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noodles775marcoceppi: hrm, it looks like moving the elasticsearch branches is causing jujucharms.com to error: https://jujucharms.com/trusty/elasticsearch-6/01:02
noodles775marcoceppi: that is, I see a notification in the GUI: Charm API error of type: no_such_charm01:02
josejcastro: around now. what's up?01:27
sebas5384hey guys! o/01:39
sebas5384somebody know news about the vagrant flow?01:39
jujuFighey, life! Last time I has here it was silence the whole time02:19
jujuFigI don't suppose anyone feels like helping me with a DNS related issue, would they?02:20
thumperwhat sort of issue?02:20
thumperthe juju hackers idle here too, but don't always answer idle pings02:21
jujuFigI'm running juju under vagrant. That was fine, but I have a charm that needs FQDNs for it to work properly (no ips). I I;m trying to setup a DNS server on my Vagrant box, but I have no idea how to get the juju charms (vms in themselves) to pick up on it02:22
thumperwouldn't it be easier just to set a FQN for the machine?02:24
thumperisn't that faster than setting up a DNS server?02:24
jujuFigWell, yeah, haha, probably. But I'm trying to augment a charm, and I want to have it do some slick horizontal scaling... Except it really won't work with IPs. If i hacked around and ste the FQDNs manually and played in the /etc/hosts file its not very slick02:25
jujuFigI guess this is the price I pay for not having physicaly DNS servers at my house, hehe02:29
thumperwhat is it that you are trying to scale?02:29
jujuFigIt's a web application running on tomcat actually (but it's more complicated than that)02:30
* thumper thinks who might be able to help02:31
thumperit is late for jcastro and marcoceppi02:32
thumperthey probably aren't around02:32
* thumper can't think of anyone else of the top of his head02:32
rick_h_jujuFig: https://jujucharms.com/~lazypower/precise/dns-3/?text=dns#readme might be worth a look?02:33
jujuFigI'll check back sometime tomorrow and see if I can find someone!02:34
jujuFigOh, thanks rick, I'll take a look at that too02:34
rick_h_jujuFig: but basically this works in MAAS because you setup and run a dns server + dhcp server configured to use it. I'm not sure how you'd do this without doing that work aside from some sort of subordinate that you tack onto each service to try to configure dns stuff onto them02:35
rick_h_jujuFig: I'd check out what others do for vagrant and dns: https://inuits.eu/blog/dns-ubuntu-lxc for instance and http://goo.gl/ZHSwGo02:36
* rick_h_ is up past his bed time and runs away 02:37
jujuFigThanks again!02:37
rick_h_np, good luck02:38
rick_h_I look forward to a blog post on how you got it all working :)02:38
jujuFigAlmost certainly :)02:39
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lazyPowertvansteenburgh: meteorjs just went 1.0 yesterday17:05
tvansteenburghlazyPower: thanks for the heads-up17:06
lazyPowernp o/17:16
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sebas5384hey! o/18:13
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sebas5384i was wondering if I still need swift in openstack in order to bootstrap an openstack environment18:14
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fuzzytvansteenburgh: Are you planning on moving the meteor charm to trusty anytime soon?19:43
tvansteenburghfuzzy: it's not high on my priority list, but i imagine i'd get around to it eventually19:44
tvansteenburghfuzzy: although honestly i guess it would be quick and easy, assuming the tests pass19:45
tvansteenburghfuzzy: i can try to squeeze that in later this afternoon19:45
fuzzyOk np, it's just the only thing in my Juju stack that is not trusty so I thought I would ask. :)19:45
tvansteenburghah cool, i'll do it!19:45
fuzzyThank you!19:45
tvansteenburghsure thing19:45
fuzzyIf you pm me a paypal email to send you beer money I'll happily send ya a tip :)19:46
tvansteenburghwow, incentive indeed19:47
tvansteenburghnot necessary though :) if we ever meet in person you can buy me a beer19:47
fuzzyFair enough but I don't get out much and it's easier for me just to push buttons :)19:48
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noodles775marcoceppi, tvansteenburgh : What does a charm MP need to have the auto tests run? I'm trying to fix the testing for the elasticsearch charm, but aren't triggering the tests: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/charms/trusty/elasticsearch/use-new-charmhelpers/+merge/23993522:34
marcoceppinoodles775: it's not quite automatic yet22:34
marcoceppithe indicators are clickable22:34
marcoceppinoodles775: I don't see your merge proposal in here http://review.juju.solutions/22:35
marcoceppiah, because charmers doesn't own the branch anymore22:35
marcoceppithat's something that will be landing in the next release of the review queue22:36
marcoceppibut if it's not a charmers branch it doesn't show up in the review queue22:36
marcoceppinext week you'll have an onlineservices-charmers queue with your items in there and the testing associated with it22:36
noodles775marcoceppi: yeah, i don't want it reviewed yet anyway, but do want to run the auto tests on hp/ec2 etc. So that's not possible at the moment?22:37
marcoceppinoodles775: not exactly, I can help you with that offline tomorrow22:37
marcoceppiit's EOD here22:37
marcoceppithere are ways around that22:37
noodles775marcoceppi: ok, enjoy your evening. Thanks for jumping in and replying :)22:38
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