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dholbachgood morning07:09
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mhall119good morning everyone13:57
daznis666Still waiting :)14:06
mhall119daznis666: sorry, DST changes have caused us some confusion, working it out now14:06
daznis666mhall119: there will be a show, right? :)14:07
mhall119daznis666: yes14:07
AKA_thank for this worderful plateform14:08
ideasmakerhello everyone14:11
daznis666ideasmaker: hi :)14:11
tiagopolicarpohi ppl14:11
justCarakasis it an hour too early ?14:12
justCarakaslucky you :p14:12
justCarakastime to clean up :p14:12
mhall119you can ask questions here anytime, just start them with QUESTION14:13
nik90popey: can hear you well14:14
mhall119summit.ubuntu.com is the website for Ubuntu Online Summit14:15
nik90mhall119: Do you already have a track lead for App Developer track?14:15
mhall119nik90: we could use at least one more14:15
nik90mhall119: as long as I am not the only one, I think I can spare some time to help get sessions for UOS as a track lead. So count me in.14:17
mhall119nik90: popey and I are track leads also14:18
mhall119nik90: thanks, I'll get you added :)14:18
DaHopiQUESTION: i want to try Ubuntu Phone 14.10 on my Nexus 4.. where can i get current firmware images?14:18
nik90ah cool14:18
justCarakasQUESTION: is there also stuff for automatic testing for HTML5 apps14:37
sil2100ubuntu-rtm/14.09 is the channel which is recommended to use14:38
DaHopik.. thanx..14:39
sil2100ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed is the channel for the development images from this distribution - not recomended to use (as it might not be safe), but has the most up-to-date stuff14:40
nanekWhat do you think about this as some sort of Unity 8 -> http://jadeworks.com.ba/ubuntu.jpg ?14:40
tiagopolicarpoUbuntu Touch only for nexus 4? Ubuntu Touch para ou dispositivos htc one?14:40
mhall119tiagopolicarpo: we provide images for Nexus 4, 2013 Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 only14:42
mhall119tiagopolicarpo: there are images for other devices that are maintained by community developers14:42
mhall119most notably the Nexus 5 images14:42
morsnowskisorry just joining now, did I miss the part about Ubuntu phones?14:45
Guest55319Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!14:56
morsnowskithanks and good luck15:00
kpbirdHello guys18:11
kpbirdthis can be cool feature18:19
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Guest55556Hello, I don't know if I'm on the right place, I just wanna know if Ubuntu Touche can be installed on the Meizu MX4 ? Maybe you know23:43
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