dholbachgood morning07:09
dupondjed/control,mongodb-dev.*: Drop mongodb-dev package; it has no reverse11:21
dupondjeso if it has no reverse-dep, we just remove it?11:21
dupondjefor example I now need it to compile my own software ...11:21
geserusually we don't do this11:22
dupondjebut now I need to compile mongodb myself (or adjust the package) to have the -dev files11:22
geserthe important part seems to be "and upstream no longer install header files"11:24
mitya57Logan_: hi, please ask seb128, I reverted the upload on his request15:20
ki7mtDoes anyone know if there's a backport for lintian / trusty to bump the standards version to 3.9.6 v.s. 3.9.5 ?23:00

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