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dufluRAOF: Can you remove the "devel" series now? I think we're used to "lp:mir" now.05:56
RAOFduflu: Maybe? Let me check.06:14
dufluI can't... You own it :)06:15
RAOFTurns out that I can :)06:16
RAOFOh, wow.07:19
RAOFYeah, that renderer frig is a really terrible cludge.07:19
RAOFOk CI. Review that branch before I wake up tomorrow morning. I dare you!07:32
alan_galf_: PidFakingSessionCoordinator?10:54
alf_alan_g: ok10:57
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alan_galf_: in Washington we talked about adding "emergency cleanup" handling to mir::Server. Have you thought about that yet?14:06
alf_alan_g: no14:07
alan_gOK. Unless you're keen to do it I might look at that. (Once I've figured out what is happening to ClientCredsTestFixture.session_authorizer_receives_pid_of_connecting_clients)14:09
alf_alan_g: It's not in my short-term plans, so feel free to pick it up if you have the cycles.14:12
alf_alan_g: currently focusing on main loop and a couple of assigned bugs14:12
anpokkdub: which part is too heavy, in real_hwc_wrapper?14:45
anpokwould you prefer having the same interface has hwc, without a structure and conversions taking pace?14:47
kdubanpok, somewhat, although maybe we could just log what's going on in terms of the api14:49
anpokhmm oh!14:49
anpoki missed adding the logs14:50
kdublike the point of that class is to be light and easy to pop logging in and out at the hwc api level14:50
kduband if we do type conversions in there, it becomes thicker and thicker. Like, I could be sending a std::list<Renderables> in the prepare and set functions and converting the types in the 'RealHwcWrapper', but14:51
kdubthats the job of other classes to do the tricky work of converting the mir types to the raw hwc stuff14:52
kdublike, originally, I just mocked out the hwc type, but that proved zany in the test code (list checking in particular)14:52
kduband the wrapper provided cleanups in terms of the code that executes the logic, as well as in the test code for HwcDevice14:53
kdubanpok, I guess my main suggestion is14:55
kdubsince we have the need to requery this information from the hwc device, we should have a class that does the some sort of things that the factory does14:55
kduband the DisplayDevice implementers can use that to get subsequent display configurations14:56
kdubwhich cuts down on duplication, and isolates the tricky business of gathering that information14:56
anpokthe resource factory?14:57
kdubbecause the hwc api designers didn't really think it through and make it easy for us14:57
anpokhm i thought the duplication would go away as soon buffer creation would rely on the display configuration outputs provided by the display device..14:58
anpoki thought display device would be the indirection to use for that purpose ..14:58
anpok.. differing between fb, hwc-1.0/fb and hwc-1.114:59
kdubwell, there's more distinctions to be made14:59
kdublike hwc 1.3 supports opaque pixel formats and such15:00
kdubso hwc 1.1-1.3 have the same fundamental stuff going on in the business of posting displays, but the initial arrangements vary15:00
anpokkdub: so you mean I should be moving assembling of mir display structures to resource factory?15:13
anpokok misread what you said above15:26
kdubright, like the code in framebuffers (in the anonymous namespace) may as well be its own helper class that the Framebuffers can use to make the fb-buffers15:29
kduband some other part of the system (even, mga::Display) can use to generate the configuration15:29
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kdubthe DisplayDevice implementations have enough to juggle in the business of simply posting the layer list15:30
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dandraderI just built qtmir on my desktop. a test binary refuses to run because it's looks for libmirserver.so.25 whereas libmirserver.so.26 is the one installed17:50
dandraderI wonder what's out of sync17:50
dandraderoh, it's the installed /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/platforms/libqpa-mirserver.so18:07

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