wafflej0ckrunning Ubuntu Gnome now I was on Kubuntu in 12.04 but decided to change it up when I moved to 14.0400:00
wafflej0ckI just made myself crazy with customizing things00:00
ap0cas long as it doesn't have Unity and it's adware/spyware00:00
wafflej0ckit was really awesome but ended up losing productivity playing with productivity widgets :)00:00
ap0cwidgets are fun but I usually only customize them once in a great while ^ once I find a configuration I'm happy with it usually stays like that for a bit00:01
ap0ctoo bad the weather ones like to time out connection00:01
wafflej0ckyeah for me it was just endless fiddling for the most part00:01
wafflej0ckmy desktop was super functional but very confusing and a bit overwhelming00:02
wafflej0ckwith Gnome it's pretty much the opposite00:02
ap0cmy laptop is basically my desktop right now00:03
wafflej0ckfar less ability to customize, almost nothing on the desktop but the windows key takes care of getting you in and out of just about everything00:03
ap0cuntil I get the $ for a desktop00:03
wafflej0ckap0c: same on that00:03
wafflej0ckwell got a desktop but it's for gaming basically00:03
wafflej0ckhad it for years but still pretty solid GTX670 in there00:03
wafflej0ckdo all my work on two 22" monitors though hooked up to my laptop along with ext keyboard and mouse so it's basically like a desktop00:03
ap0ci just game on linux right now, I have some windows games that I miss but I'll wait for ports00:03
wafflej0ckap0c: yeah that's gotten a lot better00:04
wafflej0ckplay a lot of TF2 on the desktop in Linux and a couple of others (Civ 5, Portal, some others I can't remember the name of)00:04
ap0cI guess Dayz Standalone might be getting ported according to Dean Hall (the guy who created Dayz),  along with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare00:05
ap0cwine is also good for playing games , if they are compatible with it00:05
ap0cdiablo 3 / world of warcraft / etc. work pretty good00:05
wafflej0cknice yeah diablo 3 looked pretty cool for sure, haven't played it but watched some stuff about it on youtub00:05
wafflej0ckheard DayZ is real good too but haven't played it00:06
wafflej0ckjust picked up Borderlands2 recently actually, haven't got the 3rd one yet though still want to play through the 2nd game00:06
ap0cI still need to buy the expansion for diablo 3, and yeah DayZ is great - I played the mod non-stop until my windows install went corrupt00:06
wafflej0cknice we have netflix access in Linux now too by way of Chrome00:08
wafflej0ckno more hacking around it with PPAs00:09
ap0cI had a Netflix subscription for about a half a year , maybe a bit more00:09
ap0cbut I didn't really find it worth it over that period for what I paid  /  what I watched00:09
skierpagevalorie: hi! I've read your blog postings on some planets aggregators :)00:09
ap0cnow I just rely on third-party streaming sites that host link lists00:10
wafflej0ckap0c: yeah I think after having it for a while you sort of run out of content but they do change it up and I'm sucker for most Sci Fi00:10
wafflej0ckskierpage: think valorie went out for the night00:10
ap0cI just didn't like netflix for the fact that most of their 'New Releases' were from 200600:10
ap0cthey considered stuff they added to the server a 'new release' even if it is 20 years old00:10
wafflej0ckap0c: heh yeah that can be annoying for sure have to wait forever to get stuff, they call anything new to the "network" a new release though00:11
wafflej0ckfor newer stuff I usually go through the play store so I can just "own" whatever it is... I used hulu for a while there too but never the paid stuff00:11
skierpagemy 10.10 Distribution Upgrade says it's going to remove 167 packages, which is fine, but I want to copy the list. You can't in the window (LP#1242466), is it in an updat4e log somewhere?00:11
skierpageI mean 14.10 of course00:12
wafflej0ckhad me worries :P00:12
ap0cskierpage: it could be removing them because there are replacements00:12
ap0cctrl + c doesn't work?00:12
wafflej0cktypically in a terminal you can highlight and ctrl+shift+c to copy00:12
wafflej0ckyou might also be able to do a "dry-run" and have it just pipe the info from the console to a file00:13
ap0cI thought he was in a GUI ^00:13
wafflej0ckah might be00:13
wafflej0ckah yeah found the bug referenced00:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 1242466 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "can't copy text from Package Changes dialog" [Wishlist,Triaged]00:14
wafflej0ckskierpage: not sure about an update log though that seems reasonable to expect00:15
skierpageit's in /var/tmp/log/run/dist/dpkg/apt-get/foo/bar somewhere :)00:15
wafflej0ckskierpage: http://linuxcommando.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-to-show-apt-log-history.html00:15
wafflej0ckah k00:15
wafflej0cknice I did not know about this dpkg.log good to know00:18
skierpagewafflej0ck: nothing in dpkg.log yet, it probably doesn't get logged until I actually OK "Remove obsolete packages"00:19
wafflej0ckskierpage: yeah for me it lists all the configuration and installations that happened00:19
wafflej0ckjust thinking it would be nice to make some sort of GUI for showing this info in a more digestable way00:19
wafflej0ckI would guess it doesn't write to this dpkg.log file until after the action occurred thoguh00:20
skierpagewafflej0ck: ubuntu-release-upgrader "just" needs to use richer GUI components to show Details and package lists, but easier said than done00:22
wafflej0ckskierpage: yea unfortunately just about everything is00:23
wafflej0ckI heard GTK apps can be served as HTML5 webapps through some black magic, might make GTK more viable for building things to use cross platform00:23
wafflej0ckthough supppose Qt already has the cross platform thing going anyhow00:24
wafflej0ckI do web app development so that's all outside of my arena of knowledge but I do like making GUIs00:25
wafflej0ckI know some of this stuff is using JS and CSS and stuff too just don't know the details00:25
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skierpagewafflej0ck: that's the Broadway backend for Gnome/GTK. The GUI ubuntu-release-upgrader is a Python program that somehow has both /tmp/ubuntu-release-upgrader-h89f26yj/DistUpgradeViewGtk3.py and DistUpgradeViewKDE.py files in it, pretty impressive00:29
skierpageheh bug: Kubuntu shows a yellow "A system restart is required to complete the update process" notification even though I'm still doing the install00:31
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wafflej0ckskierpage: ah right Broadway that's what I was thinking of00:34
skierpageI filed bug 138578800:57
ubottubug 1385788 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu "System restart required" notification appears before upgrade is finished" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138578800:57
skierpageBTW after I OKd package removal, the lines do show up in `sudo grep ' remove ' /var/log/dpkg.log`00:57
jnxdI was trying out the plasma 5 tech preview, but somehow the laptop wouldn01:18
jnxd... somehow the laptop was not able to load init or something. Is this known to be an issue? And arethere any workarounds?01:20
Waffl3xap0c: yo03:57
wafflej0ckskierpage: ah nice04:00
Sadiq_HELP : How to install VLC Player on offline computer?05:19
wafflej0ckSadiq_: download the .deb package05:33
wafflej0ckSadiq_: put it on a flash drive05:34
wafflej0ckSadiq_: install with, sudo dpkg -i package.deb05:34
wafflej0ckwhere package is the name of the file05:34
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ap0cWaffl3x: sup man07:07
Sadiq_I am running Kubuntu 14.04 on VMware, and have just installed VLC Player but video is not playing, showing just black screen07:18
Sadiq_what could be the possible problem?07:19
dracnocSadiq_: you could try changing the video renderer in VLC to see if that helps the problem. Look in VLC's preferences (Ctrl-P) and under the video tab change the output. Also, Kubuntu may be using desktop effects which can have an effect on video rendering in an OpenGL envivironment. Switch them off and see what happens07:27
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lordievaderGood morning.08:37
adam1325674Good morning08:56
lordievaderHey adam1325674, how are you?09:00
adam1325674Fine, thanks. How about you?09:03
lordievaderDoing good, messing with my Pi :)09:05
mokushany idea if we can get the auto-mount functionality that used in systemsettings>removable drives in plasma5?10:19
lordievadermokush: <silly workaround>Write udev rules</silly workaround>10:25
mokushlordievader: I think I'll try to build https://github.com/limansky/tinymount10:33
lordievadermokush: Heh, fun project.10:35
mokushlordievader: found it in the razor-qt 3rd party apps list https://github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt/wiki/3rd-party-applications10:37
mokushpretty cool list10:37
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SticzGamingHello :D12:39
SticzGamingAnyone have the Kubuntu-mobile image for Nokia N900?12:40
BluesKajHiyas all12:40
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mokushany idea where kwin scripts are installed in 14.10/plasma5? kwin doesn't seem to pick them up from .kde/share/apps/kwin14:22
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andlabsokay, I unwittingly installed kubuntu next thinking it would resolve issues with qml, but now I want to roll everything back to kde 4 - how do I do this15:15
lordievaderandlabs: Expect breakage, but install ppapurge and let that purge the Kubuntu Next ppa.15:15
andlabsok, thanks15:16
andlabstemporary breakage won't matter since I've broken this install in other ways I'm going to do a fresh reinstall anyway15:16
andlabsbut for now the problems outweigh the wait15:17
BluesKajandlabs, do you have / and /home partitions ?15:17
andlabsnope, and I have a full HDD to boot :D15:18
andlabs(does ubiquity even support separate / and /home? the only linux installer I know that expressly does is the SUSE installer)15:18
lordievaderandlabs: Yes. For basic installs like that Ubiquity is quite capable.15:21
andlabsI'll have to do that when I reinstlal then; thanks15:21
BluesKajandlabs, yes ubiquity has manual partitioning15:21
andlabsthe only issue then is how much to allot to each, since I eat disk space like pacman eats pellets15:21
andlabs(also in the meantime I do have backup DEs just in case)15:22
BluesKaj15G for / and /home is upt to whatever you think your data will need15:23
aldohi guys I after an upgrade I cannot start KDE and my internet is down so I cannot do apt-get, could you help me?15:24
BluesKajaldo, have you tried the recovery kernel?15:24
aldowell internet is down only for my desktop computer after I upgraded it....I think is a network issue due to the upgrade..15:25
aldotnx BluesKaj, where do I find it?15:26
BluesKajin grub15:26
andlabsand yep the purge failed woo15:27
aldoyou mean to make it start with the other recovery kernel...15:27
lordievaderandlabs: Else, do you have older kernels available?15:27
BluesKajan older kernel listed below the desfult in grub15:27
BluesKajdefault rather15:28
andlabslordievader: yes I do have older kernels but this is just KDE-related15:28
andlabsoh I think I got it restarting15:28
lordievaderandlabs: Oh sorry that was for aldo...15:28
andlabs(by adding the lines back to sources.list)15:28
lordievaderaldo: If the recovery mode does not work, do you have older kernels?15:28
aldook, I made it start in recovery mode. Now is showing me a big menu15:28
aldothe menu coming from the recovery mode I've just chosen gives me lots of options for resume, clean, dpkg fsck, grub, network...15:30
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andlabsok let'shope this owkred tanks again15:31
andlabsupdate: rollback worked everything's back to normal; thanks16:23
lordievaderandlabs: Good to know :)16:24
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nicolas_Salut !17:19
nicolas_J'aurais besoin d'aide svp17:19
amichairBluesKaj: I found the cause of the networking issue I had yesterday, in bug #1385709. Still not sure why the upgrade to 14.10 started triggering it, but at least I got it working now. Just letting u know in case it helps someone else that'll come here seeking help...17:22
ubottubug 1385709 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "network-manager service doesn't start at boot time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138570917:22
amichairBluesKaj: and thanks for ur help with it :-)17:23
BluesKajamichair, ok well done, thanks for the heads up :)17:23
amichairBluesKaj: haven't seen kikidee around (who had the same symptoms) since then, maybe it'll help him/her too17:24
BluesKajhaven't seen kikidee today17:25
BluesKajwell, got lots of leaves to rake again....laters17:29
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serial_dsuis nouveau x) c'est calme ici nan?17:51
pinksovietyep :317:54
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:55
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ovrflw0xlordievader, hello are you done with your education?19:39
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lordievaderovrflw0x: Err what?19:49
lordievaderovrflw0x: Now you are just making me curious...19:51
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Waffl3xhi ap0c you're on early21:00
ap0csup Waffl3x21:05
ap0cnot really early, like 5:05 pm21:05
Waffl3xnot much, im having a discussion in #kubuntu-offtopic that you might be able to contribute to21:05
ap0cI just joined ^21:06
Waffl3xap0c: im talking about the raspberry pi, I want to start hacking stuff and learning about it21:20
Waffl3xand automation and stuff21:20
lordievaderWaffl3x: Bash ;)21:20
lordievaderWaffl3x: Python \o/21:21
Waffl3xI want to go into the hardware side of stuff right now21:21
Waffl3xI feel like ill be able to learn better21:21
Waffl3xand be able to do more21:22
ap0cWaffl3x: still learning python ?21:34
Waffl3xI took a break though21:35
lordievaderWhy? Python is awesome :D21:35
Waffl3xfirst I was going to school and staying out late so I didnt have any time21:35
Waffl3xthen I reinstalled my computer so I couldnt do it21:35
Waffl3xnow its about time to start again21:35
Waffl3xbut im going to look into pi stuff first21:35
ap0cdon't you think you should learn how to program before buying something to experiment with programming?21:39
ap0cjust my 2 cents ^ but do whatever u want man21:39
ap0cnot really sure how complex the raspberry pi is / it's learning curve21:40
lordievaderNot, as long as you use raspbian. By the by shall we go to #kubuntu-offtopic21:40
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