tewardwow, 18 security updates and 14.10 has only been out for, what, a few days?00:09
* teward just installed into a VM so he has latest :)00:10
ianorlinhmm I am not getting any00:11
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sheena1oops sorry.03:57
sheena1phillw: i tried changing all those settings but it's still suspending when idle. any further thoughts?03:57
asdHi, is wallpaper working for everybody?09:54
asdhere is what i'm talking about: http://i.imgur.com/cXrzKtv.png09:56
testdrasd: i had no problems - have different wallpaper on every desk and only conky is using the wrong background(doubl-buffer) for 2 seconds after switching to other desk.10:22
asdim gonna try restart it probabaly its going to be fine.10:27
testdrasd: i doubt this will solve your problems, because you did not give a hint what is not working and what do you expect10:28
ubottuops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, head_victim, MrChrisDruif, Myrtti, IAmNotThatGuy, stlsaint, Unit19313:25
GoldFish!ops | help channel emergency13:25
ubottuhelp channel emergency: please see above13:25
GoldFish!ops | help channel emergency13:25
paul___I cant make my keymap settings  stick - if I do lxkeymap and to UK it reverts to US after a reboot13:59
paul___If I do sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration that works but likewise is forgotten on reboot14:00
paul___I have two 'English - English US' items if I click on the system tray icon14:01
paul___any ideas please?14:01
paul___oh, setxkbmap -layout gb does the same thing too14:02
ubottuops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, head_victim, MrChrisDruif, Myrtti, IAmNotThatGuy, stlsaint, Unit19314:13
SynchunkGoldFish, why?14:13
SynchunkGoldFish, stop abusing !ops14:15
GoldFish!op | Synchunk channel emergency14:15
ubottuSynchunk channel emergency: ops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, head_victim, MrChrisDruif, Myrtti, IAmNotThatGuy, stlsaint, Unit19314:15
SynchunkGoldFish, you'll get banned, so you should really stop, but that's your decision..14:15
GoldFish!op | Synchunk channel emergency14:15
GoldFishSynchunk, dude i have been banned millions of times14:15
GoldFish!ops | suck my dick14:15
ubottusuck my dick: ops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, head_victim, MrChrisDruif, Myrtti, IAmNotThatGuy, stlsaint, Unit19314:15
GoldFish!ops | where are you fucking ops?14:16
SynchunkGoldFish, maybe you should think about why you keep getting banned? Because you're a nice and respectful person? Clearly not.14:16
Synchunk(or mature person)14:16
GoldFish!op | where r ye fucking ops14:16
paul___anyone help with my keyboard question please?14:16
GoldFish!op | where r ye fucking ops14:16
GoldFishpaul___, fuck off14:16
GoldFishSynchunk, unless you fear god you will go to hell aka the furnace of fire14:16
SynchunkGoldFish, go to ##religion and tell that to people that care about your comments. I don't.14:17
GoldFish!op | where r ye fucking ops14:17
SynchunkHow old are you - 12?14:17
GoldFishSynchunk, you see thats a problem for you14:17
GoldFishyou hate god and you show it by being ignorant of your creator14:17
GoldFish!ops | fuck you ops14:18
SynchunkGoldFish, do you think god calls people, quote, "ye fucking ops"?14:18
GoldFishSynchunk, god hates the wicked14:18
SynchunkGoldFish, you're now on my /ignore list - just in case you're wondering why I'm not receiving your messages anymore.14:18
GoldFishSynchunk, cool14:19
ubottuops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, head_victim, MrChrisDruif, Myrtti, IAmNotThatGuy, stlsaint, Unit19314:20
ubottuops is Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, head_victim, MrChrisDruif, Myrtti, IAmNotThatGuy, stlsaint, Unit19314:22
GoldFishMyrtti, ban me!14:22
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
Myrttihaven't you learnt how to knit yet?14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
Myrttihow's the gaming thing going?14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
GoldFish!ops | come on you lazy fucking ops14:23
MyrttiI see HFSPlus is on again14:24
lewellynit's too bad there's no way to quiet someone without them being aware.14:25
lewellynthat could have proved fun this time :P14:26
SynchunkHmmm. I think there's a way to do that14:26
Myrttichannel mode changes are always public14:27
SynchunkWell.. they can still see the *sets quiet* message,14:27
Synchunkbut isn't there an ops-only mode for that?14:27
lewellynthere are a couple of ircds where the server's umode list isn't the same as the client's, and ircops can alter the additional flags. but i don't think any are evil enough to have a silencer there.14:27
SynchunkI guess you could /kick, then /quiet and maybe they would rejoin without noticing it14:28
lewellynnot a bad idea though :D14:28
dusthow to set keyboard shortcuts and how to prevent that a fullscreen game cant use anymore f1115:21
wxl-phonedust: keyboard shortcuts ate defined in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml15:41
wxl-phoneMan that's hard to type on the phone15:42
dustis there a way that in a fullscreen game these keys arent used?15:42
wxl-phoneIf it's defined there, it will be used15:43
wxl-phoneYou could make a script to turn them off and run the game and then turn them back on after15:43
dusti mean yes a shortcut like alt tab to get out of a hanging fullscreen programm but when running it that u can use of course all f keys and so on15:43
dustthis makes problems for all ppl who play full screen games... there must be an ootb solution15:44
wxl-phoneMake a script15:45
dustits not only for http://www.playdeb.net/ but more ppl will use steam too15:45
dustu cant await that ppl do scripts to solve such15:46
wxl-phoneSo make one yourself and you won't have to wait15:47
wxl-phonethis feature you ask for is beyond the current scope of Lubuntu15:47
dustuhh what scope?15:48
wxl-phoneIf you think it should be included, make a bug report for the wishlist15:48
wxl-phoneMake sure to clearly define what you'd expect to happen15:48
dusta lightweight desktop is the scope.. no?15:48
wxl-phoneYes and so complicated keyboard shortcut features is beyond the scope, but if you can suggest something which meets the goals of Lubuntu, then it can be considered15:49
wxl-phoneBut only with a bug report15:50
wxl-phoneNo matter what I tell you, what you're looking for is not included in Lubuntu15:50
dustcomplicated is it because there is no gui for shortcuts15:50
wxl-phoneSo I'm telling you what you can do to potentially change this15:51
wxl-phonemore GUIs means more resources which is less lightweight15:51
wxl-phoneI understand your concern, but I can't fix it for you15:51
wxl-phonetherefore arguing about it will not be fruitful15:52
wxl-phoneBut there is something you can do about it as I suggested15:52
dustwell there is suggested https://code.google.com/p/obkey/ but that is not in the repo15:53
wxl-phoneThere ya go15:53
wxl-phoneBut I'm pretty sure that's not exactly what you want15:54
wxl-phoneAlso with us moving to Qt that will prove to be less useful15:57
dustyeah i know... and i hope such gets better15:58
wxl-phoneWishlist bug report15:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 1385915 in Lubuntu-Tweaks "how can a fullscreen game use all keys" [Undecided,New]16:12
wxl-phonedust: so you want a shortcut to remove all keys? Hour16:31
wxl-phoneHow is it triggered? When is it turned off?16:32
wxl-phoneYour report is not clear16:32
dustbut in full screen of a program u dont want the desktop shortcuts but the keys in the program16:32
wxl-phoneEdit the bug report and make it clear16:33
dustu still want that alt tab works so in case it hangs in full screen u can get out16:33
wxl-phoneWhat turns it on16:34
wxl-phoneWhat turns it off16:34
wxl-phoneWhat exactlY happens16:34
dustthere is no turn off or on16:34
wxl-phoneThere has to be16:34
dusta lot of programs use f keys... why f11 to sitch full scrren?16:34
wxl-phoneI'm not clear on what you want16:35
koellAny reason why to switch from Lubuntu 14.04 lts to .10?16:37
koellhey phillw16:38
phillwkoell: if you are happy with 14.04, stick with it. It is a 'bug-fix' release.16:39
phillw14.04.1 is out and about with 14.04.2 a work in progress.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-14.04.216:43
koellphillw: so to upgrade do 14.04.1 i just have to do ´sudo apt-get upgrade´ or ´dist-upgrade´??16:51
silverlionkoell : -upgrade is enough16:51
silverlionyou'll get all necessary updates automatically16:51
koelli dont get the reason for 14.10 xD16:52
phillwkoell: for updates to be aproved for 124.04, they must work in 14.10 :)16:53
zy3pD_mNew icons xD16:53
koell124.04 xD16:53
koellso in 2124 maybe ^^16:53
koellzy3pD_m: wait, new icons?? screenies pls16:54
phillwkoell:  it is a bit involved, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates is a good explanation of how and why.16:54
zy3pD_mkoell and dark panel theme works now, yeah!16:55
koellzy3pD_m: only on 14.10?16:55
zy3pD_mFor me, sure xD16:56
koellcan you show me some screenshots of the new icons, theme etc.?16:56
ianorlinkoell: if you do upgrade to 14.10 remember you will have to upgrade in 9 months16:56
koell wtf :D16:56
zy3pD_mkoell  try it16:57
koellim scared :(16:57
koellbecause lubuntu already looks great!16:57
ianorlinkoell if you do upgrade read the relase notes16:57
zy3pD_m6mon after 14.04 nothing important changed16:58
koellill look at some youtube videos first..16:58
zy3pD_mYes lunu looks great, only ob looks ugly16:58
phillwzy3pD_m: it is a bug fix release.16:58
zy3pD_mIt s lubu xD16:59
phillwoh, our 1st time with release notes in multiple languages.17:00
phillwtranslators always welcome :)17:00
koellyay, no german for me xD17:00
zy3pD_mHey i m from germany!17:01
* silverlion too :P17:01
zy3pD_mHallo silverlion ^^17:01
silverlionzy3pD_m : moin moin17:01
phillwvolunteer for next time, or translate and get rafael to add it.17:01
koellzy3pD_m: you're new to the L ubuntu?17:01
zy3pD_mFan since 13.0417:02
phillw10.04 was my first :)17:03
koell13.04 ^^17:03
zy3pD_mkoell 13.04  you too?17:04
koellit is the only way to effectively use ubuntu ^^17:04
koellthis is a really angry lubuntu user, nothing new for him at christmas xD http://youtu.be/stj-0cDJhxs17:05
zy3pD_mI only have a problem with the style since 14.x, the menu background is ugly white17:06
phillwgood to have you on board. You are the future , please do help with testing. Once the boss says LXQt is a go, we need a lot of testers!17:06
koellzy3pD_m: noooo, it looks amazing! i like the new white simple bg17:06
koellphillw: i just hope lxqt looks at least as good as lxde now17:07
zy3pD_mOn my laptop it looks uuuuuuugly, i copied the theme folder of 13.04 xD17:07
phillwkoell: you can install it and see. Do not forget our artwork team are the same :)17:07
koelli guess it is just a variable to change17:07
koellphillw: i tried lxqt, it is not the same ^^17:08
phillwread the warning!!!17:09
koelli dont get why they want lxqt. what is wrong with gtk?17:09
phillwkoell: Qt5 is out now, so rafael and the gang will be on it :D17:10
zy3pD_mI think lxqt will look like... Kde :-(17:10
koellgang xD17:10
phillwkoell: it is meandering and forking etc.17:10
koellzy3pD_m: yes, i thought the same.. :(17:10
phillwzy3pD_m: not with RazorQt it won't :)17:10
koellbecause of this uggggly box shadow17:10
phillwrafaellaguna: when do you expect to have 1st fix artwork (themes / icons etc) for LXQt ?17:12
rafaellagunawe're working on it17:12
rafaellagunait will be published first in the blog17:12
koellrafaellaguna: :317:12
phillwkoell: rafaellaguna is their TL :)17:12
phillwrafaellaguna:  thanks, the natives, as always, are impatient!17:12
koellwill there be a christmas wallpaper again this year? :317:12
rafaellagunakoell, yes :)17:13
zy3pD_mCool designers here in #lunu xD ... Also developer?17:13
rafaellagunadevelopers here are cool too17:13
rafaellagunaif you seen this http://lubuntublog.blogspot.com/2013/07/razorqt-theme.html17:14
phillwrafaellaguna: got two possibles for german translation of release notes... silverlion and zy3pD_m if you want to go for it.17:14
rafaellagunayou can imagine we're close17:14
rafaellagunasilverlion can't17:14
rafaellagunaany chinese speaker here?17:14
rafaellagunajapanese / korean ?17:15
phillwrafaellaguna:  then grtab zy3pD_m :)17:15
rafaellagunazy3pD_m, if you speak German you could help us :)17:15
koellispeak german as well ^^17:15
phillwrafaellaguna: ask the ubuntu-kylin people, I'm sure they'd spare a translator for a page.17:15
zy3pD_mphillw rafaellaguna sry i m not at home...android17:16
rafaellagunazy3pD_m, it's ok17:16
phillwrafaellaguna: ooh another candidate :)17:16
rafaellagunakoell, do you have 5 min to spare?17:16
zy3pD_mrafaellaguna but if i wanna help, where do i start?17:17
koellat least 6 xD17:17
rafaellagunazy3pD_m, I need someone with full access to an editor17:18
koellLet's switch your wallpapers now! ^^ http://lubuntublog.blogspot.co.at/2013/12/merry-christmas.html17:19
zy3pD_mLater maybe17:19
koellhahaha who did this funny blue unicorn? xD17:19
rafaellagunaI'm afraid it was me :)17:20
koellso this is how you look like? :D17:21
rafaellagunayes, my hair is blue sometimes :D17:21
phillwkoell: you may like Lenny ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Marketing/Lenny17:21
zy3pD_mWhere is a blue unicorn???17:21
phillwI have the black tee-shirt :)17:22
rafaellagunacool T-shirt!17:22
rafaellagunakoell, do you still have those 6 min?17:23
koellrafaellaguna: always17:23
koellphillw: where did you buy/print?17:23
rafaellagunacan you please translate this little page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu17:24
rafaellagunayou can send it to me by mail, as plain text17:24
phillwdid mine with vista-print, they are happy with the artwork format and print for each country. However, I know silverlion got his done by a local Tee-Shirt printer. rafaellaguna's art work is exactly what they need to print a tee-shirt.17:25
koellrafaellaguna: okey17:26
silverlionyep. they were really amazed by the pdf I showed them ;)17:26
phillwsilverlion: would we expect anything else from rafaellaguna ?17:26
silverlionphillw : nope we won't17:26
rafaellaguna:D stahp it you17:27
phillwso, those who worry about theme / wallpaper / icons for LXQt .... stop worrying :)17:27
phillwwe are blessed that lubuntu has rafaellaguna and his team who passionately care about how things look.17:29
phillwLoves making rafaellaguna blush :P17:30
rafaellagunadon't forget the great people who do the apps. that is really an amazing work17:30
rafaellagunaor those who don't sleep improving the ISOs, like phillw17:30
phillwrafaellaguna: as joern said... he can code... you do the work of making it all look 'pretty'.17:31
rafaellagunaphillw, that makes a team ;)17:31
phillwwe all make a team, and a damn good one!17:31
koellrafaellaguna: okey where to send?17:51
koelli really like the new wallpapers, good choice17:59
dustwxl its about http://springrts.com/ at version 96 with sdl f11 worked ingame and no window resize... since version 98 they use sdl2 and since that time f11 changes the fullscreen to window mode18:28
dustat xfce it works like it should... f11 ingame uses a widget and dosnt toggle fullscreen18:32
wxl-phoneInclude it in the bug report dust18:45
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fillahi, can someone tell me, what the newest version of wireshark in ubuntu 10.04 LTS20:25
fillais there a repository to look at?20:25
fillai am not an ubuntu user but need the version available in this distribution20:26
Unit19310.04 has expired for desktop use, but...20:36
Unit193!info wireshark lucid20:36
ubottuwireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.7-1 (lucid), package size 717 kB, installed size 1824 kB20:36
Unit193!info wireshark utopic20:36
ubottuwireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.12.0+git+4fab41a1-1 (utopic), package size 773 kB, installed size 2635 kB20:36
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