josepleia2: I try to take a look every now and then, best way to mark all comments as spam (because they are) is to enable keyboard shortcuts and press S for spam01:27
pleia2jose: we got some real ones on the 10th birthday post :D01:28
joseoooh, magic!01:28
pleia2that's why I still check them01:28
pleia2also, if you click "Check for Spam" and let it spin for a while, it can drop the number you have to go through to 001:29
pleia2if we're just going to delete them all, we should disable comments01:29
pleia2s/go through to 0/go through to 1/201:29
josewas just kidding with that. didn't know about that feature!01:30
dholbachcan anyone help me log into the fridge?10:14
dholbachfor some reason I get stuck in a login/sso loop10:14
pleia2dholbach: you'll have to submit a ticket to canonical IS, they revoked our admin access some time ago14:48
dholbachoh ok14:49
dholbachthanks, I'll do that then14:52

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