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apwdsmythies, thanks for the update08:34
NikThHow can one identify the kernel version from Linus git tree in comparison with the kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline ? This does not help in my case (http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/info/kernel-version-map.html_11:45
NikThI can understand that 3.17-rc4 it's the same version as v3.17-rc4 (in Linus git), and 3.17-utopic = v3.17(in Linus git), but what about 3.17.1-utopic ? which version is this under Linus git ? 11:47
smbNikTh, That is the first stable release from upstream stable compiled with mostly the config from utopic11:48
apwNikTh, as smb says, this is a stable update kerenl, it is therefore _not_ in linus' tree, it is in the stable tree11:49
smbthere ^11:50
apwNikTh, separatly each of those builds includes a COMMIT file which contains the tag/commit id which was used to build it11:50
NikThSo, if one wants to bisect an rc kernel upstream, should clone the Linus git, but if wants to bisect lets say 3.17-utopic and 3.17.1-utopic should clone the stable git ?11:54
apwyes the two tags you need are in there11:54
NikThand if the last bad kernel is rc-7 and the next good one is a stable, lets say 3.17-rc7 = the last bad one and 3.17-utopic = the first good one. 11:55
apwwell those are both linus' releases, so they are in either11:56
apwthose versions literally represent v<nnnn> tags11:56
NikThYes. Correct apw. Thanks11:56
apwcorrect ?11:57
NikThThe difference would be if the last bad one was , lets say 3.17-utopic and the first good one was 3.17.1-utopic, then one should clone the stable git. Correct ? 11:57
apwwell yes, but you would never find that situation, as if you had v3.17-rc7 as bad and v3.17.1 as good, the next test would be v3.1711:58
apwmoving you into one or the other11:58
NikThLets say that the last bad kernel is 3.17-utopic and the exact following is the first good one (3.17.1-utopic). How one can reverse bisect ? From stable git ? Or this situation would never happen ?12:06
apwstable yes, those tags are both in there12:07
NikThapw: Thanks for all the answers and explanations, this is the yet another time helping me :-) 12:11
NikThsmb: same too you 12:12
NikThif you put a candidate for president and you need my vote, just let me know :P 12:12
apwheh ..12:14
NikThOh, and a last one.. because I don't want to building kernels in vain... I have spotted the bad and good kernels. And I want to start bisecting. I want to build the bad kernel with the first commit from the good one.. will I do "git checkout COMMIT" and then start building ? 12:16
apwNikTh, doesn't "git bisect" offer you a sensible commit to bisect?12:22
NikThapw: Yes. It offers me a commit, but I want to build and test the kernel with this commit and particular I'm speaking about a reverse bisection. 12:23
apwit will have check that commit out when it selected it, iirc12:24
NikThI've read the wiki, but I'm afraid if I don't understand something.. so I'm asking to be sure.12:24
NikThapw: For starters, I did a "git checkout COMMIT" where commit is the offered commit from the bisection and I'm building the bad kernel with this commit. Is that right ? 12:28
apwmy memory is the bisect itself checked out the suggested commit for you12:29
NikThOk, but is there something wrong with the procedure I followed? I mean, the "git checkout COMMIT" breaks something maybe ? or building an incorrect kernel ?12:31
apwif you were on that commit, the git checkout would be a noop12:31
NikThnoop? sorry, what is noop ? you mean something unnecessary ? 12:34
apwa no-operation indeed12:58
rtgcking_, would you mind answering this one when you've a moment ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/138714413:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1387144 in linux (Ubuntu) "why does linux-image-generic depend on thermald" [Undecided,New]13:04
apwcking_, it is possible that could be a recommended, so it would be uninstallable, but also remain installed by default, something to consider13:11
cking_I think that would be better, so users can chose to remove it13:12
rtgcking_, thermald does bail out on platforms for which it can do no good, right ? like virt instances, etc.13:13
cking_rtg, it does indeed13:14
cking_I should add that too to the bug report13:14
cking_making it a recommended is the best plan, this way users can remove it if thermald is too agressive for there liking and they like seeing their H/W shutdown when it gets too hot13:16
NikThAs an addition thermald sometimes needs a special configuration in order to identify the components correctly.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thermald/+bug/136794613:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1367946 in thermald (Ubuntu) "thermald fails to start on AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:30
cking_rtg, apw, are you ok to make that change, or do you want me to? (I'm not upto speed with the packaging foo that's needed to do that)13:34
rtgcking_, you could certainly write the patch and send it on the list.13:35
cking_rtg, i'm not sure how the original change was made in utopic13:47
rtgcking_, debian.master/control.stub.in I think13:47
cking_yep, I grep'd for thermald in that in utopic, I can't see it13:48
rtghmm, lemme check13:48
rtgcking_, its in the Utopic meta package13:49
cking_hrm, never futzed with that before13:50
apwyeah that is actually on linux-image-generic meta package ...13:58
apwcking_, that is more of a "normal" package so you have to edit changelog by hand, no insertchanges help13:58
cking_apw, hold on, I'm sucked into some phablety issue at the mo14:03
apwcking_, np14:03
dgadomskihello everyone14:39
dgadomskistgraber: do you still have your hardware for bug #1104230?14:40
ubot5bug 1104230 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "DisplayPort 1.2 MST support is missing in the Intel driver" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110423014:40
dgadomskistgraber: I have provided some kernel builds there for testing, unfortunately I have no hardware to test it by myself so I would appreciate any feedback, thanks!14:48
rtgapw, i fired up a vivid kernel to the kernel PPA. meta package to follow soon. If testing on various bits of kits seems OK then I'll dump it into the archive (after consulting infinity)15:01
apwrtg, yeah we need some dkms testing i ugess, which is ... not working right now15:18
rtgapw, what better way to acquire some launchpad bugs :)15:19
apwtrue we don't have very many right now15:19
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rtgtseliot, we've got a 3.18 based kernel for you to test your DKMS packages against in the kernel PPA19:03
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JayJOn ubuntu 14.04 host runing 3.13.0-24-generic kernel, Guests are freezing and I see "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#x stuck for 22s!" Anybody help me narrowing the issue? HW is Supermicro with Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz. I need anybody help. 21:22
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neoarkJayJ bad hardware?21:47
JayJneoark: What I don't understand is that the host is running the same version of ubuntu and kernel. There are no issues with the host. However, teh guest running has all the issues.21:50
NikThAnd why this could ever happen ? Am I noob regarding the reverse commit bisect procedure ? Yes I am, but I've followed the procedure step by step.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1386695/comments/2321:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1386695 in Linux "[3.16.0-23] Resume from suspend/hibernation, GPU lock - possible regression" [Medium,Confirmed]21:51
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