indicator - I knew it wouldn't let us down :p14:48
knometoo bad they let changes in this late14:48
knomealways sucks14:48
elfyso just updated - indicator-messages was included - double vol icon now gone here15:00
elfybluesabre ochosi ^^15:01
ochosielfy: sound indicator is already fixed in trunk16:35
ochosii've tried to reach xnox without success though16:47
elfyochosi: already fixed here without a sound indicator update16:47
ochosiweird, not fixed here16:47
ochosiare we talking about the same issue though?16:47
elfyyep - saw the xnox comment earlier16:48
ochosiwhen using the mouse-wheel over the sound-indicator, two bubbles appear16:48
elfyyea - two vol icons 16:48
ochosino, notifications16:48
ochosinot icons16:48
elfyoh = hang on this is odd then16:48
ochosiyeah, i think you're talking about a different issue16:48
elfyso with vol keys - had the same thing 16:48
elfyno I'm not :)16:48
elfythat's fixed after indi-messages update - still got the mouse led issue though16:49
elfyand I meant notifications 16:49
ochosiwell, lucky you i guess16:52
ochosibut the offending commit hasn't been removed and uploaded afaik16:52
elfynot seen that arrive here yet16:52
knomeochosi, pi-ping, we were wondering if you'd join us for a game of hanabi today ;)17:23
knome(since you didn't react to the -ot ping)17:24
Unit193bluesabre: es jumped to 90%.18:44
Unit193There's still a slight problem with it, but still.18:45
knomeUnit193, how do we fix the other part?18:45
Unit193#xubuntu-devel.2014-09-30.log.gz:15:25:15 <Unit193> line 973 in es.po: https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/utopic/+pots/desktop-guide/es/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=Temas+GTK18:49
knomeoh, broken tags18:49
Unit193Heh, translating things they shouldn't, no big worry.18:50
knomeam i a contributor to the spanish translation already?18:50
Unit193Of course, likely.18:50
knomeso what's wrong in that18:50
knomeother than the tags18:50
Unit193And a few things, yeah.18:51
knomeok, that should be correct now18:52
knometags being correct (no spaces) and placeholder tags as should18:52
Unit193I can do a testbuild when you push it, or however lp works.19:06
Unit193dkessel: Also, not sure if it helps you but I've got a daily build, it shows revno too.19:15
elfyochosi bluesabre - that pending update to ind-sound fixed it here20:08
Unit193ochosi: Not sure if you want these for -extras: https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/ubuntu/xfce/+packages?field.name_filter=hamster&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=20:39
bluesabreUnit193: freeze declared yet?23:12
Unit193-release doesn't mention it. :P23:13
bluesabreUnit193: poke23:32
Unit193knome's fault.23:33
bluesabreanything I should know about the -docs pkg?23:33
Unit193lint it, think a line was too long?23:33
bluesabreis there a build script that discards the translations?23:36
bluesabreor how does that work?23:36
Unit193po/LINGUAS has the ones that will be built, the build process updates that.23:37
bluesabreok cool23:38
Unit193However, translators.sh doesn't work in chroot right now. :/23:38
Unit193If you can find the fix, that'd be great. :P23:44
bluesabreNah, going to land the package before freeze instead ;)23:46
bluesabrexubuntu-docs (14.10.1) utopic; urgency=medium23:47
bluesabre  * Translation updates.23:47
bluesabre    - Include Spanish (es).23:47
bluesabre    - Updates for Finnish (fi) and Russian (ru).23:47
bluesabreso it seems23:48
bluesabredebdiff http://paste.ubuntu.com/8529853/23:48
Unit193+es  yep only new one is es, ru isn't shipped.23:49
Unit193Any build errors?23:49
bluesabrebuilding now23:51
bluesabrebuilt fine23:54
bluesabreyup, ru not included23:54
bluesabreok, ready to upload23:57
Unit193Credits still missing?23:57
bluesabrewhere would they be?23:57
Unit193Something like /es/ln-idp35527212.html23:59

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