nomicthought was somewhere else00:00
xubuntu67ofrom the website \o/04:47
pleia2that works :)04:47
lionroarsdoes xubuntu support 3d haswell graphics?05:04
cyborgcygnusEllo. I forget how you share files over a network on xubuntu. I'm trying to share between to linux pc's, one xubuntu & the other linux mint xfce06:12
borw3Guys, in my laptop whenever I suspend and close the lid and open it some time later xubuntu refuses to display anything after the password input.08:14
mall I can't change screen brigthness on an asus eeepc 1001xpd! latest xubuntu. Any ideas?09:33
mad_Please verify or reject the following: Xubuntu 14.04 has 3-year support for all packages from the xubuntu repositories. But it also uses the standard ubuntu repositories and after three years, I will keep getting updates for kernel and most system-relevant packages for another 2 years. Correct?10:09
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mad_Please verify or reject the following: Xubuntu 14.04 has 3-year support for all packages from the xubuntu repositories. But it also uses the standard ubuntu repositories and after three years, I will keep getting updates for kernel and most system-relevant packages for another 2 years. Correct?10:35
|zer0|just trying to update system and got error that /boot is full.  I have tried 'sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean' with no luck10:37
mad_First make sure /boot is mounted. A simple 'sudo mount /boot' should work. Then try 'df -h /boot' and tell us how big your boot partition is and how much data is on there.10:39
|zer0|says /boot is already mounted.10:40
mad_That is okay.10:41
mad_Now tell us what df says10:41
|zer0|size 236mb, used = 162mb, avail = 62mb10:42
|zer0|update is 83mb10:42
mad_Must admit that I am not running *buntu myself right now. But usually a kernel with some iniramfs etc. should be 10mb, maybe 20mb max. With 4-5 old kernels, needing more than 100mb space sounds kinda strange to me.10:43
mad_Which update? A kernelupdate that is 83mb? Sounds strange.10:43
xubuntu59oshooud i get 14.10or 14.0410:45
|zer0|doesnt have anything in technical description, it is xubuntu base = 64.1mb which includes a hap of updates10:46
brainwashrunning "sudo apt-get autoremove" should remove older kernels10:47
mad_xubuntu59o: 14.10 has more current software - most tools are at the state of about one month ago. 14.04 has software that is usually at least from the state from one year ago. But 14.04 is being update for the next 3 years, while 14.10 only for one afaik.10:47
xubuntu59oso 14.1010:47
brainwash14.10 is still a development release10:48
mad_xubuntu59o: That means: If you plan to use more recent software and have no issus with updating the whole distro agian next year, go for 14.10. If you want the PC just installed and not bothered anylonger for 3-4 more years (just the standard automatic updates in the background), go for 14.0410:48
mad_zer0, sorry, cannot help you there.10:49
|zer0|<mad_> I get the following 0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 31 not to upgrade10:49
|zer0|google search time10:50
mad_Please verify or reject the following: Xubuntu 14.04 has 3-year support for all packages from the xubuntu repositories. But it also uses the standard ubuntu repositories and after three years, I will keep getting updates for kernel and most system-relevant packages for another 2 years. Correct?10:51
bluesabremad_: correct.  Everything in the "main" archive will continue to be maintained for a total of 5 years. Xubuntu and Xfce packages will be maintained only for a three-year support cycle.10:54
xubuntu59of u all i go OPEN SUSE11:00
|zer0|<mad_> thin I have igre out my issue  :)11:02
|zer0|think i have figured out my issue even11:02
|zer0|xubuntu59o = tool11:02
facepalmDon't feed the trolls.11:05
|zer0|Appears when I do sudo apt-get clean it is not removing old kernels, I found my current kernel using cmd: uname -a = kernel 3.13.0-1611:07
|zer0|I then used cmd: dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d;/^linux-\(headers\|image\)/!d'11:08
|zer0| which showed me all kernels not in use.11:08
|zer0|then cleaned all unused using cmd: sudo apt-get purge -y linux-headers-<version>11:08
|zer0|boot now clean and update progressing11:10
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|zer0|trying to log into alternate channel and getting "you need to be identified with services" I have already registered and identified myself into freenode, could there be another issue?11:43
bazhang-NickServ- |zer0| has NOT COMPLETED registration verification11:44
bazhangmore help in #freenode11:44
|zer0|lets try again, thanks <bazhang>11:46
|zer0||zer0| has now been verified. thanks again <bazhang>11:47
NeedaHelpidaso can make my Destop PC windows have 2 users same time so whoewer is siting on PC and watch indernet and other stuff and on second user i istall TeamViewer and Dropbox and Unity3d and connetc from my linux laptop whit wifi lan, the point is i dont want to use some shit stuff like wine to use Unity12:20
koegsNeedaHelpida: you should ask a windows-channel for that :)12:23
NeedaHelpidano no i am linux user12:23
NeedaHelpidajust dont want to use wine12:23
NeedaHelpidaanywey know any good windows channel12:24
koegsNeedaHelpida: #windows12:24
nomici need the alternative (non graphical) install of 14.0412:58
nomichow do I connect to wlan0 from the minimal cd12:59
nomicI've got that (minimal cd is the alternative - non graphical) install12:59
nomicive done it before I just don't know how on this - to get my wireless13:00
nomicdepressed .. this should be simple13:00
nomicsays configuring network with dhcp I just want it to connect through wireless13:01
nomicnetwork confirugation failed13:01
nomicthen I can't get through to the archive13:01
nomicprevious net install worked13:02
nomicthis is crap -- why have the deprecated the alterative install13:02
nomicwas NEEDED13:02
nomicim moving to lubuntu13:03
nomicyou do not care13:03
voidfiremaybe sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart ?13:04
nomici have booted the min install -- how can I do that13:05
voidfiredont u have a terminal?13:05
nomicwhat would that give me13:05
nomicI want it to conenct to my wlan013:05
voidfirethe ability to type the commant I told ya?13:06
voidfireyour wlan0 is an interface13:06
voidfireu want your wlan0 to connect to wifi13:06
nomicbin/sh sudo not found13:06
nomicthis is on the mini install13:06
voidfirelet me see13:06
nomicwhy coulnd't they maintain the alterative instlal -- lubuntu does13:07
nomicis NEEDED13:07
voidfirei use xubuntu but idk13:07
nomicalways was13:07
voidfireapt-get install wireless-tools wpasupplicant13:07
nomicits gone on 14.0413:07
voidfireifconfig wlan0 up13:07
nomichow can I apt-get if i'm not connected13:07
nomici booted the mini iso13:07
nomicthere is nothing on it13:08
voidfireoh lol true13:08
voidfireiwconfig is in it?13:08
nomicim downloading lubuntu13:08
nomic14.04 is dead to me13:08
nomicit won't install anymore on old kit13:08
nomicnot happy really -- another ubuntu becomes unuseable13:09
nomicit was always the case that the graphical (alternative) install, was a fallback position -- enabling installation anywhere .. required, important -- suddenly, they decide not to use it anymore13:10
nomicthats the end of xubuntu for me13:10
GridCubenomic, at the level where you seem to be having problems, changing desktops wont make such a difference, you probably need to change distros allthogheter :) hope you have good luck13:30
nomicif xubuntu had alternative instlal would be able to use it13:36
suncokretnomic, do you use xubuntu?13:59
nomictil now13:59
nomicused it since 10.0413:59
suncokreti use lubuntu14:00
nomicwell im watching it install now -- have had it briefly on machines before14:00
nomic> a year ago14:00
nomicI believe it is more widely used now -- mainstream .. ie. xubuntu is well down the rankings14:00
suncokreti like more LXDE than XFCE14:00
nomichmm .. please tell me why14:01
nomiclubuntu 11th (distro watch) xubuntu 22nd14:01
suncokreti used windows xp before, and lxde is more similar to xp14:01
nomicwell as if that is an advantage ?  xp is 15 years old14:02
nomicxp is nothing14:02
nomicxp is windows 9514:02
suncokretLXDE is lighter than XFCE14:02
nomicwell good14:02
nomiccos .. I run old kit14:02
suncokreti use 32 bit lubuntu14:02
suncokretand it use just about 115MB of ram14:03
nomici just got the most amazing deal a 16gb hp workstation 4 core processor .. 1tb disk for £18914:03
nomicrefurb ie. its old office stuff -- what I run14:04
nomicpleased because I get the 1tb disk also14:04
nomicnever had a 1tb disk14:04
suncokretand now i don't need terminal in lubuntu, everything i can set from gui14:04
nomicwell #i need a termnal14:04
nomicin genral14:04
suncokretso you more like xubuntu than lubuntu?14:05
nomici don't know yet suncokret14:05
nomici just hope it does a job -- because xubuntu won't install on this new machine14:05
nomic12.04 will14:05
suncokreti didn't see advantage in XFCE, it just eat more ram14:06
suncokreti use lubuntu 14.04 and it is best version of lubunu14:06
nomici think it'll be similar enough to xubuntu14:07
nomicso I don't get problems14:07
nomicI really don't want to have to be tinkering about with the OS14:08
nomicI just want nfs ssh etc14:08
nomicfew other things14:08
nomicdoes it have synaptic?14:08
suncokretwhat is nfs?14:08
nomicnetwork filing system14:08
suncokretit have synaptic14:08
knomeyou can install all the applications which are available in the repositories in any flavor14:09
nomicwhats your 32 bit machine14:09
suncokretyes, diference is only in gui14:09
suncokretand some programs14:09
suncokretfor example file manager14:09
nomicnautilus will work?14:10
suncokretit will, but default is pcmanfm14:10
suncokretbut i use double commander14:10
suncokretit is best file manager for linux14:10
knomecan you take the general preferences/flavors/computers discussion to #xubuntu-offtopic, please?14:10
nomicah well lubuntu won't install either14:19
Wollie88nomic, why is it not installing ? are you getting an error ?14:22
nomicit installs then it just gives me a blank screen (wont boot)14:23
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:23
nomichow do I reset that if I can't get in?14:29
Hedgeworknomic: Alt+F1 may drop you to a usable terminal14:30
Hedgeworknomic: Okay, I missed the beginning, are you on an install of xubuntu right now, or booting from the livecd?14:31
nomicI try to install 14.04 ..it won't even boot the install14:31
nomicits  a hp workstation xw6400 with 16gb ram, that ran 12.04 .. same machine with 4gb of ram, installs xubuntu 14.0414:32
nomicmaybe I swap the graphics card14:32
Hedgeworknomic: You're trying to do 64bit, I assume?14:32
nomiccos I have another graphics card14:32
nomicill swap graphics crd from other machine to see if it's that14:33
nomicmaybe gets me forward (idea)14:33
HedgeworkCould be.  Otherwise, we can try other things, but I'm at work for ~7 more hours, so my ability to help is limited.14:33
nomichey thanks14:39
nomicthinking .. more likely to be graphics card than ram ... same machine with less ram diff graph card runs 14.0414:40
nomicam trying it now will report back .. inst. x 14.0414:40
* Hedgework cheers14:45
HedgeworkGlad you got it working.14:45
nomici get further -- which means it installs .. was some diff graphics card .. I have been getting stnadard type .. this machine came with something I didn't ercognise -- luckily .. before I bought the machine I bought a replacement graphics card to try to get previous machine working14:45
nomicso its all good14:45
* nomic continues to use xubuntu14:45
nomicwut do you work at hedgework14:46
Hedgeworknomic: infosec14:46
Hedgeworknomic: so I code some, do the sysadmin thing some, and a bunch of other stuff.14:46
knomenomic, please take the non-support questions to #xubuntu-offtopic.14:47
mad__Anyone else experincing issues with grub not being installed correctly with the current xubuntut 14.04 image?15:28
geniimad__: Nope. I installed a couple days ago now on my Acer D260 hard drive no issues, and also onto a USB stick without issue. No EFI there though15:36
xubuntu65wHi all, I got graphic card issue on an hp compaq 6910p  the screen goes blank at random times and will not go back on until I do a hard reset since a few updates, it is frustrating because even when I just do some codding for a nes projeck it goes blank...15:58
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knosysIm a bit scared. After installing few packages , i realized that i dont really need them. So i --purge remove them. But bash tell me that a lot of dependency packages will not be removed until i "apt-get autoremove"19:29
knosysso i did that19:29
knosysand its doing a long proccess, and things im reading are scary like: found /dev/sda5 on ...19:30
knosysits a bad idea to perform "apt-get autoremove" for cleaning dependence packages i dont need anymore?19:30
geniiknosys: No, it's fine.19:31
Unit193I like apt-get autoremove --purge; apt-get autoclean19:31
knosysone question, i was trying to installing qt4. In website , where i read i need it they dont specify what package. And there is a lot. I need it to compile a little application. The thing its.. there is qt4-dev , and lot of more things. each of them have different lot of packages19:32
knosysi feel i could mess my system just trying wich one would be19:32
knosysyou guys know what can that website mean with "qut4"?19:32
brainwashthat website? which one?19:33
knosysits a little program that change the target IP of a game, to connect it do different game-servers19:35
brainwashit's quite old19:38
knosysthe other one uses wxWidgets... and oh lord.. thats was complicated to install for me19:38
knosyslast time i tried i brokeup the OS, messing with /etc/enviroment and ./profile19:39
knosysthe ~/.profile i mean19:40
brainwashwell, you will have to install the dev packages then, qt4 and libboost19:41
brainwashmaybe it's worth to set up a virtual machine and test it19:41
brainwashor boot into live mode19:42
knosysif i have to do it19:42
brainwashthis way you won't mess with your actual system19:43
knosyswich one would you choose? the one i already told you, or this one? https://code.google.com/p/linux-tibia-ip-changer/19:43
brainwashthe second one, it's python19:44
knosysmaybe ok, thanks you19:44
knosyswithouth maybe*19:45
brent2Nominating this for inclusion in the official repos: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/10/lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings-gui.html20:41
elfybrent2: we postponed that https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-u-features20:44
elfymaybe 15.0420:44
brent2it's nice!20:50
brent2how come it's postponed elfy ?20:50
elfynot sure - time perhaps20:51
elfywrong channel really - if you want to know why - best thing would be to ask in xubuntu-devel20:52
knosysHey guys, any of you have installed wxWidgets on trusty?20:53
xubuntu968who clicked the irc link on installer, works22:59
xubuntu968I'm installing xubuntu in a VM because I assume it will be less shit than ubuntu with 3d22:59
xubuntu968the list of sofrware listed during install is depressing23:01
roninnI'm trying to connect to with x11vnc to a xubuntu machine, but I only get a black screen after connecting, that doesn't response to user input23:59
roninnany ideas23:59

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