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knosysI think there is a bug on the change email feature16:07
knosysI would like to ask you before reporting it16:08
knosysI received an email , with a confirmation code and a link. So i visited the link, and insert the new password in the two fields i see. Then i submit the form. There is an error because i didnt used the confirmation code anywhere, but anyway i am loged into the site, without using any kind of password. Just visit the link and insert whatever in that two fields, that already login into my account16:10
knosysI think it should work different16:10
knosysoh wait, i realize the confirmation code its on the URL !! oops!16:11
knosysthen i guess the only problem was the error message about the invalid confirmation code. Sorry then!16:11
* knosys laught a lot, and sorry for the inconvinience.16:12

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