soeegood morning07:15
lordievaderGood morning.09:28
Riddellhola chicos09:28
Riddellsoee: pong09:28
RiddellSick_Rimmit: did you manage to get anywhere with libkpeople yesterday?09:40
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Hi yes am making progress. 09:47
Riddellwhere did you get to?09:53
soeeRiddell: you said yesterday that there are some problems with packaging kde-telepathy?10:02
Riddellsoee: not problems just that it's a big task10:05
RiddellI got it all done for vivid except putting it in debian git and libkpeople which Sick_Rimmit is working on10:05
Sick_RimmitYes, I have a build almost working just got to get the KDE symbols patch to work properly10:06
Sick_RimmitThen I will package for Vivid10:06
Sick_RimmitHope to get utopic build completed this evening, sgclark is helping me10:06
Riddellshe's handy like that10:10
soeeRiddell: cool, thanks10:13
lordievaderHey sgclark, how are you?10:28
sgclarkgood, yourself?10:28
lordievaderDoing allright, got coffee :)10:30
sgclarkme too!10:30
lordievaderWell, no longer. Just finished it. Contemplating wether I should make another cup...10:30
Riddelldon't do it! it'll be a slippery slope!10:39
lordievaderRiddell: Does that really matter when it comes to coffee :P10:42
Riddellone day the coffee will run out and then what will you do!?11:14
* sgclark gasps11:15
sgclarknot get up this early lol11:15
QuintasanMan I broke redshift11:18
QuintasanSilly me11:18
Riddellsgclark: what's the status of qwt?11:23
sgclarkRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~sgclark/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu/+packages qt5 for utopic is done. source-missing is a doxygen thing I can't seem to sort. I am working on a vivid chroot now.11:27
BluesKajHi folks11:40
BluesKaja user wants to remove systemd from 14.10 is this possible without breakage?11:48
Riddellum, it's not in 14.1011:49
Riddellbut the bits of systemd which are in will be used so they'd be very much on their own11:49
shadeslayerBluesKaj: why?11:50
BluesKajyeah, I know the boot section isn't enabled unless set up manually in grub and it's used by udev otherwise11:53
BluesKajshadeslayer, a user was asking in $kubuntu 11:53
BluesKajerr #kubuntu11:54
=== kbroulik is now known as kbroulik-lunch
sgclarkRiddell: oh, no next for vivid or ?12:22
Riddellsgclark: how do you mean?12:24
Riddellright.  I haven't quite got it sorted in my head but I think kf5 and plasma5 packages should go in the normal PPAs not the next ones12:24
Riddellfor vivid12:25
Riddelland indeed into the archive proper12:25
sgclarkahh that makes sense12:25
=== kbroulik-lunch is now known as kbroulik
soeeRiddell: plasma5 will be default in vv ?13:23
Riddellsoee: I'm saying it is, nobody objecting so far13:33
Riddelldebfx: debian is on cmake 3?14:01
_Groo_Riddell: hi riddell14:08
_Groo_i backported (actually upported :P) cmplayer to utopic, what is the proper way to commit it for our beloved kubuntu14:09
Riddellwhat is cmplayer?14:09
soeeRiddell: this http://cmplayer.github.io/ ?14:10
sgclarkScottK: despite my best efforts, I don't believe qwt-6.1.1 will be accepted into debian due to Doxygen shipping a minified jquery.js and linking to system causes bad formatted docs. There are piles of bugs all over with this problem. Let me know if you have ideas.14:12
Riddell_Groo_: I guess put it in a PPA for vivid so it's easily available/testable and then e-mail kubuntu-devel or ubuntu-motu or work out how to get it into debian14:12
_Groo_soee: yep14:14
_Groo_Riddell: any chance of backporting it to utopic? its a very nice (vaapi/vdpau enabled) qt5.x player... the best for us (kde) in my opinion, by far14:15
_Groo_Riddell: in my ppa i already have the utopic version ready14:15
_Groo_Riddell: yep14:15
Riddell_Groo_: yeah it can be backported but it has to be in current before it can be backported :)14:16
_Groo_Riddell: right, my question is... to be able to add it i need to go: vivid -> motu -> debian -> current -> backports?14:16
debfxRiddell: yep, although after reading kde-core-devel I'm not sure if that was a good idea.14:18
Riddelldebfx: do you have any recommendation for kubuntu vivid (current development)14:19
Riddell_Groo_: I think options are  kubuntu to vivid -> utopic-backports   motu to vivid -> utopic-backports   or  debian -> vivid -> utopic-backports14:20
Riddelldebian would be best as that would make it available to the most people14:20
Riddellbut probably not the easiest14:20
Riddelland I honestly don't know if motu take contributions any more14:21
* sgclark agrees14:21
Riddellthey may just send you to debian14:21
debfxRiddell: do you know if cmake or kde-frameworks has been fixed?14:23
Riddelldebfx: fixed for what?14:28
debfxRiddell: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-buildsystem&m=141409836220076&w=214:33
Riddelldebfx: ah so it's an issue with cmake 3.114:45
Peace-i got an error compiling kdeconnect 0.7.2 that it's this 14:46
Peace-CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/KDE4Macros.cmake:1021 (add_executable):14:47
Peace-  Cannot find source file:14:47
Peace-    ../core/backends/lan/socketlinereader.cpp14:47
Riddelldebfx: just spoke to upstream plasma who says cmake 3.1 should be fixed and cmake upstream responded quickly14:47
Riddelldebfx: it looks all green http://build.kde.org/view/Frameworks/14:47
Peace-because kde connect has a bad bug on kubuntu , you can't use android like mouse ...14:47
Peace-i had to compile it but :D i got that weirdo message apt-file say nothing about socketlinereader 14:47
RiddellPeace-: that suggests to me the file is missing in kdeconnect sources no?14:49
Peace-let me download again the source code14:49
Peace-Riddell: anyway thank you for the tip14:49
_Groo_Riddell: so if debian is hard, and motu doesnt accept contributions, the only way is to leave it in a ppa?14:51
Peace-Riddell: ;D damn it it was that i used the old folder and maybe i have deleted something thank you very much !14:51
Riddell_Groo_: no it leaves kubuntu (and I don't know if motu accepts anything, they're not very active)14:52
Riddell_Groo_: either way you go you should put it in your PPA just so it's easy for others to test14:52
_Groo_Riddell: its already there14:52
_Groo_i just wanted to send it to kubuntu-ninjas and perhaps backports ppa14:52
_Groo_or wherever you send packages to die now14:53
Riddell_Groo_: for vivid? cos that's what we'll care about in the first instance14:53
_Groo_Riddell: sure, i can repackage it for vivid14:53
sgclarkRiddell: vivid qwt port https://launchpad.net/~sgclark/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-vivid/+packages14:53
Riddellsgclark: awooga14:54
sgclarkRiddell: wqt qt4 ? or is there a more pressing package / anything that needs doing?14:54
kubotusgclark meant: "Riddell: qwt qt4 ? or is there a more pressing package / anything that needs doing?"14:54
Riddellsgclark: was about to ask, I think while you're on qwt you may as well finish the job14:55
Riddellinfact I don't want to look at qwt-qt5 until qt4 is there too so I can compare the two14:55
sgclarkok qt4 it is!14:55
debfxRiddell: so it only affected 3.1 but not 3.0?14:56
Riddelldebfx: it only affected 3.1 RC I think, cmake 3.1 in git is fine14:57
Riddelland not at all 3.014:58
debfxok, then it makes sense to pull 3.0 into vivid14:58
=== toscalix_away is now known as toscalix
Riddelldebfx: bug 1357270 is a previous merge for cmake 2.8 and there's a couple of changes it thinks should be kept in ubuntu, any idea if they're relevant for cmake 3?15:00
ubottubug 1357270 in cmake (Ubuntu) "Merge cmake (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135727015:00
Riddellneither seem to be ubuntu specific15:00
debfxI haven't checked, though I kind of doubt that the MultiArchCross stuff has been upstreamed.15:02
Riddelldebfx: don't you want to upstream them to debian at least?15:03
_Groo_Riddell: k, its in https://launchpad.net/~paulo-miguel-dias/+archive/ubuntu/peppa/+packages15:04
Riddell_Groo_: that package has no .orig tar15:06
Riddell_Groo_: where does the version number come from? 0.8.16-3~padoka2  was is -3 ?15:07
Riddellwhat is -3 ?15:07
debfxRiddell: possibly if the author opens a bug and explains the changes. but debian is frozen now anyway.15:08
_Groo_Riddell: 0.8.16 is the software version number15:08
_Groo_-3 is my third iteration with it (i have it installed locally via one of my other ppas)15:09
_Groo_~padoka is my own brand15:09
Riddell_Groo_: can you upload it with a .orig tar ?15:09
_Groo_debuild -S -sa didnt create the orig?15:10
Riddell_Groo_: the orig is created by you, that's why it's called original :)15:11
_Groo_better question, how do i make debuild ask or use for the orig file?:15:11
Riddelldebian/source/format needs to be  3.0 (native)  I think15:11
_Groo_already there15:11
Riddelloh no that's wrong15:12
_Groo_k, im downloading the original source code from the website15:12
Riddell3.0 (quilt)15:12
Riddellis the one15:12
_Groo_Riddell: how do you want the version format?15:28
_Groo_0.8.16-0~ppa0 ?15:28
_Groo_Riddell: done.. should be ok now15:35
Riddell_Groo_: boom, compile failure15:38
_Groo_it was working fine before15:41
_Groo_before i created the orig file15:41
RiddellI would expect the orig tar to come from upstream rather than you having to create it15:43
_Groo_it was from upstream, thats why it doesnt compile lol15:43
_Groo_its missing code15:43
_Groo_it need to download ffmpeg and libcharset15:44
_Groo_and fails15:45
_Groo_im remaking the orig file to add the missing external dependencies15:46
_Groo_i forget thats why i renamed it padoka instead of orig, to know i had to add stuff by hand :P15:46
_Groo_where can i get a COPYRIGHT file15:48
_Groo_its missing that one15:48
_Groo_CHANGES COPYING, GPL MPL all there15:48
_Groo_just COPYRIGHT is missing15:48
Riddellah it downloads stuff at build time, that's not going to work with ubuntu packaging indeed15:49
Riddellffmpeg may not have a happy licence for ubuntu either15:49
_Groo_remade the package, uploading now15:52
_Groo_lets see how it goes15:52
Riddellusually best to test in pbuilder if you're unsure15:53
_Groo_it will work :P15:54
_Groo_110% sure15:54
ScottKsgclark: I _think_ you can use the "built-using" field to specify with doxygen you built the package with and then the doxygen in question is the "source" for the js.16:30
ScottKThere's a thread on the topic on debian-devel right now.16:30
sgclarkok, will look, thanks ScottK16:31
karanhey i am planning to apply for  Project: Finish test.kubuntu.co.uk for KDE SOC and looking out for mentors here.16:58
Riddellhi karan, I'm afraid that's already taken up by another student who's already started working17:06
karanare there no other vacanies for it?17:08
Riddellnot for that website I fear17:09
Riddellnow replacing www.kde.org, there's a project, but I think more than the three months worth17:09
Riddelldebfx: cmake 3.0.2 uploaded to vivid!17:09
karanokay thats not a problem but what technologies are required for it?17:13
Riddellkaran: for kubuntu.org? we want to move to wordpress which is php and mysql and of course a good eye for design and readability17:14
karani know wordpress and ussing its plugins, and for the database part i am familiar with mysql but i dont know php but am ready to learn it17:16
Riddellkde.org is raw php (and html) which is crappy, whenever I have to write a release announcement I end up feeling like I'm back in 200017:17
Riddellyou could ask on the kde-www list if there are any jobs that need doing and if anyone will mentor them17:17
karanRiddell: thanks a lot :)17:22
Riddellapachelogger: phonon default for kubuntu?  gstreamer or vlc?17:28
sgclarkScottK: Unfortunately, Built-Using: libjs-jquery (= 1.7.1) did absolutely nothing except add embedded jquery lintian error to my pile of source-missing errors. Doxygen lumps several js scripts into this Jquery file which might be the problem. In one of the million bug reports Doxygen closed the bug saying they will not change their method.17:48
* sgclark bangs head17:48
sgclarkRiddell: do we care about this issue? I am otherwise done...17:49
Riddellgrr, doxygen are evil17:51
Riddellsgclark: yes we do but if you want to quietly slip it in you wouldn't be the first17:53
sgclarkwell it seems to be a comon problem with no solutions17:56
_Groo_Riddell: k now its working https://launchpad.net/~paulo-miguel-dias/+archive/ubuntu/peppa/+packages18:00
Riddell_Groo_: a good first step :)18:01
_Groo_Riddell: funny man :P18:01
Riddellthank you, I'm here all week18:02
_Groo_Riddell: lolololol18:02
Riddellactually no I'm not I think I'll be away tomorrow18:02
_Groo_why? out of booze?18:03
Riddellnot at all, I have a guest staying this week and it would be nice to go for a healthy walk in the hills18:06
_Groo_Riddell: take a shovel18:06
_Groo_reiser did the exacts same walk with is lovely wife18:07
_Groo_if you have an iphone, siri can help with finding a place to ditch the body(ies)18:07
_Groo_you welcome :)18:08
Riddellblack humour that18:10
_Groo_humour, what humour? oO18:10
_Groo_i just dont want you to make the same mistakes i did!18:10
_Groo_so, now that cmplayer is compiled, with a orig file and in a ppa, now hat?18:13
Riddell_Groo_: you need someone to review it, e-mail kubuntu-devel and someone will take a look as soon as possible18:16
_Groo_define someone18:16
_Groo_what is the kubuntu-devel email?18:16
RiddellI'll take a look when I can, I just want the e-mail as a reminder18:17
_Groo_what do i write in the email? hi, my name is groo, i like long walks at the beach, unicorns and world peace?18:17
Riddellor maybe someone else will get there first18:17
Riddellyep that will endear you to us for sure18:17
Riddellbut you might also want to mention you want this package reviewed18:18
RiddellI suspect the tricky point will be inclusion of ffmpeg18:18
_Groo_since its statically compiled in the included mplayer i dont see why not... its not messing with the libav in thesystem, is all contained18:19
Riddellthere's patent issues in libav I think18:19
Riddellbut I'm not sure, need to remind myself18:20
_Groo_do i need to be authorized to post to kubuntu-devel?18:20
Riddellno but you need to be a member18:20
_Groo_just sent it, see if you got it in the list18:23
ScottKsgclark: I don't think it'll make lintian happy, but I think it's policy compliant.18:37
ScottKI brought it up in the d-devel thread and no one said I was wrong yet.18:37
RiddellScottK: any idea why smokegen is in main?18:45
=== rdieter_work is now known as rdieter
sgclarkScottK: ok, I will provide a link to the thread when trying for sponsership. Best I can do, because I am short on better ideas.18:48
_Groo_Riddell: did my email show up in themlist?18:55
Riddell_Groo_: nope not seem it18:55
Riddellnothing here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2014-October/thread.html18:56
Riddellwhat address did you post from and what address did you sign up from?18:56
* Riddell blogs https://blogs.kde.org/2014/10/29/kubuntu-vivid-bright-blue19:11
_Groo_Riddell:  kubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com i sent19:13
_Groo_subscribed through https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/kubuntu-devel19:14
Riddell_Groo_: what's your address?19:14
* sgclark shares19:15
Riddell_Groo_: you weren't a member, I just added you, try resending your e-mail19:15
Riddellkubotu: yay!19:15
_Groo_Riddell: strange i sent the membership request19:16
_Groo_k just resend it19:17
_Groo_did it came through?19:20
_Groo_in a non sexual way?19:20
sgclarkRiddell: shared on all our social stuffs19:22
* sgclark back to hating doxygen19:22
Riddellyay thanks sgclark 19:23
_Groo_Riddell: did you get it? in the list?19:28
Riddell_Groo_: yep got it now thanks19:28
_Groo_Riddell: any news on having a weekly build for plasma 5.2 branch?19:36
_Groo_for testing, destruction, general fun and games19:36
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_work
Riddell_Groo_: voila http://files.kde.org/snapshots/19:44
_Groo_Riddell: not an ISO, a ppa19:53
_Groo_so i can just do dist-upgrade and go back to play with my pink poneis19:53
Riddell_Groo_: voila https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable19:56
_Groo_THANK YOU< HUHUUUUUU, updating now...19:56
_Groo_mayhem, destruction, annihilation here i come!19:57
_Groo_should i keep the plasma-next? or just this one?19:58
Sick_RimmitHmm after practicing (wrestling) with pkgkde-symbolshelper I have a Utopic build of libkpeople3 underway20:24
sgclark_Groo_: depends how brave you are, unstable is just that.. unstable20:24
Sick_RimmitFingers crossed it builds right this time20:24
* sgclark cheers Sick_Rimmit20:25
Sick_RimmitI'm not having any joy20:34
Sick_RimmitI think the problem is the libkpeople4 libraries causing a SONAME mismatch20:34
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: yup, you need to rename the packages in control file remove 3 and ues 420:35
sgclarkSONAME was bumped to 420:35
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: this will also mean you will need to fix install files etc, anything to do with the package name chage20:36
* Sick_Rimmit brain gears whirr, 20:36
sgclarkheh, be happy you are not packaging the beast I have been working on, banging my head against a wall20:37
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: open the control file in /debian20:38
Sick_Rimmitsgclark: OK20:39
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: look for Package: libkpeople3 and all other Package: blahblah320:39
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: those need to be changed to 4 instead of 520:39
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: those need to be changed to 4 instead of 3...20:39
Sick_RimmitOK Understood s/4/3/20:40
_Groo_strange, they were supposed to have fixed the wallpaper "ghost" thumbnail bug, but its till here20:40
_Groo_maybe i need to clean .config,.ccache etc etc20:40
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: you will noticed in the /debian there are .install files for each package in the control file20:40
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: those need to be renamed to match your new 4 packages20:41
soee_Groo_: clearing cache does not helped me, though iv seen some videos from Poalsma5 where the ghost thumbs were gone, not sure how though20:42
soeemaybe some fresh installation20:42
_Groo_soee: :P20:43
Sick_RimmitOK 2 Package: entries changed in control, and one .install file20:43
_Groo_whoever had the bright idea of moving .kde to all over the place should be shot in the face20:43
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: that copyright error is simply on line 74 there is a blank line. All blank lines inside License: need to have a period rather than the blank line.20:43
sgclarkthe seems rather harsh _Groo_20:44
_Groo_it was so easy, remove .kde, there, pristine desktop20:44
_Groo_now you need to hunt this shit all over the place :P20:44
_Groo_sgclark: fine just hand him by the balls in some public place till he passes out20:44
* Sick_Rimmit Ah I am starting to understand20:45
Sick_RimmitOK, my thoughts are that I need not pkgkde-symbols patch. having made those changes I should now try to pbuild again. yes ?20:47
Sick_RimmitSorry that's not clear20:48
Sick_RimmitI mean it should be ready for me to try to pbuild again20:48
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: Yeah out-of-date-standards needs you to go through https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist can leave that for this package until you read that and get more experience20:48
Sick_RimmitIm gonna DO IT20:48
sgclarklol go for it20:49
ScottKRiddell: Looks like smokegen is main because debconf uses libqtgui4-perl.21:24
Riddelloh yes that rings a bell21:43
RiddellSick_Rimmit: how's it going?21:44
Sick_RimmitYep its going21:44
Sick_RimmitInfact your question is timely, I almost have a decent build21:44
Sick_RimmitLooks like I fxied the symbols stuff, thanks to sgclark21:45
Sick_RimmitCan you point me in the direction of the right file to correct htis 21:45
Sick_Rimmitlibkpeople source: syntax-error-in-dep5-copyright line 74: Continuation line outside a paragraph (maybe line 73 should be " .").21:45
Sick_RimmitIs it the copyright file in /debian21:46
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: yes21:46
Sick_RimmitHmmm right. I corrected that file..21:46
Sick_RimmitIt has BSD License line entry which ends para with a Colon :21:46
Sick_RimmitHang On - ill paste it21:47
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: ok21:47
Sick_RimmitAh its OK I see it I see now21:47
Sick_RimmitI did realise how the copyright file was formatting EOL..21:48
Sick_Rimmitits using a . on its own line21:48
Sick_Rimmitfixing it21:48
Sick_Rimmitbuilding again21:49
Sick_RimmitMy suspicion is that the Build for vivid should just be a quick dch change to the target and a new pbuild chroot.. yes ?21:50
sgclarkRiddell: qwt-qt4 and qwt-qt5 for vivid building in https://launchpad.net/~sgclark/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-vivid/+packages21:50
valorieQuintasan: you were working on redshift?21:50
valorieI could have used it yesterday21:50
Quintasanvalorie: Yes, that seems to be the case.21:50
valorieit was broken for me 21:51
QuintasanAnd I know what's broken but couldn't get it into utopic since I was busy21:51
valorieI did file a bug, and saw yours too21:51
QuintasanI'll fix the dependency one.21:51
QuintasanAbout geoclue - no idea.21:51
valorieand actually I experienced your bug in 14.10 but didn't file it21:51
valorieboo on me21:51
valoriedarn it21:52
valoriefor now I installed a dark theme, but there are white bits all over the place21:52
sgclarkyofel: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1330180 would you like me to backport to trusty or was there an issue?21:52
ubottuError: kde bug 1330180 not found21:52
valoriehi sgclark, did you end up coming to Seattle last Sunday?21:53
sgclarkyofel: #1330180 would you like me to backport to trusty or was there an issue?21:53
sgclarkvalorie: nah, I had some life stuff to work through :(21:53
* Sick_Rimmit Get in there you beauty21:58
Sick_Rimmitlibkpeople is built21:58
Sick_Rimmitsgclark: Please can you cast your eye over this 21:59
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: no errors :) looks to be a work of perfection22:00
Sick_RimmitOK what do I do with,22:00
Sick_RimmitI mean can I push it up to the repo22:01
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: you have a personal ppa set up?22:01
Sick_Rimmitcan I can I 22:01
Sick_RimmitOoo err...22:01
Sick_Rimmitdunno 22:01
Sick_Rimmitlet me have a look22:01
valoriefolks, are people here successfully using kdeconnect with plasma 5?22:01
valorieit won't start for me at all22:01
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: it took alot of packaging to get push rights. I usually put in a personal ppa you can set up on your launchpad page22:02
valoriealong with redshift, kpat, and the puzzle thing I tried last night22:02
Sick_RimmitNo I have no PPA's setup22:02
valorienot sure if it is us, or KDE problem22:02
sgclarkvalorie: I had to do some funky dbus command to get it to work. let me see if I can find post22:02
sgclarknot ideal for your typical user though I suspect22:03
valorieso is that a packaging problem, or should I file a bug in KDE against kdeconnect?22:03
sgclarkoh I don't kinow, I have never looked at that package22:04
valorieafter I installed palapeli, and tried to run it, I got the same error message I get with kpat22:05
valorieKDEInit could not launch 'kpat':22:05
valorieCould not open library '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_kpat'.22:05
valorieCannot load library /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_kpat: (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_kpat.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)22:05
valorieI filed a bko bug, but perhaps it was the wrong place to file22:06
Sick_RimmitOK Looking at your profile sgclarkmy thinking is to create 2 PPA's kubuntu-utopic, and kubuntu-vivid22:07
sgclarklibkdeinit5_kpat.so is a frameworks build... and afasik we don't have any apps yet frameworks builds22:07
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: yeah22:07
Sick_Rimmitsgclark: Cool thanks for your reassurance22:07
valoriesgclark: are you saying that the games have been ported to f5, and that is why they aren't working?22:08
valorieor that they have not22:08
sgclarkvalorie: I think that is an upstream issue if you are using normal 4.14.* KDE SC22:09
sgclarkvalorie: let me see if I have the problem22:09
valorieno, I have plasma 5, 14.1022:10
sgclark14.10???? did I miss a release?22:10
Quintasanyofel: Does dch pick up your email address automagicall?22:11
QuintasanI have DEBEMAIL="quintasan@kubuntu.org" in .devscripts but it still marks me as quintasan@demonbane which makes no sense.22:11
Quintasanit ignores the,22:12
sgclarkvalorie: or 14.10 as in utopic..? too many 14's lol22:12
Quintasansgclark: Utopic is 14.1022:12
QuintasanTrusty is 14.0422:12
valorieutopic, yes22:12
sgclarkyes I know that..22:12
sgclarkThe next KDE Applications is  14.12 , sorry for my confusion22:13
valoriehaha, too many damn numbers22:13
valorieusers constantly confuse me in #kubuntu22:14
Quintasanvalorie: bug #1312896 should be fixed in vivid as soon as I testbuild it.22:16
ubottubug 1312896 in plasma-widget-redshift (Ubuntu) "plasma-widget-redshift does not pull redshift binary" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131289622:16
* Sick_Rimmit hums tum tee tum tum tee22:16
valorieQuintasan: good to hear22:16
valorieof course I have all the installed parts now22:16
sgclarkvalorie: yeah something is not right. Going through menu I get that same error. /usr/share/kpat in terminal works though. 22:17
valoriebut maybe others don't have the weird error I encountered22:17
valorieI'll try that for now, sgclark22:17
valoriehowever, I would still like to know where to file a bug -- is that against our packaging?22:17
valorieor the source packages22:18
Sick_RimmitRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~rick-timmis/+archive/ubuntu/kubuntu-utopic22:18
Sick_RimmitRiddell: It goes good22:18
Sick_RimmitOK, I'm going to write my notes up. Will have a crack at building this for Vivid tomorrow22:19
Sick_RimmitThank you so much sgclark You're Awesome!!22:19
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: np :)22:21
sgclarkvalorie: your bug is in the right place22:21
gandalfhi there, I have a question regarding plasma5. I installed kubuntu 14.10 plasma5 version, then parallel to it also ubuntu-desktop to have an ubuntu session in case something doesnt work with the new plasma5. I found the installation of ubuntu-desktop to interfere with plasma5, in particular some icons are overwritten by older ones (example: systemsettings). is there a known way to fix this?22:22
valoriebtw, /usr/share/kpat did not work for me 22:25
valorieoh, well22:25
Sick_Rimmithi gandalf22:26
Sick_RimmitNot sure about the answer on this, but...22:26
sgclarkvalorie: did you have any output?22:26
Sick_RimmitPlasma 5 is a Tech preview at the moment, so it won't be straight forward getting it to play nice right now22:26
Sick_RimmitWe are however going to release Kubuntu 15.04 with Plasma 5 as teh default22:27
valorie$ /usr/share/kpat22:27
valoriebash: /usr/share/kpat: No such file or directory22:27
Sick_RimmitSo I think virtual box or other vm is probably your friend at this  point22:27
sgclarkvalorie: ugh my bad. /usr/games/kpat 22:27
Sick_RimmitI hope this helps22:27
valorieweeee, it works22:29
valorieok, productivity is at an end22:29
sgclarkmy problem... installing other games to test wants to remove kubuntu-plasma5-desktop... this is definately a packaging problem22:29
sgclarkRecommends: khelpcenter4 O.o wonder how many of these are out there22:32
gandalfok Sick_Rimmit, that means I just have to wait?22:34
sgclarkgandalf: could you report a bug on launchpad?22:35
Sick_Rimmitgandalf:  It might pay to use kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-plasma5-desktop together22:35
sgclarkgandalf: and a installl log would be great22:36
valorieSick_Rimmit: I didn't know this was possible22:42
valorieto use them together22:42
Sick_Rimmitvalorie: neither do I, I am just assuming that apt-get will resolve it. I haven't tried22:43
Sick_RimmitBut it would be what I would attempt, given the problem that Gandalf was presenting.22:44
sgclarkerr no, they conflict22:44
* Sick_Rimmit runs and hides in his basket22:44
sgclarkI am not even convinced ubuntu-desktop plays nice with plasma522:44
sgclarkhaven't tried and don't have a spare system to try on22:45
Sick_Rimmitsgclark: According to Gandalf it does not22:45
Sick_RimmitI have a Plasma5 preview at work, I can try and break it on22:45
apacheloggerRiddell: re phonon, I really do not know anymore, vlc keeps regressing on me, so I am somewhat disappointed in both .. how about xine? :P22:47
valorieoh xine, the good old days22:58
valoriewhen everything crashed or froze All The Time22:59
gandalf@sgclark: yes will do23:22
Riddellapachelogger: what about this cmplayer thing? :)23:31
apacheloggerit has mplayer in the name...23:34

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