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LocutusOfBorg1hi, can I ask here for a vala-0.26 MIR? it is preventing ibus from being built08:43
seb128LocutusOfBorg1, wrong channel I guess, and we probably don't need a MIR, it's just a new version of vala which is already in main08:43
LocutusOfBorg1#1386776 :) don't know if I need to do something08:43
seb128Laney was looking at transitioning to it I think08:43
LocutusOfBorg1seb128, it is in universe 0.2608:43
seb128it doesn't mean it needs paperwork08:43
seb128just an archive admin to promote it08:44
LocutusOfBorg1ok thanks! I was wondering about something from my side08:44
LocutusOfBorg1so waiting :D08:44
seb128LocutusOfBorg1, well, we don't want a stack of versions in main, so if we decide to promote 0.26 we should port the other main packages to it08:45
seb128or we should make ibus use the current "default" version08:45
seb128that being 0.24 or whatever is default atm08:45
LocutusOfBorg1seb128, which packages needs porting? I can have a look, debian has already a 0.24-rm transition09:22
LaneyI think everything just uses valac now09:22
Laneyonly anjuta depends on libvala-XX-dev and that has a version in proposed09:22
seb128Laney, so we just need to change the default?09:23
Laneyalready has happened in fact09:23
Laney(because vala-0.26 was autosynced)09:26
Laney(if you build with universe on)09:27
LocutusOfBorg1so just trying to understand, remove 0.24 and promote 0.26 is the solution? (sorry for the dumb question, trying to learn)09:33
Laneyshould be09:34
* Laney retries anjuta09:34
argescjwatson: infinity : hey guys, i was sru-releasing some trusty packages and I got the following email after the fact: Import problem - Spanish (es) - glib20 in Ubuntu Trusty package "glib2.0" . rmadison shows the correct package version in -updates, but I'm not sure what to do about this error.12:44
argesI can pastebin/fwd the full email if that helps12:45
cjwatsonarges: I'd ignore it - it's not your problem, it's not SRU-fatal, and the uploader should have been told about it too.12:49
cjwatsonIt just indicates that Launchpad was unable to import some translation files.12:49
argescjwatson: ok thanks, just making sure I'm not missing something.12:49
cjwatsonIt doesn't affect the actual package release.12:50
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ogra_stgraber, hey ... so i tried to improve your password check in livecd-rootfs like that http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/ubuntu-touch/hooks/99zz-check-uid-gid.chroot ...15:27
ogra_stgraber, so i get the complete info i need to update all the files in the next upload  .... but somehow it never gets past line 20 there ...15:28
ogra_do you see anything i dont see ?15:28
ogra_or infinity ^^15:28
stgrabernot seeing anything obviously wrong with it... my first guess was a typo in a variable name which would have trigger the set -u but I'm not seeing any15:38
ogra_but the output definitely stops after line 20 .... as if i had kept the original exit 1 ewhere the ERRCNT now is15:38
ogra_i wonder if diff somehow doesnt exit 015:39
stgraberyep, that's it15:39
stgraberExit status is 0 if inputs are the same, 1 if different, 2 if trouble.15:40
stgraberso the exit calls actually weren't needed until then because of -e :)15:40
stgraberso just || true the diff calls and you should be fine15:40
* ogra_ slaps forehead 15:40
ogra_stgraber, thanks for making me think :)15:40
stgraberwell, clearly I didn't expect diff to do that either otherwise I wouldn15:41
stgraber't have bothered with the exit 1 in there :)15:41
ogra_my brain still floats somewhere over the atlantic15:41
LaneyWould someone please remove clutter-1.0 from vivid-proposed so I can upload a lower version?16:48
infinityLaney: Things depend on it.16:50
infinityLaney: Yes.16:50
LaneyLet's see what16:51
infinityPossibly just mutter.16:51
infinityBut why are we trying to roll it back?16:51
ogra_because it clutters vivid ?16:51
LaneyBecause breaks mutter16:51
infinityLaney: So, we should remove both clutter and mutter?16:52
infinityLaney: Or is the way forward not, perhaps, forward, with a mutter merge?16:53
LaneyI would rather not take another transition on, even if it is small16:55
infinityLaney: It's the first week of a new series, transitions are pretty much inevitable.16:56
LaneyThanks for your feedback.16:56
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ reverse-depends -b src:mutter16:57
infinity* gnome-shell                   (for libmutter-dev)16:57
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ reverse-depends -b src:gnome-shell16:57
infinityNo reverse dependencies found16:57
infinityI'd say "small" is an understatement.16:57
LaneyDo you know if current gnome-shell works with new mutter?16:59
LaneyAnd mutter requires a new gsettings-desktop-schemas.16:59
infinityNew mutter is a new SONAME, so it's at least a rebuild, possibly an API break.17:00
LaneyI know.17:00
infinityGiven their tight integration, I'd guess they want to go lock-step.17:00
infinityPoke someone UbuntuGNOMEish about doing it and wash your hands of it? :P17:01
LaneyYou see where I'm coming from17:01
Laneyand new gnome-shell requires new GTK+, so yeah17:01
infinityI can remove clutter/mutter from proposed, but I won't blacklist them, so the next clutter upload to sid will get synced again.17:02
infinityIf that potentially tiny window is enough to get what you wanted done, then cool.17:02
infinityOr if you want to introduce an Ubuntu delta in clutter just to block syncs. :P17:02
LaneyYeah, I have an ubuntu1 version to port 1.18 to new libinput17:05
infinityLaney: Alright.  Removing away.17:05
Laneydarkxst can unpick this at his leisure17:06
infinityLaney: What are our plans for the new GTK+?  I assume we're not going to (unintentionally) hold the UbuntuGNOME guys hostage on progress there?17:06
LaneyWell, next week after we get gtk3 3.1417:06
infinityOh, good, you answered while I asked. :)17:06
LaneyIt's packaged, just waiting for the mir backend and some testing & the inevitable theme fixes17:07
LaneyDepending on how bad those are we could do it in-archive, probably17:07
infinityLaney: Removals done, pending publication.17:08
infinityLaney: Your upload should be allowed now, though.17:09
LaneyOre sum17:10
* xnox must test ubiquity17:23
xnoxLaney: where is the new gtk?17:23
Laneyxnox: Umm larsu has a branch, I think lp:~larsu/gtk/gtk-3-1417:24
xnoxLaney: thanks.17:24
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darkxstLaney, infinity, mutter and gnome-shell need to be updated in lockstep21:07
darkxstand probably require a few other 3.14 bits to land first, gsettings, gtk, the new icon theme maybe gnome-desktop etc21:12
darkxstits should be fine to do the clutter transition before that though21:13
infinitydarkxst: The claim was that clutter broke mutter, which is why we reverted it.21:23
infinitydarkxst: So, I think it's all going to have to happen together once the new GTK is in.21:23
darkxstinfinity, but I uploaded a fixed mutter21:23
darkxstbut that was blocked by zenity for some reason21:24
infinitydarkxst: Yeah, I reverted both clutter and mutter.  Hopefully we can get this all going again soon.21:25
infinitydarkxst: PS: yell at Laney, I'm just the messenger. ;)21:25
darkxstinfinity, yes will do21:28
darkxstmutter will probably need upower first as well21:28
toobazHello, I promise I will not insist (unless I'm told to insist). https://release.debian.org/jessie/freeze_policy.html says "For packages which missed the freeze only for reasons outside of the control of the maintainers, we might be generous". Now my stupidity, leading me to think that freeze rules applied only starting from the freeze day, is _not_ outside my control. But bug #767198 and the upload it is about (and bug #767199 too, but it is less i21:28
ubot2bug 761386 in aptdaemon (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #767198 Unkown exception with broken encoding" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76138621:28
toobazmportant) were done from Bamako, Mali, where I am spending two weeks for some research project, and where my Internet connection, which is inactive several hours a day and very rarely goes faster than 10 kB/s, made pbuilds (necessarily over ssh+screen) very slow and painful (and I don't know of better Internet connections in the city, although there certainly are). That was pretty much outside my control, and I frankly didn't imagine it would be so21:28
ubot2bug 764041 in gconf-cleaner (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #767199 gconf-cleaner crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76404121:28
toobaz. That's all. Well, no... if I have only a one-time generosity attempt, another package of mine which will be probably sponsored in a matter of hours is even more important.21:29
infinitytoobaz: This is #ubuntu-release, not #debian-release.21:29
toobazThis was outside my control ;-)21:30

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