ahayzenpopey, you still about?01:41
ahayzenpopey, when you have a moment can you build a new click of the remix, i've updated the readme in the usual place, thanks :)03:50
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dholbachgood morning07:09
mihirMorning dholbach07:12
dholbachhi mihir07:12
mihirdholbach: hey :)07:12
penkkarni: ping08:11
karnipenk: pong08:31
penkkarni: wrong channel08:31
dpmmzanetti, around for the reminders call?09:31
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Internet Day, and happy Cat Day! :-D09:46
ahayzendavmor2, if you want something to break there is a new music-app remix version here http://people.canonical.com/~alan/music_remix/20141029/trunk/com.ubuntu.music_1.3.latest_all.click :)10:24
vitimitiIs there a way to make the width of a DatePicker be smaller? I am trying to use it inside a units.gu(48) wide page with a label on its left, and the DatePicker is going further to the right, but setting the width to something small doesn't take any effect10:41
coderusPromoting: whatsapp client for Ubuntu Touch: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/whatsapp-compatible-native-client-for-ubuntu-phone/x/896767310:47
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davmor2ahayzen: I'll break it for you in a bit then10:55
ahayzendavmor2, thanks :)10:55
dholbachdavidcalle, do you know if http://developer.ubuntu.com/scopes/tutorials/unity-8-scope-example-openclipart/ should be on http://developer.ubuntu.com/scopes/tutorials/?11:14
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mzanettidpm: o/12:28
mzanettidpm: was still in the airplane today morning12:28
dpmmzanetti, hey, I hope you had a good flight back! Did you enjoy the extra time in the US?12:31
mzanettidpm: yeah. it was great12:34
mzanettiflight back was ok too12:34
dpmcool :)12:34
mzanettialthough my feet really need some resting now12:34
mzanettidpm: so... what up for the reminders app? did I miss something in the meeting today?12:39
mzanettidid Penk join?12:39
mzanettirpadovani: hey ho. back home in bella italia or still on the road?12:40
dpmmzanetti, yeah, so Penk tested the URI handlers branch and it worked for him, so I asked him to review the MP and approve it. He hasn't had the chance to test the libqtevernote branch, but he will too12:40
mzanetticool. I want to have a look at the uri handler branch before marging it. I think its ok, but it requires some hack so I want to keep an eye on it12:41
dpmmzanetti, I'm using Reminders from the libqtevernote branch and it seems to work for me. I've only added a comment about a regression I noticed, which might not even be related to the branch12:41
mzanettiok, will look at it12:41
dpmessentially about how reminders are ordered by date in the Reminders tab12:42
mzanettiah... hmm...12:42
mzanettiI think rpadovani has a mighty sorting branch upcoming too12:42
zubozroutpopey: Hi, so since I can't use QML3D as it is abandoned, is there something I can develop in? What is the status of 3D acceleration on Ubuntu devices (under Mir)? I wonder why there is still no SDL Mir demo, at least I don't know about one - like SuperTux :), which would be fun :), there is SuperTux for Android. And from hat I remember, SDL should12:42
zubozrout support Mir.12:42
dpmother than that, I've put everything we discussed at the sprint in bugs, and sorted them in milestones https://launchpad.net/reminders-app/+milestones12:43
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mzanettiyeah... we need to do some final polishing now... while it is quite nice there's still the last bit missing to make it really good12:45
mzanettidpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/137973512:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1379735 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Add support for Favourites" [High,Triaged]12:47
mzanettidpm: I don't think that's an API thing12:47
mzanettibut I might have just missed it12:47
dpmmzanetti, oh, if it's not available in the API, I guess we cannot implement it12:48
mzanettidpm: well, better double check... but I didn't figure yet how it works12:49
popeyzubozrout: libsdl works on the device..13:00
popeyzubozrout: so yes, that would be awesome. be good to start with something simple and work up13:00
zubozroutpopey: So it is currently possible to create something in SDL which will work - that is awesome. Sadly, I haven't ever developed anything in SDL and porting this https://github.com/SuperTuxTeam/supertux (or anything) is sadly too much out of my possibilities.13:05
mzanettidpm: I could imagine that they added favorites in the api but haven't added it yet to the SDK and/or docs. Might want to check with your POC@Evernote13:07
dpmmzanetti, yeah13:08
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popeygcollura: did you know saucy bacon fails to start on device?13:43
popeygcollura: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8733207/13:44
gcollurapopey, I know, I have a completely new version almost ready here13:44
popeyah okay ☻13:44
gcolluraI don't know when I'll upload this update though, it needs some small bugfixes..13:45
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rpadovanimzanetti, o/ I have my plane this afternoon, I'll be back in Europe tomorrow at 9am UTC+1, but I think I'll take the weekend to relax, so see you on monday :-)13:56
dpmhave a nice flight rpadovani!14:30
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patriciadavilaHi nik90: regarding the Bug #1387231 report, the alarm was deleted and still rang16:24
ubot5bug 1387231 in Ubuntu Clock App "[clock] alarm still rings once it's been disabled" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138723116:24
patriciadavilaI can't reproduce it but first I disabled it and it rang and after that I deleted it and rang again16:25
nik90patriciadavila: ah...the issue of an alarm ringing when it is disabled started recently ( a week or two ago) and is in the process of being fixed16:26
nik90patriciadavila: I am however unable to reproduce an alarm ringing after it has been disabled16:26
nik90patriciadavila: although can I ask if after you deleted the alarm, did you see that alarm listed in the indicator datetime at the top?16:26
patriciadavilanik90: I understand and I just want to make sure that you are considering the case where the alarm's been deleted and still rings as well16:27
nik90since indicator datetime is the one which does the actual triggering of alarms16:27
nik90I will try to reproduce it. I am using the ubuntu rtm stable images #5 atm16:27
patriciadavilaNo, it wasn't listed on the date&time indicator menu, nor on the alarms screen on the clock app16:27
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karniahayzen: Would you possibly know the reasons behind problems of playing back video with MediaPlayer+VideoOutput? I don't think many folks are actually making use of it, so I have little people to ask around.17:38
ahayzenkarni, i know about/used MediaPlayer+AudioOutput... jhodapp is probably the guy to talk to17:39
karniahayzen: thank you17:40
jhodappkarni, are you trying your to play video in a new app?17:40
karnijhodapp: any pointers for me? yes sir17:40
ahayzenkarni, or just look at the code for mediaplayer-app17:40
karniahayzen: good suggestion as well17:40
jhodappkarni, yes, take a look at the media-hub output at /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/media-hub.log17:40
* karni looks17:40
jhodappkarni, most likely media-hub is denying your app access to the media file17:41
jhodappkarni, there are some strict access rules for confined apps17:41
karnijhodapp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8735680/17:41
karnijhodapp: What's my next step then? I have content_exchange, content_exchange_source, audio and video policy groups17:42
jhodappkarni, where is the video file that you're trying to play (where on the filesystem)?17:42
karnijhodapp: ↑ as in the paste, it is file:///home/phablet/.config/com.ubuntu.<snip>/<snip>/downloads/4029_141457624517:43
karnithat's a video recorded with krillin17:43
jhodappkarni, ah ok, yeah that definitely isn't part of the access paths17:43
jhodappkarni, try putting it in ~/Videos for a test17:43
karnijhodapp: hrm. okay. if that works, then you suggest I start downloading my stuff into ~/Videos .. ? :S17:44
karnijhodapp: the fact I can't use a component to playback my own file is quite strange, to be honest.17:44
jhodappkarni, no, it may be a valid media-hub bug...I would ask jdstrand to advise17:44
karnisounds good17:44
karniI'll try it, then talk to Jamie17:44
karnijhodapp: thanks a bunch!17:44
jhodappkarni, np...and those rules aren't final yet...they're hard coded but need to be redone and integrated with the trust store17:45
karnijhodapp: I'm not much familiar with the trust store (although I've heard of trusted session)17:46
jhodappkarni, you can see the if/else tree of access permissions here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/media-hub/trunk/view/head:/src/core/media/player_skeleton.cpp#L14417:46
karnijhodapp: :O17:47
karnithank you :D17:47
ahayzenjhodapp, but that is part of the local apps storage why can't it access? for example can you play from the HubIncoming dir ?17:47
ahayzenoh you recommended talking to Jamie :)17:48
jhodappkarni, actually it seems like this should be matching: uri.find(std::string(".cache/" + pkgname + "/")) != std::string::npos17:48
jhodappoh wait, .config17:48
jhodappnot .cache17:48
jhodappkarni, you should use .cache17:49
karniwell, one more reason to move to .cache lol17:49
jhodappyep, that's the problem17:49
karnijhodapp: ok. I think we can do it :)17:49
karnijhodapp: appreciated!17:49
jhodappexcellent, you shouldn't have any more problems from here17:49
jhodapplet me know if you see anything else weird17:49
jdstrandkarni: so, there are access rules for .local/share/<pkgname> and .cache/<pkgname>, but your path is .config/<pkgname>17:52
jdstrandkarni: .config seems the wrong place to put DLC, no?17:53
jdstrand(which is why we said .cache and .local/share17:53
jdstrandoh, I see, you already discussed that17:53
karnijdstrand: yes, thank you. we'll move to .cache (as I previously suggested, now we _have_ to do it ;D)17:54
karnijhodapp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8735786/17:54
karnijhodapp: that's because our app doesn't have access to ~/Videos, right?17:54
karniI'll just try with .cache to confirm :)17:54
jhodappkarni, yes, only music and camera apps have access17:55
jdstrandright, you don't have read access to Videos17:55
jhodappand unconfined apps of course17:55
karniMakes sense.17:55
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rpadovanimzanetti, I updated https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/reminders-app/updatedRole/+merge/238960 (thanks to d.c. airport wireless): we don't have tests for notes order, I think they are random failures19:30
popeynik90: i had a thought and wasn't sure whether to file it as a bug. When you miss an alarm on android (i.e. you never acknowledge it, but maybe sleep through) it shows in the clock as a "missed alarm" rather than just one in the past...20:20
popeyshould we have a "missed " alarm?20:20
ghostmars919Ciao a tutti20:29
ghostmars919vorrei iniziare sviluppare per ubuntu touch, c' è qualcuno che mi può dare una mano ad orientarmi un attimo?20:30
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gcolluraghostmars919, dimmi :)20:39
ghostmars919da dove posso reperire una buona documentazione?20:40
ghostmars919ho già installato l Ubuntu SDK20:40
gcolluraghostmars919, allora per la documentazione fai sempre riferimento a http://developer.ubuntu.com, http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/tutorial/ qua trovi qualche tutorial per scaldarti le mani, qua le tutte le API disponibili http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/development/20:42
ghostmars919okay grazie mille..20:42
gcollurati consiglio di installare tramite ppa se non sei su utopic, la versione 14.10 dell'ubuntu sdk20:42
ghostmars919dovrei averla già installata20:43
gcolluraghostmars919, fai anche riferimento alle core apps, su come vengono usati i componenti o quali sono i trucchi che potrebbero servirti :)20:44
ghostmars919con quale linguaggio mi consigli di sviluppare?20:44
ghostmars919okay ho visto ora che mi hai linkato le guide per il qml20:45
brendandpopey, i can haz new music app click?23:37
ahayzenbrendand, http://people.canonical.com/~alan/music_remix/readme.txt23:37
popeybrendand: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/music_remix/readme.txt23:37
popeyooh, beat me!23:37
* ahayzen may have "music" on highlight23:37
popeyi have marmite on hilight23:38
popeyi also have irregardless on hilight so I can berate people for using a word that doesn't exist23:39
ahayzenwow lol23:39
popeyooh, i found a bug on the way out tonight23:39
ahayzenpopey, what?23:40
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popeyahayzen: start playing music, left the house, unity crashed, music still playing, unity eventually started, music still playing, start music app.. sits on startup/spinner. Had to kill it and restart23:48
ahayzenpopey, yeah that is across two separate media-hub bugs23:49
ahayzenpopey, bug 1380848 and...23:49
ubot5bug 1380848 in Media Hub "Media-hub-service uses large amount of CPU after unity8 resets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138084823:49
ahayzenpopey, ... bug 131556623:49
ubot5bug 1315566 in Media Hub "Music continues to play after music app is closed" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131556623:49
ahayzenpopey, a mixture of those two right? ... and btw i had the same earlier unity8 seems to be crashing alot lately23:50
popeyknown problem23:50

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