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desrtmlankhorst: hihi07:17
desrtseb128: confused about the popover bug.  canhas SRU?07:17
desrtseb128: (and good morning to you too) :)07:17
seb128good morning desktopers07:18
seb128desrt, hey!07:18
seb128desrt, confused about what? and yeah, sure07:18
desrtseb128: just surprised to see it pushed to vivid07:18
seb128desrt, I did an upload to vivid yesterday, going to SRU today07:19
seb128desrt, well, SRU rules are it should be fixed in the current serie before being SRUed07:19
desrtsort of makes sense i guess -- more testing that way07:19
seb128Laney, desrt, did you see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/1372847/comments/5 ?07:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1372847 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] New stable release 2.40.1" [Undecided,Fix released]07:20
desrtthe theory here being that a glib change modifies the behaviour of the firewall process in such a way that it fails to properly configure the kernel firewall rules?07:22
desrtsounds ugly indeed07:22
seb128desrt, did you read about such issues before?07:29
desrtseb128: no07:38
seb128hey mlankhorst08:12
* didrocks just spent an hour on fedora to look at what is supported client-wise in bluez508:18
didrockssad that my other laptop doesn't have bluetooth support, would be easier08:19
desrtthe read-didrocks-on-irc-with-a-didrocks-accent effect is always stronger immediataely after sprints08:20
desrtdidrocks: good morning :)08:20
didrocksdesrt: urgh, don't tell me that you suffer from jetlag :)08:21
desrtseems that i do...08:21
seb128lut didrocks08:21
seb128didrocks, how is bluez5 on fedora working?08:22
didrocksseb128: quite nicely, better than bluez4 on ubuntu at least (the connection seems to be way more stable)08:22
didrockscontacts syncing works08:22
didrocksnetwork doesn't though (not sure if it's the phone that doesn't support it)08:22
didrockssound redirection works on both sides08:22
didrockshowever, sending a file fails the same08:23
didrocksso, don't know if this can be from the phone08:23
didrocksbut for the hour, I got one disconnection on bluetooth side, and can reconnect immediately08:23
seb128contact syncing? is that done by gnome-contacts?08:23
didrocksit was a lot of clicking to reconnect on bluez408:23
seb128do they show in tb?08:23
didrocksyep, gnome-contacts, through folks08:24
seb128how do you etablish "the connection" and how do you use?08:24
didrocksdidn't try it, not sure tb is using folks08:24
seb128just curious what feature you tried exactly08:24
seb128playing music from the phone on the laptop speakers?08:24
didrockswell, tried with g-c-c, for pairing08:25
didrocksyeah, playing multimedia from phone -> laptop speakers08:25
didrocksdoesn't seem the other options of bluez5/obex are used though08:26
didrocksI'll try to reboot at some point to poke directly the dbus interface08:26
seb128the "play sound on the pc from the phone over bt" works fine for me on utopic08:27
didrocks09:22:52   didrocks | sound redirection works on both sides08:28
didrocksthat's what I told08:28
seb128oh, I though you mean computer->phone and phone->computer08:28
seb128on bluez5 on fedora08:28
didrocksno, I was comparing both08:28
seb128so what is not working for you on utopic and working on fedora?08:29
didrockscontact syncing as a visible feature08:29
didrocksand MAP support is only working on bluez508:29
didrocksso, if we want to implement MAP…08:29
seb128yeah, we need to update to bluez5 anyway08:29
didrocksat least, nothing that was working in utopic is broken in fedora08:29
seb128I was more wondering if they are basic features non working that we should look at fixing in the LTS08:29
didrocksand the connection, to my experience is more stable08:30
seb128I'm testing to see how that goes08:30
seb128started deezer on the phone08:30
seb128I'm going to keep that for the morning see how stable it is for me08:30
didrocksseb128: yeah, I didn't keep playing a music, it's more when my phone was idle08:31
seb128didrocks, where is the ui for contacts syncing on fedora?08:32
didrocksseb128: gnome-contacts, then, it does it under the hood08:34
didrocksyou will see a notification on your phone telling that device "…" is wanting to fetch your contacts08:34
seb128k, I don't see the ui element in Ubuntu, not sure if that's our version or a missing build option08:34
didrocksand just accept it08:34
didrocksyeah, I suspect we don't have the ui parts in touch08:35
seb128didrocks, sending a file to my s3mini works fine08:35
seb128so I guess that's phone dependant08:35
didrockscan be due to my phone yep08:35
* mvo radiates hate^Wstrong-disapproval towards automake08:37
seb128try cmake? ;-)08:38
mvomaybe its not sooooooo bad afterall ;)08:38
seb128indeed :-)08:39
mvoseb128: still, it give me a headache, configure wants to run autoheader/automake again in the dpkg ubuntu merge but not in the debian version. and all that changed is a bunch of C/perl files nothing that a looks at all configure releated08:58
seb128yeah, timestamps issues are annoying08:59
seb128it probably detects that some file changed after the configure and decide to run the machinery08:59
mvoseb128: yeah, I guess and I have a hard time figure the magic out :/08:59
seb128sorry I can't help you there, don't know much of magic tricks, out of trying to figure out what other files you need to "touch" to have it not doing that09:00
* mvo nods09:01
mvoseb128: thanks, I guess for some stuff there is no magic wand :)09:01
mvo(except find . -type f |xargs touch :-D09:01
mvoor rm -rf09:02
pittimvo: well, if C files changed and they contain automake macros, automake does need to run again?09:02
mvopitti: hm, what puzzles me is that this did not happen with the previous dpkg merge which had the same files changed09:04
pittimvo: and configure.ac doesn't refer to those files?09:05
pittiblack magic then indeed :/09:05
mvopitti: no, I think its really just a timestamp mismatch09:05
mvopitti: but thanks for the hint :)09:06
pittiit's a Laney! how are you?09:07
seb128hey Laney, how was climbing?09:07
didrocksmorning Laney09:07
Laneyhey pitti seb128 didrocks09:13
Laneygoing alright, climbing was s-wwweeeeeeeeeettt09:13
Laneyalthough they still haven't changed the set I've been doing >:(09:14
seb128did you feel the week without training?09:14
Laneyit was a short session ...09:15
Laneyhave you tennised yet?09:15
seb128no, starting next monday09:15
seb128there was an issue with the teacher this week so they moved it to next week09:16
seb128looking forward that ;-)09:16
xnoxohhh tenis. I miss that.09:18
seb128xnox, do you play tennis?09:18
xnoxseb128: i used to play for about 7 years, a long time ago.09:19
xnox(compete and stuff)09:19
seb128I started a year ago09:19
seb128the recent rtm updates made a real difference on battery usage in idle, nice!09:25
seb128krillin discharged less than 30% between yesterday 8pm and this morning09:25
seb128with the device connected, not in flight mode or anything09:25
willcookemine didnt die over night either09:25
ogra_yeah, the new power savings are incredible09:27
ogra_(the new stability not so much though :/ )09:27
Laneyubuntu phone charges YOU09:27
mvopitti: want to have a quick look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/8730791/ ? the second part of the patch that truncates /etc/machine-id on a live-image is probably interessting once we go systemd as it needs to be generated on install or we need to ensure its using the dbus machine-id if /etc/machine-id is found empty09:42
pittimvo: oh, why truncate instead of removing?09:43
pittimvo: I think I'd rather fix systemd to regenerate it on boot if it doesn't find it; that's also in line with upstream's efforts of allowing boot with an empty /etc/ (and chances are that it's already fixed in recent versions)09:44
pittimvo: but either way, thanks for fixing this!09:45
davmor2seb128: does wake up take longer for you after that fix though?09:46
seb128davmor2, not sure, it takes less than a second09:46
seb128so if it was 0.1s and is 0.3s my eyes are not good enough to tell the difference09:46
mvopitti: systemd explodes if its missing (at least currently)09:47
davmor2seb128: :)09:47
mvopitti: I'm all for re-generating, the behavior right now is that it generates a new one in memory if its empty09:47
pittimvo: "in memory"? i. e. it doesn't write it back to /etc/machine-id?09:47
mvopitti: but let me check 215, I only tested on 20809:47
mvopitti: I don't think so, but my data is outdated (208)09:48
pittimvo: confirmed, rm /etc/machine-id and reboot breaks09:48
mvopitti: aha, nice, ok. do you want me to file a upstream bugreport?09:48
seb128davmor2, how slow is it for you?09:48
pittimvo: an ubuntu one for now should be fine09:49
pittimvo: I'm happy to look into this and then send a patch upstream if it's not fixed in 21709:49
pittimvo: or it coudl just be a debian packaging issue; it definitively worked in Lennart's demo with empty /etc/09:49
pittimvo: so I guess it's a relatively simple fix09:49
mvopitti: bug #1387090 - most boring text evar09:50
ubot5bug 1387090 in systemd (Ubuntu) "boot breaks if /etc/machine-id iis missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138709009:50
pittimvo: heh, yes (FWIW, empty /etc is not currenlty a goal of our's, but I know what you mean)09:51
mvopitti: right09:51
pittidescription updated09:51
mvoups, midair collision :/09:52
mvopitti: sorry, I was removing it the same second you mentioned it, please update again, I will stay away from it this time09:52
pittimvo: ah, your's is fine, I essentially said the same thing09:53
pittimvo: a truncated /etc/machine-id causes it to be regenerated, but then it's different from /var/lib/dbus/machine-id09:56
pittiso this is a bit awkward09:56
pittianyway, we have the bug now to track it09:56
mvopitti: I submited a change to freedesktop so that the dbus unit run dbus-uuidgen --ensure - so that there is a valid /var/lib/dbus/machine-id if there is a empty /var. but thinking about it it sounds like its too late, isn't it? i.e. systemd will at least for this session have a different one, iirc it syncs the dbus one if it finds a valid there09:58
mvopitti: but I may be wrong and its only /etc/machine-id -> /var/lib/dbus/machine-id and not the other way around09:58
mvopitti: so on your system systemd is not using the data from /var/lib/dbus/machine-id if /etc/machine-id is empty?09:59
pittiI think the one in /var/ could be a symlink to /etc/m-i, but I need to look into the details of that09:59
* mvo nods09:59
pittimvo: systemd-machine-id-setup copies dbus' one in /var if it exists, yes10:00
xnoxpitti: i thought the way of the future was to have everything empty, generate /etc/machine-id on first boot, and then sync it to the dbus one.10:05
pittixnox: right10:05
xnoxor even making dbus use /etc/machine-id.10:05
mvoyeah, I thnk this would make most sense, simply check both locations in dbus10:05
xnoxpitti: i think we want an upstart job to run systemd-machine-id-setup10:06
xnoxor switch to systemd by default....10:06
xnox(or e.g. have installers set it up - ubiquity & d-i)10:06
pittiso systemd calls machine_id_setup() during init, so in principle it's supposed to work; it just seems to be buggy somehow, I'll get to that10:07
pitti(as soon as I bent adb and powerd-cli to my will, which are annoying10:10
willcookeseb128, tkamppeter is asking about systemd - do you know when we switch from upstart?  Is it the 15.04 cycle?10:24
pittiwillcooke: I hear infinity is planning that, but it pretty much depends on how much participation we get from server/cloud/etc. to migrate our ~ 200 upstart jobs10:26
willcooketkamppeter, ^^^10:26
willcookethanks pitti10:26
seb128willcooke, what pitti said10:27
willcookepresumably phone uses upstart right now, and that probably wont change any time soon10:32
seb128is the question in context of some work that needs to happen?10:32
seb128or feature needed?10:32
willcookefrom tkamppeter role as a maintainer, he wants to get a head start on porting upstart scripts10:33
seb128that can be done any time10:33
seb128the porting needs to happen before we migrate anyway10:33
willcookegood point10:34
pittiright, and systemd works fine on a desktop in utopic10:34
pittiso e. g. cups can and should be ported indeed10:34
pittipreferably with socket activation10:34
pittiFedora does that, so if it isn't upstream yet, it's a simple patch stealing10:34
pittioh wait, I looked into the wrong file10:35
popeywillcooke: yes, phone uses upstart, and may continue to do so, depending on who you ask, and when10:35
pitticups is already systemd-ified10:35
pitticalling "lpstat" correctly triggers cupsd, so socket activation works nicely10:36
seb128willcooke, looking to the work planning, is the "work on things demo-able" something that all teams should do? or some experiment you want to try?10:36
seb128it feels like most of what we are doing is not easy to "demo"10:37
willcookeseb128, having something to demo is a core principal of Scrum.10:37
willcookeand yes, the most difficult part is demoing "code improvements"10:37
willcookeor Work In Progress10:38
willcookebecause there isn't anything to see10:38
willcookeyou can hack your way around it10:38
seb128or "maintenance"10:38
seb128like it's not easy to demo stability10:38
seb128or segfault fixes10:38
willcookeyou can take a couple of approaches10:38
seb128out of "here it's how it runs without segfault, before it segfaulted once a week"10:38
willcookeas part of the descr. of the work, you could state a way in which to reproduce the bug, and then use that as the acceptance criteria - If I do X,Y,Z it doesnt crash anymore10:39
willcookeand demo that10:39
willcookeIn my experience, demos are usually very short10:40
willcooke"It used to crash here, and now it doesnt"10:40
willcookeand you can whizz through 1 a minute10:40
willcookewe just agree that we will demo what we can and not demo other things10:40
willcookeAnother core principal of Scrum is that we all provide feedback at the end of the "sprint" (scrum sprint, not Canonisprint)10:41
willcookeabout how the process can be improved10:41
willcookeso for e.g.10:41
willcooke"I think that we could have demo'd that code better by doing XYZ"10:42
seb128that process seems more adapted for dev teams10:42
willcookeso in time we reach a mutually agreed state in which we just know what is expected to be demoed and what is not10:42
willcookeyes - it's dev focused10:42
willcookethere are probably nice bits we can borrow10:42
willcookeand then fit around the blueprints in LP10:43
seb128I guess we can try and see what fits and what doesn't make sense10:43
willcookeI think job #1 is "Start using Blueprints again"10:43
willcookeso let's do that and then we can perhaps fit some demos in to the weekly meetings as and when we have something to demo?10:43
seb128sounds good to me10:44
seb128knowing than some people in the team are probably not going to have a lot to "demo"10:44
willcooketkamppeter back ports IPP to 14.04 - let's see it in action via a hangout or something10:44
seb128though I guess "run new version of libreoffice or chromium" can be demos10:44
willcookeyeah, perhaps a quick run through of the improvements/new features10:44
willcookethis should be interesting to the community as well, see the results of our work as they are done, rather than discovering them on release day10:45
willcookeok, so we're agreed that the next steps are:10:46
willcooke1) Populate Blueprints and break down work items in LP10:46
willcooke2) If someone has something to demo, the weekly meeting might be a good place to do it (with notice, so we can get a hangout set up etc)10:46
willcooke3) iterate the process as we go make improvements where we see a need10:47
willcooke4) profit10:47
willcookeLaney, didrocks, tkamppeter, anyone ^^^^10:48
seb128do you expect each team member to file blueprints for the things they plan to work on?10:48
willcookeI'll create the BPs from the stuff we agreed in DC10:48
* didrocks needs to backlog, one sec10:48
willcookebut then the person who owns the work should break it down in to smaller chunks I think10:48
willcooke(I'm happy to help with the breakdown)10:49
willcookeIf there are any other BPs needed, people can add them as needed10:49
seb128ok, that makes sense10:50
willcookewe should agree a regular review process for the priority of the BPs - weekly 1:1s seem like a good time for that10:50
seb128thanks for filling the bps10:50
seb128then unsure if we need some for e.g libreoffice or chromium "normal maintenance work"10:50
willcookeyeah, agreed - I don't think "normal maint" needs a BP10:50
willcookecool - that was easy10:52
willcookeif anyone has any concerns or questions, let me know10:52
didrocksyeah, +1 on starting using BP again and ramping up from that10:52
willcookeI've got to get a doc finished for rickspencer3 today, so I will try and get the BPs done Thursday10:53
willcookeI'm off on Friday10:53
willcookeif that fails, I'll do it early next week10:53
seb128on that note, need to go for lunch, meeting someone outside today10:53
seb128be back in ~1.5h10:53
willcookecheers seb12810:53
Laneya friend10:53
seb128see you10:53
seb128Laney, ;-)10:53
Laneyblueprints> yes, for defined pieces of work10:54
Laneymvo: do you care about software-properties by any chance?10:54
mvoLaney: a bit10:54
mvoLaney: why?10:54
Laneya couple of items in the sponsor queue10:54
didrocksmvo: it was a trap! :)10:55
didrockswell done Laney ;)10:55
Laneyonly because I suck at python :P10:58
Laneynah, I just don't know this codebase very well so asked the guy who might do :-)11:00
mvoafter lunch :)11:01
tkamppeterpitti, willcooke, seb128: systemd support is completely implemented in the Debian package of CUPS, and actively supported by the Debian folks, so to switch over we need only to do simple configuration changes in the Ubuntu package (or with the packages being synced, change the systemd/Upstart conditional Debian/Ubuntu to desktop/phone.11:08
pittitkamppeter: what would we need to change? it should work just fine as it is now?11:09
pittitkamppeter: I mean, cups seems to start up on demand as it should (I'm running systemd 215 on vivid, also worked on 208 in utopic)11:09
tkamppeterpitti, so the package uses whatever process 1 is? The package does not need to know at build time which process 1 will be used? That would be great.11:10
pittitkamppeter: no, that would be just wrong; it should (and does) ship a sysvinit script, an upstart job, and the systemd units11:11
pittitkamppeter: so the running init system will pick the correct ones, and the others are just being ignored11:11
pittitkamppeter: if you have utopic or vivid, just boot with "init=/bin/systemd" or install systemd-sysv, then you can test11:11
tkamppeterpitti, and it at least contgains the Upstart and systemd scripts AFAIK.11:11
pittitkamppeter: yes, cups is fine11:12
pittitkamppeter: and yay socket activation! :-)11:12
tkamppeterpitti, cups-browsed, too?11:12
pittitkamppeter: that also looks fine, yes11:12
tkamppeterpitti, great, so OdyX did very well.11:13
pittitkamppeter: and cups isn't running by default for me under systemd (I have no printer), and calling "lpstat" or similar activates it11:14
tkamppeterpitti, great, Linux again getting better for old low-memory or for battery-driven systems!11:15
pittitkamppeter: and faster boot, too11:16
pittitkamppeter: cups-browsed starts during boot, but I think that's intended to pick up avahi requests11:16
tkamppeterpitti, yes, together with SSD, our systems will soon boot again as fast as the 8-bit boxes in former times.11:16
pitti$ systemd-analyze11:18
pittiStartup finished in 1.046s (kernel) + 4.989s (userspace) = 6.036s11:18
pittinot too bad, yes11:18
tkamppeterpitti, if the computer does not hang in the BIOS for ages ...11:28
pittitkamppeter: bios is about 1.5 s on my thinkpad x23011:28
pittiwell, UEFI, but whatever11:28
tkamppeterpitti, does our phone also boot that fast? I know that iOS and Android take really long to boot.11:29
pittitkamppeter: certainly not; android takes maybe 1.5 mins (haven't measured it), ubuntu phone is faster (maybe 45 s, but also haven't measured)11:29
tkamppeterpitti, if a phone would boot in something like 5 seconds one could implement a wake-on-GSM and one is reachable with the phone turned off, so that if one has no chance to charge the battery for several days one has some kind of emergency mode ...11:32
pittididrocks: FYI, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/vivid-adt-ubuntu-developer-tools-center/3/?11:32
pittididrocks: I ran it twice, it fails consistently all 4 times11:33
didrockspitti: would you export any proxy info by any chance?11:33
* didrocks sees squid.internal11:33
pittididrocks: yes; by your request, FTR :)11:33
pittididrocks: but this worked in 0.0.5, do you know what changed?11:34
didrockspitti: 0.0.5 didn't support proxy yet :)11:34
pittihttps://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/vivid-adt-ubuntu-developer-tools-center/ARCH=i386,label=adt/2/ ran two days ago11:34
didrocksnow, it does11:34
didrocksand so, it seems it can't find http://autopkgtest.localdomain11:34
pittididrocks: ooh!11:35
pittididrocks: I think I need to add that to $no_proxy?11:35
didrocks(there is a local server I'm running as part of my tests)11:35
pittididrocks: so far that only has localhost,, and similar11:35
didrockspitti: yeah, I think it makes sense :)11:35
didrocksto be really "local" :)11:36
didrocksyeah, confirming, all failures is about this11:36
pittididrocks: pinged you as we still have notifications turned off, for the first crazy flood; it settled down now, though11:37
didrockspitti: yeah, I didn't notice as it was accepted to the release, thanks for the ping :)11:37
didrockspitti: btw, you see the tests twice because there is another assert in TearDown() (ensuring that we don't show any uncontrolled errors or warnings)11:37
pittididrocks: ok, I'll check locally if fixing no_proxy works, and if so roll that out11:37
didrocksexcellent, keep me posted!11:38
didrocksand so, the tearDown thingy caught the 2014-10-29 10:41:43,118 [udtc.network.download_center] ERROR: http://autopkgtest.localdomain:9876/android-studio-fake.tgz couldn't finish download: Can't download (504): Gateway Time-out11:38
didrocksfor instance11:38
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
pittididrocks: ok, that works11:51
didrockspitti: great! thanks for looking :)11:51
pittididrocks: et c'est vert à nouveau \o/12:14
didrockspitti: j'aime le vert! :)12:14
pittimoi aussi ! c'est la plus belle coleur !12:14
didrockshéhé !12:15
mterrySweetshark, FYI, bug 1386991 -- it mentions that LibreOffice also uses an embedded copy of libmspack12:23
ubot5bug 1386991 in libmspack (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libmspack" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138699112:23
Sweetsharkmterry: yes, got a ping about that. Im not quite sure what that is referring to ...12:38
mterrySweetshark, oh heh.  OK  :)12:40
mterrySweetshark, libmspack sounds like something that processes microsoft files, but didn't look into it12:40
Sweetsharkmterry: yes, IIRC its something to create ms cabinet files. Some deeper digging shows it was used in openoffice at some point in time, but we seems to have removed that crap.12:42
Sweetsharkmterry: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmspack/+bug/1386991/comments/3 <- commented on bug12:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1386991 in libmspack (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libmspack" [Medium,Fix released]12:51
mterrySweetshark, cool12:52
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didrockshttp://www.webupd8.org/2014/10/ubuntu-developer-tools-center-01.html \o/13:04
seb128didrocks, nice!13:12
willcookethat was fast!13:12
willcookegreat work didrocks13:12
didrocksthanks ;)13:13
didrockswillcooke: blog post published a couple of hours ago + g+ post13:13
didrocksso yeah, quite timely picked up by the press :)13:13
Laneyseb128: anything left for vala promotion / removal?13:16
seb128Laney, let me have a look13:17
seb128Laney, seems good to me, thanks for dealing with that!13:19
Laneykind of took care of itself since we dropped the versioned stuff last cycle and synced up with debian13:19
seb128Laney, are you looking at the libinput transition?13:20
Laneyyep, will finish post lunch13:21
seb128great, enjoy lunch!13:22
* Laney goes13:29
seb128happyaron, hey14:18
seb128 dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libfcitx-utils0_1%3a4.2.14:18
seb1288.5-3_i386.deb (--unpack):14:18
seb128  trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libfcitx-utils.so.0.1', which is also in package fcitx-libs:i386 1:
seb128 14:18
seb128happyaron, known issue?14:18
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Saviqwillcooke, tkamppeter, I replied to your email, maybe we should set up a hangout sometime soon?14:35
Saviqso that we can confirm the way forward14:36
willcookeSaviq, saw thanks. Do you need to get involved?  I dont want to drag you away from more important things14:36
Saviqwillcooke, not necessary, as long as you get tvoss, but again, I'm highly opinionated on the matter so might as well be there at least to start with ;)14:37
willcookeSaviq, :) Ok!14:37
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willcookeprinting on an envelope makes me want to cry15:11
czajkowskiwillcooke: people still do that ?15:22
mdeslaurczajkowski: I assume it's for a movie prop15:22
willcookeI can print a pre-paid envelope so that I don't have to go and buy a stamp15:23
willcookebut it would have been easier to cut down a tree, make some paper, invent the ball point pen, invent ink, write on the paper, form a postal service, employee a post man, employee someone to build a post box, walk to the post box and put my letter in it15:24
willcookethat to print on an envelope15:24
willcookethis is entirely the fault of my printer however, and not tkamppeter  :)15:24
willcookeit seems to say "yummmy! tasty tasty envelopes omnomnom"15:25
mdeslaurwillcooke: oh, there's usually a pickup roller adjustment that you need to fiddle with if it's the first time you use an envelope15:26
willcookeit seems 28th time was the charm15:27
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didrocksLaney: seb128: do we have a vivid (and vibrant!) unity8 desktop image ready for download?16:07
Laneyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-live/current/ ?16:08
didrocksnice! anyone tried to run one based on vivid already?16:08
Laneydoubt it16:08
didrockshum, guinea pig time then!16:08
* didrocks feeds his disk16:09
Laneyclutter breaks mutter16:16
LaneyMAN those rhyme, how did I never notice before16:16
Laneydarkxst: plan on updating mutter & co to 3.14?16:16
willcookedidrocks, qtcreator starts :)16:18
didrockswillcooke: \o/ we'll still need to poke a little bit to ensure there is not an hidden thingy making some X calls16:18
didrocksbut this is a good start :)16:18
willcookedidrocks, sure - but this is an encouraging start16:18
willcookethere are a few alignment issues16:18
willcookeand, well, it doesnt work16:18
didrocksyep! :)16:18
didrockslike because of multi-windows?16:19
willcookeI expect so16:19
willcookeit's a start anyway16:19
willcookeqengho, you good for the 1:1 in 10 mins?16:19
didrocksI'll have a look + some greps16:19
willcookethanks didrocks16:20
qenghowillcooke: hi hi.16:27
willcookeqengho, yo!  Are you free for 1:1 now?16:28
qenghowillcooke: sure am.16:28
willcookeright on16:28
* willcooke joins16:28
* willcooke spoke too soon16:28
willcookethere we go16:29
qenghowillcooke: I'm having camera trouble. One minute.16:29
willcookeczajkowski, ping?17:09
Laneydarkxst: We rolled back clutter and mutter to unstick the archive, see #-release17:13
czajkowskiwillcooke: pong17:22
czajkowskiwillcooke: sup?17:23
willcookeczajkowski, hey! As a normal person, can you help me?  I'd like to know whats in your most recently use applications in the dash.  Can you send me a screenshot, or just a list, or indeed nothing at all, whatever is ok with you17:24
seb128"as a normal person"17:24
* xnox was giggling at that as well17:24
czajkowskiseb128: xnox oi you two!17:25
seb128I guess that's supposed to be "as a non geek"17:25
seb128but I'm unsure czajkowski qualify17:25
seb128she's probably have a bias on her application use as well17:25
czajkowskidont judge me on my shows!17:25
seb128e.g not a standard "home user, webbrowser/photo/music" user17:26
Laney"upload pictures of dog to g+"17:26
willcookeczajkowski, feel free to blank anything out you dont want to share17:26
seb128yeah, I'm still unsure about that17:26
willcookeI wont judge17:26
seb128why sharing dog pictures when cats are clearly the cutest ones?17:26
willcookeseb128, WRONG17:26
czajkowskiseb128: eh no you've cleary never seen poor BAsh17:27
czajkowskiwillcooke: email17:27
willcookethanks czajkowski17:27
xnoxseb128: because czajkowski prefers to share a morphed cat-dog pictures instead.17:27
xnoxthis is the new tux logo ^17:27
willcookeany other normals who want to help out as well, please feel free to send me a list of the 20 or so things listed in the dash main screen17:28
czajkowskihmm I may have watched a lot of movies recently17:28
czajkowskidamn dash is making me feel guilty17:28
willcookeczajkowski, excellent - seems my guess is actually fairly accurate17:29
czajkowskialso viber on the desktop works a treat on utopic :)17:29
willcookedid you get to the bottom of that weird icon issue?17:29
czajkowskiwillcooke: you can even see it on the screen shot17:30
czajkowskiI think it's because the app is opened and that's that little icon17:30
czajkowskino biggie just very confusing17:30
willcookeoh yeah17:30
willcookemaybe it's keeping a small window in focus all the time17:30
willcookestealing all your key strokes17:30
czajkowski<--- Pub17:31
LocutusOfBorg1is anybody planning to merge cairo from debian?17:43
seb128LocutusOfBorg1, if you want to do it please do, otherwise I might have a look in some days17:43
seb128have a good evening everyone17:47
NoskcajWould it be possible to sync upower 0.99.1 before the gtk 3.14 transition hits?19:09
NoskcajAll packages are patched, they just need syncs/debdiffs19:10
NoskcajAlso, should it be copied from a PPA (Which had everything ready and tested in utopic), or done in a series of debdiffs?19:16
Noskcajpitti, ^19:17
willcookehey jhernandez19:47
willcookeoops sorry jhernandez I meant jhodapp19:47
jhodapphowdy willcooke19:47
willcookegood to see you here :)19:47
willcookehi robert_ancell too19:48
willcookerobert_ancell, how was the holiday?  Must be fun with mega jet lag19:48
robert_ancellI just hit the ground running and skipped the jet lag :)19:49
willcookejhodapp, we should talk to seb128 tomorrow about media hub on the desktop - he's EOD now19:50
willcookewhich is where I am about to be, once I've done a bit more on this doc19:50
jhodappwillcooke, sounds good!19:51
willcookerobert_ancell, Gtk Mir support getting in upstream got a round of applause at the closing plenary19:52
willcookei.e you & desrt got a round of applause19:52
robert_ancellnice work by desrt there19:52
robert_ancellit is kind of funny it beat Qt to upstreaming :)19:52
willcookeoh, here's a question you might be able to answer robert_ancell19:53
willcookeI tried Qt Creator on Desktop Next today19:53
willcookeit loads OK19:53
willcookebut doesnt really do anything19:53
willcookeI'm assuming this is the same window management requirements as we have in gtk19:53
willcookedoes that sound plausible?19:53
robert_ancellDoes it render any widgets?19:54
robert_ancellI don't know exactly what support is in QtMir but as long as it's a single window and it doesn't hit a codepath that is unimplemented and critical I would expect it to mostly work19:55
willcookeit does render some, but they're miss aligned19:56
willcookeclicking on them does nothing, but it doesnt crash either19:56
willcookeI'm assuming it's not a single window application19:57
robert_ancellIt seems to be single window to me. There must be something unimplemented19:57
willcookeah, kk19:58
willcookeDidrocks is going to see what's going on19:58
willcookeoh, this is fortunate20:12
willcookejpds -> robert_ancell -> jpds20:12
robert_ancelljpds, hey, still online?20:12
jpdsrobert_ancell: Loitering.20:13
robert_ancelljpds, is email the best method for you for doing TPM handover?20:13
jpdsrobert_ancell: I'll joint down my thoughts and makes some drawings of what we need tomorrow.20:14
robert_ancelljpds, thanks20:15
willcookeg'night all20:36
darkxstLaney, I already uploaded a fixed mutter for clutter, we can't update them to 3.14 until gtk lands21:01
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