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shadeslayerelementofone: whats up00:19
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AmnesiaHazeany chance anyone knows anything about setting up port knocking on ssh?05:03
Unit193AmnesiaHaze: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-port-knocking-to-hide-your-ssh-daemon-from-attackers-on-ubuntu05:04
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AmnesiaHazeUnit193,     followed still doesnt seem to open05:21
mefisto_after upgrade to 14.10 I have dependency problems. Can anyone suggest what I should do? http://paste.kde.org/pnyeh2cl305:22
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valoriemefisto_: did you have any suspicious/rare PPAs installed before the upgrade?05:30
mefisto_valorie: well I had PPAs. they're all suspicious, right?05:31
valoriewow, that is indeed dependency hell05:31
valoriekubuntu-ppa should all be fine05:32
valorieothers sometimes cause problems05:32
valoriehowever, it looks as if you got an incomplete upgrade for some reason05:32
valoriecan you run `sudo apt update && sudo apt install full-upgrade` and see what happens?05:33
valorieI actually encountered some dependency problems in my upgrade as well, but that fixed it for me05:33
mefisto_apt install full-upgrade ??05:34
valorieyes, please just copy/paste the whole line05:35
valorieeverything between the ticks05:35
mefisto_E: Unable to locate package full-upgrade05:35
valorieyou ran `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`05:36
valoriejust like that?05:36
valorieoh shoot05:36
valorieI mistyped05:36
valoriemy goof05:36
mefisto_same errors as what I pasted05:37
Unit193He'd want  apt-get install -f or dpkg --configure -a05:38
Unit19314.10, with udev that old? Nah, it's 208.05:38
Unit193204 was trusty, iirc.05:38
valorieUnit193: he did install -f05:39
valorieI was about to head to dpkg05:39
valoriepoor old thing gave up, evidently05:39
valorieso mefisto_, did you see what Unit193 said above?05:43
valorie`dpkg --configure -a`05:44
valorieshould allow you to configure all those unconfigured bits05:44
mefisto_valorie: no, dpkg gave the same kind of errors05:47
valoriehow did you initiate this upgrade?05:48
valoriedid you update 14.04 first?05:48
mefisto_yes i updated 14.04, then did sudo do-release-upgrade05:49
valorieplease try do-release-upgrade again05:53
* valorie crosses fingers for luck05:54
valoriefull-upgrade should have uninstalled anything that needed to be gone, old versions and such05:55
mefisto_No new release found05:56
valorieany ideas, smart people of the channel?05:58
valoriebesides clean install05:58
scottn_workSeems to be more activity now so going to try this question again - Just upgraded to 14.10 and on my laptop with an Intel graphics card getting this error - intel_set_pixmap_bo: size of buffer object does not match constraints: size=4096, must be greater than 8192, but less than 67108864. Google searching just gives me two wayland related entries. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?06:19
scottn_workI'm using X, not wayland.06:19
valorieright, wayland is not ready for prime time yet06:23
valoriewe KDE/Kubuntu do not use wayland yet06:24
scottn_workI'm getting this error using X. It's a staight upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10.06:25
valoriedef. sounds like a driver problem06:26
valoriescottn_work: try alt+f2, then type driver06:26
valorieit should suggest driver-manager06:27
valoriesee if there is something else you can try06:27
scottn_workvalorie: Comes up completely blank06:27
valorieit doesn't say "collecting information about your system" or close?06:28
scottn_workSays collecting information about your system and then goes blank. Stays open so not crashing per se.06:29
valoriethat is mighty strange06:29
valoriewell, ubottu, you are disappointing to me06:30
scottn_workThe laptop is one of those dual driver things - intel + Geforce 310M CUDA. Before upgrading desktop effects were working fine with the intel. Now no desktop effects. It didn't find the nvidia card under either 14.04 or 14.10.06:31
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:32
valoriethere is some nvidia issues, I've heard06:32
valoriescottn_work: did you choose lightdm, or sddm?06:32
scottn_work[  1056.646] (II) LoadModule: "intel"06:32
scottn_work[  1056.646] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so06:32
scottn_work[  1056.647] (II) Module intel: vendor="X.Org Foundation"06:32
scottn_work[  1056.647]    compiled for 1.16.0, module version = 2.99.91406:32
scottn_work[  1056.647]    Module class: X.Org Video Driver06:32
scottn_work[  1056.647]    ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 18.006:32
unopastescottn_work you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted06:32
valoriescottn_work: please investigate that page that ubottu served you while you are muted06:33
valorieI can be of no further help about drivers, unfortunately06:33
scottn_workvalorie: lightdm - it was only six lines... OK. Won't do that again. Here is is - http://paste.ubuntu.com/8729184/06:34
scottn_workSo definitely finds the intel06:34
scottn_workvalorie: OK. Thanks for your help.06:34
valorieI got it, but don't know anything about drivers06:34
valoriebeyond getting ubottu to cough up some hairballs06:34
valorielightdm should be less trouble, for now, until whatever the nvidia stuff is fixed for sddm06:35
scottn_workvalorie: I am using lightdm06:37
valoriesddm is working for me, but I have no driver issues06:38
hyper_chafter last nights updates, my ethernet connection ceased working06:55
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valorielast night's updates to what, hyper_ch?06:58
hyper_chthere were 4-5 small files.... didn't seem network related06:58
valorieI have utopic as well06:58
hyper_chhad ethernet last night at home06:58
hyper_chworked fine06:58
valorieI'll go get an ethernet cable06:58
hyper_chupdated, powered off this morning to get to work06:58
hyper_chand now at work - no ethernet connection. tried also different cables06:59
hyper_chwifi works fine06:59
valorienmcli might be your friend06:59
valorierather clumsy to use, but it will work06:59
hyper_chupdates from yesterday http://paste.debian.net/129189/07:00
hyper_chthe systray applet sees when cable is plugged in and when not... just not connection is being established07:01
valoriehyper_ch: I think that is the wrong paste07:03
valoriemy cable is immediately detected, and connected07:04
hateballhyper_ch: what does mii-tool say07:04
valorieso I wonder if it is connected to your updates07:05
hyper_chno, that's the right paste... with the updates from last night07:06
hyper_chbefore it worked... and this morning it didn't anymore after reboot07:06
hyper_chhateball: waht's mii-tool?07:06
hateballhyper_ch: used in terminal, shows info on your network cards etc07:07
hateballthus, more trustworthy than gui things ;p07:07
hyper_chno MII interfaces found07:08
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:08
hyper_chroot@subi:~# mii-tool07:08
hyper_chno MII interfaces found07:08
hyper_chstrange.... I plugged in again and now it works... before it couldn't establish a connection for 3 minutes and 1 reboot07:10
hyper_chand mii-tool still say no interface found07:10
hyper_ch(also I wonder why the network card has a description of p2p1 instead of eth0)07:11
soeegood morning07:15
hateballhyper_ch: you can have a look in  /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules07:15
hateballgoogling suggests there is some package called biosdevname making a mess of things. I thought that was only used in Fedora, guess it is here as well now07:16
valorienot installed here07:17
hateballye I dunno, I havent played with 14.10 much yet, but 70-persistent-net.rules has been troublesome in the past07:19
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hyper_chhateball: thx for the info :)08:09
hyper_chit's not a bother... just unexpected as I'm used to eth0/1/....08:10
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lordievaderGood morning.09:28
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kolphi, how do I update from 14.04 to 14.10 without installing systemd?11:40
BluesKajHi folks11:40
BluesKajkolp, systemd will install, but won't be used unless you set it up in grub11:47
kolpBluesKaj: why is it installed then?11:49
BluesKajnot my decision, that's canonical's11:49
kolpBluesKaj: right, thanks for the info11:50
lordievaderkolp: In 14.10 systemd is only used by udev.11:50
kolpso 14.10 on't work without systemd?11:51
shadeslayerkolp: I do believe its installed so that people who want to try it out can do so easily11:51
kolpI thought that's what repositories are for :p11:51
domi-nicAs my system appears to have been broken (three times in a row) by switching to NVideas 304 driver can someone give me a command line to switch back to X-orgs driver. The graphical interface no longer allows switching.11:54
BluesKajwell the debate begins11:55
lordievaderkolp: It dosn't use systemd11:55
BluesKajdomi-nic, which nvidia gpu?11:55
domi-nicGeForce 52011:56
B1nny!plasma | b1nny12:00
B1nny!plasma5 | b1nny12:00
ubottuB1nny, please see my private message12:00
BluesKajdomi-nic, which kubuntu?12:01
* BluesKaj shrugs, no patience12:02
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domi-nicBluesKaj : We were just starting a conversation 10 mins ago about nvidia drivers and GeForce GT520 when my connection dropped out. What do you need to know?12:43
BluesKajdomi-nic, which kubuntu/12:44
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domi-nic_gtk-update-icon-cache-3.0:10428 gdkpixbuf warning cannot open pixbufloader module12:46
domi-nic_this connection is flaky as well12:47
BluesKajdomi-nic_, you should be using the 331 as a minimmum driver with that gpu12:48
domi-nic_was doing on a previous install. but screen freezes (also the reason why I can't really use x-org server) linuxmint front page says to use 3.04 drivers to fix this.12:51
BluesKajno, 3,04 is too old , check the page date12:53
BluesKajare you on mint</12:53
kolpso, a fresh 14.10 installation doesn't run systemd as pid 1 (though there is systemd-* stuff), but apt-get remove systemd wants to remove all of KDE and more... oh dear12:54
lordievaderkolp: Yes, like I said it's used by Udev.12:54
BluesKajkolp, the best you can hope for is the state of systemd to remain as is12:55
kolplordievader: yes, systemd-udev, I didn't grog it at the time12:55
kolpBluesKaj: not something I want to rely on :)12:55
BluesKajkolp, well, not much choice unless you switch OSs that doesn't use systemd anywhere12:56
kolpI'll stick with 14.04 for now and move to something without systemd at some point...12:56
BluesKajkolp, so you read the negative reports about systemd ...there's quite a debate about it alright12:58
lordievaderLikely the state of sytemd in 14.10 won't change. 15.04 on the other hand...12:58
kolpyes, I've read quite a bit about systemd12:59
BluesKajlordievader, well , so far systemd isn't booting 15.0412:59
kolpits not my cup of tea...12:59
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BluesKajI have negativ e feelings about systemd and pulseaudio etc, both Poettering written, a guy who's been looked at as a fifth column in Linux vs the big guys13:03
BluesKaja spy in the house of love so to speak13:04
kolpthat, and a massive pid 1 like systemd is an unnecessary risk13:07
kolpI hope the recent debian GR will be successful, then that'll be my OS of choice13:22
lordievaderDebian is also moving to systemd, that is why Ubuntu is moving.13:29
kolplordievader: that's not certain, there is a recent move to make support for alternative init systems mandatory in debian13:38
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RoguehorseWhat is the script that runs when I mount an external drive through Dolphin by clicking in the left panel?14:06
BluesKaj /etc/fstab14:17
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Roguehorseyeah, I did that..not the same thing14:37
Roguehorsethat mounts the drive as ntfs...it's eSATA and pmount says it can't do it because it's not a removable drive14:38
BluesKajahh the network folder desktop entry14:39
RoguehorseDolphin mounts the drive under the user directory with as 700 permissions...fstab attaches 777 permissions14:40
BluesKajyes I have a similar setup, my external was setup with ssh in the network folder setup14:40
lordievaderGvfs is responsible for that, I believe.14:41
RoguehorseDolphin doesn't specify the drive as ntfs as a result..the blue on green ascii highlighting in konsole is not there14:41
RoguehorseAhh..a hint I can chase down14:42
BluesKaji recently reformatted my external drive to ntfs from ext4 since it's now connected by usb to the network router, but I'm seriously considering moving it back to the media server pc14:44
Peace-BluesKaj: dev chan ?14:45
Peace-i forgot the name14:45
BluesKajPeace-, kubuntu-devel14:45
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:45
Peace-BluesKaj: thank you14:45
Peace- 14:46
RoguehorseI was chasing this down really quick last night and couldn't find a way to log the scripts run by actions through the file manager14:48
RoguehorseI'm not thrilled with the way /etc/fstab handles the drive14:48
lordievaderRoguehorse: That's a question of configuration...14:50
RoguehorseWell, I like the way Dolphin handles the mounting and not so much how /etc/fstab does so I'd like to be able to emulate the script run by Dolphin at boot rather that configure /etc/fstab to automount the drive so I don't necessarily have to launch Dolphin and can go straight to konsole14:53
Roguehorsedoes that make sense?14:53
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lordievaderRoguehorse: No. If you want to mount things at boot time use fstab.14:55
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BluesKajor you can set it up in system settings>removable devices15:02
RoguehorseI tried the system setting>removable devices and it doesn't recongnize my drive15:03
Roguehorsein 13.10 I used to just nav to my drive in konsole and it would automount it for me15:04
Roguehorsethat all stopped with 14.0415:04
RoguehorseI didn't have to configure fstab either15:05
RoguehorseDolphin automatically creates a mount point with correct permissions, owner, and group then when umount(ing) it removes the directory as well ... all this happens under /media/user/15:11
Roguehorseif I can click on it and make this happen, I _should_ be able to also write a boot script and add it to system settings>startup & shutdown to emulate the process15:13
lordievaderRoguehorse: Or you can configure fstab properly.15:14
RoguehorseLOL! Been there and done that..think _outside_ the box15:15
irish_canonanyone here15:19
lordievaderirish_canon: See /names...15:20
geniiirish_canon: Lots of people :) Best to just ask whatever your question is and see if someone takes up an answer to it15:20
irish_canonim trying you setup a system to do dictation using mozart15:20
irish_canonbut not able to install it15:21
geniiirish_canon: In Konsole, please do:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mozart       ...and then use pastebin to show us the output.15:23
geniiPossibly some dependency issue if you have PPAs or such.15:23
irish_canonim thinking that PPAs are missing but dont know where to obtain them15:26
geniiirish_canon: What is the result of: apt-cache policy mozart15:30
geniiPlease excuse lag, I'm at work and assisting as possible.15:31
irish_canontruth, dont know...15:35
geniiirish_canon: It's another command to put into Konsole and then show us the output of :)15:36
geniiHm, all that so far looks normal.15:52
geniiirish_canon: What happens if you try: sudo apt-get -f install15:53
irish_canonim using kubuntu andd want to set up a dictation system and ideas... mine was mozart but no love15:54
archetech2how do i set quassel to stop drap over popups16:39
rwwwhat's a drap over?16:40
archetech2disable animations did it16:42
archetech2nope it happens when I mouse over the channel list16:42
Walexirish_canon: thats the kind of application that open source authors don't like to write, so there is not a lot to choose.17:32
madeti2I upgraded my 14.04 kubuntu to 14.10 and then switched to plasma5 through "next repo", it was working fine, but after a while the system became unresponsive, so I restarted17:59
madeti2now when I log in, after the splash screen, just a mouse cursor appear and nothing happens17:59
madeti2no desktop, no icons, no panel17:59
madeti2all black17:59
madeti2but if I log into guest account, it is working as it sould18:00
madeti2can anyone help me? or do I need to reinstall ?18:00
BluesKajmadeti2, ctl+alt+F1-F6, login, then sudo apt-get install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop18:01
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madeti2BluesKaj: I won't be able to install anything from internet, because for that I have to first log into a portal (accessible through browser, am in college), anything else that can be done?18:03
madeti2i am currently running the laptop through a bootable pen drive18:04
BluesKajmadeti2, why plasma 5 anyway, it's full of bugs, not ready for real usage18:05
ubottuKubuntu Plasma 5 is a tech preview. To test it out, see http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-plasma5/daily-live/current/ . If you find a bug, you can also check it with kubuntu-ci images for latest builds.18:05
madeti2BluesKaj: well I wanted to contribute to plasma 5, so i thought i should start by checking it out18:07
BluesKajmadeti2, I gave it 3 chances and it struck out18:07
BluesKajmadeti2, i'm not afraid to test new software, otherwise I wouldn't be running 15.04... that's all i have to say, otherwise I'll be chastised again by certan devs :)18:10
BluesKajmadeti2, and without proper access to the internet testing new software is definitley not going to be easy.18:13
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genryРусские есть?19:49
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:49
lelamalHi all! When I check for updates, on Muon Update Manager, I'm told a new version of Kubuntu is available. Then I click on Upgrade, enter my password, but nothing happens. I try to copy/paste the command from the popup window on Konsole, and this is what it says: http://paste.kde.org/pfcgfyuwx19:53
lelamalWhat can I do to solve the problem?19:53
geniilelamal: You used the � character as part of a password ?20:04
lelamalgenii: I can't see the character you typed, it appears to me just as an interrogation mark inside a black square20:09
geniiFrom your paste it seems to be having an issue with that particular character which is \xab20:12
geniiBut from where it is coming, difficult to know20:12
lelamalMmm, I see... and is there anything I can do to upgrade the system?20:13
lelamalI've been having this password for years, anyway, and never had any problem in upgrading.20:14
janmaltedoes some users have problems with their online banking using KMyMoney? Since a few days I get an SSL Handshake error and can't receive the data from the banking server20:53
geniijanmalte: Perhaps a pastebin of the error you're experiencing might help21:32
janmaltegenii: There is no error message, except a message, saying TSL Handshake error during requesting the info from the banking using AqBanking/HBCI21:39
skinuxWhat is the best Anti-Virus software?21:53
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geniiskinux: It's not really required for linux machines. But if you think you might be passing one on to someone else, you can check out clamav21:56
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cdunn70000000000hey can anyone help me im having issues installing a ati radeon hd 4250 propeitry driver22:08
cdunn70000000000on kubuntu 14.0422:08
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awatermehi guys, i need help, cant get my notebooks wifi running22:50
awatermecan anybody help?22:51
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valorieawaterme: can you say more about what is happening?23:44
valoriecan you see your wifi in the widget?23:44
awatermeI have the output from a wifi analysis script, I can paste it somewhere23:45
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awatermeits a broadcom 4352 (quite new) and ubuntu 14.04.23:46
awatermethe wifi scans for networks, tries to connect to my network but cant connect.23:47
awatermeit keeps on asking for a password, but the password is correct.23:47
awatermei had the wifi card working, but i dont know why. After a kernel update it was broken again, and now i am lost after trying out *everything*23:48

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