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jnxd_ I was trying out the 14.10 plasma 5 tech preview, but somehow the laptop wouldn't load init or something. Is this known to be an issue? And arethere any workarounds? I am only able to get until plymouth.01:25
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snadgeany pro tips for getting the latest daily build to display something in virtualbox?08:36
snadgeuse no modeset option :D08:37
lordievaderGood morning.08:37
snadgeso close.. i have virtualbox extensions installed.. but im not getting past the login screen :p09:44
snadgefail to authenticate.. i remember reading somewhere about this too09:44
lordievadersnadge: Fail to authenticate what?09:45
snadgeat the login screen .. lightdm09:45
snadgeits an issue with logind09:46
lordievadersnadge: Hmm rather annoying issue, I suppose. Is there a bug report for it?09:46
snadgesystemd-logind[770]: Failed to start unit user@1000.service: Unknown unit: user@1000.service09:46
snadgeis the error.. presumably that will be quite common09:47
lordievaderI've seen similar before, but there it didn't pose a problem. Here, obviously, it does.09:48
snadgei wonderif im just missing the session selector or something like that09:52
lordievaderAre you using Ubuntu?09:53
lordievaderBut are you using Ubuntu?09:54
snadgeyes.. as the virtualbox host, and vivid guest09:54
snadgeoh.. i see.. unity or gnome isnt installed09:55
lordievaderRight, it could be that the 3d stuff of unity fails and results in that logging.09:55
snadgei thought they would be a default dependency in the desktop install? lol09:55
lordievadersnadge: Do a debootstrap install, you'd be surprised how much ain't a dependency ;)09:56
snadgeim assuming this is so i can choose unity 7 or 809:56
snadgeor something else09:56
lordievadersnadge: Try something that doesn't use hardware acceleration so you can rule out that part.09:57
snadgeokay.. i can log in with flashback.. not that exciting though, i dont think unity8/mir is far enough a long to comment whether it should actually start or not10:12
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BluesKajHiyas all12:40
elfyhi BluesKaj12:40
BluesKajhey elfy12:41
BluesKajall seems stable so far, but not using systemd yet12:42
elfyimages are up now too by the way :)12:43
BluesKajok cool12:44
BluesKajdesktop is still 14.10, probly stay with it for a while, since it's running so well.12:46
* Mikaela has been using systemd since she upgraded to 14.10 some weeks ago12:46
* elfy did on and off in 14.1012:47
elfynot got around to doing anything but set up 15.04 with it12:47
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