foo___I could use some bridging help with a 3 node setup on vms.  The instances can get dhcp addresses but not internet access00:15
bekksfoo___: Which hypervisor do you use?00:28
bekksOh, I'm sorry, havent used qemu in a decade.00:28
foo___Right on.   It's a bridge issue that I just can't seem to get right.00:30
foo___I need a hand with the log.00:30
bekksSo let's try it :)00:31
bekksbridging isnt black magic - mostly :D00:31
foo___Absolutely.  I'm using ubuntu 14.0400:33
foo___eth0 has inet access00:33
foo___eth1 is management00:33
foo___eth2 is the no-ip external00:33
qman__are these connected to the same switch / vlan?00:34
foo___They're on vm's too btw00:34
bekksOk, so per vm: you have three interfaces?00:36
foo___Well, just the network node00:37
bekksSo just one vm?00:37
foo___Yes.  The interfaces on the network node00:37
bekksAnd whats the issue with that one node?00:38
foo___The instances on compute can get a dhcp address but not internet access00:38
foo___So it looks like a bridge problem on the network node.00:39
foo___I followed the juno guide for openstack on 14.04 closely00:39
bekksSo "the network node" (a vm) serves DHCP addresses to "the other nodes"?00:39
foo___The network node service dhcp addresses to the instances on the tenant network00:40
bekksand "the network node" and "the tenant network" are your three vms?00:41
qman__I'm still not clear on what your architecture looks like00:42
qman__also, while bridging is not black magic, openstack's elastic IPs kind of are00:42
bekksLet's powerpoint it :D00:42
foo___No.  The compute node and the controller node and the network node are 3 vms that are my openstack cluster.  The network node serves ip addresses to the instances that are running inside of openstack00:42
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foo___Lol... I'm not using floating ip addresses atm.00:43
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|rt|I've run into an issue with preseed and 12.04.5 images....hash sum mismatches on the repos...is this a regresion from 12.04.4, which works fine?02:27
|rt|has anyone else seen similar behavior?02:27
|rt|starting to wonder if the 12.04.5 iso has this issue baked in.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/137105803:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1371058 in apt "Regression: Latest apt security update returns Hash Sum mismatch for file: URI:s" [Critical,In progress]03:10
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thekaosalguien que me ayudea iniciarme en linux05:40
cfhowlett!es | thekaos05:40
ubottuthekaos: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:40
thekaosubottu gracias05:42
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lordievaderGood morning.09:28
surfhi guys I have a ubuntu server on virtualbox vm with nginx installed. Using bridged connection I can't see the webapp on the host but I can only see the nginx landing page. Any clue?09:43
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ihreHi guys, I've installed graylog2 on my server, and like to give access to regular users from the same system. Graylog2 supports LDAP/AD integration, but is it possible to configure LDAP as a PAM proxy?10:32
FilthyMacNastyhilo serveroids10:51
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MegaHI guys! I wanna use dual boot (Ubuntu 14.10 and Windows 7) Is it possible to make work Node.js from NTFS partition under Ubuntu? I wanna share Node.js project-directory across two systems11:26
MegaOr it will be better idea to keep two copies of code, one per system and just synchronizing them thru Git?11:27
lordievaderMega: I suppose it is possible but perfomance will suffer and you won't be able to apply Linux file permissions.11:31
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sander^workDoes the boot-repair bootdisk utility do an grub-install after chrooting?12:02
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GargoyleIs there a single place to correctly set global environment variables for both users and root ?12:12
GargoyleI've dropped a file into /etc/profile.d/ but it only gets carried over to a root session with "sudo -i" which I didn't think was the proper way to switch12:15
MyagiAnyone have an opinion about minimum requirements for ubuntu server?13:39
mardraumwhat do you want to do with it13:40
MyagiIrc and a forum13:41
mardraumircd and php with a database?13:41
mardraum1 cpu/1024M RAM/20GB for a low traffic site13:42
MyagiReally.. thought that just the os requirements was higher13:43
mardraumfor server? no13:44
MyagiSo i should be able to install ubuntu server on these requirements?13:45
mardraumI run lots of little 1CPU/1GB RAM/16GB internal machines doing dns/dhcp/reverse proxy13:45
mardraumof course13:45
MyagiOk. I will give it a try13:45
LeMikehi there. is it possible for apache2.4 to use ProxyPass and return a 200 code.14:21
LeMikecurrently I only get a 301 :/14:21
cchahow can I resize an extended partition ?14:51
cchawith cli14:51
cchaneed to change End sector to the end of the disk14:52
ogra_fdisk, cfdisk, parted, sfdisk ... there are probably more i missed14:53
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cchaand witouth deleting the extened partition14:53
cchayou can do that with fdisk ?14:54
cchaI want to keep all logical partitions in the extented partitions14:54
cchajust grow the extended partition14:54
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cchaok cfdisk can do what I want15:08
cchawith cfdisk you can create logical partition on free space and the extented partition grew up15:09
cchawith fdisk you can't create logical parition since extented parition is full15:10
cchabut I got this message "Wrote partition table, but re-read table failed.  Run partprobe(8), kpartx(8) or reboot to update table."15:12
cchaand with partprobe, my new logical partition is ready to use15:21
sander^workDo anyone know if the boot repair bootdisk here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair is any good?15:22
sander^workand where can I download it as part of a ubuntu iso?15:22
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notaduckhello guys16:21
notaducki was wndering if anyone could help make apache run https instead of http?16:22
tewardnotaduck: enable the ssl module?16:22
notaduckyearh i have tried ;S16:23
notaduckcould you mabey take a quick look at my data ?16:23
tewardnotaduck: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/httpd.html#https-configuration16:23
tewardnope, i'm an nginx guy, but the server guide has configuration steps16:23
notaduckdamn ;) i have tried to follow the guide but i cant get i to work16:24
notaducki think it is when i have to type the common name i am doing somthing wrong16:25
notaducki am tping my wan ip in there16:25
hallynzul: can you look at bug 1379585 ?17:28
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1379585 in libvirt "python-libvirt lacks egg-info on precise" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137958517:28
zulhallyn:  sure17:29
zulhallyn:  nothing to do with us hes grabbing the python-libvirt from pypi17:30
hallynzul: excellent.  :)17:31
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FilthyMacNastyhilo serveroids19:22
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* genii slides FilthyMacNasty a fresh beverage19:52
smrtz|workI'm trying to create a logical volume with lvcreate, but I'm getting this error: sprunge.us/TWLF  Is there a way for me to tell lvcreate to create it on the Storage partition?20:11
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smoserhallyn, or stgraber. lxc-create -t download ...20:56
smosersay i want to do that with a sub-range of my subuid/subgid20:56
smoserie, i want to create one with:20:56
smoser u:100000:500020:57
smoserand another with20:57
smoser u:101000:500020:57
smoserer.. lxc.id_map = u 0 100000 500020:58
hallynsmoser: use a custom lxc.conf and use lxc-create -f lxc1.conf -t download ...21:02
hallynsmoser: or, if you look at flex, you can see how to di it using hte api :)21:09
hallynin python3, you'd do21:09
hallynlxc.clear_config_item("lxc.id_map");  lxc.set_config_item("lxc.id_map", "u 0 100000 5000");  lxc.set_config_item("lxc.id_map", "g 0 100000 5000")21:10
hallynreally, it may be time to add a 'b' to the lxc.idmap support21:10
hallynanyway, biab21:10
smoseri'm sure i'm doing stupid.21:12
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JayJOn ubuntu 14.04 host runing 3.13.0-24-generic kernel, Guests are freezing and I see "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#x stuck for 22s!" Anybody help me narrowing the issue? HW is Supermicro with Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz. I need anybody help.21:23
stgrabersmoser: you probably wnat to pass the conf with -f and then pass -t download21:25
qman__JayJ: That is a pretty outdated kernel version, may be a bug, but more likely a hardware issue21:26
stgrabersmoser: also note that allocations shorter than 65536 will fail if any file in the download tarball is owned by nobody/nogroup21:26
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JayJqman__: What I don't understand is that the host is running the same version of ubuntu and kernel. There are no issues with the host. However, teh guest running has all the issues.21:49
JayJqman__: Windows hangs too.21:49
qman__JayJ: oh, I misread, but if your guests are locking up, the advice still applies, are you using local or shared storage? Very slow or unreliable storage can frequently cause guests to hang or die22:00
qman__A kernel bug is more likely than I initially suggested, too22:00
JayJqman__: We are seeing the same behavior on the local filesystem as well as Ceph backend storage22:05
JayJqman__: Will upgrade the kernel to see if that makes any difference22:05
ApplesInArraysAny such service to allow me to scan for vulnerabilities on my server?22:24
ApplesInArraysor any way to update all software and the 14.04OS?22:26
geniisudo apt-get update     and then either sudo apt-get upgrade  to keep your current kernel and upgrade everything else, or sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to do that plus kernel upgrade if available22:28
ApplesInArraysRight now, when I have a fresh install of 14.04LTS, shellshock works. If I update the kernel, this might change?22:29
geniiYou should at least do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade   to upgrade binutils and fix bash22:31
ApplesInArraysI just did that. Had 2 prompts to ask me to update. Cron and a config file22:31
ApplesInArraysThanks, genii22:32
ApplesInArraysI guess that's something worth doing after I spin up a new VPS.22:32
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