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mgedminah the pain that is a kernel update when your / has insufficient free space06:33
Noskcajdarkxst, Is there anything i can do to speed up the gtk3 transition?07:44
Noskcajand is it the only thing we're waiting for to and upower?07:45
darkxstthey are the two most important07:45
Noskcaj*to land07:45
darkxstfor gtk3 it will be a lot of patching Ubuntu themes etc, code fixes07:46
darkxstit would be good to start a thread on -desktop list about it, we are often left out of the loop when it comes to GTK transition.07:47
darkxstOtherwise pushing through the upower transition as soon as possible would be most useful07:48
NoskcajActually, do we need gtk3 first for upower?07:48
darkxstupower was 3.12 stuff07:48
NoskcajI'll prep my PPA so it can be copied straight to ubuntu07:49
darkxstso is BlueZ507:49
Noskcajbluez looks like more of a mess to actually package though07:49
darkxst(I would actually be curious to hear what debian did about that transition)07:49
darkxstif they removed old packages for it, we can probably do the same in vivid, but not sure if it happens via auto-sync07:50
darkxstthere is so much stale cruft in the archives, that holds up these already painful transitions07:50
darkxstNoskcaj, It would also be good to fill out the packaging blueprint with more details about what is blocking what etc, I've been meaning to but havent yet07:54
berglhdarkxst: I've been going through some tough life stuff at the moment, kind of in the middle of packing my lfe up and moving back to Brisbane, when I have landed and setteled I should have some more time!07:57
darkxstberglh, no problem, whenever you are ready! and all the best with the move back07:59
darkxstthings will be pretty quite until gtk+ 3.14 lands anyway08:00
darkxsthopefully that will be in 3-4weeks, but that is complete guess08:01
darkxstNoskcaj, also maybe you can email -devel list and find out what/if any plans there are for ubuntu to implement DEP-11 (for gnome-software)08:07
NoskcajI'll just ask in irc first in case someone there knows08:08
filipposironihey everyone, sorry to bother but I just finished configuring a new Ubuntu GNOME installation with encrypted LVM and I found out a few issues. Basically, the system doesn08:27
filipposironibasically, the system doesn't reliably boot, the first time I switch the power on grub doesn't show any choice and the boot doesn't proceed, after a power cycle grub shows up and I'm asked for my passphrase08:29
filipposironiI also have an issue with the shutdown, which may not end at all requiring me to power off my system the hard way08:29
filipposironihave anyone encountered these issues before?08:29
mgedminI only tested encrypted LVM once in KVM08:36
darkxstthere were some possible issues with LVM in VM's but havent heard of much on real hardware08:37
mgedminthe grub boot menu shows up when the system failed to boot successfully the last time08:37
mgedminnormally it's hidden, unless you press the right key at the right time in the boot process08:37
mgedminas for failures to shut down08:41
mgedminI'm experiencing some due to virtualbox08:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1373860 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "/etc/rc6.d/K20virtualbox hangs on reboot if a VM is running" [Undecided,New]08:42
mgedminfilipposironi, if a system fails to shut down cleanly, I suggest you use the "magic sysrq" to shut it down semi-cleanly08:43
mgedminpress alt-sysrq (same key as printscreen, usually), then while holding those two keys down press S, wait a second or two until your hard disk LED goes off, then U, then B (to reboot) or O (to poweroff)08:44
mgedminthis will prevent potential disk corruption due to unwritten data in the OS disk cache08:44
mgedminback to encrypted boot issues: you may want to browse https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth08:45
mgedminthose two components are responsible for presenting a password prompt during boot08:45
mgedmin(they're supposed to collaborate)08:45
filipposironimgedmin, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try at the next reboot . On the grub side, if at the second boot (reboot) grub shows up it means during the first it doesn't ask for my passphrase :S I don't know if the issue is within grub or the system itself then08:46
mgedminwhat happens?08:47
mgedmindoes it show any text on the screen?08:47
mgedmindoes it hang on boot and you hit ctrl-alt-del?08:47
mgedmindoes it fail then restart by itself?08:47
mgedmindo any keys work?08:47
filipposironinope, it just shows a gray-ish screen08:47
filipposironino logos or whatsoever08:48
filipposironictrl-alt-del works08:50
filipposironiother keys don't08:50
mgedminwhat have you tried?08:50
mgedminuseful keys to try: esc, alt-left (repeatedly)08:50
filipposironia maybe useful note, the boot issue is consistent while the shutdown issue sadly is not, which makes it even more complex to analyze08:52
filipposironiapparently, both esc and lalt do nothing interesting08:53
mgedmina picture of the gray-ish screen might be useful (or not)09:02
mgedminthe background used for the splash screen in ubuntu-gnome is sort of gray-oish09:02
mgedminbut it has a noticeable texture09:02
filipposironiit's the very same gray09:02
filipposironianyway, I disabled all the graphical things both in the system boot and in grub and the boot became reliable09:03
mgedminwhat's your graphics hardware?09:06
filipposironiit's an aspeed gpu09:20
filipposironiAspeed AST2300 to be precise09:21
mgedminwhoa, never heard of those before09:22
filipposironiit's integrated into a server motherboard09:25
darkxstfilipposironi, not heard of those either, but if the drivers aren't great you will have problems09:33
darkxstthats the main thing keeping linux DE's off Arm hardware as well09:33
mgedminafaiu this thing has no 3d acceleration and uses xserver-xorg-video-modesetting09:35
darkxstthat will be horrid, it should fall back to software rendering, but that is far from ideal09:36
filipposironiI know, this was an headless machine once but it know became my workstation, I'm still waiting for my new GPU to get shipped09:39
filipposironiI hope everything will start working better with my NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti09:40
mgedminnvidia is not known for linux-friendliness09:40
darkxstmgedmin, nvidia is not know for open-source friendly09:41
mgedminfor gaming nvidia closed-source drivers probably provide best performance and feature support09:41
mgedminfor a regular desktop I'd be happiest with intel graphics09:41
darkxsttheir linux drivers are first-class and 750Ti runs rock solid here09:41
filipposironiIntel doesn't build PCI/PCIe graphics card as far as I know and my CPU doesn't come with an integrated GPU09:45
filipposironiI was going for NVIDIA since I'll have a multidisplay setup and I found out that NVIDIA works better in this setting than AMD (which may be a little friendlier with respect to FOSS)09:46
mgedminso does it boot into gnome successfully now?09:49
mgedminhow fast or slow does the desktop feel?09:49
filipposironianyway, thanks everyone for the kindness09:50
filipposironiyeah, it boots without issues and I couldn't see the shutdown issue anymore09:51
darkxstfilipposironi, 750Ti with NVIDIA propriety drivers works great with my 3 monitors here09:51
filipposironithe desktop is really bad since the GPU doesn't go beyond 1024x768 and I've a 1280x1024 LCD attached09:51
mgedminouch ouch ouch09:52
filipposironibut as of now, I'm using my laptop to access the machine via SSH while I'm waiting for the new graphic card and the multidisplay setup to be completed09:52
darkxstfilipposironi, I run 2x1280x1024 and a full HD TV panel on 75009:53
darkxstthe only thing that won't work is plymouth graphical boot screen, so you don't get the nice GNOME logo at boot09:54
filipposironiI bought two 24" 1920x1080 displays, which I plan on connecting via DVI09:54
darkxstthat will work as well09:55
filipposironiso, if the graphical boot doesn't work for you it means I'll have to disabled it too, and type the passphrase as I'm doing now09:55
filipposironiwithout any fancy graphic09:56
darkxstit uses text mode automatically09:56
darkxstonce NVIDIA release their wayland drivers, graphical plymouth should work fine09:56
DASPRiDdarkxst, oh, gnome shell finally supports more than 2 monitors?09:57
darkxstDASPRiD, it always has!09:57
DASPRiDi remember in being quite brken some versions ago09:57
darkxstsome drivers have issues with it though09:57
darkxstI've been running 3 since about 3.409:57
filipposironidarkxst, so I can uncomment the quite splash option in my /etc/default/grub and grub/kernel should be able to figure out everything10:00
DASPRiDdarkxst, that is, on a single-head card, right?10:01
darkxstfilipposironi, yes,10:02
darkxstDASPRiD, maybe not all the way back then, but for the most part yes10:03
LinDolhi all11:12
mgedminthere's a memory leak in 14.10 + staging ppa14:34
mgedminthis was the 3rd time my laptop died a swappy death14:35
octoquaddarkxst, yes both flgrx and flgrx-updates are 2:14.201-0ubuntu2. Just updated from flgrx to fglrx-updates to see if anything would change but it still wants to remove all fglrx packages :(17:42
celeRon_Looking to replace windows 8 with Ubuntu Gnome, however, I'm a little puzzled because the UEFI thing isn't allowing me to install19:01
celeRon_the only work around it is to disable secure boot, which isn't all that great because I use it to protect my system in general, when leaving it unattended.19:02
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darkxstoctoquad, can you try boot a live CD and try there, just to rule out any local issues on your system21:14
darkxstif it was really that broken I would expect to have seen dozens of reports by now21:14

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