AndroidKrisI have file sharing question.00:44
AndroidKrisWhat permissions do I set to share my home folder across my home network?00:46
Guest99105is anyone here?00:48
AndroidKrisI am00:48
AndroidKrisneed something>00:48
Guest99105would you know how to install xubuntu to a usb flash drive00:49
Guest99105without needing the flash drive connected to the computer00:49
Guest99105I've tried usb installers, but all they do is burn the liveCD to the drive00:49
AndroidKrislike, the flash drive is just sitting on the table next to you?00:49
Guest99105I have it on my laptop00:50
Guest99105i'm using my desktop for this irc00:50
AndroidKrisyou have to insert the drive into the usb port to install and create a bootable flash drive00:50
Guest99105I have a xubuntu demo running from a dvd, with a flash drive installed00:51
Guest99105do I just install like I normally would, selecting the drive for installation, and write the boodloader to the usb drive?00:51
ali1234do you want a persistent system on the usb flash drive?00:51
Guest99105What do you mean persistant?00:52
ali1234like you can save files, reboot, and they are still there00:52
AndroidKrisas in bootable and changes remain after a reboot00:52
Guest99105I'm basically wanting a portable OS on a flash drive. Where I can save files to the flash drive and they're their next time I boot00:53
Guest99105so yea, i guess that would be persistant00:53
ali1234open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk"00:53
Guest99105gimme a sec00:53
AndroidKrisso boot the live cd, go through the setup and point it at the usb when choosing your hdd.00:54
AndroidKrishdd being the install location.00:54
Guest99105Where would I put the boot loader?00:55
AndroidKrison th usb00:55
AndroidKrisI used to have an arch install on a 36gig usb hard drive.00:56
AndroidKrisUsed it for all kinds of nefarious deeds.00:56
Guest99105That's basically what I'm trying to do with xubuntu on a 32gig drive00:56
AndroidKrisAll I did was point the installer to the external drive after booting the live cd00:57
AndroidKrismake sure everything points there though. and make sure nothing installs on the hdd of your pc.00:58
Guest99105I'm in the installer now. would it work if I selected "replace windows 8 with Xubuntu" except I select the flash drive instead? or would I just need to do it manually?00:59
AndroidKrisI would think manually. Because the replace option may automate a lot of the process, possibly bypassing the option to select the flash drive.01:01
Guest99105I actually use to be quite good using linux. I know I've done this before, it's just been a while01:02
Guest99105when doing it manually, what kind of partitions do I need to set up?01:02
Guest99105nvm, I found a guide01:04
AndroidKrisha, good.01:04
Guest99105thank's for the help anyway01:05
ali1234when this all goes horribly wrong remember to just use usb-creator-gtk since it is the officially supported way and very easy01:05
Guest99105so does that just help to install the OS to a usb?01:07
ali1234that is the only thing it does01:07
AndroidKrisThere is more than one way to skin a cat alil123401:07
AndroidKrisdifferent method...same result01:08
ali1234some ways are more messy than others01:08
AndroidKrissame result.01:09
AndroidKrisskinless cat01:09
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AntiSolI am being prompted for a password to mount the volume every time I insert a USB stick or DVD - how do I disable that?03:37
holsteinAntiSol: ntfs?04:10
AntiSoldoesn't matter which filesystem it is. most are probably ntfs or fat, but I also get it for video DVDs and ext4 volumes04:11
AntiSolhas been happening ever since I upgraded from 12.04 -> 14.0404:12
AntiSolI've checked that I have disk permissions in settings -> users04:13
holsteinAntiSol: since its an upgrade, i might test with a new user.. to remove my user config from the equation04:13
AntiSolnot a bad idea04:15
holsteinthis is something i would reference anc work backwards as well http://askubuntu.com/questions/211623/how-to-make-ubuntu-ask-for-password-when-mounting-partitions04:15
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:15
holstein^ where relevant, you can add them to fstab..04:15
AntiSolfstab is useless here, i'm talking about inserting usb sticks04:15
holsteinwell.. its not useless.. its either something that you want to use, or not04:16
AntiSolthe fstab suggestion is laughable, I don't know anything about the usb stick before i insert it04:16
AntiSolno, it's laughable and useless.04:16
holsteinAntiSol: *if* you want to leave *any* drive hooked up to the machine.. and mount partitions, you can use fstab04:16
AntiSolit would mean: insert stick, inspect stick, edit fstab, remove stick, insert stick EVERY SINGLE TIME I use a new stick04:16
holsteinAntiSol: if you dont wnat to use is, dont.. thats why i stated it as an option.. *if* it fits your needs04:16
AntiSolyeah, which makes it useless04:16
AntiSolanyway I think I have read that ubuntu page04:17
holsteinAntiSol: if its usesless to you, in your use case, ignore it.. but, its quite useful04:17
AntiSolI have many fstab entries for my fixed disks.04:17
AntiSolyeah, that askubuntu link didn't help either04:24
AntiSolthanks for trying though04:24
holsteinAntiSol: what did you try specifically that didnt work? and what are the errors? you just looked at those files and they are not edited?04:25
holsteinAntiSol: does a new user act as expected?04:25
AntiSolyeah, i have ResultActive=yes in that file, nothing to change04:25
AntiSolwell I can't test a new user without closing my session, which means closing xchat, 5 terminals, and about 100 browser tabs04:26
AntiSolso I don't want to do that just now04:26
holsteinAntiSol: cool. just let the volunteers here know when you want to test some things like that.. good luck04:27
AntiSolthis looks like how it would be solved if I wasn't using xfce: http://askubuntu.com/questions/445224/stop-ubuntu-asking-for-password-to-mount-second-drive04:28
AntiSolbut i can't see any way to set 'mount options' anywhere04:28
holsteinAntiSol: you can look in the settings of thunar or whatever filemanager you are using..04:30
AntiSolthunar. have already been through all that. all through xfce settings04:30
AntiSolbefore you try suggesting something mundane: I've been googling for about 3 hours now.04:31
AntiSolif your solution doesn't involve something fairly exotic I've probably tried it already04:31
holsteinAntiSol: i assure you, i have no interest in being mundane.. only volunteering assistance.. voluntarily..04:31
AntiSolheh. true. sorry about my tonwe04:33
AntiSolbut like I say: I've been googling for about 3 hours now04:33
holsteinif you try as another user, and the new user is "normal".. that tells me something about where i think the issue must be..04:34
AntiSolok I'll try that if you really think it will help04:36
AntiSolI'll have to log out, be back in 10-15 minutes04:37
AntiSolthanks for your time BTW :)04:37
holsteinAntiSol: no.. i dont think it will help.. in not suggesting it as a fix at all04:37
AntiSolI mean 'help to figure out the problem'04:37
holsteinAntiSol: i think its a way to gather data about where the problem, if there is one, is, and isolate it04:37
AntiSolso I'll be back soon04:38
AntiSolok lets be sure about what we're doing: I've gone into xfce's users/groups panel and added a new user. I'm going to give that user access to external disks on the privileges tab04:39
AntiSoldo you think I should also allow access to CD-ROMs and floppy disks?04:40
holsteinAntiSol: i would even look at the man pages on permissions, and add them manually in the terminal.. but, i would literally "sudo adduser" and just try that user.. the guest user.. a live CD. whatever i can do to isolate things04:40
holsteinif the new user needs permissions tweaked from there, i would do that..04:41
AntiSolum.... we're talking about mounting disks, so the user is going to need to have disks access (i.e 'disk' group membership)04:41
holsteinbut. if you find you cant give that new user permission to do so,then, i would say you have a system issue..04:41
holsteinAntiSol: ok.. do what you likke, friend.. if you are asking a question, what i would is literally "sudo adduser".. and test.. and see what happens, and move on based on the results04:42
holsteinAntiSol: if you are telling me what you are going to do.. just do it :)04:42
AntiSolok, back soon04:43
AntiSolI'm back04:48
AntiSoland guess what? you have solved my problem!04:48
holsteinwell, i doubt that.. but hopefully, you have been able to isolate what is going on04:49
AntiSolThe new user was able to mount/unmount without a password, and now suddenly SO AM I!04:49
AntiSolI think what has happened is that one of the settings I changed earlier actually fixed it, but I needed to log out and back in04:49
holsteinin most every situation, i find a fresh install the path of least resistance..04:49
AntiSolso you telling me to log out was the last step04:50
holsteinAntiSol: yeah.. a logout and back in was assumed..04:50
AntiSolI HATE logging out and restarting and for me it's a last resort04:50
AntiSolso I hadn't even thought that I might need to04:51
AntiSolso, THANK YOU! :)04:52
holsteinsure.. anytime04:52
jydxubuntu 14.04, encrypted boot partition and home folder: I changed my password via passwd, not the GUI and now my login screen is looping when I enter my password.08:35
jydLike my encrypted partition has a different password than my user password08:35
jydWhen I'm at the login screen, I can ctrl alt f1, log in and my home folder is not readable.08:37
jydI try to ecryptfs-mount-private but it doesn't accept my passwords.08:39
jydwhat t f08:39
jydSo I change my password and now,, xubuntu won't mount my encrypted home partition. C'mon y'all this has got to spark an ahh ha moment for someone.08:52
deshipujyd: change it back?09:02
elfyjyd: try the answer here http://askubuntu.com/questions/281491/cant-log-in-after-password-change-ecryptfs09:04
jyddeshipu, I tried09:06
jydGuys thank you. I'm glad there is lit on this.09:12
jydI may have screwed myself09:13
xubuntu00wtrying to connect and use my WDmycloud any ideas how?09:36
rsajdokhow to upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 in the command line?11:12
baizonrsajdok: sudo do-release-upgrade -d11:13
bazhangno -d11:13
bazhangit's released, no longer in development11:14
rsajdokbaizon: it does not work11:14
rsajdokbaizon: "No new release found"11:14
bazhangomit the -d11:14
baizonrsajdok: read what bazhang wrote :)11:15
elfyrsajdok: also you'll be set to receive only LTS upgrades you need to change that11:23
elfysudoedit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades11:23
elfychange so prompt=normal11:23
xubuntu10whi, want to upgrade to 14.10 from 14.04 but no sudo apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't notice new version. and software center is set to upgrade to every new version so not only LTS. what you recon11:33
elfychange LTS to normal11:35
xubuntu10wIts set to normal like I said11:36
elfysorry - didn't read properly - we just had someone a few minutes ago the same11:36
elfysudo do-release-upgrade11:37
xubuntu10welfy: I'll give that a shot11:37
relaxedWith 14.10 I think there's a bug where if you fullscreen the terminal or firefox you're unable to alt+tab away from the fullscreened app.11:38
xubuntu10welfy: seem to work, still doing some calculating but I see the 14.10 codename appearing here and there11:41
brainwashrelaxed: you might be right, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224992011:41
relaxedIf they're both fullscreened you can cycle through them.11:41
brainwashrelaxed: I recommend filing a bug report against xfwm4 on launchpad11:41
xubuntu10wwhen I want to shutdown my laptop. I must always first logout and then I'm able to shutdown. is this because my user hasn't got the proper rights? And if yes. which group should I subscribe it to?11:44
nomicsudo halt11:50
nomicthings may not shut down if you have an nfs mount11:51
xubuntu10wno nfs mount, and sudo halt. works but im trying to do it with clickin11:53
brainwashdo you get any error/warning dialog window?11:54
brainwashalso, open a terminal window and run "xfce4-session-logout --halt"11:56
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xubuntu97wbrainwash: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-session/+bug/1245937 this is my issue.12:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 1221809 in systemd (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1245937 systemd-shim removal causes restart to logout" [Undecided,Fix released]12:00
brainwashso? was this package missing?12:02
xubuntu97wii  systemd-shim                                6-2bzr1                                amd64        shim for systemd12:03
brainwashdid you run "xfce4-session-logout --halt" in a terminal window?12:04
brainwashif this command fails, it will print some error message12:05
xubuntu97wbrainwash: I'm currently upgrading ;)12:07
Alexfrenchhello all12:07
brainwashxubuntu97w: alright12:07
xubuntu97wbrainwash: but you got me starting, so start12:08
xubuntu97wso start i mean12:08
xubuntu1410userHello. Are there any developers of Xubuntu? I want to report minor bug in Xubuntu 14.10.13:09
deshipu!bug | xubuntu1410user13:11
ubottuxubuntu1410user: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:11
xubuntu1410userdeshipu: But I don't know which package is bugged. Look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/iDnvHSW.png13:12
deshiputhen report it for xubuntu-dekstop?13:13
RayneI like that wallpaper  :-)13:39
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ARM9hi any way to resize/move the /boot partition?14:31
Alexfrenchgparted tool maybe ?14:33
cfhowlettARM9, ask #ubuntu --- can't imagine what problem this would solve ...14:33
ARM9you can't modfiy it while it's mounted and I can't unmount it with gparted14:33
ARM9it'd solve the problem of me following an awful tutorial when installing xubuntu causing me to make a way undersized boot partition14:34
ARM9unless there's a way to purge it14:34
Alexfrenchi shut up14:34
cfhowlettARM9, "move" is not resize.  resize is easy.  boot your ubuntu usb, run gparted, resize.14:34
ARM9move and or resize14:35
cfhowlettARM9, what size is your boot and why ^ 3 did you manually set it?  ubuntu will automagically set it correctly.14:35
ARM9because I didn't want it to wipe my harddrive14:35
ARM9because I dual boot with windows14:35
cfhowlettARM9, ??? ubuntu will not wipe your drive unless you tell it to.   dual boot or no dual boot.  100 mb is normal /boot14:36
ARM9the only "automagical" option was to nuke other partitions14:37
ARM9I did not want to lose my windows partitions, obviously14:37
ARM9I'll try resizing it from thet live usb14:38
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slickymaster!hi | xubuntu20w16:00
ubottuxubuntu20w: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:00
xubuntu20wI'm looking to upgrade from 12.04 ti 14.04 . but in the software updater it only appears ubuntu 14.04.  Can I use that to upgrade tu xubuntu?16:01
xanguaxubuntu is ubuntu if that is what you mean16:03
xubuntu20wMy worry is that I don't like the ubuntu display, that is why I choosed xubuntu16:04
knomexubuntu20w, if you are running xubuntu, it will upgrade to xubuntu 14.0416:04
xubuntu20wI was able to customize it to my liking16:04
knomexubuntu20w, as xangua said, in this respect "xubuntu is ubuntu" (it uses the same core)16:05
xubuntu20wThanks a lot16:05
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kosmasHi Xubuntu Users.. Can anyone suggest something here :... http://askubuntu.com/questions/540333/monitor-connected-to-vga1-went-blank17:16
Alexfrenchin resume one day it stop to work ????17:19
Alexfrenchwithout you change anything ??17:19
kosmasthat is correct.. The last thing I remeber doing was to update the Kernel.17:20
Alexfrenchwould it be the problem ?17:22
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kosmasIt doesn't make anysense.. why should that be an issue? I am running 3.16.0-2317:23
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kosmasSince then i have updated the drivers, have updated the Kernel  and my Xubuntu to 14.10.. the monitor's sleepy.. :(17:25
brainwashis it tired?17:26
Alexfrenchbefore you had 14.04 ?17:27
kosmasit was running perfectly on 14.04.. All goo.. one morning turned on the machine and the monitor is not working17:33
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Alexfrenchand it is working on another one ??17:50
holsteinkosmas: 14.10 has a differnt kernel version that can be not as well supported by your hardware..17:51
kosmasholstein: I have updated the intel drivers as well and the thing is that the VGA1 was working without a problem.17:53
holsteinkosmas: its the update that can be the issue.. if the hardware doesnt support the updated drivers and kernel17:54
holsteinkosmas: how did you update the intel drivers?17:54
holsteinkosmas: you may want also run the 14.04 live version that *was* working without issue, and make sure the hardware is still functioning properly..17:55
kosmasholstein: I have use the  intel Graphics Installer for linux17:55
holsteinkosmas: the intel drivers that you need should be included in the kernel.. try stock 14.10, and if you want to use intel's drivers, be sure you seek support from intel for the software they provice17:55
kosmasholstein: you can have a look the Log file here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/8691151/17:55
Alexfrenchin your monitor it does not to have a economic energy function activated ????17:56
Alexfrenchby default ,17:56
kosmasAlecfrench: what is economic energy function?17:57
holsteinkosmas: can you make the monitor work the the 14.04 live CD? *if* 14.04 is better supported by your hardware, consider using it.. i always expect and try and except "issues" when running non-default operating systems17:57
holsteinkosmas: is the hardware asleep? or turned off in the bios? or disabled by a keyboard shortcut.. or in econ mode..17:57
Alexfrenchi am reading french forum on google, for example wiewsoni one have a economic mode17:57
kosmasholstein: Would you recommend to downgrade?17:59
holsteinkosmas: im saying, if the newer software from intel cant guarnatee linux functionality to your hardware that they create, then, downgrade may be the easiest, or literally, the only way to make your hardware do what you are are asking it to do18:00
holsteinkosmas: typically, with intel hardware, since its able to be open and included in the kernel, by default, the linux kernel comes with the "best" options for supporting hardware out of the box18:02
kosmasholstein: The monitor seems to try to display something and it did display for 3 weeks no problem and as soon as I have seen the problem I have upgraded to 14.10 hoping to fix this.18:03
holsteinkosmas: sounds like you are assuming, friend.. *if* the hardware work, and then broke, dont assume a software issue.. could be, 14.04 was fine for 3 weeks, then, the hardware broke18:04
holsteinkosmas: what i might do is install the default supported operating system the manufacturer promised me support for, and use a driver the manufacturer promised support for.. if the unit is not working there, then it is likely bad hardware..18:05
kosmasholstein: is there any to figure out where is the problem.18:07
holsteinkosmas: yes.. as i outlined, you try the software that the manufacturer promised you would work..18:07
holsteinkosmas: if you say 14.04 worked, and thenn just mysteriously one day stopped, after doing nothing like a software update that gets a new kernel version, but literally just stopped working one say, and "seems like its going to work", but has kind of a strange looking mess on the screen, then i say you have many things that point to broken hardware18:08
holsteinif you have broken hardware, upgrading to 14.10 wont address that..18:09
holsteinupdating to intel's own driver wont address that either.. typically, as i stated, intel hardware is well supported "out of the box".. so, the fact that you are having issues with it makes me think hardware.. especially since you state that it did work well at one time18:10
holsteinkosmas: have you tried a different monitor? have you tried the same monitor on a different graphics card?18:11
kosmasholstein: yes I did..18:19
holsteinkosmas: so, the current monitor works on other hardware? other monitors dont work on the graphics card in question?18:20
kosmasholstein: yes.. That is correct18:20
holsteinkosmas: how about the properly promised supported operating system and drivers?18:21
kosmaswell.. The lapot is an old one and was hoping that Xubuntu would support it nicely..18:29
holsteinkosmas: sure. its just that that is backwards.. its the laptop hardware that must support linux..18:29
Alexfrenchitis the screen of the laptop which switch off ?18:30
holsteinnothing about xubuntu is preventing you from running it on that hardware.. but, if its older, i would be checking the hardware to make sure its functional18:30
kosmasIt did on 12.04  till 14.04..  I see what you mean.. I can still work on DVI thouh18:30
holsteinkosmas: so, is the vga broken? or is it a support issue? if 12.04 worked, you can get the 12.04 live CD and run that as a "known good" environment, that will help you troubleshoot the question, "is the VGA broken?"18:31
holsteinkosmas: i think without answering that question, you are assumimg the issue is with the software.. and from what i read, its quite plausible the hardware is either broken, or disabled on the machine as Alexfrench is suggesting..18:32
Alexfrenchmaybe you should try to plug it another screen on yor laptop, sometimes it is possible18:34
Alexfrenchyour sorry18:34
kosmasAlexfrench: I do not know what to say.. It could be with the hardware the problem.. It is just that I would like to figure ut where there is the hardware or the software and track it down..18:38
holsteinkosmas: i agree.. and you *should* figure out where the issue is.. is it the issue with the hardware? have you tried a "known good" 12.04 live CD? have you tried whatever operating system and driver the hardare creators prmoised you would work?18:39
Alexfrenchyes but would it be possible that new drivers requires more power and your hardware don't support it ??18:40
Alexfrenchbut at least how could you resolve the problem ,18:40
holsteinsure.. *anything* is possible.. but, what i read is "things were perfectly fine for weeks in 14.04, then, all of a sudden, its stopped working".. thats sounds like breakage to me18:40
kosmasAlexfrench... I will dig out the liveCD of 12.04 and see if it does work under the live CD.18:41
Alexfrenchhardwre getting older ??18:41
holsteinnow.. if its "i was using 14.04, and upgraded the kernel, and things stopped working" or "i dropped the machine and it stopped working".. thats different18:41
Alexfrenchyou think so ??18:41
kosmasI will post the answers on the askubuntu..18:42
arvutI have some grub issues, how do I move a grub from one partition to another while keeping the config for EFI? I want to move it from xubuntu partition to gentoo partition and then get rid of xubuntu19:16
netzwurmHi. I am trying to figure out what is reducing my screen brightness in Xubuntu 14.04 while on battery. I can use caffeine to prevent the display from blanking after 10 minutes, but the screen brightness is still reduced after 3-5 minutes.19:26
arvutnetzwurm: check if there are any specific keys on your keyboard, might be a hardware feature19:28
arvutlike Fn-F819:28
netzwurmarvut: it's a macbook, I don't think it's a hardware feature. It didn't happen on other versions of linux.19:29
arvutnetzwurm: then we have two things in common, im trying to get grub2 moved to another partition on a macbook pro (2007ish version), it currently runs xubuntu and gentoo in dual boot19:31
arvutim remote-logged in via ssh and vnc, never had physical access to it but did a complete gentoo install on it like that and also configured grub to dualboot via ssh19:31
netzwurmarvut: hm. I am using grub-efi.19:32
arvutthe owner has little knowledge and time for the maintenance so im administating it for him19:32
arvutnetzwurm: yeah, this one has EFI too, but its the normal grub commands for setting it up it seems19:32
Alexfrenchis there a retroeclairage on your macbook ???19:33
netzwurmAlexfrench: as in, a keyboard backlight?19:35
netzwurmarvut: but are you using grub-efi or are you using grub-pc?19:35
netzwurmarvut: because, if you are using the efi version, it would be installed in the efi-partition on the macbook, so no need to move it?19:36
netzwurmI guess my own question is simply if there is a place to configure automatic reduction of screen brightness in xubuntu 14.04. I remember xfce4-power-manager having an option like that but I can't find it.19:37
Alexfrenchis there a luminosite sensor on your mac ??? french forum mac tells about problem like that19:40
Alexfrenchhey speak about a manual application called Laptick19:41
netzwurmAlexfrench: hm. yes, there is.19:45
netzwurmAlexfrench: Although it's weird that it only dims the screen a few minutes after being on battery.19:47
netzwurmAlexfrench: that doesn't sound like something to do with the ambient light sensor (which, if you were to determine brightness by would certainly do so all the time?)19:48
netzwurmAlexfrench: in other words, the ambient light sensor wouldn't dim the screen on idle.19:48
Alexfrenchyes you re right19:49
arvutnetzwurm: I have no idea what is installed, I'm used to gentoo but have some previous experience with ubuntu from 2 years ago or so.19:49
Alexfrenchhow it happens ???19:49
Alexfrenchlike this one day ??19:49
arvutaltho, I can see grub-glue-efi and grub-macbless as available commands19:50
netzwurmAlexfrench: I am only using xubuntu now. It's a fresh installation.19:51
netzwurmAlexfrench: coming from Debian.19:51
arvutnetzwurm: xubuntu set up the whole grubconfig, i just ran "grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg" and changed the bootorder19:52
netzwurmAlexfrench: I guess my problem is that too many things are fiddling with the power management. You never know what is causing what. Is it pm-utils, systemd-logind, xfce...19:52
Alexfrenchdo you think is a mac hardware problem or xubuntu software ?19:52
netzwurmAlexfrench: I suspect it's a software problem.19:53
Alexfrenchok i am still searching19:54
netzwurmAlexfrench: actually, here is something interesting.19:55
Alexfrenchi find this, look19:55
netzwurmI just installed the power manager from 14.10. It has a setting to reduce display brightness after 120 seconds.19:55
netzwurmAlexfrench: it seems consistent with what I have been experiencing.19:55
Alexfrenchah great !19:55
netzwurmAlexfrench: now, I don't really want to run my own backport, so I still would like to know how to disable that in 14.04.19:56
kosmasholstein: I turned on a LiveCD Xubuntu and the VGA1 didn't work either.. Monitor's still blank!19:59
arvutI can assure you that gentoo runs way better on mac hardware than xbuntu does20:01
arvutnot sure if it has to do with newer kernel or such20:01
netzwurmarvut: this is a production machine. I don't have time to run gentoo on it. :)20:02
netzwurmarvut: but more importantly, the hardware support on this machine is fine. i am just working out a few kinks. After that, it'll be peace until the next lts release.20:02
netzwurmarvut: (and i do like gentoo).20:03
arvutheh, I think gentoo is far less timeconsuming when it comes to maintenance, but thats just me20:04
arvutonce you know how to get it running, its actually faster to install than ubuntu20:04
arvutaltho, compiling most of the software can be more timeconsuming20:04
netzwurmarvut: that's what I am talking about.20:05
arvutaltho once its all compiled its well worth it :P20:11
xubuntu280Hi knome, i have a question about installing xbuntu20:37
knomejust ask the question and if somebody knows the answer, they'll most likely reply20:37
xubuntu280during install i get: Glib CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0'  failed20:40
xubuntu280I believe the system is not installing anymore, should I start all over, or is there a way to continue20:40
Alexfrenchit is reported as a mozilla firefox bug20:46
ubottuMozilla bug 672671 in Disability Access APIs ""GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed" on startup, for version 7 and earlier" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]20:47
glitchdhello all21:23
glitchdanyone else having issues with suspend on 13.10?21:24
miaurielhey everyone. Im trying to change the wallpaper on xubuntu 14.04. There is no "desktop" settings in the settings menu, and nothing happens when I right click on the desktop. Also, if I go into ristretto and set as background, nothing happens. any thoughts?21:28
arvutwell that was fast21:30
arvutsome ppl just don't have the patience to wait for a reply21:30
miaurielShort attention spans are a thing these days21:32
miaurielAnyone have any ideas regarding the wallpaper issue?21:36
drcmiauriel: what happens if you open thunar, right mouse click on the image file you want, selet set as wall paper?21:41
miaurielhmm id have to use thunar. I use pcmanfm21:42
miaurieldrc: ill give it a try21:42
miaurieldrc: nothing. my desktop is still black21:43
drcmiauriel: BTW: all three of the ways you tried should work (4 with thunar), so i suspect there's something really off with your system.  No idea what, however...sorry.21:44
miaurieldaNG. ok thanks21:44
miaurielis there a program I can download to handle my desktop?21:44
drcanyone else with any ideas?21:44
knomemiauriel, is it an upgraded system?21:46
miaurielknome: what do you mean by that? I have updated/upgraded it,21:47
drcmiauriel: 13.10->14.04 upgrade, I think he means.21:47
drcNot a 14.04 fresh install.21:47
miaurielI installed 14.04 fresh21:48
miaurielI went to /usr/share/applications and found my "desktop preferences", but when i click it it says desktop manager is not active21:50
drcmiauriel: Is a "new" install (like today) or one that's been working for a while?21:51
miaurielcouple days21:52
xubuntuPPCI just upgraded my PowerBook G4 to 14.04, I am seeing the cpu spikes 100% when I run firefox and watch youtube. Anyone here has simialr issues?21:53
drcOK, I'm of the "why waste time" school...Sounds like there's something seriously off with your system (and who knows what else is lurking below the surface).  If there is no compelling reason not to, I'd say re-install.  BTW, I'd grab a 14.0.1 iso and install that.21:54
drcmaijin: ^^21:54
drcmiauriel: ^^21:55
knomemiauriel, what happens if you press alt+f2 and run "xfdesktop" ?21:55
skribblezatchaxubuntuPPC: did you restart your system after the upgrade just to do so before starting to watch videos?21:57
miaurielknome: i just tried running it at terminal and it said it wasnt installed21:58
miaurielgoing to try and install xfdesktop421:59
xubuntuPPCyes, when I did the screen was blank except the cursor, I had to edit the yaboot.config file to fix that and I was able to login21:59
xubuntuPPCeverything runs fine except when launch an app the cpu spikes or when I got o youtube21:59
miaurielknome: im going to try a reboot now and see if that helps22:01
miaurielknome: installing xfdesktop4 followed by a reboot solved my problems!22:02
xubuntuPPCfrom my cpuinfo: clock 833.333000MHz22:03
xubuntuPPC512k L222:04
xubuntuPPC2048MB of RAM22:04
xubuntuPPCI know this an old machine but I am hoping I can get better performance22:05
miaurielwow holy god did it ever work!22:05
knomemiauriel, sounds weird that you didn't have xfdesktop installed, but good to hear it's solved now22:11
miaurielknome: one quick question. Where can I get better applets for my panel?22:12
knomexubuntuPPC, ppc machines aren't exactly supported (and many of us can't tell much about them), so maybe you might have better results by looking around for info elsewhere22:12
knomemiauriel, what are you looking for?22:12
knomethe xfce panel doesn't have a whole lot of applets22:13
miaurielknome: better battery, network, and volume applets22:13
knomethere should be a better battery indicator in 14.1022:16
miaurielhmm ill see if i can find it22:17
miaurielno luck yet22:20
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