dholbachgood morninggood morning07:09
dholbachhave a great rest of your day! see you! :)18:28
pleia2enjoy dholbach18:29
dholbachthanks pleia2 - you too :)18:29
joseakgraner`: happy birthday!22:16
silverlionhey jose ^^ finally I'll get a hold of you :D22:22
josewhat's up?22:23
silverlionjose : I was looking for you because I wanted to offer help on the next ubuntu book edition if needed22:23
joseoh, thanks for the offer, though I'm not the right person to contact22:23
joseI'm not sure who would that be22:23
silverlionpleia2 : directed me your way22:23
* silverlion hopes to have understood everything correctly22:24
joseshe did? huh.22:24
pleia2silverlion: actually, I think what I said was to ask jose how he got involved with it (I'm friendly with the lead author, so my being asked to be involved was not something I can tell people to replicate)22:25
silverlionmy apologies pleia222:26
silverlionmy english isn't the best :(22:26
josewell, jcastro asked me if I wanted to give a hand and so I did, probably the same reason why Lyz got to help22:26
pleia2I don't actually know how anyone gets involved with these things aside from being asked by the publisher to participate22:26
pleia2aha, there you go22:26
silverlionnow I understood22:27
silverlionthank you for the enlightment. and once again sorry for the disturbance pleia2 ;)22:27
pleia2no trouble at all22:27
silverliongood night everybody!22:27

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