AlbertAribru: the fix is already in rtm:https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/+source/unity-system-compositor/+changelog00:33
AlbertAribru: hence why I put that comment there00:33
ribruAlbertA: kgunn: ah yes, the version in rtm does seem to be higher than the one in distro. should I free silo rtm 1 then?00:51
AlbertAribru: yeah00:51
ribruhm, the version in rtm is even newer than utopic/vivid, seems like a sync the other way is needed ;-)00:52
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 135 building (started: 20141029 03:05) ===03:04
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 135 DONE (finished: 20141029 04:20) ===04:19
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/135.changes ===04:19
* Mirv frees up 015 (utopic)08:40
Chipacaasac: if you ever think you should've gotten a notification and didn't, get me the logs :)09:41
Chipacaasac: also if you open system settings and see the update downloading, that's why you didn't get the notification -- you get it once it's downloaded09:41
asacChipaca: i got notification this morning; +1 for the feature09:57
* ogra_ got it too, OTAed and now his phone restarted the session already 4 times in 2h10:00
ogra_with really really mild usage ... (two webapps and onyl switching between them at times)10:00
asacyeah like 50Kb :)10:01
brendandogra_, sil2100 - i'm trying out silo 13 to see if it helps10:07
sil2100brendand: ok, I'll check the media-hub revert in some moments10:07
ogra_brendand, ++10:07
brendandsil2100, i think our first blocker might be that flight mode is pretty broken10:26
brendanddavmor2, can you confirm?10:26
dbarthgood morning10:30
dbarthsil2100: for bugs on the whishlist list, should we go straight for an rtm landing? or vivid + sync10:30
sil2100dbarth: are you only targeting rtm landings for now?10:31
dbarthsil2100: actually, we'll want vivid + rtm sync for line 79; so forget that, we'll do the normal process10:32
sil2100dbarth: you have one trunk right now, right?10:32
dbarthbesides, silo 8 will stay on the side while oSoMoN lands the new silo10:32
brendanddavmor2, also location not working10:32
brendandhmm i wonder is this silo at fault10:33
dbarthsil2100: 2 for webbrowser-app, oSoMoN just created an rtm branch for it10:33
oSoMoNsil2100, webbrowser-app is going to diverge between trunk and 14.09, so we now have two branches, and as a consequence, no sync anymore10:33
sil2100Right, this is the recommended approach10:34
davmor2brendand: right back, what do you want me to check other than flight mode10:55
brendanddavmor2, location10:55
brendandoh wait, location worked in the end10:55
brendandbut not sure if assisted location is working10:55
davmor2brendand: so flightmode just worked fine here what was the issue you saw?10:56
brendanddavmor2, i turned it off and it still shows the icon and the sim is Offline10:56
brendanddavmor2, but i have a tvoss silo installed10:56
davmor2brendand: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/flight-mode.png http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/flight-mode1.png http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/flight-mode2.png11:01
brendandMirv, can i request that if you or lorne are planning to do manual testing on silo 22, can you ping me beforehand?11:01
Saviqsil2100, ogra_, better late than never, congratz!11:08
ogra_Saviq, thanks !11:08
davmor2brendand: location is working here too, although it did take longer than normal11:08
davmor2brendand: took about 10 seconds rather than the 5-7 it normally takes11:09
popeyMirv: when you have a moment could you please upload http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/sudoku-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/generic-click-builder-utopic-armhf/output/com.ubuntu.sudoku_1.1.312_all.click to the store?11:10
brendanddavmor2, does indicator-network show all the networks you'd expect? mine just shows one11:11
davmor2brendand: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/network-ind.png11:13
davmor2brendand: pretty much what I expect to see11:13
Mirvbrendand: ok, adding a note to the spreadsheet too. I've done a new build in the PPA, but the code reportedly still needs more fixing so no use to test yet.11:13
Mirvpopey: done.11:13
brendandSaviq, is silo 15 landing today/tomorrow (or hoping to at least)?11:14
Saviqbrendand, yeah, I'm working on that right now11:14
Saviqbrendand, I need to verify one thing and rebuild to be sure and will start testing11:14
brendandSaviq, will you test it or someone else?11:14
Saviqbut bzr's crapping out on me today...11:15
popeythanks Mirv11:16
brendandthostr_, pete-woods - still waiting for instructions on silos 19 and 7. if they aren't going anywhere you should probably free them up11:35
Saviqsil2100, hey, ~rtm in the version is now unavoidable?11:42
sil2100Saviq: thanks!11:42
sil2100Saviq: yeah, basically yes11:42
Saviqsil2100, ok, /me retargets the silo to vivid then...11:43
sil2100Saviq: so, last time we ended up with many binary packages with the same version but different contents last time11:43
sil2100Saviq: which is bad11:43
Saviqsil2100, different *source* content or?11:43
Saviqsil2100, or different binary content as well?11:44
sil2100Saviq: sometimes different source content, sometimes just different binaries (when people were doing source syncs without ~rtm or simply source copies)11:44
Saviqsil2100, ok, thought it was ok to have the same source build for both11:44
sil2100You need to have a different version then, as the binaries that get generated are basically different11:45
Saviqsil2100, yeah understand11:45
Saviqsil2100, can you please help me retarget the silo quickly then11:45
Saviqsil2100, line 3011:45
Saviqsil2100, I'm cleaning the rtm one11:46
sil2100Ok, let's clean it then and re-assign (that's the only way right now)11:46
oSoMoNsil2100, if I add/remove branches from a silo, I need to reconfigure it, right?11:53
sil2100oSoMoN: yes :)11:55
sil2100Saviq: ok, having problems with jenkins right now11:57
Saviqsil2100, cleaned11:57
Saviqsil2100, ok, please let me know when ready11:57
sil2100Saviq: I'm trying to re-assign, but I think SSO does some problems again11:57
Saviqsil2100, right, try going to https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job11:57
Saviqsil2100, and log in there11:57
Saviqsil2100, I had to do that with "reconfigure silo" whenever I was not logged in11:58
sil2100I am logged in but some redirects don't seem to work11:58
Saviqsil2100, oh :/11:58
sil2100Mirv: can you help me out?11:59
sil2100Mirv: can you try going to line 30 in the spreadsheet and trying to assign that?11:59
jdstranddavmor2: hey, so I was supposed to push rtm silo 3 to rtm, so that cwayne could build the custom tarball so that you could test, but the silo is awaiting qa team signoff12:27
jdstranddavmor2: I'm happy to walk through the changes with someone from qa if that would help12:28
davmor2jdstrand: I'm testing it now, so far only issue I've hit is that the news scope isn't displaying anything which I would assume would get fixed in the tarball but I could be wrong looking into that now though12:33
jdstranddavmor2: ok cool. are there any denials? (this should be unrelated, btw)12:33
davmor2jdstrand: there are some I've been tailing syslog, but I'll paste you the log after12:35
jdstrandwe aren't really fixing any policy here-- just one for apps that use udm's qml interface12:36
davmor2jdstrand: so all the apps that are in the list to test so far have been fine, I need to do the incoming out going calls, but got caught up on why the news scope was blank12:37
* sil2100 is retrying the silo assignment12:39
Mirvsil2100: ok..12:40
sil2100Still cannot do that ;/12:40
sil2100It doesn't do the POST it seems, doesn't want to redirect me12:40
sil2100Mirv: can you try?12:40
Mirvsil2100: same here..12:42
sil2100Maybe we need help from webops?12:42
Mirvsil2100: I've seen similar once before two weeks or ago or so. then I just filled pepare-silo manually.12:42
sil2100Will do that then12:46
pete-woodstrainguards: hi guys! could I get RTM silo 19 totally reconfigured? I've stripped out the non MRs that fix non-RTM bugs now12:51
sil2100pete-woods: sure, looking12:52
boikosil2100: can I get row 51 of the spreadsheet changed from rtm to vivid?12:54
sil2100pete-woods: reconfigured and switched to tested: no12:54
sil2100Please re-build and retest ;)12:54
pete-woodsyep. all good fun12:54
pete-woodssil2100: sorry could you help out with that?13:01
sil2100pete-woods: uh, strange, it said it removed that13:14
pete-woodsthanks :)13:14
sil2100pete-woods: ok, should be good now, but I think something is b0rken in CI Train then ;)13:15
* sil2100 goes prepare lunch o/13:15
abeatosil2100, Mirv I need a silo for line 7313:21
Mirvabeato: ok13:30
abeatoMirv, thanks13:31
boikotrainguards: can I get row 51 switched from rtm to vivid? I have an rtm silo assigned already13:36
psivaa_ogra_: for health-check tests to run we think psutil is needed in the image: http://dashboard.ubuntu-ci:8080/smokeng/utopic/touch_stable/krillin/135:20141029:20141028-3ca60be/640/health-check/224356/13:48
psivaa_ogra_: any chance that it was removed along with autopilot13:48
ogra_psivaa_, where did that come from before ?13:48
ogra_ah, that might be13:48
ogra_cant you just install it in the setup phase of health-check ?13:49
Mirvboiko: it'd mean the PPA rtm-026 would be emptied? (it can't be converted on the fly)13:49
psivaa_ogra_: we could if that's not needed by anything else13:50
psivaa_and yes it does not look like being needed13:50
dbarthtrainguards: ping, can we get a silo for line 7913:50
seb128bah, unity8 segfault while replying to sms using the indicator13:51
ogra_i doubt it is ... we dont really support python programming for app devs ... and system bits should properly define a dependency13:51
ogra_seb128, yeah, all the time currently :(13:51
seb128ogra_, is anyone working on that?13:51
ogra_seb128, yeah, indeed :)13:51
Saviqseb128, got .crash?13:51
seb128Saviq, maybe, apport still busy doing its thing13:52
boikoMirv: yep13:53
seb128shrug, unity8 respawned but I started the messaging app and it's spinning endlessly now13:53
boikoMirv: I will land this stuff only on vivid, and check with bfiller what is worth adding to rtm's wishlist13:54
ogra_seb128, yes13:54
Saviqseb128, that might be because the app was left around13:54
ogra_seb128, apps are not killed along with the session13:54
Saviqseb128, close and launch again13:54
ogra_seb128, kill it once and it will work again13:54
Mirvdbarth: done13:55
Mirvboiko: ok!13:55
boikoMirv: thanks!13:55
seb128ogra_, Saviq: thanks13:57
seb128oh, another fallout/fail13:57
seb128unity respawned, I opened the indicator and the message was still there, and I replied inline13:57
seb128which acted like that worked13:57
seb128but apparently it didn't, the message is not in the log nor counted on the lock screen stats13:58
ogra_and didnt because the messaging app was stuck in bg13:58
Saviqsil2100, getting the redirect issue when trying to reconfigure, do you have a solution?13:58
seb128well, isn't that done by a service?13:58
ogra_that service is called unity813:58
ogra_(managing apps)13:58
seb128no, sending sms13:59
seb128I though telephony-service was doing that13:59
ogra_oh, yeah13:59
seb128e.g that the feature was not relying on the app to run13:59
ogra_but if the messaging app held that hostage ...13:59
seb128oh, another fail14:00
seb128replying from the messaging menu, it asks me what sim to use14:00
ogra_stop that !14:00
seb128SIM2 SIM114:00
seb128or I only have one sim in that phone14:00
ogra_iirc i heard about a bbug for that one14:00
seb128whose issue is that?14:00
dbarthMirv: of note, oxide is still building in the phablet ppa, but i'll need a binary copy later in the day to silo 15 btw14:01
ogra_bfiller, ^^^wasnt there a bug for the SIM1/2 selection popup if you only have one SIM ?14:02
seb128Saviq, no dump no :-/14:04
seb128why the heck is apport failing to collect those?14:04
seb128SegvAnalysis: Skipped: missing required field "Disassembly"14:04
ogra_funny, i definitely have a bunch of .crash files for unity814:05
seb128I do14:05
ogra_and it gets properly updated all the time14:05
seb128they just are 100k and without gdb dump14:05
seb128so they are useless14:05
ogra_errors.u.c should do the processing on a retracer, no ?14:06
seb128no, they don't have the dump14:06
seb128nothing that can be used for retracing14:06
ogra_thats definitely one of mine14:06
seb128not that weird, apport doesn't collect those if the dump is larger than some % of the free memory14:06
seb128so it depends of your free memory14:07
dbarthtrainguards, i have line 80 also ready for a silo14:08
dbartheh, as the queuebot said14:08
dbarthi'll prep rtm landing requests targetting backport branches real soon14:09
seb128shrug, medi-hub eating 100% cpu now14:11
seb128I think I should properly reboot14:11
seb128things are weird after unity8 goes down14:11
ogra_i always do a reboot then14:12
Saviqoh my14:13
seb128oh, telephony-service segfaulted 10 minutes ago14:13
seb128could be one of the issues with the replying from menu weirdness14:13
SaviqI think I exceeded available size of the silo POST header for reconfigure14:13
Saviqsil2100, ↑14:14
Saviqsil2100, getting 413 when trying to reconf silo 514:14
Saviqwhich suggests to me the amount of data I'm trying to pass through is too much?14:14
jdstrandcwayne: davmor2 tells me the silo passed. shall I push now?14:17
cwaynejdstrand: please14:17
cwayneogra_: once apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu gets into the archive can we kick a build? we need it to land a new custom tar14:17
ogra_Saviq, exceeded the 512 branches limit for a single landing ? :)14:17
Saviqogra_, that's what I'm worried indeed14:18
jdstrandogra_ (and cwayne): it is apparmor, click-apparmor and apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu14:18
ogra_cwayne, if sil2100 doesnt object14:18
jdstrandsil2100: ^14:18
jdstrandall three :)14:18
* ogra_ doesnt mind doing as many builds as the builders can bear 14:18
ogra_iw would prefer to do them back to back in a constant flow ...14:19
ogra_sadly smoketesting wouldnt cope with that14:19
* jdstrand doesn't care how it goes-- I just want to make sure cwayne has all three when he does his custom tarball14:19
* Saviq managed to reconfigure... had to copy the data manuall14:20
Mirvdbarth: ok, to both oxide binary copy and line 8014:21
Mirvlanding-029 (vivid) for line 8014:22
jdstrandcan we not reconfigure our silos any more?14:22
jdstrandI need rtm 003 reconfigured since the apparmor in there is not the version the silo was configured with (we should not rebuild anything though-- it is all tested. this is just to get past the build step)14:23
jdstrandthe publish step14:23
jdstrand"Can't publish: Some packages in the ppa are not at the latest version14:24
jdstrandPlease rerun the prepare job, eventually only with that project."14:24
jdstrandistr I used to be able to do that ^14:24
jdstrandah, it is in the spreadsheet14:25
=== charles_ is now known as charles
dbarthtrainguards: i think you can also unload silo rtm 020, which won't be accepted for landing this week14:38
dbarthtrainguards: also, vivid silo 008, the status is really: in testing, not stuck in publishing state14:39
Mirvjdstrand: publishing worked now . I think build with watch_only alone would have been enough.14:42
jdstrandcwayne: ok, pushed to proposed. they are finding their way now14:42
jdstrandMirv: oh rather than the reconfigure? good to know14:42
bfillerbrendand: I rebuilt the click for camera-app and updated the link in the spreadsheet (also emailed to you)14:56
cyphermoxWellark: poke, you responsible for rtm landing 013?15:08
dbarthtrainguards: i have verified silo 009, but it seems the spreadsheet is out of sync: i can't mark it tested there, can you help15:08
asacsil2100: did we get to the bottom of the unity instability yet?15:09
dbarthit should correspond to line 28, for landing in vivid15:09
dbarthit is also silo rtm 20 which is verified, but should *not* land on rtm15:10
cwaynejdstrand: what version of click-apparmor should be in 14.09?15:11
Wellarkcyphermox: dunno15:11
Wellarkcyphermox: lemme check15:11
cyphermoxWellark: if you're not touching it then all is fine15:11
Wellarkcyphermox: tvoss is15:12
Wellarkbut apparently he got ebola or something15:12
cyphermoxI just want to make sure it doesn't clash with the vivid landing for other dbus-cpp fixes..15:12
Wellarkcyphermox: other dbus-cpp fixes?15:12
Wellarkcyphermox: I don't even know how that should relate to them15:12
Wellarkcyphermox: that branch fixes two top blockers15:12
Wellarkso we need them in15:13
cyphermoxyou can't build dbus-cpp separately and land one without telling someone about the other15:13
cyphermoxie. the second to land needs to get rebuilt15:13
Wellarkcyphermox: I'm not landing anything15:13
asacChickenCutlass: do you know that folks think that unity crashing might be media-hub related?15:13
cyphermoxWellark: that's all I wanted to know, thanks15:13
Wellarkcyphermox, thostr_: please figure out what to do with rtm-013 silo15:13
ChickenCutlassasac: I asked kgunn yesterday and that was not the case15:13
ChickenCutlassasac: and if it is.  That is a real problem — how could that happen15:14
cyphermoxthostr_: how ready are you changes to land? also, have they landed in vivid yet?15:14
asacChickenCutlass: i think its a different thread if media-hb can bring down unity, but still doesnt make it less important15:14
kgunnChickenCutlass: yeah, so theory is notifications are effectively audio clients, so create/kill...causes "left overs" to hang around on dbus15:15
thostr_Wellark: cyphermox: this is tvoss... anyhow, I just started to rebuild as it had a strange build error...15:15
kgunnat least the signature matches15:15
jdstrandcwayne: click-apparmor, apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu 1.2.38 and apparmor 2.8.96~2652-0ubuntu5.315:16
kgunnfor a fix that is comming from tvoss15:16
ChickenCutlasskgunn: asac  so that is not media-hub.  That is prob the sbud client15:16
cyphermoxthostr_: so you're not driving the landing right now, just rebuilding out of interest?15:16
kgunnChickenCutlass: yeah...the bug currently reflects this theory/thinking15:16
jdstrandcwayne: your custom tarball will include the 'touch -t' change on /var/lib/apparmor/profiles/click_*?15:16
ChickenCutlasskgunn: ok thanks15:16
kgunnChickenCutlass: people just aren't reading :)15:17
thostr_cyphermox: well, this might be the root cause also for the unity crashes we're seeing... so just trying to help while tvoss is away15:17
cyphermoxI think we should possibly look into landing this in vivid first...15:17
cwaynejdstrand: yep, it will15:19
cwaynesil2100:  ogra_: so all the bits for apparmor are ready, could we kick a build?15:19
cyphermoxthostr_: can I ask you what crashes? there's other changes which might help too..15:20
ogra_sure ... sil2100 ?15:20
sil2100Yeah, sorry guys, had lunch and then UE Live15:20
sil2100ogra_, cwayne: looking at the backlog, but I think it's +115:20
ogra_i just want a "yes" :)15:20
thostr_cyphermox: it's still the issue of not having a dash15:20
cyphermoxhum, what bug is that?15:20
ogra_sil2100, apparmor needed in image before custom tarball can land15:21
cyphermoxis there a stack trace on it?15:21
ogra_thats what this build is for15:21
thostr_cyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-scopes/+bug/138665315:21
sil2100ogra_: yeah, as I thought15:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1386653 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Scopes fail to launch when the network stack is not up" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:21
cyphermoxah, thanks15:21
sil2100dbarth: still having problems setting the silo to tested yes?15:21
dbarthsil2100: yeah, i guess so15:22
dbarthsil2100: i was trying to clean up the various silos i have around15:22
dbarthsil2100: so if we take 020(rtm) and 009(utopic/vivid)15:23
ogra_cwayne, sil2100 build triggered15:23
dbarthsil2100: i'd like to delete 020(rtm) and land 00915:23
cwayneogra_: thanks15:23
cwaynedavmor2: so once the build is done, would you still have time for custom test?15:23
cwaynethere were a few more changes that leaked in, but most are quite trivial15:24
oSoMoNdbarth, sil2100: do you remember if a binary copy from the phablet-team PPA (for oxide-qt) is enough, or if a source copy is needed?15:24
sil2100dbarth: ok, so delete 20 you say - let me free that up then15:24
sil2100And check sil0 00915:24
oSoMoNtrainguards: can I haz a silo for line 81, please?15:24
sil2100oSoMoN: where do you want to land it?15:24
dbarthsil2100: yup15:24
oSoMoNsil2100, rtm15:25
dbarthincidentally, oxide is now finished building in https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages15:25
davmor2cwayne: in theory yes, as we are looking to use it to check for issues in the image but it depends how long15:25
sil2100oSoMoN: if the phablet-team PPA oxide-qt has been built for utopic then a binary copy to the ubuntu-rtm silo should be enough15:25
oSoMoNdbarth, which is why I was asking :)15:25
dbarthit was for utopic indeed15:25
dbarthnice, more silos ready15:26
oSoMoNexcellent, a binary copy will save us time (5+ hours to be precise)15:26
sil2100dbarth: can you try changing the tested field now?15:27
dbarthmarked tested, let's see what the bot says15:28
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 136 building (started: 20141029 15:30) ===15:29
bdmurraysil2100: what needs to happen next for fixing bug 1339916 in ubuntu-rtm?15:29
ubot5bug 1339916 in whoopsie (Ubuntu RTM) "SystemIdentifier can change between reboots" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133991615:29
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
ogra_bdmurray, do you have a silo already with lxc-android-config in it ?15:31
sil2100bdmurray: oh! Ok, let me help out with that landing, I think we forgot you didn't do any landings before :) So, that's a whoopsie upload + something else, right?15:33
bdmurraysil2100: yes, a whoopsie sync from utopic and an upload of lxc-android-config15:39
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
sil2100bdmurray: now we need to upload lxc-android-config15:44
sil2100bdmurray: can you check if you can upload to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu-rtm/landing-009 ?15:44
bdmurraysil2100: I don't see the "You can upload packages to this PPA using" message from Launchpad15:46
sil2100hmmm... ok, then the easiest way would be for you to provide me a source package for lxc-android-config15:47
sil2100And I'll upload15:47
sil2100(since I have no power to grant upload powers)15:47
ogra_make sure you use the lxc-android-config from rtm as base actually15:49
ogra_rtm and utopic diverged15:49
bdmurrayogra_: right, you'd pointed me at rtm4 previously15:50
oSoMoNsil2100, ribru: can I have a rtm silo for line 81, pretty please?15:51
MirvoSoMoN: ok15:52
oSoMoNtrainguards: can you please publish silo 4 (vivid) ?15:57
Mirvbfiller: can you arrange that the same camera-app being published from rtm-018 is uploaded as .click to the store? (I can also upload, if just given .click url)15:58
MirvoSoMoN: MP not approved15:58
Mirvoh, it's "Merged". that should be pretty approved...15:59
Saviqogra_, are there no vivid images yet? ;|15:59
Saviqhow am I supposed to test anything...15:59
Mirvogra_: hey ogra, were there any vivid images yet? how about questions about whether there are vivid images? ;)15:59
MirvSaviq: he has had around 40 requests in 24h about the topic :)16:00
Saviqogra_, are there no vivid images yet?16:00
oSoMoNMirv, d’oh, I was pretty sure I had removed the MR from the list this morning, sorry about that16:00
Saviqogra_, are there no vivid images yet?16:00
Saviqnow that's a good number16:00
oSoMoNMirv, can we force the publication, or do I need to manually revert the state of the MR to "approved" ?16:00
MirvoSoMoN: we can force, no problem16:00
oSoMoNMirv, excellent, thanks16:01
oSoMoNsil2100, Mirv, ribru: can one of you please do the binary copy of oxide-qt from https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages to ubuntu-rtm/landing-015 ?16:02
* ogra_ throws little paperballs at Saviq and Mirv 16:04
ogra_i'm working on it ...16:04
ogra_(should be ready later tonight ... no promise that they boot though ... there is a good bunch of systemd services now)16:05
MirvoSoMoN: done. required command line usage.16:05
oSoMoNMirv, thanks!16:06
ogra_Saviq, there were build machine issues til late last night ... and today i already spent all day fixing up the build scripts ... but it will still take a while, each iteration of changes takes hours16:07
ogra_asac, bug 138723116:09
ubot5bug 1387231 in Ubuntu Clock App "[clock] alarm still rings once it's been deleted" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138723116:09
cyphermoxMirv: hey, I top-approved the merge that wasn't approved yet in ubuntu silo 1216:09
cjwatsonNot build machine issues as such, I just didn't write the livefs copying script quite right (this was the first cycle we had to do this, since livefs-in-LP was new last cycle) and so the livefs objects had the wrong require_virtualized setting16:10
brendandplars, why are terminal and dropping letters still on the krillin dashboard?16:10
ogra_cjwatson, yeah, i tried to simplify :)16:11
cjwatsonI've since fixed the script so that this won't be a problem next time16:11
ogra_issues with building on the wrong machine :)16:11
Mirvcyphermox: there's the other branch still https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/dbus-cpp/fix-1361642/+merge/23682016:11
cyphermoxAGH, people changed it16:12
cyphermoxthis is ridiculous16:12
ogra_slap the people16:12
cyphermoxI'll just scrap that branch and make a new one16:12
asacogra_: thx. commented on it; i dont think it is mine though16:13
asacmine is about disabling, not deleting16:13
asacdeleting helped/worked in the end16:13
ogra_cyphermox, see line 55 on eth spreadsheet (and silo 13)16:14
cyphermoxthat was added16:14
cyphermoxI'm getting tired of this16:14
cyphermoxMirv: you can scrap lines 74 and 7516:15
brendandkgunn, there is a problem with silo 13 - it seems i can't get out of flight mode once i enable it16:15
brendandkgunn, on the bright side it makes the crashes go away!16:15
kgunnbrendand: sort of good news :)16:16
ogra_there is a million of things in that silo16:16
Mirvcyphermox: maybe just reuse the silos for the new branches?16:17
kgunna million ?16:17
ogra_its like it is its own distro :)16:17
cyphermoxMirv: no16:17
kgunnogra_: you talkin' bout silo 13v?16:17
Mirvcyphermox: ok. so, freeing up silos landing-012 and rtm-00916:17
ogra_kgunn, indicators, media-hub, location-service dbus-cpp16:17
ogra_kgunn, no, rtm 1316:17
Mirvcyphermox: rtm-011, that is...16:17
ogra_kgunn, who cares about v silos ... cant test them anyway16:18
kgunnogra_: it was acutally a typo....my thumb spas'd16:18
kgunnor is it spazzed16:18
ogra_oh, heh16:18
kgunnbut yeah, that's not a million....but does unblock a lot of criticals16:18
dbarthtrainguards: please don't publish silo 029, it needs a rebuild now that silo 9 is landing16:20
dbarthtrainguards: i may also need to manual help for silo 9 landing (it should really go onto vivid, even if marked as a utopic build)16:21
* Mirv starts executing a late "do eod" plan16:26
dobeydbarth: eh? if for silo 9 you mean row 28 in the spreadsheet, it's built on vivid, not utopic16:28
Mirvbfiller: right, the branches were in that rtm landing, so now published + m&c:d plus kicked a new .click build at s-jenkins to build from the now updated trunk. just get someone to upload it to the store when it's ready.16:29
dbarthdobey: ah ok, so fine; i'll just wait for it to exit the -proposed pocket16:30
dbarthis there something i can do to speed that up? i have another silo to rebuild just after that16:30
dobeydbarth: no, that's pretty automated at this point, but can be slow for some packages, waiting on archive builders and publishing. but it should copied to release pocket once it's published in proposed within 30 minutes at most, generally16:32
dbarthok, perfect; thanks16:32
dobeyat least, that's my understanding of how often the automated pocket copy works for in-development ubuntu series16:33
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 136 DONE (finished: 20141029 16:35) ===16:34
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/136.changes ===16:34
davmor2cwayne: ^16:34
ogra_hurry up16:34
ogra_where is the tarball ?16:34
cwaynebuilt i like 30 mins ago16:35
dobeycome on debootstrap16:35
cwayneshould have been imported by now probably, version 141459864616:35
oSoMoNtrainguards: it looks like https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu-rtm/landing-015/+packages is full, and it prevents building packages, can its size be increased?16:35
Saviqbrendand, can you please confirm that without rtm silo 13 flight mode works fine for you? I don't think the change there could've caused that16:37
brendandSaviq, it does work fine for sure16:37
brendandSaviq, i'll do another cycle of testing to make sure16:38
brendandSaviq, but i've already done two16:38
Saviqbrendand, ok, I just have seen flight mode trouble all over the place16:39
brendandSaviq, well yeah flight mode is troublesome16:40
brendandSaviq, this is pretty reproducible for me though16:40
cwaynedavmor2: looks like import-images hasn't finished yet16:44
cwayneoh nm maybe it has, just got an ota16:45
sil2100oSoMoN: oh! I think we'll need IS for that...16:45
davmor2cwayne: no worries, just let me know I'm busy writing a test plan :)16:45
cwaynedavmor2: i think it's all in now16:48
cwaynedoing a fresh flash here to check16:48
oSoMoNsil2100, can you do the request to IS?16:49
davmor2cwayne: right what is the image number so I know I'm on the right one please16:49
cwaynedavmor2: let me verify it on a fresh flash first so I don't waste your time :)16:49
cwaynewill get you the image number soon as its done16:49
ogra_davmor2, ust be 13716:50
dbarthtrainguards: can i get a silo for line 82 please; this is an rtm silo for a bug that has now been approved for landing16:50
ogra_jdstrand, hmpf ...16:54
davmor2cwayne: flashing version 175 does that sound right16:54
sil2100oSoMoN: sure16:54
jdstrandogra_: ?16:55
sil2100dbarth: ok!16:55
cwaynedavmor2: yep, just verified it16:55
oSoMoNsil2100, thanks!16:55
davmor2ogra_: no cwayne 's channel is way ahead when it is released it is the next image on rtm16:55
ogra_jdstrand, 5min boot in 13716:55
jdstrandthat is expected until cwayne's tarball lands16:55
ogra_then i'm fine :)16:56
jdstrandas discussed here earlier16:56
cwayne13 sec bq screen on -customized :)16:56
cwaynejdstrand: Modify: 2013-12-31 11:59:00.000000000 +000016:56
ogra_that sounds better16:56
jdstrandogra_: so, that 5 minute boot time is actually down quite a bit from other times when it had to recompile all the policy, no?16:56
jdstrandcwayne: nice :)16:57
ogra_jdstrand, i have seen up to 13min, yeah16:57
jdstrandthat was part of that upload16:57
sil2100slangasek, ogra_: so, I think I have generated a list of missing landings for both distros, just need to double check still if the script does it right16:57
ogra_well, not boot but only bootlogo16:57
jdstrandof course, we want to avoid those even if they are faster then before, hence the coordination with cwayne16:57
ogra_yeah, well, i knew it ... just didnt think of it16:58
sil2100bzoltan_: any ETA for landing the AP test fix?17:04
sil2100We need it in ASAP17:04
brendandSaviq, i have a slightly unusual config in that i have two locked sims17:16
Saviqbrendand, how is that unusual? :)17:16
Saviqsame here, actually17:16
ogra_you guys are so unusual !17:16
brendandSaviq, well joc who only has one can't reproduce the same failure with silo 1317:16
brendandSaviq, can you?17:16
Saviqbrendand, testing another silo now17:16
brendandSaviq, ok17:17
slangasekogra_: I've got confirmation from asac that we're good to redirect the 'stable' channel to ubuntu-rtm/14.09 now17:20
ogra_slangasek, great, i havent had any system-image training so this time stgraber will still have to do it17:20
slangasekogra_: yeah, I just got the rundown from stgraber on how to do it; I'll send an email first17:20
ogra_hopefully with the next build i should also have vivid images17:21
slangasekjohn-mcaleely: ^^ this channel name change impacts how we should be flashing the devices going forward, I believe17:21
ogra_and the build will now spit the info thats needed for new passwd and friends directly in the log17:22
john-mcaleelymaybe. depends which channel name... slangasek ^17:22
ogra_so you dont need to do a build at how to get the md5 etc17:22
ogra_slangasek, be carefule though, i dont think we had krillin in stable before, that might require extra tweaking17:22
ogra_(at least adding the arch)17:23
slangasekjohn-mcaleely: the channel name will be 'ubuntu-touch/stable' going forward17:26
ogra_rather ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/stable ?17:26
ogra_'ubuntu-touch/stable' would be "vivid stable"17:26
cwaynewouldnt ubuntu-touch/stable be utopic17:27
ogra_cwayne, utopic is dead17:27
ogra_it is composting already17:27
sil2100oSoMoN: bumped :)17:28
cwayneright, but wasn't the last released usually what was put in stable17:28
ogra_well, stable should have our last stable image17:28
ribruAlbertA: do you know what's happening with silo rtm 10? I can't find it in the spreadsheet.17:28
cwaynei.e. stable was trusty all throughout the utopic cycle17:28
sil2100slangasek: give us a sign once it's done and I'll include the info in the e-mail17:28
slangasekogra_: no, not ubuntu-rtm/stable because as discussed elsewhere we don't want that name to persist17:28
oSoMoNsil2100, awesome, I didn’t think it would be that fast, thanks man!17:28
sil2100I'll have to update the developer documentation as well though17:28
ogra_utopic surely isnt at a quality to become stable17:28
sil2100oSoMoN: thanks go to cjwatson, he's always so fast in doing things ;)17:29
slangasekogra_: and no, stable doesn't point to vivid because that's the devel channel that will become "stable" only around OTA-317:29
ogra_slangasek, ok, it just doesnt match the existing channel structure, curious how s-i will handle the delta for this17:29
slangasekogra_: this is a false choice; there's nothing *else* that's more stable17:29
ogra_yeah, it is actually the only "stable" channel we have17:30
ogra_under rtm we never created a stable one17:30
AlbertAribru; you can release that one17:31
brendandSaviq, it's working better now. maybe it was rebuilt since i tried it earlier17:32
ogra_slangasek, looking at http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/stable/ we should probably consider ripping out all the arches that fell behind though ... manta and  flo are most likely not at the quality level of mako or krillin (and i'm not soure there are QA resources to even test them)17:32
ogra_and maguro would even only get you a trusty image ... we should consider obsoleting that imho17:33
ogra_thats to far behind already17:33
bdmurraywhich channel do I want to install from to test my rtm whoopsie changes?17:33
slangasekbdmurray: ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.0917:33
ribruAlbertA: by 'release' do you mean 'free'?17:34
ribruAlbertA: as in 'not publish it' ;-)17:34
slangasekbdmurray: sorry, I mean ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed17:34
ogra_bdmurray, rtm-proposed ... see --list-channels in ubuntu-device-flash17:34
AlbertAribru: sorry yes...:)17:34
bdmurrayokay, I'd chosen the former and it seemed old to me17:34
ribruAlbertA: ok thanks17:34
cwaynedavmor2: ive got to go afk for a bit, ping/email me when testing of custom is done and I'll push the magic button when I return17:34
cwaynesil2100: ^17:34
slangasekogra_: right, yes; let's definitely clean up those devices that should no longer be on the channel, but also let's worry about that after this initial switch17:34
davmor2cwayne: will do17:36
john-mcaleelyum, so ubuntu-touch/stable alias' to what? slangasek17:36
cwaynedavmor2: thanks man17:36
slangasekjohn-mcaleely: ubuntu-touch/stable will alias to ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 for now17:36
AlbertAribru: and rtm silo 001 can also be freed17:36
john-mcaleelyslangasek, that sounds good17:36
john-mcaleelyslangasek, let me know when I can try that?17:38
john-mcaleelyso will we be adding a stable-proposed alias?17:38
john-mcaleely(I don't believe there is one today)17:38
slangasekjohn-mcaleely: not planning to add one at the moment, as I assume that nobody needs to track stable-proposed as a thing right now17:39
john-mcaleelyhrm. I think we need it to test stuff, but I'll defer that to others17:39
slangasekjohn-mcaleely: we need a -proposed channel for testing stuff, but it doesn't necessarily have to be /called/ stable-proposed which would just be an alias17:39
john-mcaleelytrue enough17:40
ogra_john-mcaleely, we will never build any images into stable or devel ... the only place where we build them is -proposed ... then they get copied into devel or stable ... so there is no need to have more than actually one proposed channel from which we can populate the others17:44
ribruAlbertA: oh yeah. ok done17:45
ogra_oooh shiny !!!17:47
* ogra_ likes that 17:47
ogra_... now it gives you exact instructions what to do to make the next build not fail at the end of the log :)17:48
ogra_bah !17:48
ogra_will fix with the next iteration :)17:49
ribruSaviq: ok you got rtm 1017:50
Saviqribru, (did you change your name to Ribert?), thanks17:51
ogra_Saviq, well, matching the topic :)17:51
Saviqribru, oupsikesy17:51
Saviqribru, don't laugh (or cough... or sneeze... breathing is not really necessary either, is it?)17:52
ribruSaviq: A witch turned me into a frog, now I can only say 'ribbit'17:52
ribruribbit ribbit17:52
sil2100brendand: sorry, got a bit distracted, but here's the bug for the UITK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtmir/+bug/138241417:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1382414 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "New qtmir makes UITK AP tests fail" [Critical,In progress]17:55
* sil2100 seems to have internet problems again17:55
* ogra_ sends some cans full of internet to sil2100 17:56
ogra_oh ... and a can opener ... in case you dont have one17:56
sil2100Yeah, please!17:56
john-mcaleelyogra_, I think the time we need 'stable proposed' will be to test ota from previous stable builds to the one we want to release. There other ways we can do that though18:03
ogra_john-mcaleely, where would that ota image come from ?18:03
ogra_i mean, i guess you would just build it from the rtm archive after you landed some fixes18:03
john-mcaleelyogra_, I think it depends on if there have been multiple private builds, and so we need to test what public handsets will see18:04
ogra_which will make the image pop out in ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed ... where you can test18:04
john-mcaleelyogra_, to be honest, I'm happy to suck it and see18:04
ogra_we wont have "multiple private builds" of the rootfs18:05
john-mcaleelywhat, no images testing fixes one by one?18:05
ogra_you will perhaps have additional changes in custom or device tarballs18:05
john-mcaleelywhich we roll into one build for stable handsets?18:05
ogra_but these can also iterate over devel-proposed18:05
ogra_and once QAed can be copied into stable18:06
ogra_if you have different custom tarballs (unlikely ot ever have different devvice tarballs for the same device in one release) you can indeed have stable-custom-foo18:07
ogra_but that would again come out of devel-custom-foo18:07
ogra_or devel-custom-foo-proposed18:07
ogra_rootfs and device tarballs will always just move forward ... custom might move sideways at tiimes though18:08
ogra_grr, in my shiny livecd-rootfs change i forgot the md5 for /etc/group and gshadow :(18:16
AlbertA2fginther: we are getting a CI failure for i386 builds: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-android-utopic-i386-build/2297/console18:18
AlbertA2fginther: any ideas?18:18
fgintherAlbertA, looking18:18
josharensonfginther, were you, or anyone else, ever able to re-enable the mi-performance-test- job?18:18
fgintherjosharenson, yes it was re-enabled on Monday. The latest runs show results (I think I sent you an email earlier today)18:20
josharensonfginther, cool thanks18:22
fgintherAlbertA2, this is very strange. there are several failures and each appears to mention a different missing package18:23
sil2100slangasek: I just got the 'Landing pipeline:' e-mail - wasn't that supposed to be sent out last week? ;)18:32
sil2100slangasek: as it mentions the sprint ;)18:32
sil2100slangasek: ARGH18:32
sil2100slangasek: ok, scratch that18:32
* sil2100 needs more coffee or a kick in the butt18:33
slangaseksil2100: ok - I was gonna say, I didn't send any such mail today ;)18:33
sil2100slangasek: yeah, I think I'm braindead today or something18:33
* ribru -> lunch18:38
bdmurraysil2100: so my silo looks good to me. Is there anything I need to do? update the spreadsheet?18:42
ogra_bdmurray, test it on a device ... then set the spreadsheet to testing done18:43
slangasekjohn-mcaleely: ubuntu-touch/stable now points to 14.0918:43
sil2100bdmurray: if you have tested it on an 14.09 image, then please change the K column to 'Yes (#image_number device your_nick)'18:44
sil2100And then it's all up to QA :)18:44
bdmurraysil2100: okay, done. thanks for the help!18:46
* ogra_ looks forward to eventually finding his error reports by lcicking the button in system-settings18:47
thomilicking the button? O.018:49
dobeyit's just like OS X18:50
sergiusensslangasek: hah, the stable channel is finally useful!18:52
fgintherAlbertA2, I noticed that all the failures are coming from the same node (although it also had plenty of successful builds as well), so as a first step I've disabled that node.18:52
sergiusensu-d-f's default too18:52
AlbertA2fginther: ack18:53
fgintherAlbertA2, also, debootstrap which the mir cross compile uses does not appear to have any built-in retry mechanism. So if the apt repository (ports.ubuntu.com in this case) is ever unreliable, the entire bootstrap will fail. The cross-compile scripts should take this into account18:55
ogra_sergiusens, oh, we still default to that ?18:57
slangasekogra_: I guess you have a handle on livecd-rootfs, nothing you need help with?18:57
ogra_slangasek, well, if this upload has landed and the nnext image fails i will18:58
cwaynedavmor2: hows custom lookin?18:58
ogra_slangasek, i *belive* it is fixed with this last upload ...18:58
sil2100cwayne: it might take some time still I suppose, as davmor2 is performing some extra testing there19:00
AlbertA2fginther: aah.....I'll check with the team...why are we even calling cross_compile_chroot for CI - that doesn't seem right...19:00
cwaynesil2100: right, i wasnt trying to rush you guys, just wanted to check in and see if there's anything i needed to fix :)19:01
oSoMoNtrainguards: I’ll need your help reconfiguring ubuntu-rtm/landing-015, I added a MR for webbrowser-app and the silo won’t let me reconfigure it myself19:02
davmor2cwayne: tea got in the way too :)19:06
cwaynedavmor2: :)19:10
oSoMoNtrainguards, sil2100, ribru, anyone?19:16
sil2100oSoMoN: hey!19:16
sil2100oSoMoN: so, let me try helping you inbetween :)19:16
oSoMoNsil2100, sorry if I sound insistent, trying to land urgent stuff… :/19:17
sil2100oSoMoN: no worries! ribru is on lunch so he would only take care of your request a bit later19:17
sil2100oSoMoN: reconfiguring :)19:18
ribrujust back!19:22
ribrusil2100: thanks19:22
oSoMoNsil2100, thanks!19:24
* sil2100 goes off to exercise a bit19:25
sil2100oSoMoN: yw!19:25
sil2100Sorry it took so long ;)19:25
barrysil2100: if you're still around, i *finally* have an mp for si 2.5.1-0u1.  i'm going to add it to the spreadsheet for ubuntu and we'll go from there20:13
barrysil2100: i'm going to try to get this into tomorrow's image if i can get at least one other person to test it20:13
ribrubarry: I'm around to assign and help test, just need some testing instructions20:17
barryribru: awesome, thanks.  just got assigned silo ubuntu/landing-004.  i'll ping you for testing when the ppa build finishes20:18
barryribru: the row has a link to the test plan20:18
barryribru: Test G will be the one specifically addressing this bug (but the other tests are good to ensure no regressions)20:18
ribrubarry: cool20:19
barryaw crap20:20
barryyeah yeah, thanks queuebot20:22
ribrubarry: weird error, I guess it's a side effect of your non-standard versioning scheme ;-)20:28
barryribru: yeah ;)  i deleted the tag on the mp branch and hit rebuild20:29
barryseems to be making progress now20:29
ribrubarry: ugh, how do I reboot into the bootloader? 'fastboot reboot-bootloader' just says 'waiting for device' (even though adb shell works), and no amount of power+volume up/down fiddling seems to want to do it for me today20:33
barryribru: gosh, i'm not sure any more20:34
ribrubetween my vacation and broken ribs, it's been a couple weeks since I've updated one of these, wanted to start with a fresh flash ;-)20:34
barryyeah, that's a good idea.  does ubuntu-device-flash not work for you?20:35
ribrubarry: with --wipe and --bootstrap it says 'waiting to be in bootloader'20:37
ribrubut when I specify --device it magically starts working20:38
ribrueven with wipe and bootstrap. huh20:38
barrywow, the silo actually built on the first try20:50
ribrubarry: uh, flashing didn't seem to work. seems like it just downloaded the image and stopped.20:55
barryribru: i'm trying it now with my krillin.  will let you know how it goes20:56
ribrubarry: seems to actually flash if I don't use wipe and bootstrap. bah20:56
ribrubarry: oh wow, just reading test G, that sounds intense ;-)21:00
barryribru: yeah ;)  took a bit of work to get the staging server up on stgraber's domain, since we don't have an official one21:01
barryribru: i'm flashing right now w/o --wipe or --bootstrap21:02
ribruargh wtf! The flash said it was pushing the image to my device, and then it rebooted to recovery to flash etc, now system settings reports I'm running an image from september. bah21:02
barryribru: are you on channel ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed?21:03
barry(i suppose i should update that instruction21:03
ribrubarry: apparently not, but that's the channel I tried to flash21:03
ogra_slangasek, so we have a vivid ...21:19
ogra_now i wonder if we can just bend the devel channel over to this and system-image will cope on devices21:19
ogra_(obviously once s-i has imported it)21:20
ogra_well, curious if it will boot :)21:20
slangasekI guess you mean the devel-proposed channel, since you need a proper image promotion to get it onto devel :)21:21
ogra_do you knwo if the systemd daemons we ship will stay no-op's ?21:21
ogra_heh. indeed i meant -proposed21:21
slangasekI don't know anything about the delta, which systemd daemons do you mean?21:21
ogra_well, the whole breakage was caused by systemd-timedated and three other daemons we ship in minimal now adding their users to /etc/passwd21:22
ogra_i wonder if they just stay on the image and dont start or if they actually interfere21:22
slangasekah; yes, those certainly aren't started via upstart21:23
slangaseksystemd-timedated is a dbus service anyway21:23
ogra_well, then i assume it wll just work like utopic ...21:24
ogra_just with extra cruft on the fs21:24
ogra_(i doubt i will stay awake long enough to actually test one of these images tonight)21:24
slangasekogra_: systemd-timedated itself isn't new, only the user is new21:25
* ogra_ mailed about image status and will fall dead now 21:29
* asac hugs ogra for vidid images21:30
asacsleep well!21:31
ogra_oh i will !21:31
ogra_i'm seriously behind on sleep :)21:31
barryslangasek: ping21:31
asacogra_: go for it. wanted to ask if i shall try image, but lets just tru ...21:32
slangasekbarry: hi21:32
asac... together tomorrow morning!!21:32
ogra_asac, well, in ~30-45min you should see something in the channel21:32
barryslangasek: hi.  interesting possible observation, re: the udm timeouts we see during ppa builds21:32
asacogra_: yeah, dont worry. just go off!!!!!21:32
ogra_asac, if you feel brave ;)21:32
* asac sends an electric outage to ogras home21:32
ogra_haha, yeah21:32
barryslangasek: we just build s-i 2.5.1 in a vivid ppa.  it finished quickly, and no timeouts on first try21:33
barryslangasek: then ribru source copied it to rtm silo, which is running more slowly, and i *suspect* (tho it hasn't happened yet) that it will timeout21:33
slangasekmm, so21:33
slangasekhow does that help us? :)21:33
barryslangasek: what's the difference between vivid ppas and rtm ppas?... :)21:33
barryi386 vs amd6421:34
barryslangasek: it doesn't immediately, but i wonder if udm is crashing on i38621:34
slangasekshould be reproducible in an i386 chroot?21:34
barryslangasek: it's just a thought right now.  let's see how this ppa build finished, and then i'll put this theory on the udm bug21:35
barrybut yeah21:35
barryslangasek: i wonder how much testing udm gets on i38621:36
slangasekwell, if you can get upgrades working in the emulator, it'll get more21:37
bdmurrayslangasek: do you think I should add bug 1386752 to the RTM wishlist?21:38
ubot5bug 1386752 in whoopsie (Ubuntu Utopic) "whoopsie-id is world readable" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138675221:38
slangasekbdmurray: why is it a problem for the id to be world-readable?21:40
slangasekbdmurray: fwiw I think this is ok to defer to post-RTM21:41
slangasekeven if it's not meant to be world-readable, there won't be many people reading it before OTA-1 :)21:41
cjwatsonthis system-image source copy you mention21:41
bdmurrayslangasek: It was inconsistent as the dbus call to get the identifier required root.21:42
cjwatsonthat seems to be compounding the problem we identified and discussed with sil2100 at the sprint, of binaries with the same version but different contents between ubuntu and ubuntu-rtm, which is making it difficult for us to produce a new ubuntu-rtm/14.10 branch21:42
cjwatsonthis is going to need discussion with sil2100, I know, we probably aren't all on the same page, but would it be possible to drop 2.5.1-0ubuntu1 from the rtm PPA here and do a 2.5.1-0ubuntu1~rtm or whatever the convention is instead?21:43
slangasekoh indeed21:43
slangasekbarry: ^^21:43
cjwatsonI know that doesn't really help your specific problem at hand, just noticed it on the way past21:43
cjwatson(and I'm off to bed)21:43
ribruslangasek: in this case s-i doesn't follow the citrain versioning conventions so barry will have to manually mangle the version himself.21:44
slangasekthat's fine; but he has to do it21:44
slangasekand not have two separate packages floating around with the same version number but different binary contents :)21:44
cjwatsonthe plan is to modify LP to prevent this kind of thing happening by accident, but we were only hatching this plan at the tail-end of the sprint and so haven't put it into effect yet21:44
barrysil2100 and i discussed this yesterday. i actually did have an rtm version number and was going to only go to rtm-14.09 but he talked me into going vivid then sync'ing with the same version number21:44
ribrubarry: I guess best to manually upload to the PPA. we'll treat it like a source release (as opposed to a silo sync or an MP build)21:44
cjwatsonbarry: a binary sync would have been fine, but not a source sync21:45
cjwatsonbarry: maybe sil2100 meant the former?21:45
cjwatsonwhich I think would have been reasonable here given that it's python21:45
ribrucjwatson: the funny thing is I specifically told citrain to do a binary sync here but for some reason the package rebuilt anyway. I blame the train itself for being stupid.21:45
cjwatsonwe have to be a bit careful about binary syncs from vivid to ubuntu-rtm/14.09, but they're certainly possible if the dependencies aren't too complex/whatever21:45
barryalso, ribru thought he did do a binary sync, so neither of us are sure why it ended up doing a source sync21:45
cjwatsonribru: curious21:45
cjwatsonwell, I'm not investigating now, trying to do better about being off the clock in the evenings :)21:46
ribrubarry: cjwatson: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-016-1-build/50/parameters/ here is the proof that I did a "binary copy" note that REBUILD_SOURCES_FOR_SYNC is unchecked.21:46
ribrucjwatson: goodnight21:46
barrycjwatson: gn21:46
cjwatsonyeah, was intentionally not saying "oh hai ribru you broke it" because I hadn't investigated the situation at hand at all :)21:47
brendandplars, fginther - i filed this just now - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-test-cases/+bug/1387391 it's probably a dupe i guess, but it's something i think we need to look at so i just wanted to make sure - didn't find anything similar in ubuntu-test-cases21:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1387391 in Ubuntu Test Cases "Need a way to customise tests per device/channel" [Undecided,New]21:47
barrycjwatson, slangasek btw, if it will make others lives easier, i'll change my workflow or whatever for uploading new s-i versions21:47
barrybut i'm really not sure what The Right Thing To Do Is, as i get somewhat conflicting recommendations21:47
slangasekribru, barry: well, for the moment the takeaway is "it was a source sync, that shouldn't have happened, dump the silo and try again"21:47
barryslangasek: wfm.  ribru can you do that?21:48
slangasekbarry: it can be a binary sync if we know that it's safe, but we're generally telling people not to do that at all because it takes a core-dev to know that it's safe21:48
slangasekand if binary syncing isn't working right, that's something else21:48
slangasekbarry: so you can do a sourceful upload with a ~rtm version number, or you and ribru can try to work out what went wrong with the binary sync... but the latter would need a different silo now, since you can't reuse that version number in that particular ppa :)21:49
barryslangasek: for now, si in vivid will be the same as in rtm, but once rtm happens, i'm hoping to start landing new features, so they will diverge (and i have a new upstream branch just for rtm)21:49
slangasekpath of least resistance: source upload with manual mangling of version number21:49
barryor maybe i was talking to ogra_, but anyway the same applies21:50
barryslangasek: so, you're saying 2.5.1-0ubuntu1~rtm1 sourceful upload to the existing ppa?  (that'll sort lower than the current in flight package though)21:51
barryribru: do you want to retry a binary copy for giggles?  and if it doesn't work again, then i can prep a source package21:51
barryslangasek: wfm21:51
slangasekcan't retry a binary copy without allocating a separate silo21:51
barryoh right21:51
fgintherbrendand, Thanks for the bug description and example, I've added it to the list of things to work on21:51
slangasekversion numbers are launchpad's diamonds21:52
slangasek(they're forever)21:52
barryslangasek: that was actually my first suggested version number for rtm.  i wasn't even going to upload to vivid ;)21:52
barryslangasek: yeah, i've been bitten by that too many times before21:52
barryribru: let me know your preference for proceeding21:52
barryslangasek: but i guess either way, this might not make it into tomorrow's image, unless i can get ribru and maybe one other person (hint, hint) to test the new version21:53
ribrubarry: I guess easiest if you can bump the version number and ~rtm it for the same silo. I'm not really inclined to try the binary sync again since it's discouraged anyway (I want to just rip all that code out, I don't want to debug it)21:57
ribrubarry: or if you really need that version number I guess we have to toss the silo and start a fresh one either way21:57
ribrubarry: fwiw, test G passed perfectly for me.21:57
barryribru: the version number is really unimportant21:57
barryribru: awesome, thanks!21:58
barryi think i'll just prep a new ~rtm version for the silo and do a sourceful upload21:58
ribrubarry: you're welcome. yeah I guess upload version as 0ubuntu2~rtm then21:58
barryribru: that'll sort higher than the vivid version.  not sure if that's a problem or not, but frankly i don't even care if 2.5.1 is published to vivid or not22:00
sergiusensslangasek: barry if you ask nicely and own the ppa, webops can make versions not be the tough diamonds we thought they are... (not saying we should do that here though)22:00
ribrubarry: yeah but if you just do 0ubuntu1~rtm it won't be accepted as a newer package, right? so you have to do 0ubuntu2 just to get the package even accepted in the PPA.22:01
barrysergiusens: for my own ppas in the past i've just blown the whole ppa away.  it *does* make for more inconvenient testing, but it's not that big of a deal22:01
barryribru: i think i can delete the -0ubuntu1 version22:02
ribrubarry: also are you in the team to be able to do uploads to silo PPAs? if not ask slangasek to add you22:02
barryworth a try and if it fails i'll bump it22:02
barryribru: hmm, i may not be22:02
slangasekribru, barry: remove the existing package from the ppa first, upload the new version with a version number that sorts earlier22:02
barryslangasek: yep.  of course: "Package deletion can take some time before the packages are actually removed. See more about deleting a package."22:03
ribruok package is deleted22:03
slangasekbarry: you are a member (~ci-train-ppa-service)22:03
ribrubarry: my experience lately is that deletion is actually pretty quick despite the warning. less than a couple minutes22:03
slangasekI assume wgrant has optimized launchpad for deletion in the face of librarian pressure ;-)22:04
barryslangasek, ribru: cool.  let me build the rtm srcpkg and try an upload.  will follow up soon22:04
ribruok, good time for me to make a smoothie ;-)22:06
barryhang on a sec.  i won't be able to upload an UNRELEASED right?  should that be ubuntu-rtm/14.09 ?22:06
barryslangasek, ribru ^^22:07
slangasekbarry: '14.09', then upload to the right ppa target22:07
barryslangasek: ack22:07
barrylalalala: bad-distribution-in-changes-file 14.09 :)22:08
davmor2cwayne: so everything is looking okay on the tarball22:08
barryslangasek: Unable to find distroseries: 14.0922:10
cwaynedavmor2: \o/22:10
cwaynedavmor2: so do I push it? or do I need to wait for sil?22:10
davmor2ribru: are you spin up any images right now?22:11
slangasekbarry: rejected from where?22:11
barryslangasek: soyuz22:11
slangasekbarry: 14.09 is definitely the right syntax; what was your upload target?22:11
barryslangasek: dput ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-016 system-image_2.5.1-0ubuntu1~rtm1_source.changes22:11
slangasekbarry: yeah, that's the wrong target :)22:12
slangasekbarry: you need 'ubuntu-rtm/' in the middle of that ppa name22:12
slangasekotherwise it's uploading to the ubuntu ppa of the same name22:12
barryoh, i guess the ppa page lies then ;)22:12
barryslangasek: dput ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu-rtm/landing-016 system-image_2.5.1-0ubuntu1~rtm1_source.changes  ...?22:12
barrycool.  i blame launchpad :)22:14
barryoh ffs.  File system-image_2.5.1.orig.tar.gz already exists in Landing PPA 016 (RTM), but uploaded version has different contents.22:16
barryi guess i should just dump the silo and try again22:17
ribrudavmor2: I was just gonna let cron do it, do you need one sooner?22:18
davmor2ribru, cwayne: ^ so no images till 3:00am  so hit the button I guess22:19
ribrubarry: oops ok I'll flush and reassign22:20
cwaynedavmor2: done22:20
cwaynethanks for testing man22:20
ribrubarry: ok when you get back, pls upload to rtm 422:21
barryribru: awesome, thanks.  will upload then continue prepping dinner22:24
ribrubarry: you're welcome!22:24
ribrubarry: hm, is it supposed to take this long to build? looks like it's still running tests23:57

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