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rick_h_blake_r: ping, replied to your angular email. If you go forward let us know how it goes. We had a session at the last sprint in brussels with the web team and landscape teams on the post-yui world01:51
blake_rrick_h_: thanks for the response01:51
rick_h_blake_r: so it's something we're trying to help keep in sync across teams. We talked about doing some hangouts/etc on experiments and success/failures with things01:51
blake_rrick_h_: yeah, would be nice to all be on the same thing01:52
rick_h_blake_r: definitely, though the requirements for the web team vs us/landscape/maas are big enough that I've given up on convincing them about using anything other than jquery + some plugins01:52
blake_rrick_h_: i used backbone previous01:52
blake_rrick_h_: just dont want to use a buch of different libraries to make something work01:53
rick_h_blake_r: but for those of us with the larger scale apps, we're looking at trying to stick to a very forward looking native JS stack with ecma6 modules, amd, pollyfills as required, and trying to keep things slim01:53
rick_h_blake_r: yea, I'm kind of bummed. YUI gave us a great standard suite of code patterns and tools for everyone and a single set of docs to learn/etc01:53
rick_h_blake_r: and there's nothing really out there, other than maybe ember, and my reviews of that are :(, that we could even ponder using01:54
rick_h_blake_r: on one hand an awesome time for JS stuff, but on the other, it's a glue your own pile of goo kind of world atm.01:54
blake_rrick_h_: i think angular is a really cool library, and has some nice testing framework around it01:54
rick_h_blake_r: yea, I'm really really biased against magic stuff that makes it hard to grow/debug. My experiments with it have had me very frustrated01:55
rick_h_blake_r: but if you go forward with it, and it might work out better for you guys than us (I think maas is a bit smaller) then would love to hear how it goes and the good/bad/ugly01:55
rick_h_blake_r: and when we get to a good place with tying react into our YUI stuff we'll let you know. We did one path during the sprint that taught us one way not to do it :) so learned a couple of lessons to take a second stab at it.01:58
rick_h_blake_r: which is nice as it gives us a migration path for things around the current stack a little bit.01:58
blake_rrick_h_: yeah only  a few of us, and no one person is dedicated to ui01:59
rick_h_blake_r: well I will say we do auto updating UI and such with YUI and object.observe and a pollyfill basically + a websocket for data communication02:00
rick_h_the machine view UI and such is just a layer of YUI views that auto redraw based on modelllist update events02:01
rick_h_so it's possible to try to work on the new UI (whatever that is) without reinventing the wheel a bit as well02:01
rick_h_and happy to help share experience with you all any time02:01
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rick_h_just let me know and I can get my guys to do some walkthrough or something if that'd help02:01
blake_rrick_h_: will do, thanks for the info02:09
bigjoolsnewell: I just had a spurious error from what I think is one of your recently-landed tests02:24
bigjoolsnewell: see https://code.launchpad.net/~julian-edwards/maas/moar-image-import-docs/+merge/23953202:24
bigjoolsFAIL: maasserver.views.tests.test_nodes.NodeResultsDisplayTest.test_view_node_shows_multiple_installation_results02:25
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thetravso... I set up a bunch of servers controlled by MAAS... they get DHCP addresses and DNS so long as I'm using the MAAS DNS server... however the broader local network has its own DNS server which is not MAAS managed...  I don't really know anything about DNS, but is there a way for me to get the MAAS server to tell the broader server about the new names without saying "these are available to the whole internet" ?03:21
bigjoolsthetrav: use the MAAS DNS server and tell it to forward requests to the other one03:22
bigjoolsotherwise you have to replicate the zone to the existing server03:22
thetravso the first solution involves getting everyone here to update their DNS server, which they are unlikely to do03:22
thetravwhat does it mean to replicate the zone?03:22
bigjoolsno the first solution involves only MAAS03:23
thetravok, then I don't understand it03:23
bigjoolsunless you're talking about getting to deployed nodes from everywhere?03:23
thetravis there something I can read?03:23
bigjoolsin that case you're right03:23
thetravyeah, so my laptop is on 172.168.0.n03:24
bigjoolsI don't know anything about dns replication, sorry, you'll have to dive into docs03:24
thetravthe deployed node is on 10.0.0.n03:24
bigjoolsthe other option is to configure your existing dns server to forward requests to the maas server03:25
thetravyeah, also unlikely03:25
bigjoolswell, you have to change *something* :)03:25
newellbigjools, I ran into that today as well.  It only does that every so often which might make the lander barf for you.  I need to fix the test for that.03:59
bigjoolsnewell: I think it's a sorting problem03:59
newellI ran the test many many times and nothing, but then today ran into it... so need to make sure the order is correct04:00
bigjoolselse use assertItemsEqual() which doesn't care about ordering04:00
bigjoolsor the ContainsAll() matcher04:00
newellk, will do a branch for that right now, thanks04:00
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newellbigjools, https://code.launchpad.net/~newell-jensen/maas/fix-test-node-shows-multiple-results/+merge/23994004:12
bigjoolsnewell: approved04:13
newellyeah no problem, sorry you ran into that04:13
bigjoolsit happens!04:14
newellbigjools, it merged so you should be able to land now04:45
bigjoolsnewell: I already landed ok, but thanks :)04:45
newellah, didn't look.  cool ;)04:46
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rharperhi;  I've got machines in maas network, on one of the machines I want to deploy a VM that is visibile on the same network;  I can control the mac of the VM, how would I use the maas ip static ip reservation API to determine which IP the VM would get?  Do I need to register the VM as a node in MAAS (I can't commission the VM)14:18
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allenaponarindergupta: Does that patch seem to have done the job wrt. proxies? Did it uncover another bug?17:19
mgzare you irish today gavin?17:19
narinderguptaallenapo: i am seeing same problem as it was before but log is pretty much do not have anything17:20
allenapomgz: Something like that :)17:20
allenapomgz: Ah, that's IRCCloud coming back online.17:21
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